Monday, August 13, 2012


We have four cats. This one is Newman. Newman has a fetish for human clothing. He loves to drag pajamas, socks, underwear, bras,  pants, etc, all around the house.  If none of those things are available, he has no problem dragging rugs around. He's also been known to empty our dirty clothes hampers and drag the contents all over the house. Heck, when he's feeling particularly strong, he'll pull the blanket off you while you're sleeping.  He's strong enough to do it too. 

As if the clothing thing weren't enough, he prefers to drink out of the toilet. One paw full at a time.

I included this one for scale. That is a full size laptop computer he's dwarfing.  He's the biggest (non obese) house cat I've ever seen. He's the size of a medium dog.  If he stands up on his hind legs he can see on top of most of our furniture.

Perverted, but very cute...

I think I embarrassed him. He should be embarrassed!



  1. The photo of him by the laptop is hilarious! Does he get into toilet paper as well?

  2. Haha..he is quite a character! I like how you caught him in action photos..

  3. that is one big cat! him drinking out of the toilet made me laugh out loud

  4. he's adorable! love his smoky blue color!

  5. I am going to have to forward this to my husband. We get such a kick out of our cat Hana carrying socks around. But we've never been able to get a photo. She always does it when we leave the house. Then she carries it to the door where we left and drops it there. So cute. Wow! Your cat really has the fever.

  6. Newman is one big fellow but he would fit right in at our house. In fact our Velvet might be the perfect mate for him. They like the same activities. We recently had to enlarge our cat door for Velvet. She is one big girl.

    We had four cats but lost one this spring. Midnight's liver condition finally won out over her will to keep going.

  7. WOW! That Newman is one handsome big dude!

  8. Haha, loved the collage. While I don't believe in reincarnation, from what you write and show, if I did, I'd have to say he was a frat guy in a former life.

    Underwear raids... Head in the toilet... Large bulky, and will sleep anywhere. Yup, you've got a frat cat.

  9. He is a BIG boy indeed! Handsome, too. Loved the collage of him in action.

  10. Newman is a great guy Patrick.
    and a really handsome one.

  11. Haha!!! this was a great Monday morning giggle Pat!!! He does seem to be quite a character! And so big!!!

    I'm nervous right now because in a couple of weeks we're bringing home my mom-in-law's cat that she can't keep anymore...
    He's a male red tabby...about the same size as Newman. Which would all be fine, except we already have two female cats who barely tolerate each other and big, lovable, female Golden Retriever... it could be chaos here for awhile!

  12. Newman is definitely one handsome, BIG dude!! What a fun collection of photos, Pat, made my morning!! Thanks for the giggles. Sam Schnauzer said I should be glad to have him instead of Newman and reminded me that he never tears up anything!!

  13. That is one wacky cat. Large, beautiful, wacky cat.

  14. That's one mighty big cat, Pat. If you could only train it to do the laundry, it would be the perfect house pet.

  15. That's a BIG cat! Please tell me he only drags the clothes around and doesn't destroy them? My Daughter's little dog, destroys clothes.

  16. aw what a cutie and nice to know my cat isn't the only one that like toilet water

  17. Newman is quite a character, isn't he? Crazy how all cats have their own unique personalities...

    Since he drags your clothes all over the house, why can't you train him to wash, dry and fold them for you????? ha ha

    Have a great day.

  18. I love these shots, Patrick, and such a great collage. I just posted about my little dog, but have always had cats as well, each one of them a real character.

    I can't imagine how people manage without furry friends...:)

  19. holy cow, he's a beast! And a very handsome beast, I might add :)

  20. A character, indeed. The only thing I've seen like him is a photo of a leopard dragging its prey. Have you considered providing him with mid-sized dead animals? It might keep your hamper intact and your bedding where it belongs. On the other hand.... Phew!

  21. That is a big cat!!! I cannot believe the shot of the laptop...he covers the table from side to side. He must eat as much as my dogs and the dragging things around (clothes, blankets) when my dogs are wrestling around they do the same thing...Cornelia has drug about twenty things out of my wifes closet at one time. Those are great pictures Pat and reminds me I need to capture more of my "little ones" in action. Thank God they don't drink out of the toilet!!

  22. It is wonderful how animals all have their distinct personalities. I have never heard of a cat that dragged clothes around like that! So cute.

  23. Newman looks like my housemate's cat. He also loves the bathroom but hasn't yet drank out of the toilet. I really like the perverted and embarrassed kitties too. And very nice collage, Pat.


  24. I love Newman. He is so beautiful.

  25. Newman sounds like a character! My kinda cat. :)

  26. Newman is a very smart cat. Greetings.

  27. Just wondering.. what happened to the last shot in the mosaic? ..and don't tell me he ate it!!

  28. Caught in action. Oh that is hilarious!!

  29. He's a very handsome fellow indeed.

  30. What a character, you have to love the personalities of each pet, they are like our kids only worse :)

  31. Newman is awesome!! I love him. And that pic with him stretched behind the laptop is brilliant!!

  32. What a great cat! I want to meet him!

    Dogs are in my opinion clear evidence for evolution - no intelligent designer would ever make a dog when you have cats!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: thanks for multiple comments.

  33. That's a big kitty! With an outsize personality to go with it ....the collage was really well done as are the other pix. Off topic: Looking at the Dude on the right column as I type -- did you catch the PBS special on Jeff Bridges? I think on the American Masters series. It was good.

