Monday, March 6, 2017

Day Trip to Santa Catalina Island

It's true! We really don't spend all of our time in the desert. These photos were taken on a fairly recent day trip to Santa Catalina Island. You may not have heard of the Island, but you've probably heard the song (if your as old as I am anyway). Just like the song says; it's 26 miles across the sea.

 Our ride from Newport Beach to the island

 The boat is a high speed catamaran, so the 26 mile trip is pretty quick.

Newport Harbor

 A fellow passenger, lost in his thoughts. My favorite photo of the day

 A little car ferry between Newport and Balboa Island

Newport Harbor ghetto. You can probably pick up one of these houses for about $5,000,000.00. The larger ones go for two or three times that much. 

 Dolphins everywhere! It was a gray and gloomy day, and the light sucked for photos!

 This is the town of Avalon. The one and only town on the Island. It has a nice harbor. The residents don't have cars.

The Wrigley mansion (yes, as in Wrigley Chewing Gum). In addition to a chewing gum dynasty, the Wrigley family also owned the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs used to come to the island for spring training.

Yeah, I know this photo is all askew, but it seems to be the only one I took that gives you a good view of all the different sized boats/ships that anchor in the harbor. No marina here.

 "The Casino" I'm not sure if it was ever actually a casino, but it has been used for a ton of other things.

 You can see the Wrigley mansion almost at the top of the hill (on the left)

 Check out the condos on the side of that cliff. Not for me!

Many years ago, I learned to scuba dive in the little cove beneath the condos. 

Just because I loved her face. About two seconds after the photo was taken, she gave me the stink eye. 

 They call it a submarine, but I'm not sure if it actually goes under water.

Lost and found 

 Time to go back to the mainland

 If you ever find yourself in coastal southern California, this place is a must see.  
There are several really nice boutique hotels in Avalon. There are also miles of hiking trails and beautiful primitive areas.



  1. The good 'ole Wrigley family!
    Pass on those condos as well. Looks like one goes, they all slide into the ocean.
    May have been a drab day but you still caught some great shots. Even of Ms. Stink Eye.

  2. Quite a change from the desert. I see a few peaks of sunshine, it looks like a pretty amazing island.

  3. What a great excursion! I've only been to Catalina Island once and that was in 1975. That was also the last time I got seasick. :-(

    I really enjoyed your photos and I agree the one of the fellow passenger is outstanding.

    Catalina is now on my to do list! :-)

  4. Cool pics, Pat. I've been to the other side of the island, to USC's Wrigley Marine Biology Center.....very different, fewer people and far fewer, in fact almost none, buildings other that at the Institute. A small harbor, quite lovely in a start way. I didn't know until I saw one that there are Bison on the island, wandering around.

  5. That was fun! I really like the Wrigley Mansion!

  6. Quite a treat to see those dolphins... and the seal!

  7. What FABULOUS photographs, Pat! BRAVO! Yes, I've heard of Catalina Island, but had never seen this many images of what it really looked like. Gorgeous! Some of the shots reminded me of the Intercoastal Waterway in South Florida. And some of the shots reminded me of the Amalfi Coast in Italy!

    Love the candid people photographs, they're flawless!

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip. REALLY enjoyed!

  8. Lovely pics! There's an island off our coast, Monhegan, where no cars are allowed except a few trucks to cart stuff about. All dirt roads, too. Cool place. Most interestingly is that earring...which looks a lot like one I lost many years ago!

  9. I'm so glad you took this trip and photographed it. I know I won't ever go there, so this is the closest I'm going to get. Such an interesting place. Yeah, those condos look like a mudslide waiting to happen. Yikes. Love all the wildlife.

  10. Alex J. Cavanaugh - Yep! I loved Ms. Stink Eye's face. I hate those condos, I wouldn't live in one of those if you paid me! Thanks Alex.

    Wayne - A big change from the desert! It is an amazing place, and there is much more going on there than I included in this post. Maybe another time.

    James - It sure was! It has changed very little since 1975. Thanks James!

    Should Fish More - Thanks Mike! You are totally right, it is a different world on the other side. There are still Bison there. Hope you are doing well. I'll be over soon...

    Brian - It is quite a place. They were like royalty (at least in their opinion).

  11. William Kendall - It is always a treat to see them. They never disappoint. I think they hang around and wait for the boats.

