Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big Doings in So Cal

Many of you are used to extreme weather. Where I live, we are not. We live in a semi-arid very hilly area and even rainstorms cause us problems.  When it rains heavily for three solid days (like it just has) and the ground is already saturated from rain we've had over the past two weeks. We have HUGE problems.  I know that some of you are going to pooh-pooh this, because you experience "real" weather on a regular basis. Our infrastructure simply isn't made to handle it.

This morning I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon. My preferred route would take me through a place called Laguna Canyon (now closed), to Laguna Beach (now closed), and down Pacific Coast Highway (now closed) to Newport Beach.  As an alternate route, I took what I thought was the my best chance of making it through. I was shocked at how many trees were uprooted and/or damaged. Every river, creek, stream, lake, pond, and flood control I saw, had overflowed.  Many of you have seen photos from the lake at the bottom my hill. This morning, the lake was much bigger and every boat there was either sunk or full of water. Most of the famous downtown beach, is simply gone...

This video (thanks to ABC news) shows the mud and water flowing down Laguna Canyon Road.  (please click on the following link)

I have a huge mess to clean up at my house, the roof is leaking and my step daughter (Ashley at Our Journey Begins, as the Kings) just called and said her washing machine broke. So, I'm off to her house. Next storm is due any minute! 

Happy Holidays to all my friends out there. I'll not be posting again until next Monday! I hope you have a great holiday weekend.



  1. That is very true. When it rains even a little bit in SoCal, it causes a lot of problems.

  2. This rain is crazy- I have lived on the west coast for three years and this is the first time it has rained so much so consecutively-
    There are no signs of our roof leaking but I was just saying to the hubs we should pull out the ladder and check the attic- if there was a leak it would have made it's self known-

    That is so great that you know how to fix things- My dad and my husband are not like that- I just wish that my first option was not to have to call someone to figure out what's up- I paid a Maytag guy ninety buck a month ago to take A MAGNET OFF the coils on the bottom of my fridge- it was making a terrible racket.

  3. Be safe and try to stay dry, Pat! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. Hey, Pat, stay safe. I've seen some news stories showing some of the damage that's being done. I don't know how bad it is where you are, but I hope it starts to clear up soon.

    Hope you and everyone have a good Christmas.

  5. Hey, Pat. I hope your visit finally went well. I used to beg the heavens for hours of rain when growing up in So. Cal., but you're right, the infrastructure isn't right for it, and the ground isn't right for it, either. Here we can get 70 to 90 inches per year and never notice. I think a typical year in Southern Califonia is about 6 to 12 inches. Some of my relatives live inland from you, but I haven't heard anything yet, so thanks for bringing my attention to it. Where is your photo of WATER?

  6. Have a great Holiday Pat. Hope there is not too much mess to clean up

  7. Pat I will be praying for you the next few days! We get hurricanes here (which messes with anybody's day) and I can picture the chaos of flooding and uprooted trees. You stay safe!
    And have a Merry Christmas one way or another.

  8. Pat, I pray all the rain stops soon and gives us a reprieve so to say for a few days at least, we have had about a foot of rain according to the neighbors rain gauge in the last few days but in your area I know has been much worse, we have been out with shovels making sure the ditches stay clear and have been lucky so far to keep the water flowing past us, you are right So Cal is not set up to handle this and this is getting serious.

  9. sorry the rain has caused such a mess out your way. our lake flooded (prado) as well, but I'm more concerned about the swimming pool in my back yard ... at the moment it can't dump the water as fast as it is filling with rain. my living room is soon to be the "extended baja step".

    I have to admit that I am enjoying it tho. I am still waiting for the thunder storm that was promised, but oh well. of course, I come from a place where it rains every afternoon all summer long, so cali is a little dry for me ;0)

  10. Oilfield Trash - You got that right! Add to that the fact that most folks don't know how to drive in the rain...

    Ren - It is crazy! Knowing how to fix things, is a mixed bag! this was pretty easy, the belt in the washer broke and damaged some of the wiring harness. Plus it's old, I'd say it's DOA... Your magnet story is funny! Sounds like a good blog post!

    MD Jackson - So far so good! Happy holidays to you also!

