Monday, August 27, 2012

Do You See What I See?

While hiking along Oak Creek near Sedona, Arizona,  I stumbled upon this tortured and distorted face growing out of a fallen tree limb. Mother Nature not only creates the beautiful, she also creates the absurd. I would have taken the branch with me, but to be honest, Sedona is chock full of strange power spots and I'd prefer to stay on the good side of all that.

Does this thing look freaky to you, or is it just me?



  1. This is very cool, but I am with you.
    Probably best to leave it where you found it

  2. I looks freaky! But in a good way.

    You see similar faces like this carved into old church woodwork in the UK - its called the Green Man and its a little bit of "old world" religion sneaking into the domain of the new - I always liked finding them!

    Stewart M

  3. I'm reading, "Game of thrones" right now. And they have these Weirwood forests where the trees have the faces of Gods. And they are places to pray. You can never go wrong staying on the good side of mystical things. Unless you were supposed to pick it up. Shoot...

  4. It does look freaky. I thought you stumbled upon a skeleton of a lost hiker.

  5. Haha, I have to laugh at "chock full of strange power". Besides, it does look very freaky to bring home.

  6. little heads, people screaming? ;)
    Just in case...I think you did well, I mean about the "not take it"!

  7. That is a strange one, spooky and freaky too, Pat! Mother Nature does have a bizarre sense of humor sometimes, doesn't she???

  8. It looks like a bone to me. Greetings.

  9. Nope, not just you. Definitely freaky.

  10. Very creepy! And intriguing. I'm wondering how that happened? Has there been a volcano erupting near Sedona lately?

  11. My first thought was it looks like a kitty, laying upside down, on his back with his two front paws laying on his chest, his head upside down, showing his mouth, nose and whiskers, near the bottom of the clump. Just shows that we still disagree about what we see!! (snort) Love you!!

  12. yeah. i'd have left it where it lay, for sure! eeeek!

  13. how cool what an awesome discovery my son would love this

  14. That would make a cool walking stick/cane!

  15. I love freaks of Nature like this, and I agree that you should leave it where it is.

    Yes, we have a lot of "Green Men" in England. It goes back to Medieval times when men would dress up with branches and ferns looking for wives.
    {Think the original Wicker Man, and you've nearly got it!}

  16. I saw it before I read the caption. I see stuff like this in everything - floor tile, carpet, you think it could be the flashbacks?? Great photo Pat and probably a good idea you left it alone.

  17. Pretty freaky to me, and I've have done exactly the same as you- leave it there.

  18. I think you need to leave it there! We have a friend who lives near there and hope to go there soon...perhaps it had magical powers though it does look scary.

  19. Yes there is a face there. In fact it reminds me of a character of an old man that I once saw in a British thriller. If I didn't have "sometimes" or "part-timers" or whatever you call these senior moments I might actually be able to name the film and the role.

  20. That is truly bizarre. I'm glad you left it there, while capturing it for us.

    Enjoy Sedona, Pat. I've always wanted to go; it's beautiful (minus this tree limb).


  21. Yep, best leave that enchanted branch alone! Who knows what would have happened!

  22. Yes, it looks wicked. Glad you left it there!

  23. HOnestly, I see a face.

    Why do I always see faces?!


  24. Yes, you're right, it reminds me a capital with multiple images and scenes, wonderful.

  25. Egads, is that scarry! One of those freaky wonders of nature that makes you go.. hmmm.
    Great capture, Pat.

  26. I recently watched the movie Mr. Deeds and this looks like "Crazy Eyes," (played by Steve Buscemi)!

  27. very interesting and strange tree!

  28. No more freaky than looking at myself in the mirror....hahaha

  29. Very interesting. I can't quite make out anything but I don't know what the Green Man is.

  30. Definitely freaky. It looks like a crazy face with bulging eyes.

  31. Been a long time since I've been down in Oak Creek Canyon, but got there a few times while living in Flagstaff in another life long ago... and you are right, there is plenty of strange energy around there !

  32. What a great inspiration for a story. At first I thought it looked like a broken bone, but then I looked more closely and saw exactly what you saw.
    Freaky, indeed.

  33. Is that a petrified face?:0
    Mystical treasures indeed:)

  34. Yeah. Don't mess around with the spirits there. And especially, don't take photos!

    Uh oh.

  35. Yeah. Don't mess around with the spirits there. And especially, don't take photos!

    Uh oh.

  36. Now really, Pat, what would you do with a screaming head with three eyes????? You made the right choice to leave it behind.

  37. Queue Twilight Zone music now.


    Queue doesn't look right.

    But I'm lazy.

