Tuesday, July 15, 2014

From the Ends of the Earth

A few months ago, Jeep sponsored a contest named, "From the Ends of the Earth." To enter the contest you had to submit up to five, adventure themed photographs involving a Jeep. Five winners were to be selected from the entrants.  Each winner would receive five-thousand dollars.   Guess what?

That's right people! Five grand for a single photo...

My wife did all the work (what little there was), but she somehow forgot to ask me to sign a model release form. Hey, people make mistakes, right? That is why I gave her a break and only demanded half of the money...

If you are wondering where we found this jeep, just follow this link.



  1. Congratulations, Pat! Always wondered if people really won contests like that. Now take your wife out for a great dinner tonight.

  2. Now if I could just find a contest of me tying my shoes in exotic places, I'm a...uh...shoe in.

  3. Now if I could just find a contest of me tying my shoe in exotic places, I'd be a...uh...shoe-in.

  4. holy smokes!!! congratulations!!!

  5. Holy hell! I've never known anyone to wine something. Congratulations, though I doubt it's enough to get that jeep running.

    I followed the link to your previous post, great pictures. What a view the place has. I know Union carbide very well, I did some stuff with it, water and gopher holes when I was a kid that almost took our house out.

  6. OMIGOSH, that is awesome amazing and totally impressive. And I can see why you won. That's a brilliant shot.

  7. I think you'll be waiting a long time for that jeep to take you places. Which is good because you get to dream of all the places where it could take you, dreams are the foundation of amazing lives.

  8. (blogger ate my words)

    You'll wait a long time for that jeep to take you where you want to go. But that's ok, you get to sit and dream of those places, and dreams are the foundation of amazing lives!

  9. That is so cool! Great photo. Congratulations to Paula.

  10. Oh, WOW! Pat!! That's awesome!! And a terrific shot it is!! Congratulations to you and your wife!!

  11. Thanks everyone!! This is Pat's wife, Paula. The #1 comment I hear is, "wow, I always wondered if anyone ever won those types of contests!! Now I know!" We were and still are thrilled! Heck with a dinner, I want my X5 back that we got rid of to get the Jeep!! (not this one though!)☺

  12. Pat, I am very happy for you! Congratulations!!!!

    That is amazing that it happened to you and your wife! This capture is FANTASTIC!

    Great, so great!!!

  13. No way??!! How cool is that?! That jeep is perfectly restorable, we have the technology, it fits you perfectly.

  14. I'm grinning! That is extremely cool!

  15. FANTASTIC you guys!!! Congrats

  16. Wow, congratulations! That's a great reward for a photo.

  17. Dude that is sweet! And that picture is so worth it. Congratulations to the two of you (you for the start of your modeling career).

  18. Wait, let me get this straight. Not only are you living my dream life, you are also winning stuff? HOW IS THIS FAIR? :) Well done Sir!

  19. Wow, Pat. Congrats on winning the contest.. That is SUPER--but I'm not surprised since your blog posts are always WELL-DONE in very respect.


  20. Congratulations Pat & Paula! Why am I not surprised you two won?! :D

    (formerly Drive-By Photos)

  21. Oh congratulation to the Photographer, and the Model! It's great!

  22. Woo-Hoo!! Hive Five for winning the 5 G's!!
    So do we need to reach you through an agent now? :-)
    Congrats to you both!!

  23. Congratulations for that wonderful prize. Greetings.

  24. Most awesome! And I love the photo.

  25. Hooray!


    I'm so excited and happy for you both.

    What a great, great, great, great, great picture!

    I'm happy that you funded a bunch more new adventures by your own adventures.




  26. PS. Danged Nissan for not doing this. Although I'm not sure if a 2012 pick up is as cool as a Jeep.

    Although we might upgrade this year to a new truck with 4WD!

  27. That's amazing! So happy for you.

  28. What a great shot and a great prize! Congratulations.

  29. Alex J. Cavanaugh - Thank you! I can't take her out, she hasn't given me any of the money yet!

    Al Penwasser - That is funny! Thanks!

    TexWisGirl - Yep! Thanks!

    Should Fish More - I was part of that group also. Technically speaking, my wife won. Thanks for checking out the other blog post. I remember my dad's war with gophers.

    Karen Jones Gowen - Hi Karen! We were totally surprised.

    Marie Nicole - I think you are so right. the best parts are gone and then people started using it for target practice.

  30. Robin Andrea - Thanks Robin! I'm happy for her (and me) that she submitted it.

    Sylvia K - Thanks so much Sylvia! It is pretty awesome.

    Buy me a Barbie Doll - Hey! Where is my half of the winnings? An X5 is a nice vehicle, but I don't think it will survive long on some of the roads we use.