    Tim - Because we're on top of a hill, we don't have to worry about any mud slides or flash floods. We mostly worry about our house and big ass swimming pool sliding down the hill...So far so good!

    tapirgal - You are right, our average is about 9-12 inches. At my house, we've had 10 inches in the last couple of days... Can you belive it, I left the house today without a darn camera! If I had it, most of this stuff wouldn't have happened, so it's my fault!

    Alex - Thanks buddy! I'll take the earthquakes and occasional mud slide and fire. I want nothing to do with hurricanes and tornados!

    baygirl - Thanks so much! Same to you and your family!

    Jimmy - I thought about you while watching the news today. The Inland Empire is taking a beating! You guys are pretty much on your own! Positive thoughts coming your way! Thanks Jimmy!

    diane - wow! I didn't know that about Prado. That sucks!
    Because we are on the ridgeline of a hill, we have about 20 drains around our pool and yard to keep water out of the ground. I love rain also, I just wish it would spread out a bit!

  11. Wow, that is extreme weather! Too much rain causes more damage than too much snow--I think it's worse. A part of my province is really getting it in rain too and they're having terrible problems. I'm sorry for all the mess you have to clean, that's really bad. Be careful when you're on the road, okay?

  12. um- not a good blog post-I just felt like a total idiot- a magnet- ninety dollars and the worst was waiting for six hours for him to show up- How bout I try and look smart on my blog and just talk about what an idiot I am here- glad you could fix your daughters machine.

  13. Extreme weather seems to be hitting all over lately! And no....when your buildings and such aren't built to withstand that much, it does mean trouble! I hope it doesn't hinder your Holiday time:)

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas Pat!

  14. My Christmas plan was to head south to get out of the snow and we're flying to San Diego tomorrow to the rain and mud slides. Yeah, I'm a great vacation planner!

    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  15. i heard about the weather there hope all is well and you don't have to do to much clean up work.

  16. We have seen the pictures of the mess you're in out there! There seems to be so much of this kind of severe weather lately. I hope you and your family will be safe!! I feel almost guilty sitting here in uneventful Harrisonburg, Virginia.

    My eye caught your earlier post, and the winning cloud photograph. It's awesome!

    Take care, my friend.

  17. Yes, I'm aware of the storms out your way. Take care and hopefully it will end very soon.

    The rushing water in that news video is frightening!

  18. Sarah - Yes, but it's not as cold as snow... I will do that! Happy holidays!

    Ren - That's too funny! After I read your comment, I seriously thought about all the darn magnets on our fridge. I also thought about how dishonest repair people can be!

    Dawn - It sure is! We are supposed to be done with the rain by Saturday...until next week!

    #1Nana - Oh man! That's too bad. At least it shouldn't be too cold! Have a good and safe trip!

    becca - Thanks! One thing for sure, all this rain is going to make it very green!

    Ann - We are all safe and cozy. There is supposed to be some more heavy rain here soon! Thanks for photograph comment!

  19. Not good Pat.. not good at all.. PLease (and I know you will) keep you and the family safe..
    Pretend you hear me singing "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer" to you ok?

    Have a wonderful holidays and I will most certianly give it the old college try and do the same. So until next week,

  20. Wow, Pat - talk about rain. Hope the dr. follow up was the easy part of the day?
    We were to get rain all day and all night. Here it is 7:20p.m. and it has finally/just started to rain. Bet it is dry by morning.

    Have a Merry Christmas! Please know you make MANY of laugh and/or sigh each and every time you post.

  21. I saw that on the news and am worried for my California friends!

  22. Ree - I am most certainly taking care! Happy holidays!

    Lynne - Getting better though. They news has just told us no rain tomorrow! We will all be safe, that's for sure....I hear you singing! Happy Holidays to you and you family! later...

    Brenda - You are right the Dr. part was easy. They'll know it's going to rain, when it starts raining! Same to you Brenda!

    Joan - The good news is, I haven't heard of many injuries! Happy holidays Joan!

