Monday, January 28, 2013

I Have No Idea, But it Sure is Small...

While driving down the road through the Southern Arizona desert, we spotted this chapel or church looking building in the middle of a big field, in the middle of nowhere in the  middle of the desert. Of course we had to check it out.

Because of the crops in the last photo, the location of this building is a little misleading. This is truly a desert with some nice irrigation courtesy of the Colorado River.

My wife is standing in the door. Yep, it's pretty darn small.

Maybe a wedding chapel for those with very few friends or family members? 

WAIT! What is that in the background? It looks like the towers of a suspension bridge! What is a suspension bridge doing out here in the middle of nowhere?  All I know is that  that bridge is not on any of the maps I've been looking at.  It's pretty obvious where our next stop is...



  1. Well, I hope you aren't going to keep us waiting too long to spill the secrets of the bridge Pat. Boy do you have a nose for the odd and bizarre.

  2. Fascinating. I love this about the desert southwest—all the strange sites you find.

    YOu're posting awfully early in the morning.....and I thought I was an early riser.

  3. Now that's intriguing- we must here more of what you all found beyond the tiny church in the desert, too!

  4. i just love this tiny little church!

  5. reminds me a little of the church in Kill Bill.

  6. Isn't the desert awesome? Always full of wonderful surprises! And your photographs are also awesome!!

  7. Never know what you'll find in the middle of the desert, huh??? Great captures as always, Pat!!

  8. It was unlocked? Wonder if the porta potty goes with it? Very interesting.

  9. That really is a cute little church!

  10. They have little chapels like this one all over in Greece!!! It's like a family chapel...strictly for the family I guess!!!

  11. I love that!
    Weird that it was open?

    Love your sense of curiosity too.
    Most would have driven on.

  12. What a sweet little chapel. It is such fun to drive around and explore. Maybe it was built to be a place to just stop and pray.

  13. that looks like the church they used in the movie great Balls of fire starring Denis quaid

  14. Way cool...I would have had to seek this out too. If nothing else, it might end up as an InSPIREd Sunday post. :-) Thanks for sharing this little cutie.

  15. Who uses that church?? Is it for anyone who drives by and wants an impromptu service? Drive by wedding? Sudden death while traveling? WTH is it??? Cool for sure.

    Oh about the Brooklyn Bridge, I could let that go pretty cheap ya know. Let me know if you are interested after you check it out.

    You sir, find the weirdest stuff in the desert.

  16. How cute! I'd love to know the story behind it.

  17. Aliens built that church just to confuse you.

  18. Beautiful photos of this little church lost in the desert. A suspension bridge?

  19. You find the coolest treasures in the desert, Pat.
    Imagine this tiny Church filled to capacity in the summer heat!

    Enlarged your pic and that bridge looks awesome!!

  20. You have a great way of keeping us coming back for more, Pat. That tiny church has really large, uncomfortable looking seats/pews. It's kind of cute and symbolic, though. I can't wait to see the next batch of photos.


  21. The chapel is sure tiny, but looks like it's in good shape. I wonder if people ever gather there..

  22. It's very well cared for, what a great find!! There's some cool windows too!

  23. That is the smallest chapel/church I have EVER seen... Crazy--being out there in the desert... If you find out more, please tell us.

    Hope you are having a good week.


  24. What?! Cliffhanger!?!? Now I want to know about the bridge. What's it doing there?

    I love the little church. It's like a kids deluxe doll house accessory.

  25. that is a tiny lovely chapel. love it.
    i also loved looking at your photos.

    simply beautiful!

  26. How in the world do you find these things?? That church is tiny!! Talk about claustrophobia...

  27. Ohhhhhhhhhh, you're talking about a chapel being small.
    I was afraid I was going to have to apologize to Mrs. Penwasser.
    Or keep the lights off.

  28. They'll have these in the middle of Minnesota sometimes, too. I find them both amusing and endearing.


  29. The things you see and find!! So unique.

  30. Don't keep us in suspense! What is back there?

    What a need find. Perhaps it services that town of five people.

  31. it is CLEARLY a midget's chapel. duh. that's where they have weddings and funerals.... and that's where the parents drop their kids off when they are acting up.... that's what I would do anyway.

  32. This is another wonderful post, Pat. It's such fun to see the amazing places and weird sights you come up with. Good photo essay :-)

  33. Middle Earth? No, cant be, the doors would be round.

    Thanks for the multiple comments.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  34. Now I'm curious about the bridge!The little chapel is beautiful!Great finder!

  35. I think the hot desert sun has fried your camera's brain...a suspension bridge in the middle of the desert? Love the little chapel. A reminder to pray, wherever one finds oneself. Have a good time.

  36. Cute little chapel and holy cow do we ever need you to tell us the rest of this story!! Love the way you travel!

  37. Yes, it is kind of small, there better not be any guest at that wedding... Maybe it's for the farm workers, they can worship and there is no need for them to get cleaned up and head into town when the lettuce is in need of harvesting.

  38. Would I love to meet the folks who built this place - get inside their heads a little and learn about what inspired them to build THIS, HERE. So neat.

    Looking forward to seeing the story of that bridge. I love your vibe.

