Monday, March 24, 2014

The Drive Home - Photo Mix

These are random drive-by photos taken on our last trip. Not from the jeep this time, but from our RV (mostly on our drive home). I'm very happy that my wife loves to drive and splits the time with me. I took some of these while I was the passenger and some while I was driving. It's pretty easy to tell the difference. Anyway, no real theme today. I have a ton of posts in draft form; mines, ghost towns, rock art sites, trails, scenery, stories, etc., but I really like to do posts like this once in a while.

This is Newman. As you can see, he really hates it in our RV and just can't seem to relax. I know what you're thinking, "Gee Pat, that is one fat cat!"  He could stand to lose a couple of pounds (who among us is any different?), but even the vet says he is really healthy. Healthy, hungry and humongous! Newman carries his weight well. He is just a HUGE cat! That is a large dinette he has taken over. Four people can sit there comfortably. He is so big that when he is standing up, he can see on our dining room table (at home). He is the size of a medium dog. In fact, he acts like a dog. He wags his tail like a dog and it thwacks against things. He growls like a dog. He's a gentle giant and we love traveling with him. Okay, let's get on with the drive-by photos.

What is wrong with this scene? I assume you've noticed the semi-truck and trailer driving right at us. It's not like he's supposed to be in the other lane, this highway is two lanes in each direction! The desert is starting to bloom like crazy and that was intended subject of the photo.  I don't remember a head-on collision, but I have had a headache for a few days...

The last time we drove by this 40-foot trailer, it was sitting right side up, with advertisements on the side. It gets a bit windy in the Mojave.

 It's for sale, if anybody is interested...

Not now, not back in the day, not ever...  

With all that room, I never understood why people settle so close to the highway.

 To me, this scenery is just as beautiful as the mountains or coast. 

Why does there always seem to be a train visible in the desert? I'll tell you! The train routes were here long before any roads were. When the federal government started building highways, they took advantage of the route planning that the railroads had already done. They always take the easiest and flattest route possible.

 Sometimes they play chicken! 

Now, I'll shut my face and let you enjoy the Mojave

 No train here, but I loved the sky. The wind blowing in two different directions.

My favorite


  1. Some amazing shots, especially the sky.
    Wouldn't want to play chicken with a semi.
    And hello, Newman!

  2. Beautiful photos, Pat! Sometimes it is nice just to show things and you've done that! By the way, we have "Mr. Gray" who was brought to us by our daughter several years ago. His family was moving and couldn't keep him. He's in the same condition as your cat and he's totally mellow. He has the highest pitch meow I've ever heard!
    Cheryl Ann~He's laid back, too!

  3. Newman is such a superstar! More pics of him, please :)

  4. There is something special about those desert vistas. And Newman is one special and good looking cat!

  5. Such terrific captures of a beautiful area! That last capture is my favorite, too!! Awesome! And, of course, I love your four-legged friend stretched out on the table! Priceless! Hope your new week is off to a great start, Pat!! Thanks as always for sharing your wonderful travels!!

  6. gosh, such stunning vistas. i do like your random posts - and i LOVE newman!!!

  7. I just LOVE your desert pics, Pat. We are headed to NV next week and will drive through Death Valley on the way home. Your photos are really making me anxious to get back to the desert.

    And I adore Newman! What a terrific cat. My 2 would howl and hiss if we took them in our camper. So the girls will have a cat-sitter while we are playing in the desert.

  8. Gorgeous photos and I LOVE the skies! When I saw that truck coming head on, I thought perhaps you were taking the photo out the back of the RV?

  9. Thanks, Pat. I enjoyed the scenery a lot! I've been so busy getting my new online store (the 1996 version wore out) up and optimized (not done yet) that I haven't been posting much anywhere. Soon, I hope! (Shameless plug: Gotta tell you, this has been a TON of work and lots of hours still to go. Thanks for the scenery break! I always enjoy them!