  34. Great post! Newman is Huge and very cute!
    I love cats in fact I have three of them. Two of the three are over 16 years old.

  35. Newman's got a big personality to match! I'll bet he gives you all a lot of laughs, which is definitely worth its weight in gold. Cat's are so quirky, just like we humans. Only their quirks are so adorable! I love Newman's silvery fur. Give him a big hug for me, if he'll let you!

  36. Our cat Nemo is big too, but in a "mortally obese" kind of way. I'm waiting for the mortally part to kick's been years! Newman is a hoot. You have made a great feline study with this post.

  37. ♡¸.°.¸♫♫♪
    Gatinho travesso!

    Bom fim de semana!

  38. Ha ha, yeah, that cat is a scoundrel.

  39. Funny cat you have, Pat, especially when he's embarrassed!
    I loved the camping tour in the previous post. Never have been there. I'll google where it is at!

  40. What a cheeky cat!! He is rather HUGE! I guess because he's so big he thinks he can do all those things... dominant male & all ;)

    Hilarious post, Pat!!

  41. I've had many cats but never one with this much personality.

  42. Sounds like a fun cat to have around, although I'm sure that it is frustrating at times!

  43. Alex - That is one of his favorite spots. No, he doesn't unroll the toilet paper. Other than his clothing fetish, he is a totally mellow cat.

    Icy BC - He sure is. There are many more photos, but I didn't want to get carried away in my blog post.

    baygirl32 - He is a big one! He would rather drink out it than anywhere else!

    TexWisGirl - We like him a lot! He's a Korat. Apparently, that's the only breed with that exact coat. He's a rescue cat though, so he's probably a mix of some sort.

    Sharon - He sure does have the fever! Sometimes, he empties the entire dirty laundry basket and brings the items down stairs, a few at a time.

    Rita - I'm sorry about Midnight. It's always hard to lose them. We also have four of them. All so different. No cat doors here. There are so many predators here (mostly coyotes), that out cats only last a couple of days (if their lucky) outdoors.

    Brian - He sure is! Just ask him!

    Tim - HA! That's funny. He just might have been a "frat cat."

    Sally - Hi is a big one! Thanks Sally!

    Costas - Thanks Costas! I caught him preening in the mirror!

  44. The Chieftess - Thanks! I understand your concern. Newman came from a a very dangerous (for him) and chaotic situation. When he got here he was VERY intense and kind of scary. It took a while, but things are great now. Oh yeah, we already had three females.

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! Newman, never tears anything up either, he's about the most mellow cat I've seen.

    Budd - Wacky he is! Thanks Budd.

    Pam - He is a big un! Train him to do laundry, now that's a thought!

    Ms. A - Nope, he's very gentle and as far as I know, he hasn't made so much as a single hole in any thing.

    becca - We have another very small cat, that does it also, but she has have back feet on the seat and her front feet on the dry part of the porcelain, to reach the water.

    Betsy - Our four are all totally different. I think you have a good idea. From there, we could teach him to do dishes.

    Lynette - Thanks Lynette! I agree with you. I love pets. Cats only for me though. I've had dogs, they are just too much work, while cats are pretty much self sufficient.

    mshatch - thanks so much! He's also a bit awkward. That makes him even cuter.

    tapirgal - HEY THERE! Nah, I think we'll just let him drag the clothes around. One morning he pulled a blanket completely off of me. It was time for him to eat. Hope you are doing well!

  45. Chuck - He eats like he's a German Shepherd. Despite his hijinks, he's a great cat. It's nice having pets in our homes. I can't imagine not having any.

    Belle - Hi Belle! Yep, you are right about the personalities!

    Robyn - Thanks so much Robyn! Cats are my favorite animals.

    Mynx - Thanks! He's a cutie!

    EG Camera girl - He is a major character. He's sure livened things up around here.

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi!

    Pam - That's funny! I think he took it

    Baby Sister - He's got me sneaking around here trying to get photos of him sneaking around.

    Glenn - Thanks! I tell him you said so.

    Jimmy - you are right about the personalities! They're a handful, that's for sure.

  46. Lynda - He's my buddy, that's for sure.

    Esther - He's a good and gentle giant.

    Stewart - I with you about dogs. I don't mind them when they belong to somebody else. Just too much work for me to own one. Most of them are like undisciplined children.

    Sallie - Thanks Sallie. I missed the special on Jeff Bridges, but I'm going to try and find it. The dude abides...

    James - I'm glad you like cats! We have three that are about 10 and one that is four.

    Stickup Artist - He keeps us in stitches. he loves to lay on his back with all four legs splayed out. Oh, he's let me hug him. He's very affectionate.

    Magia - Thanks Magia!

    Leovi - He is a scoundrel for sure!

    Emile - He's a character! I love google, it helps us decided where we're going.

  47. Liz - He pretty much does what he wants, but he doesn't do too much actually. The dominant cat in the house is the four year old female. Strange, but true...Her and Newman are best buddies.

    Martha - He's the center of attention, that's for sure!

    Carly - Yep, we're always straitening up after him. It's okay though, he so cute!

  48. This is why I so love CATS!!! I Love Newman now too!


  49. I love Newman! One of our dogs likes to drag socks around, but he's a dog, so that's more expected.

    Nice to meet you on Alex's blog yesterday.

  50. What a party cat. Bet he knows some good jokes, too.

  51. You've captured his spirit in these pictures. What a delightful cat he seems to be! Makes my heart melt just a little.


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