  39. I'm clapping and giggling with delight! I love the third shot down showing the little chapel in that large expanse. And the little shrubs! How cute is that? I also love how the blue in the sky is reflected in the trim. Amazing find! Happy Trails!

  40. Pat, I am beginning to be like you, all over discovering some interesting stuff. You have more of an edge, being retired and RVing. Just like Sallie....

    I wonder what made them built that small church, very intriguing.

  41. That's a bit tantalisingly much!

    Thanks for all the nice comments you've left on my Message in a Milk Bottle blog, Pat.

  42. Dennis - Hey Dennis! I'll only keep you waiting until Monday. Even my wife is amazed that find all this stuff.

    The Geezers - Thanks! I totally agree with you. I actually didn't get up that early, I scheduled the post!

    Alex - It sure is Alex.

    Shelly - And you shall have it, but not until Monday.

    TexWisGirl - It was pretty cute, that's for sure!

    mshatch - That's so funny, because I thought the same thing...

    Ann - It sure is! Odd things and interesting people.

    Sylvia - Never a clue! On this trip, I found several weird things. Thanks Sylvia!

    Ms. A - It was unlocked. I think the porta potty was for the farm workers, but there any of them around.

  43. Hey Brian - It sure was! I'll be over soon to catch up.

    TheChieftess - I'm thinking it's for nobody in particular. But, I have no idea really.

    Anthony - Thanks Anthony! I guess this is why it takes us so long to get anywhere. I'm always pulling over or taking a side road because something looks interesting.

    Belle - Hey Belle! I'm thinking you hit it right on the head!

    becca - I hadn't thought of that!

    Sally - My pleasure Sally! I'm glad you liked it.

    Chuck - Nobody uses it that I could tell. I would, but it looks like the Golden Gate, me thinks...

    Karen - I'm going to find out and report back.

    PTM - Yes, it's actually a space-time machine waiting for prey.

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi! Monday Morning and the bridge will be posted...

  44. Pam - thanks so much Pam. Although, it seems like they also do a great job in finding me. Filled to capacity with with 4-6 people (depending on size).

    Robyn - It's the torturer in me. They were certainly uncomfortable looking. I think it's just a nice gesture for those passing by.

    Icy BC - It's in great shape and I think it's fairly new.

    Woody - It was really nice and a lot of work for something only as big as a playhouse.

    Betsy - Me too Betsy! I will dig and report!

    Tim - The answer to that question is forthcoming! Patience my friend, patience...

    Betty - It was pretty cute, but I bet it's hotter than heck in there during the hot season.

    Amanda - Luck, word of mouth and the good old internet, that's how...

    Al - HA! Too funny!

    Pearl - In Minnesota, I think they call them ice houses. Right?

  45. missing moments - Thanks! I do my best!

    M Pax - Only three more days Mary!

    Ashley - Clearly! Why didn't I think of that? I thought I saw your kids poking their heads up and then hiding...

    tapirgal - Thanks! I appreciate that!

    Stewart - I thought the field workers were a bit small and had large hairy feet.

    Cezar and Leia - Thanks so much Leia! Monday, it will be revealed...

    Rosemary - Not only my camera's brain, but my own as well! Thanks Rosemary!

    Sallie - Thanks Sally! We ran out of time there and I still have somethings on my list to see around there.

    Sage - Nope! Small families, or lonely couples only. I don't think it's for the farm workers, because there is only one planted field near it. Of course I'm saying that based on nothing, because I have no idea.

    Budd - It could be, but I think it was cabbage growing...

  46. Chrissy - Yet real at the same time!

    Carmi - Thanks Carmi! The back story is always the most interesting part! This kind of thing (just like my next several posts) can only be found in the desert it seems...

    Stickup Artist - Happy to be of service my friend! I just wish that nice blue sky had some clouds in it. Thanks!

    Ebie - I know you are, if a person were to examine our blogs side by side, they would see that we go to a lot of the same places!

    Lucy - Yes it is! My pleasure Lucy. You had many great photos posted.

  47. As I have great faith in you, I know we'll get to the bottom of this...

  48. So good to hear from you after all of this time. I have been out of order with a bum computer,but am trying to become active again. This is the cutest little chapel. It could almost be a child's backyard doll house it is so tiny. Hope the River does not flood that area. The blue paint really does stand out. Hope you have been well these past months. genie

  49. It looks like a children's play house. How interesting!

  50. so there was no sign or any information regarding this teeny chapel way out in the middle of nowhere? hmmmm. curious. I love your sense of and for the bizarre. I see from previous post you were in or near Yuma. Have you seen the movie 3:10 to Yuma? It's quite a good Western if you like that genre (I do). you sure do get around and I'm glad you do because otherwise I'd never see most of these places. happy week to you Pat. Take care now.

  51. This is half amazing me and half creeping me out!

  52. That's one very tiny church/chapel!!


  53. Pat,
    My favorite part of the World.Thank you!
    When I was young and recently I have crisscrossed the desert from Yuma to Sedona,dozens of times and hoped to pass my last days out there/but too many docs .
    Agree with your border photo comments
    so why are young Americans not defending it?
    Because the power hungry will not have it...but I want to get back out there with my dog and gun and defend it with able bodied men.
    Americans are distracted and divided.We need galvanization yesterday....because America is gone.


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