Monday, September 22, 2014

Stormy Day

A couple of posts ago, I included a long distance photo that showed a mountain ridge, that we were camped on. Just two days later, a big summer storm moved through the area. It dumped a huge amount of rain, in a short period of time. When that happens in the desert, the result is usually flash floods. What my granny used to call "gully washers." This storm caused a lot of flash flooding in the Anza-Borrego area.  The last thing you'd expect to die from in the desert is a flood, but it happens all the time. Most of the following photos aren't "before and after," they are "before and during." 




 Looking down into Anza-Borrego

  Looking down into Anza-Borrego, getting HAMMERED...

 Granite mountain looking nice under a pretty sky

 Granite mountain in a moment of sunshine during the storm

My granddaughter tempting fate. 

I told her that her hair is going to get a bit frizzy, when she gets hit by a lightning bolt. She is telling me to wait one minute. Or maybe she is trying to get me hit by one....

We actually only got a couple of drops up where we were, one of these days I'll do a post about the storm we were in, same time last year. We were in this same spot and it wasn't much fun at all.



  1. Gave you some awesome shots! I remember flash flooding in the desert when I lived in Arizona.

  2. Awesome pictures Pat!You are really talented with your camera!The girl is just adorable!
    I love all pictures but the "Evening" has something really romantic and special! Bravo!
    Wishing you all the best! A very Happy Day! :)

  3. Fabulous photography! Simply breath-taking photos!

  4. Intense colors, I can feel the energy in the air. That shot of Anza-Borrego is amazing showing the transition from intense rain to clear.

  5. What gorgeous pictures! And your granddaughter reminds me of my teen- getting a good pic takes precedence over any danger!

  6. gosh, just gorgeous skies! scary, though.

  7. Happy Birthday! And what dramatic and beautiful vistas.

  8. Did the desert green up after the storm? Great pics of your granddaughter.

  9. Those stoem clouds sure looked like they meant business!

  10. WOW!! Those are some dramatic skies, Pat!! Terrific captures!! Thanks for sharing!! Amazing how you can see the rain falling! Glad no one was hurt!! Have a great week!

  11. What beautiful photos, Pat. The place is breathtaking in any weather.

  12. Your pictures are gorgeous! Makes me want to jump in my Land Cruiser and head for the hills. Pouring over topo maps now.

  13. Your pictures are gorgeous! Makes me want to jump in my Land Cruiser and head for the hills. Pouring over topo maps now.

  14. Wow!

    PS: Someone sure is growing up!

  15. Pat, you and your granddaughter are very brave. Right now I am looking at you fantastic photos and at the stormy sky and asking myself could I be so high in the mountains when the sky is so stormy and threatening. Not sure but always wanted to do this.

    Beautiful and spectacular photographs!

    Best wishes to you.

  16. Really grand sky photos. So incredibly dramatic to see such intense storminess in the desert. Beautiful, so incredibly beautiful.

  17. These are all beautiful. I especially love the shades in the evening photo.

    Take care, dear Pat.

  18. Wow, those are some crazy storm clouds.. How cool though to watch from afar..
    Young kids, they just toy with danger :-)

    PS- a birdie told me it's your Birthday! Hoping you have a most wonderful one for you surely deserve it!!

  19. Such a dramatic difference in the shots, Pat.

    Another blogger I follow has been posting recently from Capital Reef National Park, and some of the trails in the slot canyons, if rain falls somewhere not that far off, those places could easily be death traps.

  20. I love those summer thunderstorms - lightning is one of my favorite photographic subjects. Great, moody shots!

  21. Great set of skies - and I think frazzled hair may be the least of your problems if you get hit by lightening!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: hope you had a good birthday!

  22. Wow! What an incredible art of photos! I love the juxtaposition between the infinite blues skies and the almost claustrophobic storm. Lovely.

  23. Mother Nature is incredible. Beautiful photos!!

  24. Since I live on the coast, I'm well acquainted with wind and rain, but this looks to be something special indeed. I'm glad all went well.

    PS I have moved to "">

  25. Alex - It sure did! You probably also remember that there was usually at least one person who got themselves in big trouble, or even killed by trying to drive their car through one.

    Cezar and Leia - Thanks Leia! I really appreciate the nice words. It was a good day. Give Luna a scratch behind the ear for me.

    Montanagirl - Thanks so much! right place at the right time. We were thrilled that the storm, changed direction just as it was getting to us.

    Wayne - I could feel the electricity in air also. Those kid of storms come and go in a hurry, and leave a lot of damage in their wake.

    Shelly - Thanks Shelly! You are so right about their priorities...

  26. TexWisGirl - I agree with you. I really felt like we needed to get to cover before we got zapped.

    Sharon Wagner - Thank you so much Sharon, it was a happy one!

    Should Fish More - It seemed to green up some. It's strange how places that get very little water, instantly erupt in some greenery whenever it rains.

    Brian - They did mean business! I'm just glad they didn't mess with us.

    Sylvia K - Thanks Sylvia! It was my pleasure. I loved the our view of the storm. There was some serious water falling out of those clouds.

  27. tapirgal - Thanks! I agree and that it why we spend so much time up there.

