Monday, July 9, 2012

Desert Sightings Near Beaumont

embiggen to enhance your viewing pleasure.
These days, it seems like all train cars are covered with graffiti. However, this is the first time I've ever seen a landscape painted on one. That guy was good!

ENLARGE this one please!
Yet another abandoned truck. Although I really do love old trucks (and own one myself), what I like best about this photo is the little hints of yellow in the foreground brush.

Rain clouds, snow, wind powered electricity generators. All desert oddities.  Actually, the wind generators are very common in this area (close to Palm Springs), there are hundreds of them around.

I don't know about you, but when I see dark clouds in the desert, I try to get off the road and onto some high ground. Storms are not usually very friendly there.
Nothing spectacular in this post, but I thought there was something pretty interesting or funny in each of these photos. I hope you agree...




  1. You are right to get to high ground. Actually, I like your photos, especially the clouds. We could use some clouds here right now. It was 114 degrees yesterday and will be 115 today. Ugh!

  2. that is a scary huge storm cloud for sure. wise thought!

    i love your photos, all neat things in the displays, i particularly like that one with the old truck. the enlargement does make it a gazillion times better.

  3. I guess that is one way to prevent graffiti. great pics. High ground is good, deserts are prone to flash floods.

  4. Those are really great photos Pat, love the train!

  5. I do agree and your captures always have something of interest, beauty or fun, Pat! Love the dramatic skies and the painting on the train car! Have a great week!


  6. Some great scenery! Yeah, flash flooding is a very real danger in the desert.

  7. i liked all of these. laughed at your little 'pulling our leg' trickery.

  8. You always bring out the quiet desert beauty in your photos. And yes, that was a great nature scene painted on that rail car. Ha!

  9. I'm a sucker for rusty cars- they make such great subjects for a photos and there seem to be so many of them in the desert.

  10. Those dark clouds look really neat. It's nice that there are so many wind generators to try and capture other forms of energy.

  11. Those are amazing, powerful photos. Really enjoyed studying them-

  12. You are so right about the old truck photo - it's fabulous when enlarged. I love the dramatic skies in the final shot but they're all great shots. happy Monday to you Pat.

  13. i really like the old truck photo, and the sky in the last one

  14. I actually laughed out loud at the first one. Love it.

    Great pictures all around. The abandoned truck looks dramatic out there in the brush and it really is the bits of yellow that really takes it to another level.

  15. Looks a lot like here. I've come to love the desert. Great photos.

  16. I remember the first time I saw the windmills near Palm Springs. I think that is what started my interest in them. Loved the old truck photo too, Pat.

  17. ♡♡♡
    Gostei muito... bonitas fotografias.
    Boa semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.

  18. You cracked me up with that first one!

  19. I wonder what story is attached to that abandoned truck. Your photos are always spectacular, Pat.


  20. Ha... landscaped car... you crazy guy. I love the old truck in the flowers!!!

  21. I am always amazed at the similar photos we take. I don't have it posted but I have one of those "landscape-painted" train cars on my SD card! ;-)

    Love the image of the abandoned truck and the windmill image.

    Good advice about storms in the desert.

  22. This post is VERY SPECIAL!
    Love your pictures, you have such clever eyes, congratulations!

  23. Lol. That first picture had me laughing. I loved the old truck photo. Reminds me of the old trucks my dad used to have. Storm clouds amaze me, how they can be so beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

  24. love the picture o the train how cool

  25. You had me fooled with the train. Love the pics, as always.

  26. Love the mountains and the clouds. We don't have them in MN, you know. :-)


  27. Love the mood of the last 2, the truck is classic, and the train and commentary are hilarious. You are a true stoic going into the desert in this heat. I'm sticking to close to home and the A/C for the time being. As always, Happy Trails!

  28. Yep I agree. The really neat thing about that middle train car is that the landscape changes as the train moves -- now that takes talent!

    I don't like to be in the desert or on mountains when there's a storm threatening.

  29. I love that truck photo. I also love abandoned trucks. I have no idea why, but they trigger the artist in me.

  30. Well, I think that landscape painting on the truck is spectacular, and amazing.

    I also like the wind generators.

  31. A great set if images, Pat! I love that truck image.

  32. There is something about abandon cars/trucks that beg to be photographed. Makes you wonder about it's story.

  33. Hi Pat, Great pictures in the desert... Looks so secluded... Love the photo of the old truck... It's obviously been there for awhile --since it's almost covered up!!!!!!! ha

  34. one time, while going past those windmill things by train, i videotaped them for like 5 solid minutes. so, yeah, there are certainly lots of them there. ^_^

  35. Good Job Dear! i enjoyed seeing it,


    If you have a minute, please check out my blog and follow me if you liked it. I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

    Blow a Rainbow

  36. Wouldn't getting to high ground be a bad thing vis-a-vis thunder and lightning?
    Or is getting to high ground a good thing vis-a-vis flash floods?
    Okay, that's all I got vis-a-vis meteorological stuff.
    Plus, I like to say "vis-a-vis."

  37. I emphatically agree, Pat!
    The desert holds many mysteries yet untold. One never knows what will unfold.

    You had me thinking on the graffiti and I had to embiggen before gigglin'

  38. In summer, clouds are at such a premium. Thanks for sharing these.

  39. I knew I left my truck somewhere. Were the keys still in it?

  40. I really love this series of 'old' photographs.. things decaying in nature, how things used to be.

    You should pick the best of them out and put together a coffee table book. Make a great book I reckon.

