Monday, January 14, 2013

End of the World Again?

Last month
There was another "rapture" scheduled
(as our Jehovah Witness friends would say)
Or end of the world scenario
(as the Mayans never said)
Didn't it totally fizzle out?
Just like all the others
I'm not expecting another one
Anytime soon
I don't believe in the rapture
I did however, have a rupture once
It was very painful
But I didn't ascend to anywhere
Except to the hospital



  1. We can't take but so many rapture alerts but the rupture experience sounds even worse. May they be no more of them for you.

  2. Hi Pat. I haven't visited for a while and was thinking I should check out what you were up to. Lo and behold, your latest post was at the top of my reading list when I opened my dashboard.

    There will always be idiots who believe in rumours of the impending Apocalypse. I slept through the latest one.

  3. When the end draws near, it will be a surprise to everyone.

  4. Ah, that hurts just reading about it! Nope, no rapture for me and fortunately no ruptures either, but I have enough old age aches and pains to make up for both. Always good to see your online, Pat! Have a great week!

  5. No, it's not just you! Let's hope there are no more Raptures or ruptures any time soon! Thanks for visiting my blog also!

  6. I think I would definitely rather have a rapture than a rupture. Thank goodness we still have plenty of time to avoid them both. :)

  7. Hahaha! You're crazy... in a good way!

  8. Hi Pat! Good to see you back online :-)
    Raptures and ruptures... never good news in either case! Hope you are well?

  9. I so enjoy your words of wisdom. ;-)

  10. Pat, I think you have captured the essence of rapture and rupture quite well. Glad you're back to your verses!

  11. Is it supposed to end again this month??? Darn...I thought we'd made it through all that by now!!!

  12. We humans are a strange lot. Not only are we aware of our personal death, but so many among us seem to never tire predicting an end to the entire species! Your response is appropriate — humor! Always the best antidote.

  13. I think I lived through my first Doomsday at about age 5. I was frightened until my mom explained that there have been many such uneventful days. This year I was comforting HER with her own logic. It's good to be reminded in poetry.

  14. Dear Pat. I just left a comment - which vanished with a note to say the service is unavailable. Rather than risk you getting the same things twice, I'll miss out the witticisms and just let you know that I've gone back to blogging at Message in a Milk Bottle

    instead of M2!

  15. LMBO! It took Balls to write that!


  16. I bet your rupture contained more drama than the Rapture.
    Hope your well over it!


  17. oh, that made me smile! thank you:)

  18. My Mum always said I should live every day as if it were my last. Rapture will be welcome whenever it gets here, but I'm not holding my breath. Have a great weekend.

  19. What there was another one? I guess I slept through this one too. I don't believe in the Rapture and I hope I never experience a rupture. But that's just me.

  20. They keep predicting the end of the world. Disappointment after disappointment.

  21. Hey Pat! The rupture sounds horrible...much worse than an imaginary rapture. Hope all is well in your world.


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