  23. Oh Patrick! I saw the news on Laguna Beach about 1/2 an hour ago and thought of you! Fingers crossed that the rain lets up soon and that nothing else is washed away.
    Have a safe and Merry Christmas! - G

  24. Just keep you head above water and don't venture out until the waters recede.

  25. How terrible! Hunker down, my friend, and stay safe! Wishing you sunny skies! Have a Merry Christmas!

  26. Sorry to hear about the problems you have because of the rain.
    I hope they are over soon.
    Merry Christmas to you Patrick.

  27. If it happens only once every 15 years, you can kind of forgive the authorities for not being quite prepared... but here in the Philippines we get typhoons and flash floods on a regular basis, and STILL the city is not prepared. And we can't say no one gets hurt. Nonetheless, you take care and stay dry.

  28. Oh no, Pat! Sorry to learn that you have been affected by such horrific weather. Hope you get your roof fixed and the mess cleaned up, and can still enjoy the holidays!
    Keep safe and dry....

  29. I'm surprised I didn't see a guy in a kayak floating down the road.

  30. Gosh Pat - I just watched that video link and hope you are staying dry and that you managed to get to your follow up appointment and back again safely. Where I am we have seen the country pretty much grind to a halt because of a bit of snow! Not even proper snow. Three inches seems to be enough to send my trains into hiding.

  31. Hi Pat - sorry to leave it so late to reply to your wonderful comment on my blog. I will be revisiting here to do more research and reading. And I have to say, I adore the photo in the previous post - absolutely amazing.
    Will be back soon - have a good Christmas period.

  32. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful compositions on his blog. Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best wishes. Leovi.

  33. That SUCKS Pat. Good luck getting everything fixed and cleaned up! Hope you're feeling better, and Happy Holidays :-)

  34. Saw live footage last night on one of the network news shows. The reporter was on Broadway by the beach where the earth movers were trying to push away mud. Holy Cow! I was shocked. I need to call my best friend who lives on a terraced hillside in Niguel. Plus, all my other friends in various hillside locations throughout SoCal. One of my best friends is atop a canyon in S.D. Fire almost reached her home 2 yrs ago and i"m wondering about the rain now. While you aren't used to this on a regular basis, I would say it is one of the hazards of living there about every decade. That's enough, I guess.

    Good luck. Merry Christmas!

  35. I remember the So Cal weather well, my friend, or should I say, the LACK of weather! I pray that everything works out for you, and that you have a Merry and Jolly Christmas!

  36. Been watching and wondering about you. I have a particularly hard time with seeing uprooted trees. I don't know what it is, but I've always loved plants.

    Keep safe.


  37. Any kind of weather that is unusual for an area causes problems for the land, the infrastructure, and the people.

    We are in Canada where snow and cold temps are the norm in winter, so we poke fun at relatives who live in AZ when they complain of the cold. They in turn get to poke fun at us in summer when we complain about how hot it is.

    And weather wise - too much of anything isn't good. We tend to forget who is really in control.

    Hope things "normalize" for you soon.

  38. Yow. Good luck Pat. Keep your head above water (figuratively and literally). And happy holidays.

  39. The beaches sure took a pounding. I'm glad you are safe but sounds like you'll have a busy time over the holiday cleaning up. We have clear, sunny skies today and I hope you do too! It also sounds like you are recuperating beautifully from your surgery too and that is great news!

    Best wishes for a warm, hopefully dry Christmas to you and your family.

  40. Oh man, that sucks :( We get all kinds of crazy weather through out the year, but I always find it shocking when I pass a forest that simply isn't there anymore.

  41. Georgia - Thanks so much! Now they are saying that today is supposed to dry! I guess that means I'll have to venture outside and clean up the mess! Happy Holidays!

    Budd - It's looking better today. Amazing what water can do and you can't stop it!

    Marguerite - I am hunkered! Happy Holidays to you also!

    Costas - I think they may be over now! Happy Holidays Costas!

    Francisca - Thanks so much! A typhoon would cause chaos here! Happy holidays!

    Nat - We're in very good shape compared to many. Some folks have lost everything. We just have a some small damage. Feeling good!

    PTM - I'm surprised also. Somehow people always end up in the storm channels...idiots!

    Jayne - I made it out and make safely, detours were everywhere. Snow would also cause cause here, in a big way! Happy Holidays!

