Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend Reflections - Skirmish Line

please enlarge for best viewing

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.



  1. With a line like that, I bet those birds would've beaten the Steelers as well...

  2. Hi Pat: I like this ALOT. Love the ducks.

  3. Great Shot you Ol' Coot! (Don't think that's what they are--we call em that here, but they usually have little white tails!

    I wish I could take some lessons from you and we could shoot together!

    Awesome Buddy... Bowling for Ducks!!!


  4. It reminds me of a line of nude bathers getting ready for a chilly Christmas Day plunge.


  5. Wow, a family reunion!!! Love the picture.

  6. looks like they are planning a bonfire... :P

  7. looks like they are planning a bonfire... :P

  8. Alex - They did look pretty determined!

    California Girl - thanks so much! I love them also!

    John - Ha! Bowling for ducks!

    Esther - Now there is an image, I didn't need this early in the morning! LOL...

    Ginny - thanks Ginny! I just got back from your place...

    becca - They are pretty cute!

    Brian - A very loud family reunion! Thanks!

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks! They are good subjects...

    Anon - I wonder if they were going to cook duck on it? Nah...

  9. Spectators at a water polo match?

  10. Oh, I love it!! What a terrific line-up for the day! And such great, colorful reflections! I do love those ducks! Wonder what they have on their minds, but they're looking for some trouble to get into! Fun, delightful post for the day, Patrick! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  11. I see sun colors reflected too!

  12. What kind of ducks are those?! I don't think I've ever seen an all black duck??? Maybe I've never paid attention! Great shot!

  13. Coots, right?
    Fulica americana, according to Sibleys. "duck like" - wonder if he means they taste like duck???

  14. Oh...I love ducks! The reflections on the water are beautiful when the photo is enlarged.

  15. Little ducks standing in a row...looking at stunning reflections in the water...very nice, Pat!

  16. Beautiful Patrick.
    Have a nice weekend:)
    Hugs from Berit.

  17. Nice how the reflection colors go from green to blue to give a nice background.

  18. A beautiful photo of, what I think are coots. We have a lot of coots overhere, mallards and more hungry waterbirds, like huge swans.
    Have a great weekend.

  19. Lol, funny and lots of reflections! This must have been some sort of convention! ;-)

  20. the colors in the water are so lovely
    I don't know what game they're playing but I think they have too many men on the field ;)

  21. Meri - That's funny! They were probably really only trying to get away from me!

    Sylvia - thanks Sylvia! There are so many of them around here this time of year. You have a good weekend also!

    Ebie - Lot's of colors! thanks!

    Marlene - They are "coots." Not really a duck at all. thanks Marlene!

    Brenda - Yup! that they are! I'm going to take a walk down to the lake today, so I'll ask them!

    Karen - Coots! Thanks! I agree about enlarging it.

    Carolyn - thanks Carolyn! I appreciate it!

    Berit - Thanks so much! you have a good one also!

    Woody - Thanks for commenting Woody! I like them also.

    Reader Wil - Yep! Coots they are! We have many birds also. Right now there are a lot of Canadian Geese here for the winter.

    cieldequimper - Maybe they were looking for a contact lens or something! Thanks!

    Dianne - Thanks so much! They have way too many men on the field!

  22. Great title for this! Tuck a little musket under their wing and then say "Bring it on!"

  23. Something makes me want to run towards this picture as fast as I can.....

  24. Duck party! We have a lot of those in Oregon. :)

  25. Clarissa - Yes there were/are! I'll be looking for them today also.

    Sally - thanks! LOL...

    Bossy Betty - It sounds like fun, right up until the time you hit the cold water!

    OWT - BYOB!

    M Pax - whoo whoo!! I think some of them are wintering by my house!

  26. There are 26 ducks heading to take a cool plunge, aren't they feel cold? Great shot and thanks for the visit too. Happy weekend!

    Weekend Reflection

  27. Nice line of duck touchy... :D I especially enjoy the way their grey and black stand out on the reflection of the sky... The contrast is very pleasing.

  28. You have an eye for the funny, Patrick! It reminds me on certain people who like to go before their turn:)

  29. Thanks for checking out my "Reflection". You sound like you like "everything"--which is good. There is so much to learn and explore in the world, it does get a little overwhelming sometimes. We all just "keep at it and do the best we can". Enjoy the weekend. Mickie

  30. Wasn't sure that they were ducks, thanks for clearing it up Pat, nice shot my Friend.

  31. Kim - Wow! I never thought to count them! good eye! Thanks! you have a good weekend also...

    'Tsuki - Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

    jeannette - thanks! I guess i do. But I don't crowd! LOL...

    forgetmenot - Thanks right back at you! I try to enjoy everything the best I can! You have a good weekend also...

    Jimmy - I'm not that good recognizing them, so I looked it up! Thanks Jimmy!

  32. Last one in the water lays a rotten egg.

  33. oh, those goose butts get very interesting when enlarged. great capture Pat. have a great weekend!

  34. For some reason when I looked at them the first thought that jumped into my head was "Ha! Tourists..."

    Great picture Pat.

  35. Ha ha! Sharon!

    We rarely see more than one or two of those birds out this way... weird to see so many together.

  36. Speaking of photos... where can I find the photos in you header to look at up close?

  37. Fabulous reflections in the water, contrasting with those warm tones of the reeds, and only the ducks so that the picture is very good.