  10. Those were so good Pat, but we really loved seeing Newman too!

  11. Thank you for letting us enjoy your adventure!

  12. Great photos. You make me homesick for the west--I love that drive down I-15, from Utah going through the AZ strip, Las Vegas and on to Southern California...

  13. Newman seem a fitting name, I love how he's sprawled out all over the table.

    The desert scenes are amazing. I'd love to one day experience them on a motorcycle.

  14. Pass the moisturizing cream please! I like the IDEA of a desert, but..... I prefer the ocean. Great pics as always. How did you miss the head-on???

  15. Oh yeah I loved this roadtrip -- too short, but every minute was fun. Thanks for sharing. All of it familiar (except the Giant Cat) but oh it has been wayyy toooo long for us. I never understand why people on the desert build close to the road either. Or on farmlands. But Bill explained that is so they won't waste plantable land. But that can't be true on the desert.

  16. Such beautiful scenery. I totally want that semi. It would add such beauty to our house. ;)

  17. I can see the beauties from your desert shots. And stretched out Newman is sure a priceless capture :)

  18. The shot of the old sign for the mini-mall seems to fall under the catagory "Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time".

  19. Alex - Thanks Alex! I wouldn't either. Good thing it was being towed...

    trav4adventures - Thank you Cheryl Ann! I agree, I'm always talking random photos wherever I go. Newman also has a high pitched meow, but very low in volume.

    DEZMOND - He sure is! I will do that!

    Shelly - I totally agree with you Shelly. There is just something about the desert that is beautiful to some of us. Newman is also a character.

    Sylvia K - Thank you Sylvia! I'm glad you like that photo. I hope you are have a good week also.

    TexWisGirl - Newman is easy to love! Thanks for the nice words.

  20. Sally in WA - Thanks Sally! I hope you have a great trip. I love Death Valley. We have 3 other cats at home. I'm kind of allergic to cats and Newman is the one that sheds the least. He doesn't love the drives, but he loves it when we get to our destination.

    Ms. A - Thanks so much Ms. A! That truck was definitely in front of us. Luckily, it was going backwards.

    tapirgal - Thank you! I'll keep them coming. I'll also check out your new store.

    Brian - Thanks Brian! We've been talking about getting him a harness, but we really don't want him thinking that he's an outside cat.

    Thetis - Thank you my old friend!

    Sage - Oh yeah! I'm very familiar with that drive. It goes through some beautiful country. These photos were taken while we were on the I-40. Not far from the 40.

  21. Wayne - Half the time when I say his name, I say it like I'm Jerry Seinfeld. I've done that same route on a MC. Very nice...

    Rosemary - Yep! It can get pretty dry out there. I also love the ocean and live very close to it. We avoided the head one, because the semi was being towed backwards!

    Sallie FTL - I always ignore all the photos we take while driving, I need to do more posts like this. I'm sure you are familiar. You are familiar with this drive. I've done some poking around in your old blog posts!

    Baby Sister - Thanks Amanda! It really is very scenic.

    Icy BC - I'm glad you like the scenery. Thanks! Newman is at home anywhere.

    Should Fish More - Yep, I'm sure somebody thought it was a good idea. I don't know who would go shopping there. Not too many folks living in the area.

  22. That was scary even to look at the truck which was driving in the wrong lane. Yes, I agree the roads are also spectacular as the mountains. I think the desert is always special

    Fantastic pictures with a beautiful landscape and the bottomless cloudy sky!!!

  23. Kaya - I'll even throw in coastal roads in there also. Thanks so much for nice words Kaya. I appreciate them...

  24. Great pictures. I think the picture of the semi highlights that the biggest vehicle has the right of way!

    Shame we were not able to coordinate our Sedona trips - I have still never met another blogger!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  25. I want to be as happy as that cat!

    Beautiful images of the desert! nice atmosphere!

  26. I agree, Pat. The CA mountain ranges are just as beautiful as the ocean.

    Take good care.