    Peter - No problem, thanks for stopping by! You have a good time also. Thanks!

    Leovi - My pleasure! Same to you. Happy Holidays!

    Cake Betch - It does, but today is looking better! Enjoy your holidays!

    California Girl - I'm one of the crazy ones on a hill. I'm happy to say that we're on top of the hill though. You are right. People in SoCal love their hillsides and sometimes it costs them dearly.
    Happy holidays!

    Joe - are right! that's why when a little weather does come, it screws everything up! I hope you and the family have a great holiday season also!

    Pearl - Yeah, a lot of peopl wonder about me (and it has nothing to do with the weather!). I hate it also. Several trees pretty close to my house uprooted! Too bad... Thanks Pearl.

    Nariane - You are so right! Where I live we certainly do take mild weather for granted. I'm sure we'll be back to normal soon. Thanks so much!

    Glenn - Thanks Glenn! We're doing fine now. Happy Holidays to you also.

    Stickup Artist - It looked like quite a bit of the main beach a Laguna is gone... It's not sunny here, but at least it's not raining!. I'm feeling pretty good, a little PT and I'll be right as rain. (oops, should have used a different phrase). Happy holidays to you also. Thanks!

  42. Sarrana - I'm happy to say this is about as bad as it gets here. I can't even imagine getting severe weather on a regular basis. Thanks! Happy Holidays...

  43. we drove to san diego over the weekend. it took us a full day to make the 200 mile drive back. and while we were eating at an Elephant Bar on the way, a pool of water was making it's way across the floor to our table. :P

  44. I've heard about the problems in So Cal. I hope you and you family stay safe.

  45. Yes indeed, you've had a mess out there, but I'm happy to hear that you are okay. Have a terrific holiday season!

  46. I know this was a pretty major storm. They have had tons of bad flooding in Southern Utah (St. George) the last couple days and they are better equipped to handle it.

  47. Pat--Prayers are with you for strength and Peace. PLEASE WATCH YOUR BACK--ar ar!

    When it rains--it pours, and I do not mean this to be sarcastic or funny at all!!!!. I hurt for all of the people, and one house I saw- there was a four foot high watermark on the walls!- INSIDE!

    Love you, and pray all goes well.

    And people were actually concerned about THE BOWL GAME!!!!!

    Now- I know how much Bowl games do for the economy--but let's get our priorities straight people!!

    Be well Bro!


  48. It's that soft California soil. It doesn't take much rain for the place to turn into a disaster zone. So as someone who has experienced an F5 tornado go through this city once I no pooh pooh.

    Didn't you just get out of the hospital? Why are you running around doing choirs? Now that's what I call a recovery.

    Have yourself a most excellent very merry Christmas Pat!

  49. We've been watching this on TV. It seems like every year when we go back east for the holidays SoCal gets big rain storms. I think our house is in a no problem zone. Haven't heard any bad news yet. Good luck to you and take care.


  50. Pat-- I see they WERE able to get the Bowl Game ready to be played! Now what if we got together to help ALL the PEOPLE like that!

    I don't know what happened to my first post- BLOGGER!!!!-but I pray You and the entire Family have a Blessed and Merry Christmas- In SPITE of all you are going through!!!

    As a matter of fact--I KNOW you will!!!

    Love and Blessings,


  51. Vencora - Water water everywhere!
    You drove right through my neck of the woods to get to SD. I'm glad your drive was safe! Folks don't drive so well in the rain around here.

    Clarissa - We are safe we are dry, we have a mess! Thanks!

    Brian - Thanks so much! You also!

    Cheeseboy - Last year our friends in Dammeron Valley (by St George) had a lot of damage from a flash flood!

    John - Thanks Buddy! I'm amazed that game is taking place tonight. The entire field and parking lot were underwater just yesterday!

    Warren - I'll take my earthquakes over tornados, anyday! scary... I did just get out of the hospital, but I'm doing pretty good. I went to Dr. yesterday and he was shocked at how fast the incision totally healed and how I was doing. So, it's back to chores!

    Lee - So it's your fault! LOL... Thanks so much and have nice Christmas!

    John - Thanks so much John! Same toi you and your family!

