Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nice Socks...

A lot of my old photos were somehow sucked off of my blog. I didn't have very many followers back then, so I'm going to re-post some of them. Or maybe, it's the first time I've posted some of them. I have no idea!



  1. It is worth posting them again Patrick if I judge from what you are showing us.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful shots!This picture is beautiful, a great work with your camera! :)

  3. I noticed the same thing with some of my old pics: they just disappeared. Sometimes technology vexes me!'

    Love this shot, as it draws you in and forces you to think, hard, about who this person is and how he (she? Can't tell) came to be there.

  4. wonder what's in the duty free bag?

  5. was noticing all the signs in Japanese and was wondering if it was in Japan when I closed the pic and saw the label of Japan. So, I guess that answers my question.

  6. what an interesting photo i love the black and white

  7. well, if not attractive, they are certainly fun!

  8. Sadly, we see so many of these guys all over Seattle these days and it surely speaks loudly of the economy. Great shot, Pat!

  9. Nice socks... and some duty free shopping to go along with it! ;)

  10. Nice socks indeed!

    And yes, please do!

  11. I'm glad they can at least have some fun socks!!

  12. Someone looks exhausted, to be asleep on such a hard surface! Makes my back hurt just thinking about it!

  13. I enlarged the photo, and wow..what a fantastic photo!

  14. Great photo, Pat... I love photos like that (in B&W) since they make us THINK.... Wonder about that person???? Homeless --or just resting????? Hmmmmmmm


  15. I'm glad you're doing the reruns. I wasn't around for the begining of your run.

    The picture leaves me with so many questions...I also want to know about the duty free bag!

  16. Terrific photo- would love to know the whole back story!

  17. Thank you for reposting. I was going through your photos a week ago trying to show them to my mom. She's a painter and an amateur photographer, so I knew she'd like your work. I was so disappointed to them gone and meant to ask you about that.

  18. It's a great shot :-) I'm guessing this was taken in Japan?

  19. Awesome shot Pat.
    I dont remember this one. Maybe it was before my time.

    Great work.


  20. :-) Those ARE nice socks!


  21. Very poignant. I'm glad you're sharing the old photos.

  22. I think he may be just a tired shopper (tourist) since he is carrying a Duty-Free bag. His feet probably hurt. I'm just guessing. Love the picture.

  23. hi pat,

    such an interesting street photo!
    thanks so much for sharing it.
    wishing you a great weekend.

    p.s. i'm back and fully healed. yaay!

  24. 彡♡` Olá, amiga!

    Descansando la siesta?

    Bom fim de semana!
    Brasil ♡彡.

  25. I agree. Nice socks. Glad you reshared. It's a great street photo.

  26. Well worth re-posting Pat, your shots show life as it actually is.

    Nice one here my Friend

  27. Costas - thanks Costas! I think I overdid the posting when my blog was new.

    Leia - My pleasure! thanks Leia!

    Alex - He did! Even the homeless are different in Japan.

    Carmi - I have no idea what they are doing. I'm pretty sure the guy was homeless, but very clean and neat.

    baygirl - More socks?

    Budd - It was in Japan! I really wish I was there right now!

    becca - thanks becca!

    mshatch - They were pretty nice! Better than what I wear.

    TexWisGirl - Yep! They are everywhere.

    Sylvia - The homeless in Japan are very neat and clean. The worst place I've seen is San Francisco.

  28. Sharon - Thanks Sharon!

    Liz - Probably more socks in the bag.

    Ricky - Thanks!

    Kato - Indeed they are!

    Amanda - Ah, the simple pleasures!

    Brian - HA!

    Ms. A - I'm like him, if I'm sleepy, I can sleep anywhere.

    Icy BC - Thanks so much! It was very busy around there also.

    Betsy - Thanks Betsy! I agree about the B&W.

    #1Nana - I don't want to do too many, but I think I over posted when my blog was new.

  29. Shelly - I wish I knew they back story as well. I don't even know the front story!

    Tim - Thanks Tim! That was very nice of you. I don't know what happened to them, but I think I know what at least some of the are. I feel like my blog is a mess right now. I hate the template, I have so much written stuff backed up. geez!

    Nat - Thanks so much Nat! Yes, it's in Japan. I'm not sure if it's in Tokyo or Kyoto.

    Anthony - Thanks Anthony! I'm not exactly sure when it was posted either.

    Pearl - I wish I had a pair!

    M Pax - Thanks Mary, I wish I hadn't posted them so early.

    Belle - Thanks Belle! I'm pretty sure he was homeless.

    Betty - Hey there! Glad to heir that you are jack to normal!

    Magia - Ola! Just taking a nap.

    Laura - Thanks so much! I made so many posts early on with few or no followers. I think I posted a lot of my best stuff much too early.

  30. Jimmy - Hey there! Thanks for the nice words. I really like taking and looking at candid street shots.

  31. You have the eye to catch the coolest pics, Pat.

  32. Your label says Japan. But, I saw a lot of scenes like this one during my visit to San Diego and San Francisco. Heck, even ran into a few in St. Louis.

    But, I agree it is worth posting them again.

  33. Do post again! I'm thinking of reposting some old stuff to celebrate my 5th year of blogging. (Nobody read it then but our kids. Maybe not even them!)

  34. This makes me sad.

    Actually, it made me cry.

    So many people unhappy and miserable right in the midst of humanity.

    Really a poignant picture Mr. Patrick Tillett!

  35. Great socks! Maybe he got them Duty free??!!

  36. But where are his shoes....maybe hidden so no one swipes them while he snoozes. Sorry about your losing photos. I lost 12,000 last week. Don't ask me how I did it, but I did. Guess it is old age. Clicking the wrong button at the right time!!!!! Thank goodness I have lots of backups on DVD's. genie

  37. Thank you for reposting.

    I love B/W.


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