Monday, June 18, 2012

Plumber With a Camera

Part Time Photographer and Part Time Plumber

I know, but I just couldn't help myself.  These folks were just pausing to take a few photos in front of the Cachuma Lake dam a few days ago.  I just happened to be there also and couldn't resist... After all, the guy did crack me a smile!
We've done quite a bit of exploring since we've been here, but we have such a tiny little phone signal where we are camping, that I can't really post anything of substance until we get home.



  1. Oh goodness, you nearly got a full moon shot there :)

  2. Well, I guess you gotta keep your eyes open or you'll miss all the wonder there is to find in this world.

  3. Have fun. Your pic cracked me up

  4. Be funny if he found his photo here!

  5. Ohhhh noooo...

    I can't help laughing! If only he knew.

  6. haha just got the plumber joke you're funny

  7. What a fun start to my day, Pat!! I do love that "smile"! Thanks for sharing the fun! Enjoy your day and the start to a new week -- hopefully with lots of smiles -- of the usual kind!!


  8. Plumber who fly upside down in airplane have nasty crack-up! (quote by Confucius's 3rd cousin Bill.)

    Thanks for enduring that so we might enjoy!


  9. He could use some plumber's putty!

  10. Yes, certainly very interesting this plumber, ha ha ha, very good picture. Greetings.

  11. Is it just me -- and possibly you! -- but is there way more visible crack out there than there used to be?


  12. Thanks for sharing 'The Craic' with us Pat :-)

  13. Pat,
    You are just way too funny :-)


  14. LMAO.. this will suffice for now, Pat.
    chuckles all around :)

  15. lol I wouldn't have been able to resist either.

  16. That is a different kind of roadside attraction you've given us today! Maybe it's a roadside acracktion?

  17. hahaha Hey, I think I saw this guy shopping at Wal-Mart too.

  18. Haha!! Great capture! Cracked me up too ;)

  19. It’s really not a very good look is it?

    Cheers - Stewart M

    PS: when I was exploring your blog I read some of your longer posts - my other blog is more focused on words if you have the time or interest (or internet access!)

  20. I saw him just the other day... that is one talented plumber

  21. Ha ha..thanks for the laugh today, Pat!

    I would have looked away as I am a proper woman :-)

  22. Thank you for sharing. You provided quite a laugh for my day.

  23. LOL
    Funny capture indeed!
    It's a relief for me this guy is only a image here!
    Not so keen on to see this in person!


  24. Wow, I almost spit tea all over my screen! Great picture!

  25. You cracked us up again. See you on the flip side. And I don't mean the other side of his pants!

  26. So funny -- we saw a guy almost that good (bad?) at the sculpture park the other day -- Geoff (son) said he thought somebody should sculpt that in bronze and place it in front of one of the most-frequently-photographed statues.

  27. Yeah, we can see you've done quite a bit of exploring since arriving there... :) Funny photo and caption.

  28. That's funny, and slightly disturbing.


  29. That 'cracked' me up also..... ha ha ha

    Hope you are having fun --despite no phone signal much...

  30. Tell me...were you tempted to walk up and drop a little rock in the slot?
    I "crack" myself up.

  31. I see everybody got to the "you crack me up" comment before me. Too funny. So you. Have a great trip.

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  33. Mynx - Almost! Moon over Lake Cachuma!

    M.D. Jackson - That is so true. It wasn't quite the Grand Canyon, but I almost missed it.

    Roly - Hey Roly! Long time no see! It is you, right?

    Alex - That would be funny! I should have asked him to sign a model release!

    Talli - He might not be too happy if he did!

    TexWisGirl - That's what I said!

    becca - Yeah! I was hoping everyone would get it.

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! We were doing some major looking around that day, and this was the first photo I took.

    Brian - HA! By cracky...

    Ren - That's what I said!

  34. John - Yeehaw! I thought of this one also. Or one just like it!

    Baby Sister - Thanks! I thought so also!

    Carly - Thanks Carly!

    Ms. A - He could use a LOT of plumber's putty.

    Leovi - Yes, very interesting! Thanks Leovi!

    Pearl - There is much more of it. Most of it related to "sagging" pants.

    Nat - My pleasure Nat!

    kay - Hey, it was his fault! Didn't he feel the breeze?

    Pam - Thanks Pam! I'm still chuckling...

    Mary - It was just too good to pass up!

  35. Laughingmom - It sure is! The best was the zero fee!

    Stickup Artist - thanks! He cracked me up!

    Stephen - Oh yeah! Seen it there as well. We probably saw it at the same Wal-Mart.

    Lynda - I think we'd need bigger coins!

    Liz - thanks Liz! Me too...

    Stewart - It sure isn't, but seen much too often. I'll check out your other blog. thanks!

    baygirl - Ha! I think he's everywhere!

    Icy BC - My pleasure! I also looked away, but not before I took a quick snap.

    Clarissa - I'm happy to have been of service!

    Leia - Thanks! Yes, it was a bit much too see in person!

  36. Betty - Ha! It cracks me up as well.

    Katherine - I hope I didn't cause it to short circuit!

    Sharon - Oh no! I sure hope not!

    Sallie - They might as well do a statue! We see it way too often these days.

    sage - What can I say! I like to get away from the normal tourist spots.

    Robyn - I agree with you. It is both of those things.

    Betsy - We did have fun! Home now with internet and phone! Yeehaw!!

    Al - I was thinking about flicking some sunflower seeds his way.

    Romemary - I think it's been said a time or two (or many!) The trip was great and now we're home!

    altadenahiker - I tottaly agree with you!

    Roly - Thanks so much Roly! I've been over and will go back and check out your new digs. It took me a while to think of your old blogs name. finally did..."Powachair!"

    James - Thanks James! Me Too!

  37. Good hunting of the moment.

  38. Leovi - Thanks Leovi! it was quite a sight.

    Zeba - Thanks!

  39. You can send the plumber on vacation but I guess it is to much to ask him to leave his work behind.

    Thanks for the pick me up to day. I'm still smiling.

  40. haha

    Lucky he didnt see you. He would have cracked the shits....


  41. Boa semana!

  42. Definitely getting close to a full moon!!!
    Great capture Pat!!!

  43. You just can't pass up an opportunity like that. This is my first time visit- loved it!

  44. Rita - Or to leave his "behind" behind!

    Sally - Yes it is! Too funny...

    Anthony - It must be an Aussie thing!

    Magia - Thanks Magia!

    TheChieftess - I can take the full moon, just as long as there isn't an eclipse!

    Shelly - That is so true! Thanks so much for commenting and signing on here. I appreciate it!

  45. There's a company that makes shirts with an extra long tail and now I know why.

  46. He is gonna sue you if he finds out, on the other hand, he may just keep quiet not wanting to be the Butt of jokes.:)

  47. Hmmm...BUTT I don't get it!



    Thanks for the laugh!

  48. You always make me smile, Pat, full-cheeked. :D))

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