  41. Pat, I think you are pulling my leg with the train car. But, I still like the shot.

    Love everything about old car photo. Enlarged it was fantastic.

    I would bow to the rain gods if they would send clouds like that our way right now.

  42. I think you may be under selling the post by claiming there is "nothing spectacular" in it!

    I spent so time in Japan with some school kids - and the trains were remarkable, even if the possibilities of kids wander off was a bit stressful!

    We have been away in North Queensland for a week – hence the silence on the replies! So, thanks for the comments of the last week . A rather wet week was had by all - but I did see some good stuff; pictures to follow. No decent internet access, so I just stopped looking for a week – now I’m catching up!

    Stewart M – Australia

  43. ¸❤✿•.¸
    ♥ Bom fim de semana!
    ♡ Beijinhos.

  44. All your photos are interesting Pat. I've always enjoyed driving through the desert.

  45. trav4adventures - I agree! It's always better to be safe. Thanks for the nice words about the photos. Where we're camped right now, it was about 95 today with thunderstorms and rain. SO HUMID! It's cooling off now though.

    Betty - That was nothing compared to what blew through here today. A little bit scary! Beautiful now though. Thanks Betty!

    Budd - Thanks Budd! Yep, there were flash flood warnings all over the place around here today.

    Brian - Thanks Brian! I thought it was pretty cool also.

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia. I guess some people might describe my tastes a little differently.

    Alex - Thanks Alex! You are so right! Lot's of it around today. Big storm blew through here.

    TexWisGirl - Hey! It wasn't my trickery! I'm still wondering what those cars carry!

    Sharon W - Thanks Sharon! The second I saw that scene, I knew I was posting it!

  46. Ren - Me too! There are so many old ones out here. Some time I should post a collage of them.

    Carly - Neat and a bit foreboding. There are hundreds of them out there. Some people are still fighting them!

    Shelly - Thanks so much! I appreciate that.

    Ms. Becky - Thanks! I agree! The clouds in that last photo are nothing compared to what I took the last couple of days. Kind of scary!

    baygirl - Thanks! I liked that one also.

    Tim - Sometimes, the great things just jump out at us. Thanks Tim! I was hoping that the yellow would be bright enough.

    Mary - I'm with you I love the desert. As a kid I spend some time in the eastern desert in your great state. (you are in Oregon, right?)

    Sally - I need to find a way to get closer to them because I've been told that they are HUGE. Each blade is as big as an airliner wing.

  47. Magia - Thank you so much Magia! The scene was there, all I did was take the photo!

    Mama Zen - If that is so, then I am a success!

    Robyn - Thanks my friend! I always wonder about the history of old abandoned things. I don't believe that any answers are forthcoming though...

    Ms. A - Hey! I didn't make it up, I only took the photo! Thanks!

    Lindy - They say that great minds think alike! I wonder what kind of cargo those cars carry?

    Leia - Thanks Leia! I appreciate it. Isn't it really all about the eye?

    Baby Sister - I was chuckling as I took the first one. I also love old trucks! I actually have a really old one sitting in my garage.

    becca- Thanks becca! I really liked it also.

  48. Clarissa - I'm betting you weren't fooled for long though! Thanks Clarissa!

    Pearl - Maybe not, but you have a lot of lakes and strange people riding the bus each day!

    Stickup Artist - After your brain has been boiled by the desert heat, it doesn't feel so hot anymore. Thanks so much!

    Sallie - HA! You are so right! That is really talent! I'm with you. I'd rather be home during those things.

    Lynda - Thanks Lynda! I'm also drawn to them. I can't even imagine how many photos I have of abandoned trucks.

    Icy BC - Yep! You don't see moving landscapes like that very often!

    Liz - Thanks Liz! The things we run into are amazing if we keep our eyes open.

    Ree - I'm with you! Old vehicles and buildings fill me with questions.

  49. Betsy - Thanks Betsy! A lot of folks don't visualize California as having so much desert. There is lots of it!

    Ven - The photo of the train in this post, was very close to the windmills. TONS of them...

    Priscilla - Thanks for the SPAM! You were pretty creative about it. I'll give you that.

    Al - Now I don't know what to do in bad weather! Thanks for confusing me!

    Pam - That is so true and exactly what I like about it. I glad you weren't totally hoodwinked.

    altadenahiker - They sure are! And greatly needed when taking photos!

    PTM - The keys are still in it! Unfortunately, the motor isn't though...

    Anthony - Thanks Anthony! It would have to be a pretty thick book, because I spend a lot of time in the desert areas.

  50. Rita - Maybe pulling it just a little bit! Thanks for the nice words. I hope you get some rain!

    Stewart - Thanks Stewart. Oh yeah, a kid could get lost in a Japanese train station in a quick minute. Especially so in Tokyo!

    Gene Pool Diva - Thank you so much! I also enjoy it very much!

  51. Hey, thanks for sharing. The scenery is so different from my part of the world that I found myself double taking dumbstruck.

  52. neat shots. I liked the "landscape graffiti" too. Good eye to catch that one.

  53. Wonderful pictures. I love those delicious heavens with the last. Greetings.


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