  27. It really is so beautiful there. The desert and the ocean let us look as far as our eyes can see. It's a sweeping view of the earth, and so enriching.

    Love the sky there.

  28. I hear you about the trains! I can hear the whistles blowing from home at night. It always sounds so plaintive but beautiful and distant too. Crazy about the last 2 photos. Those are beautiful. Didn't figure out about the backwards truck till I read a spoiler alert I think on Facebook. Very clever!

  29. Gorgeous scenery - love the big skies and mountains.

  30. Hi there, We are back from ANOTHER trip. This time we were in Georgia checking out yet another waterfall... Check my blog today when you get a chance.

    Awesome photos, Pat. I too love that last one... NEAT!!!

    Your cat really is "at home" in the RV...Newman is a big one for sure...

    Have a great weekend.

  31. ventisqueras.wordpress.comMarch 28, 2014 at 3:03 PM

    very interesting article
    thank you

  32. Stewart M - Thanks Stewart! I tried to change the days of our trip, but it didn't work out. I've never met another blogger either.

    Leovi - I agree Leovi! He is very happy. Thanks so much.

    Rawknrobyn - Yep! Throw in the desert and we have some of everything here.

    Robin Andrea - I totally agree. We are very fortunate to live where we do.

    Laura - Thanks Laura! Newman is a classic...

  33. Stickup Artist - I LOVE the sound of train whistles at night. It's a long lonely sound and I'm never unhappy if it wakes me up. We life very close to a train station and I love hearing it. I'm glad you like those two photos, I really like them also.

    ladyfi - thanks so much! It's a huge place with hug vistas.

    Betsy - Thanks so much Betsy! Newman may be a cat, but he acts much more like a dog.

    ventisqueras - You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  34. So very beautiful. As I plan to visit your country, I really hope that I get to see some of the desert that you tease me with here

  35. I'd LOVE to sell the house, buy an RV, and drive all over the country. But, Mrs. Penwasser won't let me. Then again, if she kicks me out of the house, I may yet get my chance....

  36. I think my favorite was the photo before your favorite

    So you travel with a cat - wish I could. The new girl has really put a damper on our road trips. What do you do when you go off in the jeep. How do you keep the RV from becoming a stove?

  37. Mynx - I hope you do come here and also that you get to spend some time in the desert. Like your country, there is just too much to see on any single trip.

    Al Penwasser - It sounds to me like you've already put your plan into motion...

    Pasadena Adjacent - Thanks! I also like that one a lot. It does take a little juggling to always have Newman with us. We stay out of the desert during the really hot periods. During the other periods it's not too bad. If we can "plug in" to electricity, we set the AC to go on when it gets in the mid to high 70's. If there isn't any electricity we have a really good exhaust fan that also operates on our RV batteries and a thermostat. We leave a few windows open and if the fan goes on, it really sucks the air through the RV. We are also careful about where we park it. Always in shade if possible. It really hasn't been an issue, but we really do worry about it. Because we worry, we take ZERO chances with him and the heat.

  38. I'm in love with Newton!!! And your pics are amazing...near head on collision??? Scary!!! Who was fudging the lane direction??

  39. J'adore Newman Pat and yes I can see he is a wee bit 'uptight'.. I'd like to be that uptight :) Wonderful series of shots, unbelievably beautiful country scenarios, the vastness of the landscape here does have many similarities with the Australian outback, you should come over and see for yourself!

  40. The Chieftess - Thanks so much Kathryn! Nobody was fudging, he was being towed backwards///

    PerthDailyPhoto - Oh yeah, he's a bundle of nerves, that boy. I would love to go your Australia. The hardest part would be freeing up about six months or so to do it. Thanks for the nice words.

  41. Fantastic photos all of them but i like the most the one with the cat, je, je. He was very confortable. Greetings.

  42. Japy - Hello Japy! Thanks so much. Yes, he is always VERY comfortable...


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