Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Alive and Kicking...

I'm sure that many of you have noticed my frequent references to A.D.D. Right?  Well, I really am wildly A.D.D. and it's been a problem for a long time. Probably most of my life. A couple of weeks before my last post and after about a thousand prods from one of our girls; I made an appointment with a psychiatrist (who in all likelihood, will read this blog post). After much talking and question answering, I was given a prescription and some hope.  

After a few days of taking the medication, I was AMAZED at how I felt.  I felt FOCUSED!  Focused like I've seldom been in many years. I have a list with about 100 things that I need to do to our house, yard, cars, etc.  A.D.D. people are great at making lists and I'm no exception. The problem is that very few items ever get crossed off the list!  I could start an item, but then get distracted (by nothing at all) and forget about what I was doing. The difference now, is that I'm not making a new list, I'm actually knocking things off the old one, right and left. 

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm doing well and I will be back soon.  I've even created some posts that are waiting to see the light of day. I haven't posted any of them because I just don't have the time yet to respond to comments or to visit any blogs myself. But I will!  

For those that have been with me for quite a while; the daughter that was prodding me was Ashley. Ashley, of the seemingly abandoned, yet amazing StupidGirls blog and her living and breathing Our Journey begins as the Kings blog.

Love you all, miss you all and I'll be back very soon. I promise!
In the mean time, beware of the giant pelicans!
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  1. Very good news, Pat. My son in law, at age 40, also got on medication for ADD and had similar results.

  2. great pic and great post!

    My son was diagnosed ADD in school and it made for some hard years for both of us. Glad you have found some help :)

  3. Patrick!!! Great to hear from you and that you are seeing great results too. We MISS you! Come back to Blogland soon!!!!

  4. oh no, they are attacking the beach, Release MechaGodzilla!

  5. What did they prescribe? Both my sons have ADD, one is more pronounced than the other. In fact, the younger one was tested twice while in grade school then high school and he always tested borderline. My husband kept him off meds (Ritalin) because of the many side effects. He took it in college & it helped but drinking ruined the effects. My other son didn't exhibit signs of ADD til college. At 25, he now seems more scattered than ever. He walks out the door with a request from someone and literally can't remember it one minute later. The medicine is so expensive but I'd love to hear they could get results similar to yours.

  6. Hi, Pat. I've been on a long hiatus from blogging. But now I'm back, saw you had just posted, and came here to find out how you're doing.

    You should have done this years ago! (Of course you know this by now LOL.) There are good medications that do help for some 'disorders.' I finally found a doctor who could help my daughter sleep better--with a simple drug called Seroquel. Don't like to use drugs, but sometimes they're necessary and good. SO glad you found something to help you, after all these years! It must feel like a kind of resurrection to feel better. I once typed reports for some psychologists, and learned that ADD and ADHD are problems that do respond to drugs. Good for your girls for prodding and prodding, and prodding... (Why are men so stubborn?!)

    Great to be back blogging again; to see "old" friends like you again.

    Enjoy your December. :)

  7. Pat!! Good to hear from you. We've missed you. Glad the drugs are making a big difference.

  8. So good to see you back online and know that you're doing well, Pat!! You have been missed! I, too, am so glad the drugs are making a big difference! Terrific!! Take care, hope to see you again soon!!

  9. That's great news, and I've heard wonderful stories of changed lives from finding the right meds. All the best to you!

  10. good for for taking steps to be healthy. I have a younger brother that has A.D.D. and one that has A.D.H.D. and both have a hard time focusing as well.

  11. Karen - Thanks Karen! I was totally surprised. I've even managed to do some writing and editing!

    mshatch - Hey there! Thanks! I'm glad mine didn't surface until I was older. It didn't have a negative impact on my work life, but on a personal level it sucked!

    Betty - Betty! Thanks so much! I'm getting antsy to dive back in and I'll do it soon.

    Budd - Hey Budd! When I was standing there looking at that scene, the first thing that entered my mind was Godzilla vs. the giant pelicans.

    California Girl - Hi there! I'm taking Adderall. Other than getting a little jittery if I drink much coffee, I'm having zero side effects. One unexpected positive thing is that being less scattered has sure made me happier. I hope your sons find something that works also.

    Ann - Hi Ann! I'm glad you are back and I'll be doing the same very soon. You are right! I should have done it before. I'm not fond of taking drugs either, but why not take advantage if they help and cause no harm. Right? Thanks for the nice words.

    Alex - Hey Alex! Thanks, the feeling is mutual! Better life through chemicals!

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! I appreciate that! I'll be around soon.