    Ron - Thanks so much Ron! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it. I've heard about the similarity to some towns in Italy. Maybe I'll see them for myself some day.

    mshatch - Thanks! That is the same as on this island. Just a few trucks and a lot of golf carts.

    robin andrea - Thanks Robin! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I totally agree about those condos. I seem to remember some trouble when they were first built.

  12. I'm so scared of heights even just looking at those condos in real life would freak me out.

  13. TS Hendrik - Oh yeah! Can you imagine actually living in one of them? It might be a nice view, but I wouldn't be able to enjoy it.

  14. Het Pat, thanks for taking me along for the tour, it was great. Just one question though, which house did you buy?

  15. Beautiful tour of the island. The candid shot is favourite for me too.

  16. Reminds me a bit of the Canary Islands in Spain. They have a yellow submarine that actually does go "beneath the waves". And I agree about the favourite photo - and the stink eye :-)

  17. Hello, Pat! This was an awesome post and photos on your Catalina Island trip. It brought back memories of my trip there in 1985, a long time ago. The condos were not there. I love the dolphins and seal. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a great day!

  18. Hey Pat, in my house, anything to do with the sea is a good thing! Thanks for the trip to Catalina. Rosemary

  19. These were great photos! I spent a summer on Catalina island when a child (long story) and it doesn't seem to have changed much. I remember a bird park. I also remember being warned to stay on paths if you went out of the city because of wild boar. My brother used to dive for coins in the harbor. And the boat we traveled on from LA to Catalina was a glass bottomed boat, so you could see all the underwater life. Really nice memories that you evoked.

  20. Wow----there are just so many gorgeous areas in our country.. I've heard of Catalina Island (probably from the song) --but have never been anywhere near that area... I'd love that catamaran ride ---and seeing all of those CHEAP homes on the island... ha ha .... NO---I agree about those condos... NOT for me... But one of the really cheap homes on Newport Harbor would be fine... Wanna buy it for me???????

    Thanks for sharing. Loved this post, Pat.


  21. Tom - My pleasure Tom! I can't even imagine being able to afford one of those houses. Thanks for the comment.

    Rajesh Thanks! For some reason, I always find some great faces that I just have to photograph.

    visualnorway - The more I thought about it, I think I've even been on that submarine many years ago. I think it gets lower in the water, but never totally submerges.

    eileeninmd - My pleasure Eileen! I wish those condos still weren't there. You have a great day also.

    Rosemary Nickerson - I know it is Rosemary! My pleasure...

    Elizabeth Varadan - Thanks so much Elizabeth! I agree with you, I've been there several times during the course of my life, and not a lot has changed.

  22. that's one great tide and a great place too

  23. It's fun to get away from your usual 'patch' -- and this is really different from your usual posts -- as you say! The pictures are just great -- I envy your ability to take such good candid shots of people, even if that one did net you a stink eye!

    We've been to SoCal a hundred times, but never to Catalina -- a fact which I can hardly believe. Must remedy that someday.

  24. Betsy Adams - Hi Betsy! There sure are. If you are ever in the area, Catalina is worth at least a day trip, or even a few days. Those condos scare me also! Buy one? Heck, I couldn't afford to even rent one of those houses.

    DEZMOND - It is a great place to visit. The people who live there love it.

    Sallie (FullTime-Life) - It is for sure different. Truth be told B&W street candid photos are my favorite. Thanks so much Sallie!

  25. Wonderful shots - I love that seal! Looks like a great day out.

  26. This was really fun, Pat - it's been many years since I went to Catalina Id. My family went on a few fun getaways to Avalon. The boat ride, though - really rough. I didn't get sick, but couldn't wait to get there. It looks a lot busier than when I was there. Your favorite picture is mine too - so much emotion. Great shots, and worth getting the stink eye. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Lady Fi - Thanks Fiona! He was pretty cute. Looking at me, looking at him.

  28. Of course, you've outdone yourself on this trip, gloomy lighting or no! The photo of the passenger lost in thought gave me this instant feeling of calm contemplation, and I thank you for that! And of course, now I really REALLY want to venture out to this part of the world and see it for myself. As always, thank you for sharing your viewpoint on the scenic vistas you visit. Until I can begin my own travels, seeing these places vicariously through your photos will have to do. :)

    Also, LOVED Ms. Stink Eye! xD She's too much fun!

