Monday, July 2, 2012

Silent Valley Animals

These pics were either taken there, or around the old dirt road that the ranger told us about in my last post. The following pics were taken on that day.

Of all things, a golden eagle. It first I thought it was a hawk. But this bird was larger than any predator type bird that I've ever seen. Somebody told me that there were golden eagles in the area that actually attacks hawks. I'm thinking this was one of them. I wish I kould have gotten a better photo.

Red-winged black bird. (First for me)

Red-tailed hawk

A female red-winged blackbird (another first)

Hooded Oriole (also a first for me)

I don't know what kind of snake it was, but it was REALLY long. We almost ran over it.

Dinner for the eagle and/or hawk

I know they are very common, but this guy was cute.

Spawn of Satan....
Well, we've been home for two weeks and it's time to go again. Next weekend we'll head on up to our favorite mountain ridge for a couple of weeks. 




  1. The golden eagle is impressive. The snake made me shiver, and I laughed heartily at your spawn of satan.

  2. Red Wings are common here. In fact one clawed me in the head once when I walked by it's nest. Luckily I was wearing a hat!

  3. varmints and birds. love the eagle!

  4. That sure is one long snake! Great photos!

  5. Yep, I always love the varmints and birds! You got some beautiful captures, Pat! The squirrel is such a cute little bugger! I look forward to shots from your next trip!!


  6. I've seen those red winged black birds in our yard- they are so pretty.

  7. A fantastic post with so many different critters! I love those bird shots..

  8. Love your Oriole shot and the red-winged black bird. I never see those guys.

  9. I've never heard of a golden eagle! Our state bird is the oriole, but I've never actually seen one! Very impressive! (and I agree about the spawn of Satan comment!)

  10. They are all terrific bird photos, Pat.. but I am amazed that you were able to capture the Golden Eagle.
    Nicely done!

  11. i was loving the post right up till the snake

  12. Vintage Tillett.....perfection!!!


  13. These pictures are so vivid, Pat. You wanted a better shot of that first one, but I think it's great.

    Welcome home.

  14. that last guy in the rodent terminator.

  15. oh, no, not the demon squirrel! all i can hear is the crunching *shudders* the crisp and terrible crunching of nuts.

  16. Very nice shots! I always look forward to YOUR travels... and photos, since I don't travel.

  17. Hi Pat thanks for the visit on my blog thought I would pop by yours too and it's great love your pictures I like birds and have never seen some of the feathers before I visited your blog i will most certenly pop by more.

  18. Hi there - if the squirrels are the spawn of Satan, then the possums we have must be some alien space devil!

    The clowns at Circus Oz are too funny to be evil - and I think it’s impossible to be truly evil if you are on roller skates!

    Stewart M

  19. Wow, a Golden Eagle!! How cool is that?? You captured a lot of beautiful birds!!

  20. What great photos Pat!! What? You don't like squirrels? Ha! Ha! Have a nice 4th!

  21. Sounds like you have a dream life - off again! I enjoyed these photos.

  22. This is so cool.

    We used to have an eagle like this living behind our house in Mesa!

    It was so majestic!

  23. You all are quite the adventurers! I guess when you have a jeep that's what you do.

    My wife would have an absolute fit if she encountered a snake like that. She can't even look at a picture of one and flips out if she sees one on TV. I'm not too thrilled about them myself.

    Tossing It Out

  24. You have such a good eye and exceptional luck! A formidable combination. I'm continuously dismayed at how seldom it is that I come upon any wildlife out here. And if I do, I'm too slow setting up the shot to capture the moment. P.S.: Your black Jeep is awesome! Happy Trails My Friend...

  25. Love the pics Pat! I'd love to see a golden eagle. We get bald eagles around here, but as far as I know, no goldens. You are an excellent photographer!

  26. Wow - these are fantastic Pat. So well observed. You must be very patient to get shots like these.

    What great trips you're having. Really enjoying life no doubt.


  27. I have never seen most of these birds so I found this post rather exciting. Perhaps, one day I will have my turn at a first sitting as well.

  28. The birds in flight and rest, almost like a picture book on birds and varmints. Wonderful shots. Happy July.

  29. fantastic set of photos, pat!

    i totally enjoyed them!

    happy 4th of july!

  30. I've had my eyes out for the Bald Eagle that used to nest near here, but to no avail. No sightings this trip.

  31. Great nature photos--all of them even the satan squirrel. I don't know what kind of snake that was but my rule is if it is short and fat it's dangerous; if it's long and thin, let it go.

  32. Oh wow, these are amazing. My favourites are the Red-winged black bird and the female red-winoed blackbird. Wow.

  33. Hi Pat:
    Love the pictures. We have bald eagles here in Colorado. I'm sure their are other types too, just haven't seen any. Funny how smaller birds will fly together trying to scare off the preditors.

    Thanks for coming by.

  34. Great wildlife shots, Patrick! It's always a treat to capture some "lifers". I love your birds!

  35. Your eyes were as keen as that eagle's! He's sure looking straight at ya! You got yourself a terrific array of critters here... and terrific captures! The birds are beautiful. And cute is always cute, no matter how common. I guess when you read this you'll be on your mountain ridge... enjoy, Pat!

