Monday, October 1, 2012

Street Candids 4 - Japan

Most of you already know that I really like taking candid photos of folks on the street.  Several people have asked in their comments how I feel about others doing the same to me. I'm a fairly unremarkable looking guy and people normally wouldn't think to take my photo.  Unless...

They saw a large white guy standing on a wall, taking their photo. 

Shootout at the OK corral... This one is pretty washed out, but I had to shoot from the hip to photograph him photographing me.



  1. love these candid were people and not aware and you catch them just being their self

  2. Ha! Turnabout's fair play in this, I guess- gave them something to talk about, didn't it?

  3. haha..the second one is quite entertaining.

    It's fun to do candid shots, as I hate posing photos!

  4. These are great photos.
    Hope you smiled and waved after having your photo taken

  5. Only fair they take your photo in return!

  6. A real life shoot out at the camera coral. Cool.

  7. Great shots, as always. Their reaction to you is priceless.

  8. Oh, yes, I'm with Sharon, great real life shoot out at the camera corral indeed!! I love it! Fun captures for the day, Pat!!

  9. LOL you are so creative in your posts!
    I would love to take a picture of you, and the title post would be "behind the scenes", you and your camera in action! :)
    Great pictures, the first one is amazing indeed!

  10. Nice "catches" I like the b&w photo from Japan.

  11. Yes, that is a great double shot!

  12. Just catching up on your candid photo posts, Pat... some great ones :-) I like the photographers trying to capture you and themselves becoming photographed. Wonder if they have the reverse photo of you on their blogs somewhere....

  13. Hahaha! Hilarious!!! How did you get the photo?

  14. Fabulous, when I was in Japan 20 yrs back it was like being a pop star as everyone looked at you and smiled etc.

  15. Love the pics! My mum is in Japan right now too!

  16. cool that they didn't seem to mind and were just as happy to get your pic, too :)

  17. The only way my photo gets taken is if I don't know about it. I hate being photographed!

    These are great!

  18. You know what they say, Pat...What goes around, comes around. :)

  19. That first picture is awesome, Pat. So much going on and perfect in black and white. Your candid shots very good...give us more!

  20. It appears they are not used to seeing a large white guy with a camera Ha Ha

    Nice shots Pat

  21. haha, I love the idea of a shoot-out

  22. It's an endless loop..... Taking a picture of him taking a picture of me ..

    That Japan street scene is quite amazing (and think of all the people in that Citiy who have you in a photo file on their computer ;>)

  23. I don't mind people taking photos of me, because I do the same to them (when unnoticeable).

    As every photographer do to get the best angle!

  24. hi pat, love candid photography
    love your photos!

    have a great day!

  25. A bit of "tit for tat" here.
    I do feel reluctant to take pictures of people. Sometime I try to make sure they are not identifiable or ask. There are times though when the shot is just too good to pass up.

  26. Lol. That is hilarious. I don't think I would care if someone was taking my picture. But they'd only get a true candid shot if I didn't know about it, otherwise it would be a fake candid shot with all of the prepping I would do. :)

  27. HA HA ---I'm just the opposite... I love to ZAP people OUT of my photos when we are traveling and I am taking scenic pictures... Love that program that ZAPS things out!!!!!!

  28. I like candid photos but I normally feel quite embarrased to take them because of people notice I photograph them. Greetings.

  29. my buddy Reg and i will frequently each take a picture of the other one, while they're distracted by taking a picture. on rare occasions, it turns into a shoot, as seen here, where we're aiming at each other. i kinda want to go around town sometime, now, and just take a picture of each person i see taking a picture. ^_^

  30. Fun photos. I definitely felt like I stood out when I visited South Korea.

  31. That first shot in particular is fantastic!! Love B&W

  32. Hi there and thanks (once again) for the multiple comments.

    Japan seems to have a habit of turning things back on to you - I only spent a couple of weeks there, but almost every time I too more than 10 seconds to take a picture, people would take pictures of me as well!

    The map image really made me stop and think - the ghosts of a war that ended in 1918 are still present in those villages, even if the physical people have long gone. The two world wars shaped my parents, and hence me. I wonder when the ripples will stop?

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  33. I hope he didn't steal your soul, when he snapped that pic. You feel OK?

    Great series Pat!


  34. lol I love the photography shootout. Fabulous photos.

  35. love these shots Pat, the black and white is refleshing to see do have a lot of shots!! and have been to a lot of places ...I probably met you in your VW in the 60's on Long Beach!

  36. Too funny, Pat. You really stopped street traffic in that first one.

    PS Thanks for the love and support.

  37. Só você mesmo!!!

    Bom domingo!
    Boa semana!

    °º✿Beijinhos do Brasil.
    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

  38. LOL! These are great! Love that second one!

  39. becca - I agree! It sucks when I'm just about to snap a shot of someone and they notice me. It changes everything...

    Shelly - It sure did! I felt like a gunslinger in the second one.

    Icy BC - Yep, pretty funny for sure. My family always wants me to take photos at family events and I always refuse because I also hate taking posed photos.

    Mynx - Thanks Mynx! I did! After the second photo, the me and the other guy bowed to each other!

    M.D. - I'm not as fast as I used to be, but I still got the drop on him!

    Alex - I guess it's fair! I'd rather they not even know I was there. Kind of hit and run...

    Sharon - It sure was! I think I had better range though...

    Budd - Thanks Budd! At one point there was probably 5 to 10 people with their cameras pointed at me.

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! I think we are going to be at that same street fair next week, I hope to get some more good shots.

    Costas - Thanks so much Costas!

  40. Leia - Thanks so much! I don't think I would be a very interesting subject! thanks again Leia!

    TexWisGirl - Thanks!

    sage - Thanks! I have plenty more from Japan to post soon.

    Brian - Thanks Brian!

    Nat - Thanks Nat! I'd really be interested in seeing one of those photos of me.

    Kato - I climbed up and was standing on a wall. Crazy, huh?

    Chrissy - thanks so much! Most of them love Americans and I had the same feeling every time I've been there. Some of the old men, don't seem to share that feeling though...

    Clarissa - Thanks Clarissa! I wish I was there also. I hope she has a good time.

    PTM - I don't want to go to jail, so I guess I'll have to draw the line there...

    mshatch - So many Japanese have cameras with them all the time. They look like tourists in their own neighborhoods. There is SO MUCH to photograph there.

  41. Dueling cameras.

    Love it.

    And the stance.

    Oh, ya gotta have that stanc to take a picture back!


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