  29. What an excellent post and you are right Pat, it's a wee bit odd seeing you on water instead of very dry land ☺ Catalina island looks like a gorgeous place to visit, maybe even to retire to, but not in one of the crazy condos! Such a pretty harbour. Your slanted view made me smile, sometimes you've got to do what you have to to get those tall details in ☺

  30. Hi Pat. Thanks for the tour! Been so long since I've been to Catalina, I'm definitely overdue. My two most memorable trips: [1] Years ago I was working for an insurance company as a safety engineer and got to fly over in a helicopter and [2] even more years ago, as a grad student at CSUF, I was helping out a buddy working on a thesis in the area and we took the college's Boston Whaler over. Quite an adventure! Like you, I did part of my dive certification somewhere near Avalon.

  31. What a great post, Pat! I have heard of the island but never seen it so thank you for the tour! I love your passenger shots; that lady does look like she would give the stink eye quite regularly.

  32. I have never been there--it looks to be the ideal island to arrive after an afternoon of sailing.

  33. Sylvia Plathypus - Thanks for the nice words! If you do venture this far west again, be sure to go there. I really like it, but I'm not sure I could live there. I think I'd feel a bit confined. Looking closely at her photo, I think Ms. Stink eye might have been peeking at me!

    PerthDailyPhoto - Thanks Grace! I really do like the ocean, and live very close to it. I used to surf and scuba dive, but I've always been drawn to the desert. Maybe I'm a desert "Oddity."

    Spare Parts and Pics - Hi Pete! My pleasure. When my wife was working, she regularly had to either fly, or take the helicopter over also. I bet going across the channel in a small boat was an "adventure."

    Liz - Thanks Liz! Those two photos are my favorites out of the whole group. That lady did look kind of grouchy!

    sage - There is also a small harbor on the other side of the island, it is a lot more tranquil and undeveloped.

  34. nice to see there is water in your world too. :) Seems to have been a nice day. Cool detail with the earring hanging there. :)

  35. Nice pics, Patrick!Beautiful Catalina Island! No wonder people living somewhere else think Californians are on vacation every day (overheard my sister in law saying that to my brother:):) )
    Well, it's almost paradise if you don't have to sit in traffic for an hour or more!
    Thanks for sharing this with ALL SEASONS! Have a great week!

  36. NatureFootstep - We did have a very nice day! I guess somebody spotted the earring on the ground and put it there.

    jeannettestgermain - Thanks Jeannette! You are welcome. The people who sit in that LA basin traffic everyday, need to move closer to work, or get a new job...

  37. Wonderful posting! Hope you have a happy weekend. I think I would love to live there.

  38. Nora - Thanks Nora! I think I could live there, but I'd hate to have tourists running all around the place everyday.

  39. Hi Pat, Thanks for sharing your photos on the day trip to Santa Catalina Island. The passenger in deep thought is one of my favorites as well. And, Mrs. Stink Eye ... could she be Mrs. Wrigley? :-) Also, thanks for your comment on my blog.

  40. John's Island - My pleasure John! Right back at you for your comment. The guy in that photo was so deep in thought, that he didn't even see me taking his photo. Maybe that lady was Ms. Wrigley!

  41. Any day with dolphins and seals is a good day.

    The donuts are actually fried cheese (I think!) - we had some from a restaurant - very good, but no better for your heart than donuts!

    Cheers - Stewart M - In Melbourne, but jet-lagged!

  42. Dolphins and scuba diving! How I miss those wonderful sea creatures and underwater world..I just notice the Wrigley mansion is here. One of my favorite chewing gums

  43. Stewart M - I agree about the dolphins. I'll have to pass on those donuts then (I like cheese, but it doesn't like me). You must be jet-lagged, so I thank for taking the time to read this.

    indah nuria Savitri - That was always my favorite gum also. Thanks again for commenting...

  44. What a beautiful area! I've always wanted to visit Santa Catalina. I never knew it was that expensive to live there. And those condos! I could never do live there. Ever. I think that lady's face makes your whole trip worth it. :)

  45. Baby Sister - Beautiful it is! The prices in the post where from Newport Beach where the departed from. However, it is also VERY expensive in Avalon. If you look above those condos hanging off the cliff, you can see some vacant lots. Those vacant lots go for $550,000 each.


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