  38. Wonder who pulled the long reed to be the line leader?
    Grat pic as always!!!

  39. Sharon - that's funny! Or "last one in is a rotten human!"

    Miss Becky - thanks so much! You have a great weekend also!

    Katsidhe - Why, thank you! I appreciate it.

    Tim - Actually, they are tourists! They (and a bunch of Canadian Geese) are apparently wintering here.

    Cotton - Yep! Pretty funny! We always have some here, but I guess the "big" winter caused more to migrate this year.

    Leovi - Thanks for the nice words Leovi!

  40. Anna - the little girl is at

    The train station is at

    the red rock photo is at

    Lynne - Thanks so much Lynne! I'm not sure which one drew the long reed, but I'm glad he led them my way!

  41. I think they are admiring the reflection before hunting for a meal! Great shot!

  42. Another great shot Pat...I wish my weather was that good right about now. I am posting my version of a weekend reflection today...

  43. Lew - I think you may be right! Thanks!

    Chuck - Thanks so much my friend! It was in the high 70s today! I'm on my way over now...

  44. you already know what i'd call this photo.... besides great! ;)

  45. I love the colors in the water. Have a great weekend, Pat.

  46. Very beautiful especially viewed in large format ... and wonderful blog !

  47. That's quite a line-up on the waterfront.

  48. A perfect line up ready to take off and you were there!

  49. Ahh -great title Pat.
    And so nice to see an unfrozen lake of water....(sigh)....

  50. As others said, these are coots. In California, we called them "mud hens." Cool photo, not only for the birds and reflection, but I like the weeds.

  51. Lovely! Are they egging each other to make the first jump? 'Go on!' - 'No you go on first!'

    Have a wonderful weekend! ;-)

  52. Gorgeous reflections, it's a funny reunion there! Beautiful critters!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  53. I wonder what ducks are looking at in a row? Maybe a world of fantasy under those shimmering reflections of nice colors? I do love this photo.

    Thanks, Pat, for your visit and comment. Tomorrow is also forecasted to be snowing but don’t know how it will in Tokyo.

  54. What an intriguing photo it is!! All of the birds face the river looking at something. Or waiting for somothing? But what?
    The reflection on the water has springlike atmosphere. Beautiful color・・・
    Thank you for sharing your great photo!

  55. I can't help it, Pat; what came to mind was the ditty:

    Six little ducks
    That I once knew
    Fat ones, skinny ones,
    Fair ones, too
    But the one little duck
    With the feather on his back
    He led the others
    With a quack, quack, quack
    Quack, quack, quack,
    Quack, quack, quack
    He led the others
    With a quack, quack, quack.

    Do you know it? Yeah, I know, there are more than six... :-D

    You could've played Camera Critters too.

  56. That really made me smile, what a great photo, I wonder what they're all doing there?

  57. Ashley - Thanks! I do?

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! You do the same.

    Wong - thanks so much! I appreciate it.

    GVK - It sure is! Although, I have no idea what they were doing.

    Margaret - Maybe they were just trying to get away from me.

    Dawn - Thanks Dawn! Sorry about your weather! It's in the mid 70s here.

    tapirgal - Yep! "Mud Hens" I totally forgot about that... Thanks!

    Talei - "egging!" that's funny!

    Leia - Thanks so much! Have a great day!

    Rajesh - Thanks so much!

    stardust - I have no idea what they are doing! The visit was my pleasure. thanks for commenting.

    snowwhite - It sure is! It is pretty much springlike here. Waiting for wildflowers to pop up at any minute!

    Francisca - That's so funny! I've never heard it before, but I'm sure it will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

    Craft Green Poet - thanks so much! I have no idea what they are doing!

  58. EG Wow - Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

  59. Coots! I like these guys, nice of the bunch!

  60. "Okay, which one of you jerks yelled Alligator?"

    Great shot Pat, I love the reflection.

  61. Pat, listen: :-D

  62. awarewriter - thanks so much!

    Johnny Nutcase - I like them also. They are very cool looking!

    SQ - That's funny! I wonder what they heck they were doing? Maybe staking out their spots for the boat parade? Thanks!

    Francisca - I'm on my way!

  63. What a fantastic capture, love it! Well done.

  64. Hi, just a quickie to let you know I have a blog award over at mine The enigmatic, masked blogger

  65. Why is this a nice, comforting photo. It guess because it represents a scene that I would enjoy looking at on a peaceful spring day.

    Really nice job.

  66. What a great photo. Fowl, water, reflection . . . who could ask for anything more?

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  67. Perfect name for it.. Great photo.

  68. JM - Thanks so much! I appreciate it...

    TBFKA - OH! Well, thank you very much! I'll be over...

    Jerry - It is a nice spring day here! (sorry). Thanks so much!
    LOVE your post today...

    D&R - thanks so much! Maybe a winning lotto ticket!

    Cheeseboy - Thanks my friend!

  69. Cool shot and a great title! I love the colors that the reflection adds to the water.

  70. James - Thanks so much! They were good subjects!

    heph - thanks! I appreciate it!

    Blue Wave - Well, I guess they were in a row...

    Kato - They sure were! There were many more also...

  71. Your photo reminds me how much I miss seeing this scene..

  72. Icy BC - thanks! Just a couple more months, right?

  73. ha - good title choice. The next time I see a bunch of birds gathered I'm going to think they're plotting.

  74. DF - Especially if they are walking towards you...

  75. Ha! Looks like they are all waiting for the ferry to cross! Great shot.

  76. Margaret - Maybe that's what it is!
    It's as good a guess as any...


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