    Matthew Rounseville - Thanks Matthew! I know exactly what you mean. It doesn't take long for me to get cabin fever at home.

    Ms. A - She sure is. Just turned eleven and is a little over 5'8" already. She loves to hike and explore too. That makes me happy...

    Kaya - It's a find line between brave and foolish. The sky was pretty clear all day. I forgot to mention in my post that where it was raining, it was very hot (about 100F). It was much better to be on the mountain, then down in the desert. Thanks so much Kaya!

    robin andrea - Thanks Robin! It certainly was intense. Scary, because there is no way that much water can soak into the land before it starts flooding. We were very happy to be where we were.

  28. Rawknrobyn - Thanks Robin! Mother Nature paints with a broad palette.

    sixdegreesphotography - Yep, they were crazy alright. You are right about kids thinking they are indestructible. Thanks Lynne! I did have a nice birthday.

    William Kendall - Thanks! It sure did go through some changes in a hurry. Oh yeah, the area in my photo also has areas like that. One person died in a flash flood around there that day.

    Al - Thanks Al! Moody is a good word for the sky at that time. I was surprised that there wasn't more lightning. I've seen some of your lightning photos, they are really good. I, on the other hand, have NEVER taken a decent one.

    Stewart M - Thanks Stewart! That is what I tried to tell her. We got out of there pretty fast actually. I had a great birthday, thanks again...

  29. Mandy Southgate - Thanks Mandy! All I had to do watch. It was awesome.

    Baby Sister - She sure is! Thanks Amanda!

    RuneE - I'm also glad it all went well. We've been on that mountain top in some really bad weather. I was glad that it missed us this time. thanks for the new link!

    mshatch - Thank you!

  30. I could see the clouds to the east from home and I'm so glad you were there to experience the drama and bring back the goods! And your granddaughter is a beautiful, natural model. I love how you caught her gestures in that moody, intense landscape. Love the evening image too with the colorful sunset. Great work Pat!

  31. The storms are normaly great moments to take some great potos like these. Greetings.

  32. Your granddaughter looks like a young Cher.

  33. Oh gosh ... lightening and desert rain scare me. Be careful out there. Gorgeous eerie skies though.

    (And your granddaugher is beautiful and definitely doesn't want frizzy hair!)

  34. These photos are just gorgeous, Pat! Each has something beautiful about itself, and I love the lighting in each too.

  35. It's almost impossible to imagine that the sky can be so diverse all in the space of one day Pat. Spectacular images, love the last two with your granddaughter, so dramatic in b&w.

  36. These are wonderful. And the second from the last looks like a book cover for a mystery.

  37. The desert may be dangerous during a storm but it is also beautiful! The evening sky is incredible!

  38. I get itchy feet every time I look at your photos. I love the desert so much. Then I steal some for desktop images (ha!) I have to say those two photos of your grand daughter? I LOVE THEM. The tone, the composition, everything!

  39. Stickup Artist - Thanks so much! We passed through your town to get here. I am ready for some mild weather.

    Japy - I agree Japy! Thank you.

    Pasadena Adjacent - Better Cher than Sonny!

    Sallie (FullTime-Life) - Yep, it can get scary in the desert during a storm. Last year we sat on this ridge during a torrential rain storm. It was pretty scary up there also.

    Icy BC - Thanks so much! It is a great spot for photo ops and we go up there a lot.

    PerthDailyPhoto - This spot is about a mile up, on a ridge line. It's pretty close to the ocean and just above the desert. It seems that the weather from each is always battling for control. As a result, it's almost always windy and the conditions can change in few minutes. Thanks Grace!

    AltadenaHiker - Why thank you! I like that photo a lot.

    EG CameraGirl - You are so right! It can be both too wet and too dry. Dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

  40. First time visiting. Wonderful blog and terrific photographs! =)

  41. Sandy - Thanks for signing on and commenting. I really like your blog also.

  42. VEG - After about a week at home, I also get "itchy feet." Help yourself to the photos for your desktop. My grand daughter is always willing to be in a photo. Thanks so much!

  43. I love a good storm...the kind that has a lot of light and sound, not the kind that destroys things. Luv the photos, especially the one with the curtain of rain across the panorama! Good work, Pat.

  44. Rosemary Nickerson - I like storms also. Where I live, we haven't even had a rainy day for about two years. Thanks so much Rosemary!

  45. Awesome sky captures. I really love to watch a stormy sky.. Great shots.

  46. Yes, wonderful skies, my favorite is the third, great pictures!

  47. Now that is California - am proud to live here! Now just in N-Cal.
    Have never seen those lightening bolts...

  48. Hi Pat. These photos are fantastic! About my shot of the harvest moon on my blog...Actually, I did not use a tripod. I just point and shoot using the zoom lens that is built into my new camera.

  49. eileeninmd - Thanks Eileen! I also like to see that.

    Leovi - Thank you Leovi! It was a good day for sky watching.

    jeannettestgermain - Northern California, is amazing. That is one of the great things about living here. It is so huge, that you could spend a lifetime exploring it all.

    Kay - Thanks for answering me Kay. You must have a steady hand. Mine usually look like a blur across the screen.

    Divsi - Thank you for commenting.


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