Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dr. Who?

I see blog posts and blog references about this TV show all over the Internet. I admit in advance that I'm out of the loop on a lot of things, but seriously, I've seen this show and I've tried to get "into it" for quite a while. I'm just as geeky as the next guy and I love science fiction, but I still don't have a single clue what the big deal about this show is...   Is it just me?


  1. i use to watch Dr. Who but must admot haven't seen the newer version

  2. I watched it for a while many years ago. I can kind of understand the geek/cult factor but it isn't my thing these days

  3. I'm the geeky girl in my neighborhood, and I'm not up on it either... Now if you wanted to talk The River-that I can do

  4. It is you Pat! Mind you, I don't watch Dr Who either nowadays, but in its early days (1960s) it was far more imaginative than Star Trek ever was.

  5. Try living in the UK where everyone and their dog LOVES this show. Yeah, I don't get it, either.

  6. I think you have to go in knowing there is a cheese factor involved. It might also be your jumping on point. I would start with the new series premier and work from there. or start with the episode Blink. Blink is probably the single best hour of television that I have seen.

  7. Nope...not just you. I'm still asking myself ...Dr.WHO?!?!

  8. I rarely watch anything but the news on TV and that only once a day -- I've never been a fan of TV! Guess for a nearly 80 year old broad that's weird beyond words! I have heard of this one, but as I said, I don't watch anything and the news is bad enough! Hope your week is going well, Pat!


  9. We tried it's more like Dr. Why???

  10. Nope, it's not just you. It's me as well. Dr. Who has never cut the mustard with me. In fact, it gets on my last nerve.

  11. Some shows don't appeal to all I love subtle humour not slapstick so even The Big Bang Theory irritates me sometimes, and I was really lost in the first season of Lost, didn't bother to view further

  12. Pat, I guess I am so far out of the loop its pathetic.. exactly who is Dr Who and what does he do anyway??

  13. Pat, it is not just you! I've seen several variations of the show and just can't get into it.

  14. You are more ahead of the game than I am cuz I have no idea what you are talking about. I only know Bill Ny the science guy

  15. Sorry Pat, can't help you here. I've never heard of him.

  16. sorry, pat, can't help you here.
    have never tried it.

  17. Not for me either! There are lots of shows on TV nowadays that I just don't get :-(

  18. No. It's not just you. And besides, my daughter and I no longer have TV. Too expensive. Not enough good stuff on it. We have Roku and our $9 a month subscription to Netflix. They're getting more and more channels, including news (and who needs news 24 hours a day!! Duh!!!)
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

  19. We love sci-fi around here and can't get into that show either, so I don't think it's just you. Been looking around your site and like what I'm seeing. I think that I shall follow along and enjoy the view. Love your photo of The Dude! He's a friend of mine. ;)

  20. If it's just you, it's just me AND just you, Pat.


  21. I never heard of it, Pat. But I'm a non-geeky lover of mindless shows like Survivor and Dancing With the Stars...and cop shows, of course.

  22. Don't feel bad Pat I have never gotten into it etiher. I have only seen a couple episodes but that damn Tardis is soo cool!

  23. becca - I remember the old one and saw the new one a few times, but I never got it at all.

    Mynx - I'm not thinking it was my thing then or now!

    baygirl - That makes two of us. I'm the geeky girl in my neighborhood, but you know what I mean! I also tried to get into the River, but couldn't. But then of course, I didn't get, or like Lost, not even a little bit!

    dennis - Hey Dennis! Are that LSD didn't have an impact on the show's audience in the 1960s?

    Talli - Wow! Even the dogs get it!

    Budd - I'll take your word for it and try to find that episode. Thanks Budd!

  24. John - That makes two of us! Oh yeah, got lots of "Or is it just me" questions...

    Dawn - That's what I'm saying!

    TexWisGirl - I tried it! Was sorry I did.

    Sylvia - Hi Sylvia! I'm pretty picky about what I watch and usually record it first. I HATE the news though! My week is going well, hope the same is true for you!

    Brian - I hear you (and agree)!

    SparkleFarkle - It not only got on my last nerve, it got on the three before it...

  25. Rek - I haven't seen The Big Bang Theory, I'm told it's pretty funny. I agree about Lost. A lot of my friends told me I was lost, for not liking it.

    Pam - EXACTLY!

    Alex - That is so odd. People that I know who are like me. LOVE it... I guess that's not true. I don't know anyone who is like me.

    PTM - HEY! Seriously, I thought you'd be a fan of Dr. Who FOR SURE. I like Bill Ny...

    Clarissa - That makes 5,000,000 of us.

  26. Rosemary - Hmm! And you're just across the ocean from him!

    Betty M - It's okay! I'm beyond help.

    Icy BC - You got that right! I'm pretty much a cable show guy. Except for Fringe.

    Ann - What is Ruku! Google, here I come! Who needs news more than 30 minutes a day...

    Jenn - Hi there Jenn and welcome aboard! The Dude abides...

    Robyn - Robyn - Well, let's see... that makes three! Right? Huh?

    Patricia - HEY! Survivor is not mindless! It's one of the few I like. Okay, it's mindless, but I still like it.

    Chuck - I'm going to take Budd's advice and try that particular episode. Maybe that will jump start me.

  27. you know...I'm not that kind of fan of TV.However it helped me a lot to get French vocabulary here in Luxembourg, because in our home we only have French television by now.
    Happy Friday!

  28. lol - yes its you! I grew up on this show, so I loved it, particularly in the 70's and 80's. It went off air from 1989-2005 (after running from 1963) and is quite different in its new form. I admit that sometimes it is more complex that it needs to be..
    They assume now that everyone knows the Doctor is a 900 yr old Time Lord who can regenerate 13times..this is Doctor 11 (Matt Smith)...

    Stick with it... you'll pick it up.. but youve got 40 years of back episodes to watch...

  29. No, Pat, it's not just you... I watched it as a kid under sufference (my 3 brothers used to watch it). I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.
    I don't mind Sci-fi but it needs to have a good dose of interest, with a dash of intelligence & perhaps some quality special effects.

  30. I guess that's why I don't have a TV.

  31. Which show? Dr. what? :)
    Guess I'm a bit out of the loop as well... And when this concerns TV, I really don't mind it...
    God bless you!

  32. No, it's me too. I really don't get it, but then again I've never stayed with it long enough to watch it.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  33. I admit I don;t get it either. Maybe its a British thing.

  34. It is one of those love it or hate it shows.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  35. To answer your question about my moon shots, Yes, I do use a tripod and I have experimented enough with settings so the the moon is the one thing I always shoot in full manual :)

  36. Who in the heck is Dr. Who? I have never watched it either, and I had not heard of it 'til today. Am wondering what I might have missed. genie

  37. Hi Pat, many thanks again for visiting and your nice comments.

    Escondido is just close to OC and it is a great place for fishing. Hope you can visit soon.

    I have so many activities scheduled every weekend, a pleasure to share my photos.

  38. I have never been a fan of Dr Who which puts me somewhat at odds with the vast British TV viewing public. I can remember the original version in the 1970s... it used to scare the bejesus out of me (perhaps I was a nervous child!). Just the title music had me diving behind the couch :-)
    The new version is very successful but still not for me!

  39. PAT--- I'M THINKING THE other 99% QUESTIONS are GONNA BE JUST you!

    I'M JUST SAYIN'.......



  40. I'll give it another try at some point. I used to watch the older ones with my little brother. I like Torchwood better.


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