Friday, November 13, 2009

Multiple Dogs

At risk of raising the ire of both friends and relatives...

a) Why in the world would you have a dog in an apartment?
b) Or any place without a yard for that matter?
c) Why would you have more than one dog in a house?
d) Or two, or three, or four, or more dogs anywhere but on a farm?

These are smart people, why can’t they see that? My next door neighbors are amazingly exempt from this complaint. They own 5 dogs and they are pretty darn quiet.

Of course many dog owners are perfectly capable and stable enough to handle the task, but we all know many who are not.

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  1. We currently have two dogs. Ripley is our black lab mix. I got her at the swap meet up in Anza for our daughter, who always wanted a black lab. She did NOT want Ripley, so we kept her. Then, a colleague needed a home for a 6 year old female German Shepherd, so I offered to take Lady. She has perfect manners and is a real lady! That is why we have two dogs.
    Cheryl Ann


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