    And refuse to google how to actually spell it right.



    This is a cool log.

    You should have brought it home.

    It might have been a genie log.

    And then you could have made three wishes with your third wish being three more wishes.



    Perhaps I'm tired.

    But I think it's freaky, too!

  38. Nightmarish...which is totally cool in my book.

    I'm going to totally date myself here, but it reminds me of something I would have seen on an old episode of Gilligan's Islamd :)

  39. Mynx - I figured that was the smartest thing also.

    Stewart - It was pretty cool looking as well as spooky. I'll have to look into the "Green Man." Thanks!

    Alex - It sure did!

    M.D. Jackson - It did look freaky. I seem to see faces everywhere. Our bathroom tile floor is full of them!

    Sharon - I totally agree! I want to be on the good side of things like this! I guess if I was supposed to pick it up, I would have.

    PTM - I'm glad it wasn't a lost hiker. Now that I think about it, we were lost at that point!

    Brian - That's a good way of putting it!

    Icy BC - HA! It almost sounded like a commercial. "chock full of nuts!"

    Leia - I agree! I think it was meant to stay there. Sedona is truly one of the most mystical spots in this country, if not the world. Some people don't believe it, but I do.

    Sylvia - She sure does! I really need to get back there. Maybe in November. We occasionally talk about moving there.

  40. Japy - Hi Japy! Long time no see! Maybe it was a bone!

    Amanda - I'm happy to hear that! Some times, it is just me!

    KarenG - I have no idea! It might have been a natural thing, or maybe not...

    buymebarbies - Geez! And I thought I had an active imagination. Love you also!

    TexWisGirl - I think that was the prudent thing to do also.

    Budd - Thanks Budd! I'm glad I spotted it.

    baygirl32 - It sure is!

    becca - I was pretty happy about finding it also.

    Ms. A - It would have, but I'd be afraid to take a carving knife or a saw to it. Sedona is truly a magical and wonderful place.

    Megan - I love them also. I loved the original Wicker Man, hated the Nicholas Cage version. Sedona, Arizona has that type of a feel to it also. Magical and mystical...

  41. Chuck - So do I! I think it might have been the brown acid...

    Shelly - I think that was the prudent thing to do also.

    Island Rambles - It will still be sitting there when you go! I hope you like Sedona as much as I do.

    Lynda - I agree!

    Rita - If your senior moments did allow you to remember it, mine probably wouldn't let me remember what we were talking about.

    Kato - I agree!

    Robyn - I LOVE Sedona. I hope you make it someday. Thanks!

    Sallie - I didn't even touch it! Why tempt fate?

    Ree - No way that I was taking that thing. It might have undone all the good karma I've banked.

    Pearl - I ALWAYS see faces also.

  42. Leovi - The more you look, the more you see...

    Pam - That's exactly what I did. I went hmmm! Thanks Pam.

    Stickup Artist - HA! It does kind of look like Steve Buscemi! He's one of my favorites.

    Martha Z - That it was!

    Carly - Interesting and strange is exactly what it was.

    pitchertaker - I'm right there with you! I try to avoid mirrors.

    Clarissa - That's pretty funny Clarissa! Thanks for trying!

    Wayne - That's what I first saw, the bulging eyeballs.

    Owen - Plenty of strange people there also. I think Sedona is where hippies go to retire. I may be one of them...

    Al - When I walked by it, I did a double take. Then I had to get down on my hands and knees! freaky!

  43. Dawn - I think it is!

    Jerry - Oops! Too late!

    Rosemary - Maybe I could have sold it on Ebay earned a curse or something by loing so.

    Jenny - Okay, the theme is playing in my head now. And now, thanks to you, it will probably still be in my head for a few days! You are so funny!

    Carmi - That's cool in my book as well. Gilligan's Island? never heard of it. Just kidding... I remember the first episode on TV.

  44. Looks a bit like the cartoon snake (Disney) or even an alligator in a way...

    Well spotted, Pat :-)

  45. It looks like a busted knee!

    Love the natural state of things...

    Nicely observed - as always.

  46. I see hands. It is kind of freaky.

  47. It is amazing the faces you can see in the knots of trees, they are there and so many never see them.

  48. I am glad to find someone else who finds freaky faces in pieces of wood. With all the wandering Bud and I do in the woods, we are always seeing them, This one is pretty spooky. I do not think I would have messed with it either. genie

  49. I see a pretty creepy face. I think Walter dosed it with cortexifan! Miss you!

  50. Taylor!
    I see a creepy face also. Hey! That's my reflection in my laptop screen!
    maybe it is the cortexifan, or cortexiphan. Now I know it is!


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