Monday, September 10, 2012

Street Candids 1 - San Luis Obispo

Not everybody wants their photo taken, especially if they don't know the person with the camera.  If I'm in a public place, everybody I see is fair game. Some don't care, some actually get mad.  I love random candid photos and if something, or somebody looks interesting, I'm taking the photo.

She was obviously not liking it at all.

While not as unhappy as the lady in previous photo, she didn't seem to like it either.

This guy had a great profile and never knew I was there.



  1. I love candids. Have never taken them though - do you try and sneak the pic or just do it?

  2. i hate having my picture taken not sure why just do

  3. I think candid shots are truly the window into the soul, and yo've got some great ones here. The first lady's look made me smile- that would probably be the look I'd have~

  4. Maybe the first lady had just sucked a bunch of lemons?
    Nice shots, Pat!

  5. Interesting portraits Patrick.
    I always ask permission though to photograph unknown subjects.

  6. I always feel like a creeper so I rarely take photos of people, but there's been many times I've wanted to. Many someday it won't bother me so and I'll do it. There are lots of great people photos just waiting to happen! I love these!

  7. I always feel like such a creeper so I rarely take people photos. One of these days, maybe it won't bother me so and I'll take more. There are definitely lots of great people photos waiting to be taken, and I love these!

  8. Love the candid photos! Interesting to see how people react to the camera.

  9. Enjoyed this blog. I also love to people watch. Fair game is so true. Really like the first photo. Lynne

  10. I love your photos. I always have. The way you capture people is amazing.

  11. oh, that first woman was a catholic nun in a previous life! :)

  12. I love candid shots too! The first two ladies were ready to take you on :-)

    I like the last one! No meanness and just fantastic!

  13. I hope my comment went through!

  14. I, too, love to people watch -- particularly around where I live!! Most of them would make the record books!!! The "puckered up" old lady in the first shot is a hoot! By the way, I can say "puckered up old lady" because while I may not be puckered up, I am an OLD lady!! Have a great week, Pat!! And take more of these shots!! These are terrific!

  15. Hmmmmmm, I wonder who was snapping you pic?

  16. I love people watching, and love taking pictures of them. That first photo had me cracking up!!

  17. Interesting faces. I especially like the last one.

  18. The lady with the hat has a scowl on her face, but her curled thumb says it all for me. She's really ticked!

  19. I love street photography but truth be told, I'm timid about practicing it.
    I'm in love with that first shot. The second lady looks a bit like Glenn Close. the last shot is my fave. I think you've mastered the art. happy week to you Pat.

  20. Around Dallas I'd have to be packin' to get good candid least close up. Probably have to use my 300mm telephoto and stay well out of harms way. To many whackos about! Nice shots Pat!

  21. I am getting braver with this...sometimes I feel so bad doing it though!

    Great shots...the candid kind are the best kind.

  22. This is something I haven't been brave enough to do. Maybe if they were unaware I was taking the shot, but not just taking one of them facing me. I KNOW how I would feel... I HATE having my photo taken!

  23. Candid shots are always the best pictures, I try to take pictures of the kids while they are not paying attention to me, I like the quality of the candid opposed to the staged shots.

    Again nice shots Pat

  24. Very nice, wonderful portraits in B & W.

  25. I have been told by the lawyers and cops in my family that in a public place no one has the right to expect privacy so they have no recourse if someone takes and uses their photo. Therefore I just snap away.

    I do have my own personal code though and I am much more selective if it is children I am photographing with the intend to publish. I try not to Identify the child or anything about the place without the permission of the parents.

    When taking a photo with the intention of adding it to one of the parades on my sidebar I almost always ask permission of the person involved unless I am to far away or it is a drive by shot.

    Pat, I enjoyed your candids. Some great faces in the group.

  26. I would be one of the "go away" people, but of course I love looking at everyone else!

  27. I'm really uncomfortable with asking people if I can take their photo, I'm not sure why. That's probably why I don't photograph people!

    I need to get over this, your shots are great!

  28. He does have a great, photogenic profile. That one's my favorite, and the others are entertaining. It's all good as always, Pat.


  29. Ah, glad they didn't ask for model release agreement.
    The everyday pictures have more stories to tell than those fancy, posed ones. Well taken and the black and white adds an element of mystery to each one. :)

  30. Hi Pat
    I hate having my photo taken, I never like what I see. Oh well, get over it right? Thanks for stopping by, it has been awhile. I'm back but it's taking me awhile to get readjusted.

  31. He does have a wonderful profile, sort of C. Aubrey Smith if I may so date myself (he was dead before I was born but I saw his films)!

    The old lady is a scream. Her demeanor reminds me of that cartoon figure (Edna?), the one with the dark glasses who bitches about everything.

    The lady with the hair is very...curly, very 80s.

  32. I love black and white photography and that last one is particularly great.

  33. These are good. I used to try to edit people out of pictures (like at Fairs and stuff) but lately I've realized that takes a lot of interest away. But my people shots aren't ever as good as yours. I recently read that if you're in a public place, you have no expectation of privacy from cameras, so people shouldn't get mad. I guess.