  36. Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by. Its always an adventure seeing your photos. On the last shot, it reminds me of the commercial, in part that says "tired eyes", an you gave a great caption!

    Hope to be blogging as time permits!

  37. Great shots. Come paddle some in Michigan wetlands, you'll see plenty of red wing blackbirds!

  38. Nice shots Pat! You are probably glad you got a picture of that eagle that was THAT good. A few firsts...congrats. I've been home for two weeks and it's time to go again...oh yeah, I can't cause I have to are so lucky! Maybe the Caymans or at least Cozumel in September! Honduras (Roatan) next April.

  39. Shelly - thanks Shelly! Yeah, that was one evil looking squirrel!

    Sharon - I've now seen them a couple of times, but never around where we live. A little territorial are they?

    TexWisGirl - Ain't nature grant?

    Brian - It was a long one! I'm not sure exactly what kind it was though.

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! A couple of weeks ago, we had a deer walk right through the camp site! I missed it!

    Ren - They are really pretty and very active!

    Icy BC - Thanks! It was a lucky animal day! I'm surprised we didn't see a unicorn!

    missing moments - Thanks! I never had before that day either!

  40. Lolamouse - I assume you are in Maryland then. I've spent quite a bit of time there myself and never saw one. I had to go to the desert! Yep, that was a spooky squirrel.

    Pam - thanks Pam. I agree about the Golden Eagle. When it cools off there in a couple of months, we'll be going back. Hope to see them again.

    becca - I was happy to see it, but I'm sure you noticed that I didn't get out of the jeep!

    John - Thanks my friend! It's what I do...

    Robyn - Thanks so much Robyn. I tried to climb a hillside to get an eye level view but it was too steep. Plus, it was in MAJOR rattlesnake country, so it's okay...

    PTM - HA! I think you are right. Maybe a cigar hanging from his lip would have made me run.

    Ven - That would be a terrible thing to hear. I'm sure there is a movie in the works.

    Ms. A - Thanks! I always look forward to them as well. Well then, I hope I can get a few good shots for you!

  41. Arrmand - My pleasure Arrmand. It had been a long time. Thanks for the nice words.

    Stewart - I like them both, but possums aren't destructive like ground squirrels are. I don't know about the clowns. I've never met a clown I liked.

    Baby Sister - I was pretty excited. It was HUGE! Thanks!

    Ginnymo - No, I think they are very cute, but they destroy hillsides. Oh yeah, I live on one! I still think they are cute and I couldn't hurt one. I'm gonna come over and check out the wildlife in your area.

    EG - It is a dream life, but it might even be a better dream if I had the money to broaden our travels.

    Jenny - Wow! That must have been amazing! This was my first!

    Arlee Bird - The jeep really does help. Not so much because of the FWD, but because of the ground clearance. The FWD does come in handy though. Those snakes don't thrill me too much either.

    Stickup Artist - Thanks so much! Any compliment from you is an honor. Thanks again!

  42. Eve - Thanks so much! I'd love to see another one. Sometime later in the year, we are going to go to a place in Arizona where we are told that we will see many eagles.

    Anthony - I have almost no patience at all. Just good timing! We really do enjoy what we do (and don't do)!

    Rita - Right place at the right time is all it takes. I've missed a lot more than I've found, that's for sure.

    Rek - Thanks so much Rek! I appreciate it.

    Betty M - Thanks Betty! I'm glad you liked them.

    Rosemary - I'd love to see a bald eagle someday. Maybe later this year.

    Laura - Thanks Laura. I agree about the snake. I've never met one I didn't like, but again, I've never met one I liked. They leave me along and I'll leave them alone.

    Lynda - I REALLY like that Red-winged blackbird also! Thanks so much!

  43. N.R. Williams - We see a lot of that where live. Mocking birds teaming up on hawks and crows. Crows teaming up on hawks. No eagles where we live though. A few ospreys, but no eagles.

    Liz - Thanks! I appreciate it!

    Francisca - Thanks! He sure wasn't worried about me though. I'd say he had a presence... We are on the mountain and it is nice. A couple of our best friends are up here as well. We are eating well and doing a lot of visiting. Thanks again!

    Ebie - Thanks Ebie! Nice seeing you here. From where we are camped right now, I can see the Salton Sean about 45 miles below and in the distance.

    Sage - Thanks! Maybe someday, I'll do just that!

    Chuck - You are right about us being lucky. The only bad thing that goes along with being retired, is being old. You are going to some pretty awesome places. Our neighbor is going to Fiji tomorrow. When she told us, I thought of you...

  44. That ranger told you about a wonderful trail -- great critter finds!

  45. so cool to come close to those animals we hardly see in our everyday lives....except for the snake! I can do without those. LOL Just spotted a humming bird outside my window an hour ago. Rare and beautiful.

  46. Beautiful pics, particularly of the hawk in flight. Spawn of Satan is hilarious; if they have bushy tails they are cute - if long and skinny they are rats.

    Darryl and Ruth :)


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