  52. Stay safe and dry, Pat. They declared a state of emergency in parts of CA (your area, SF, etc.). While we're spoiled with the weather, generally, we're not immune from it's wrath.

    Nonetheless, I hope it's a Merry Christmas. xo

  53. Wow! I never knew she was your step daughter. I read her blog too. BTW...It's crazy Mother Nature still has time to be a jerk this close to Xmas Eve.

  54. That is very true; Stay safe, Pat. And dry as well.

    Here's wishing you all the joys of the season.
    Sending the warmest wishes to you and your family.

    Merry Christmas!

  55. I saw all this on the news and immediately thought of you and another friend I have IN San Diego. Stay safe and have the best Christsmas you can.

  56. Pat, it is devastating over there for sure. I hope your Christmas is safe and warm and cozy and dry.

    Sending you a big Christmas hug filled with joyful wishes of a peaceful holiday.

  57. Robyn - Thanks Robyn! amazingly, it's sunny and warm this morning. Same to you!

    Jesse - Yup! Since she was a wee little girl. It's sunny today!

    Betty - Thanks Betty! We're snug as a bug! Happy Holidays to you also!

    Chuck - Thanks so much Chuck! Things are looking good! Merry Christmas to you and the family!

    Jenny - It's amazing how quickly things get cleaned up afterwards. thanks for the nice words, Happy Holidays to you also!

  58. Hope you stay safe and dry....don't let any of this water dampen your holiday spirits...Merry Christmas... :)

  59. I have lived in places, including NorCal, with some very extreme weather but you'll hear no pooh-pooh's from me. I have seen what heavy rain can do to an area like yours Pat so my thoughts are with you.

    I hope you can enjoy the weekend.

    Merry Christmas,

  60. Glad I'm on a boat... I was in that very area... Merry Christmas Pat!

  61. Oh, so sorry about the roof. The force of the rain was brutal. But I didn't expect the slide to happen in Laguna Canyon; thought it would be over here.

    Hope you got everything sorted out and are having a Merry day.

  62. REK - Thanks so much! Today it is Sunny and dry(ish). Merry Christmas to you also!

    SQ - Thanks! It's all over but the clean up! All is good! Happy Holidays to you and the family!

    Miss Nikki - You must be in NB or DP? You are right a boat is probably the best place to have been around here this week. Merry Christams to you also!

    altadenahiker - Thanks! I'm not even sure if I need to do anything to the roof, I'm thinking the rain isn't going to be coming at us sideways at about 60 mph anytime soon. We'll see! Having a great time now! Thanks and Merry Christmas...

  63. Merry Christmas!
    I think that same storm is going to hit us tomorrow with snow instead of rain.

    I hope you are well!

  64. We came home from vacation to find a big leak in our roof had soaked through the ceiling and our sons bed!

    Just coming by to say Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  65. James - Merry Christmas to you also! I guess I'd rather have the rain than the snow (brrr), but I sure am getting tired of it.. I'm doing good and getting better!

    Betty - OH NO! That sucks. Hope the vacation was good though. We had a nice sunny day and now it's been raining hard for a bout 2 hours. I'm hoping our leaks won't start again! Merry Christmas to you and your family also...

  66. Merry Christmas Pat.

    Hope you had a great one!

    My best wishes to you and yours.


  67. Betty - Thanks! Hope you had a good Christmas also!

  68. Pat, ya gotta get one-a them newfangled phone-thingies with a camera in it.

  69. tapirgal - LOL!
    I actually do have a camera on my phone, but I never ever think about it! Part of my punishment for carying a camera at all time. I try to, but sometimes I foget!

  70. I hope you're taking it easy a bit in doing the repair. I don't know if I want to trade the weather with you now, :-)

  71. Icy BC - It was warm and sunny today! Rain again by the weekend, but nothing like we had before. I'm thinking we may be back to normal! I am totally taking it easy!

  72. When this hit the news my husband asked if I was worried about my friends from the old MTV reality show, Laguna Beach. For a second I was. Then I remembered they all moved to LA. Hope you guys have a wonderful New Year by the way!

  73. Ally - That's funny! the daughter of one of my wife's doctors was one of main girls on that show! Thanks! Happy New Year to and your family also...


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