  34. I too like capturing folks in public but do so when they aren't looking. Souls captured forever! That first lady is too funny!

  35. Haha - I love that first one - What a great face!

    Great work Patty.


  36. These are GREAT! I wish I wasn't worried about someone taking after me and my camera when I do this. I always try to hide from view and sneak a shot. Yours are great...very daring;)

  37. I confess I'm always worried about people reaction while I'm taking some pictures around. I usually prefer to avoid taking pictures of people, but sometimes it's hard to take a good picture of sightseeing, for instance, because there are lots of people around...
    Your pictures are great! I like a lot! :)

  38. Great photos! I'm always afraid to do that.

  39. You have some wonderful photos, Pat. I love the lady in the sunglasses.

  40. That first image is too great! I love your versatility!

  41. Love the last photo. I have always been a fan of photographs of people that are not staged,when they dont know they are having thier picture taken.
    And that guy does have a great profile

  42. Street photography is an art and I'm not very good at it. I'm always afraid someone will smack me in the face. Glad you weren't chased -- I like all of your captures.

  43. I love that kind of people´s photos but I don´t practice it much because I feel embarrased if they go mad. Greetings.

  44. I am not into photographing people, but I am learning to see the beauty of it. I joined a street photography group so I could hone my skills.

    You captured the lady's expression in the first shot!

  45. The top one made me laugh.

    And I think that bottom guy might have been my boyfriend in high school! ha!

  46. As part of a photography course, we were sent out to ask people if we could take their picture. I was very awkward about it. Everyone I asked said 'no!' - though completely random children ran up and asked if they could be in the picture! I'm doubtful about taking pictures without permission. I try to wait till the streets are empty. At the same time, I really like to see photos of people. Contradictory.

  47. ¸.•°`♥✿彡✿♥`°•.¸
     ┊  ┊  ✿
     ┊  ✿
    Essas fotos são engraçadas.
    Bom fim de semana!!!

  48. That first lady looks like a turtle!
    I remember trying to take a picture of a boy on a sightseeing boat in Cairo. Only instead of being upset about having his picture taken, I think he just wanted to get paid. I waited until he turned and then snapped a picture of his back.
    I felt badly about it. But, then again, since that was in 1979 and who knows if he was involved in the goings-on in Egypt this week, I don't think I feel so badly anymore.

  49. Great shots--I am usually not that brave, except in foreign countries!

  50. Very funny the first, excellent portrait.

  51. i love, love, love these street photos, pat!
    great job on them!

    your photos are always worth the look!!!:)

  52. I've always wanted to take pics of people I see, strangers, but I was always felt people would get pissed. I applaud your bravery! And yes, the guy reading definitely had a great profile.

  53. I think it's awesome that you have the guts to just stop and take a shot of someone. It certainly makes for great photos! That was a nice threesome... if we can call them that.


  54. Baygirl - Thanks! I usually just do it, but I've also done them on the sly.

    becca - I don't like having mine taken either. I do know why though! In my opinion, I'm not very photogenic.

    Shelly - I agree, when people pose you get what they want you to see. That lady looked she had just bit into a very sour lemon.

    Alex - I think she had Alex! Thanks!

    Costas - I never ask them, because if I do, the photo won't be candid anymore. I always ask the intended subject is a child though. I usually just avoid taking photos of them.

    Ree - It doesn't usually bother me at all, but it used to. Thanks!

    Talli - Thanks Talli! You never know what you're going to get. I'd rather they not like than for them to smile.

    Lynne - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

    Clarissa - Thanks so much Clarissa I appreciate that. It's odd how my blog is almost totally about photos now. I still write posts also, but I never seem to get them posted.

    TexWisGirl - She sure looks like a nun. Strangely enough, about 50 feet behind her is one of the nicest of the original California Catholic Missions (built in 1772).

  55. Icy BC - They sure were! From an aesthetic point of view, I also like the last one the best. Classic profile...

    Sylvia - The one and only reason I like airports is to people watch. To me though, Las Vegas is the best place to see people. Stand in one spot for 30 minutes and you'll see some of everything. Thanks Sylvia!

    Brian - Hmmm! Now that is the question. I'm pretty unremarkable looking these days, so I'm thinking that nobody is taking candid shots of me.

    Amanda - Me too! I was smiling from the second I saw the first lady and I'm sure she saw my smile and it made her even more unhappy with me.

    Belle - Thanks Belle! For some reason, they usually look better in black and white.

    Rosemary - Yes she was! She may have even muttered something to me after that.

    Ms. Becky - I'm surprised that you are timid about it. I hope you get over that, because you have a great eye and would probably get some keepers. Wow! I thought the second lady looked familiar, but couldn't figure out who she looked like Glenn Close! Thanks for the nice words Becky, you have a good week also.