    Kaya - Thanks Kaya! We are very happy about it.

    Wayne (Woody), whatever - Yes way! The body is in pretty good shape, except for all the bullet holes. Now that I think about it, if I did restore it, I'd leave the bullet holes alone. It's not mine though...

    tapirgal - thanks! I'm also grinning.

  31. Elaine M - Thanks so much! It sure made our day.

    William Kendall - Thanks William!

    Al - Thanks Al! It sure is!

    TS Hendrik - Oh yes it is! Thanks Tim! I don't think there would much of a demand for me as a model.

    VEG - Yep! Who knew! We're not sending the check back, but I wish it could have been five thousand a week, for life, or something like that. Thanks!

    Betsy - Thanks so much Betsy! We are pretty happy about it.

  32. thirtysevenandcounting - Thanks so much Lindy! We sure were surprised and happy.

    Siddhartha Joshi - Thanks Sid!

    Icy BC - Thank you from both of us!

    sixdegreesphotography - Woo-Hoo! Thanks Lynne! Yes, have your people call my people.

    Japy - Hi Japy! Thanks, we are very happy about it.

    M Pax - Thanks Mary! When we first spotted the jeep, it was one of those moments when you knew you were going to take a few photos.

  33. WOW..... Congrats

    waiting impatiently for my luck to kick in.. But the
    wee bit of lottery luck is never quite this amazing,

  34. Jenny - Hooray! Thanks Jenny. It's always nice to receive some unexpected money. I drive a 2003 Toyota Tacoma. I'd love to have a new (or used) 4WD Tacoma double-cab.

    altadenahiker - It is amazing! Thanks so much Karin.

    Marlu - Thanks so much! We are happy as clams.

    Faye - Thanks Faye! We are stoked.
    I guess it does pay to enter contests. First time for us.

  35. That is so awesome! I'm so happy for you both. What a windfall. It's so wonderful to hear about good things happening to good people! Enjoy!

  36. that's amazing :) are they going to feature the winning photos in an add or article or something?

  37. Stickup Artist - Thanks so much for the nice words!

    Lovkyne - I don't think they have any plans to do anything with the photos.

  38. What?! How awesome is that!! It's a beautiful picture, as well. I can see why you won. Congratulations!!

  39. ✿✿º°。
    Uma bela foto, merece o prêmio!!!
    Bom fim de semana!

  40. The photo is great! Congratulations on those 5000 dollars!

  41. Hot dang!! that ought to keep your Winnebego in coconuts.

  42. Baby Sister - Yep! Pretty darn awesome! Well, I don't know how great the photo is, but it's funny. Thanks!

    Magia da Ines - Thank you very much! We are happy.

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi! It is always nice to get money that wasn't expected.

    Pasadena Adjacent - I'm sure it will! Now I can buy a new plastic hula girl for the dashboard.

  43. How cool is that! Congrats! Love the photo!

  44. eileeninmd - Thanks so much! We also thought it was pretty cool...

    Mynx - Yep! We could buy a lot of petrol with it... Thanks!

  45. Wow! That is so cool! Congrats!

  46. Congratulations! And I'm so glad to see you. You're handsome!

  47. Haha well done! So nice to win something.
    And an awesome shot too.
    Congrats to the wife.
    And the subject.

  48. LOL! Looooove this post Pat and big congrats.. you'll have to fill us in on what you did with your winnings :)

  49. Congratulations - and I suppose that you have already bought yourself a new Jeep?

  50. Wow!!! Congratulations to your wife...and of course you, model extraordinaire!!!

  51. Since you spend so much time in the wilderness, you guys deserve it! Congrats!You probably spend it on some more trips, lol!

  52. WOOHOO! CONGRATS, Pat! I just saw this now! I'm so happy for you and your wife. More money to play with!

  53. And to think I knew you (virtually anyway) before you were rich and famous! Very cool. Congratulations.

    I remember reading about that Jeep actually (so see I really did 'know you when!)

  54. Laura Delegal - Thanks Laura! That was very nice of you to say.

    Anthony J. Langford - Thank you from me and my wife. You are so right, it is always nice to win something.

    PerthDailyPhoto - Why thank you! I'm still waiting to get my share!

    RuneE - Thanks so much! Nah! We haven't bought anything. I'd rather beat up our old jeep, than a new one.

  55. TheChieftess - My wife said thanks! Oh yeah, I hope this modelling gig doesn't make me too busy.

    jeannettstgermain - Thank you! We are on a trip at this very moment. A cheap one though...

    Rawknrobyn - Thanks Robyn! We were pretty darn happy about it also.

    Sallie (Full Time-Life) - thanks! You did know me "back then." Somehow, I don't think rich and famous are in my future. That is quite alright with me.


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