    Shelly - Thanks Shelly! It has sure made some changes in mine! I'll even be able to get back to seriously writing soon...

  12. becca - Hi becca! Looking back on my life, I remember kids that had a lot of problems and I'm glad that we finally know what is causing a lot of it. I'm sure that others, considered me one of those kids. It's easier to cope with as an adult, that's for sure. Thanks becca!

  13. great to hear from you! and even better that it is good news! :)

  14. I sure am glad you are doung some better and we will be waiting for your return!

  15. HI Pat, I had no idea you had problems. I just thought you all were traveling... Sorry about your A.D.D.---but I'm glad you are getting help. Glad you are beginning to feel better.

    Take care and get back to blogging when you feel better.

  16. I'm glad that you were able to get some help!! Welcome backish. :)

  17. Congratulations, Pat! Feeling good is worth almost anything :-) Don't even start with how much Paula enjoys seeing things getting done around the house!

  18. Glad it's working for you, I'm still making lists. Great to see you! (and tell Ashley to get her butt back here and stop teasing about it)

  19. Yay! The wonders of modern medicine. I'm very glad it's turned things around for you in the positive. I've missed you, Pat. Good to know you're well.


  20. Hi Pat
    Thanks for letting us know what's happening... glad you are OK!
    All the best

  21. TexWisGirl - Thanks Theresa! I was good before and now I'm even better! Thanks!

    Brian - Thanks Brian! All is good!

    Betsy - Hey there! I guess in the overall scheme of things, being A.D.D. isn't much to complain about, but now I don't know how I ever got by without the meds! Thanks Betsy!

    Amanda - Thanks! I'll be backish soon!

    tapirgal - Thanks Sheryl! I wish there were meds that helped you as well as these have helped me.

    Ms. A - Thanks! I'm a happy camper! I'll tell her. She is SO busy... I'll try though!

    Robyn - Hi there! Thanks so much for the nice words. I've be over soon!

    Nat - My pleasure! I'm doing fine and hope you are as well. Thanks!

  22. You are a brave man to face your situation and do something about it! Hurrah for the great results and progress in a good direction. Now that you have things all sorted out, will you come and work on my list for me?????? I am still in denial and am quite comfortable here. :)

  23. Maybe that is what I need...I have lists about lists :) glad to hear you are doing well and your place is always secure in my reader whenever you post. Lookin' forward to seeing you back soon. Take care Pat!

  24. I love making lists of things to do. I was hoping I had ADD too so we had something in common but I do things on my lists. Glad to have you back. I will be stalking you to check in on those posts.

  25. That's great Patrick!! I am glad to hear that things are looking up. Keep us updated on your journey my friend!

    P.S- started following your daughter's blog! Thanks for the link!

  26. Happy to hear you're healing (and glad to know you have a daughter to nags you when you need it!)...we've learned a lot from our kids that way.

    Take care of yourself, work on that list if you feel like it and don't worry about visiting us ...we are just happy you're OK...I worry when one of my favs doesn't show up on my Google Reader for a long time and so I appreciate your taking time to check in.

  27. Missed you so nice to see you are doing well and looking forward to those posts you mentioned.

  28. My very strongly held opinion is that our blogs are our own and we should post if we want to whether we have time or no to reply to comments and, above all, we should not feel obliged to visit other people just because they visit us. You are giving us a present by sharing your life and thoughts with us. You are not bound to give us more. We must not restrict you by expecting anything.

    Meanwhile - this is brilliant news that life is calmer and, presumably, happier not only for you but for your family too. It would be nice to think there will be a way of continuing some time without medication but many of us, in one way or another, have reason to be grateful to the scientists and chemists who have found ways to make our lives safer, healthier and more tolerable - more than that!

  29. Pat,

    Glad the placebo is working..and Yes, I did read this.

    Sigmund McElFreud!

    Love ya Bro!

  30. Sounds like good news. Our son is ADHD and medication has made the biggest difference. He's in college now and says it makes a big difference with his studies--all As this semester. That's a first.

  31. Ah! So we've both been absent! Had a little time to catch up so came over to see one of my favorite blogging friends... and here you are, Pat! Alive and kicking is how I like it, too. So I take it the holidays were good for you... and yours! Stay brilliant and brave!

  32. You two are looking mighty cool!

  33. My ex was diagnosed with ADD too...and went on medication...had quite an improvement. Good for you and good for Ashley for prodding. And congratulations on being able to scratch things off your list!!!

  34. That's great! It kind of hits close to home as I sit looking at several unchecked and partially checked lists scattered around my desk not to mention the several books that I started but never finished. A.D.D.huh? I think I need to look into it.


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