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck! I use a general purpose lens that is 18-270mm. So, I can get most of the ones I want. The wackier they look, the more likely I am to take their photo. My wife says I'm the one people have to worry about. Maybe so back in the day, but I'm a mellow fellow these days.

    Kato - Nah! Don't feel bad about it. You are memorializing the person. Thanks!

    Ms. A - It's really best if they are unaware and un-posed, but sometimes the look on their face when they catch you is even better.

  56. Jimmy - I totally agree with Jimmy. I really don't like taking posed individual or family portraits at all. I've done it, but don't like it. Thanks Jimmy! I appreciate it.

    Leovi - Thank you Leovi!

    Rita - I usually don't even ask about kids in public, I just don't take photos of them at all. Unless it's an accident. I rarely ever ask the subject if I can take their photo, because after that, it isn't candid. Thanks Rita!

    Mama Zen - Thanks so much! I like it also.

    tapirgal - Sometimes the "go away" look, is the best candid shot!

    Wayne - Thanks Wayne! I don't know why I'm not, but I probably should be a little more uncomfortable doing it. Maybe I should work for TMZ.

    Robyn - He sure does! He is my favorite as well. Thanks for the nice words my friend.

    Rek - I wouldn't have given them one even if they asked! I totally agree with about the candid photos telling more of a story than the posed photos.

    N.R. Williams - Hey there! I'm with you about having my photo taken. My pleasure stopping by and I'll try to do it more often. Nice seeing you here as well.

    California Girl - I had no idea who C. Aubrey Smith is (or was). I just googled him and you are very right! It does look like him! I hadn't thought about Edna for the first photo, but I think you are right.

  57. Lynda R Young - Thanks Lynda! B&W is also my favorite.

    Sallie - Thanks! Usually, the best place to take candid photos is at street fairs, farmers markets and other public events.
    I've found that some people are always mad and just walk around trying to find a reason to justify it. I don't care if they get mad at me.

    missing moments - I like that also. When they don't know you're taking their photo they are completely natural.

    Anthony - She did have a great face. Thanks so much!

    Dawn - Thanks Dawn! I guess I don't worry about what people will do if they don't like it, because I think they'd think twice about coming after me. My wife says I have "that look" in person, that keeps people civil.

    Leia - I know what you mean about having people sightseeing in photos. Sometimes it adds something to the photo, and sometimes it doesn't. I prefer to do my sightseeing during the off season, so there is a better chance to have wide open shots. Thanks for the nice words.

    kmckendry - Thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment.

    Alex - This is after the fact, so now I've been there. Thanks Alex!

    Patricia - Thanks so much Patricia! That lady was a classic.

    Stickup Artist - Thanks so much! I'm okay at a lot of things and an expert at none!

  58. Mynx - thanks Mynx! I agree with you about the people not being aware of what is going on.

    Laura - I think you are short selling yourself. You are REALLY good. Thanks Laura!

    Japy - Hi Japy! It is never fun when people get mad, but it doesn't happen very often.

    Ebie - I'm also not into photographing people. Unless they don't know that I'm doing it. She did have a great face, didn't she?

    Jenny - It cracked me up also. The guy was asking about you, so maybe he was!

    Lucy - I understand what you mean. It took me a while to stop feeling reluctant and shy about doing it. Now, I just do it. I took photography courses twice in school and hated both classes. The teachers were more worried about the rules than they were about how good the photo was. For a class project, I took a photo of a guy surfing early in the morning. The sun was almost directly behind him and he was in total silhouette while riding the wave. The teacher gave me a failing grade on that project because I "took a photo looking into the sun!" EVERYBODY loved the photo but him.

    Magia - Thanks so much Magia!

    Al - HA! She does look like a turtle! In places like that, a lot of people are going to want to be paid.

    sage - Thanks! Oh yeah, you've got a lot of street photos from your travels. I need to get back to reading about those travels.

    Betty M - Thanks so much my friend! I appreciate it.

    mshatch - When I first started taking photos of people in public, I'd just act like I was taking a photo of something behind them and keep them closer to the edge of the photo. Then crop the photo to put them in the middle. Now I just focus right on them!

    Nevine - I'm not sure it's guts, it might be very little common sense. Thanks Nevine! (we can call them that!)

  59. Very cool! I love street photography.

  60. I love people watching! I'm often to worried about the reaction that I don't take photos. I love the look on the face in that first shot!!! Priceless.

  61. I like photographs taken into the sun too. I also think there are occasions when it turns a person into such an abstract silhouette the issue of their anonymity / permission vanishes which means it can be quite a good technique to use with humans - especially if they are scantily dressed but too far away to be asked.

  62. i love your 'fair game' attitude! little do they know that their stinky attitude makes the best candid shots! LOVE it!

  63. You have a great way with your camera when it comes to portraits of street people. You are great at it. That first old gal cracks me up. Quite the face on her.genie

  64. You are very brave, Pat, and I admire that! ;)

  65. Its simply great and amazing collection.


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