Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Reflections - You Tell Me

Before you ask, yes I rescued him and put him in the sun to warm up.
I'm not sure what it was, but I know it wasn't a rat.

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.


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  2. Wow! That little guy looks vaguely familiar... Hm...? Yikes! Don't tell me he purrs, and then multiplied like crazy shortly after you posted this picture of him, because then I think I know EXACTLY what species this cute, itty purball-furball descended from: Click--> HERE)

  3. Aw - did you find out what he is? The reflections in the water are amazing.

  4. Nice of you to resuce him - whatever he is.

  5. Great save! I'm not sure what it is either.

  6. That is an awesome picture. Kudos to you for saving it. :)

  7. ooh weird! I'm going to have to ask my son what he thinks, Great photo though.

    You've been being discussed recently, I even got a an email from one of the new writers at Wit asking if I caught the poem you wrote not too long ago. I think I'll poke around and see if I can find it... that is, unless I get distracted by a line on your page that's jumping out at me right now... something about you and women's clothing. hmmm...

  8. a ball of fur with ears - rat, not a rat - what difference? BTW, I like the rat.

  9. Poor little thing... You had a good instinct by telling us you did actually rescued it after taking your shot ;)

    It looks a little bit like a chinchilla, don't you think ?

  10. Such a lovely to the creature...not sure how big it is...I will venture chinchilla, nutria. Where do you live? Peace and blessings

  11. aw he looks so cold thank you for rescueing him

  12. Looks like a field mouse to me. I like this picture a lot and I think black and white was the best choice.
    I'm also glad that you helped the little guy. :)

  13. Cool photo, although I don´t know either what it is. Greetings.

  14. That's a great shot. But seriously, what the heck is it?

  15. I would say nutria as I have never seen a chincilla...

    Lovely reflections in the ripples!


  16. Pat, I love your sense of humor (your description about your parents)! Even your post made me laugh and the comments too!

    Hehehe, looks like a rat..its got whiskers!

  17. He made for a great reflection shot!
    He's cute whatever he is. :)

  18. Whatever it is, you made two good things that day: a rescue and a good picture!

  19. Great photo Pat! And so good of you to save the little guy. He looks a bit like a chinchilla ... or a mouse. Whatever he is, wild or not, he's cute.

  20. Looks like a degu.... gerbil like creatures kept as pets. They are great escape artists too.

  21. No matter what he is ... that is one seriously gorgeous photo!

  22. I have no idea, but this picture is really cool!I like the sweet reflections on the water!
    A nice weekend,
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  23. I'm not sure what it is, but the reflections are cool. It's nice you rescued it, I think I would have done the same thing.

  24. All creatures deserve rescuing, even a...furry alien?

  25. can't tell how big this guy is .... I'm wondering if it's a nutria? (which actually is a kind of rat... but a cute one)

  26. Oh, I'm so glad you rescued it! But what is it????? Maybe Jerry is right! A furry alien! Certainly a different reflection for the day!! Different but terrific, Pat! Thanks for the smile!


  27. Bossy Betty gave me my first belly laugh of the day. great reflections, and I'm so glad you rescued the little guy. a hamster maybe? what is that he's floating on? I like this photo a whole lot Pat. have a great weekend.

  28. wow...its looks like abstract art in black and white....must be the wild variety of rodents. sweet of you to rescue him...

  29. I got it...he was a marmot trying to be the celebrity Punxsutawney Phil that David wrote about in his blog....

  30. He's a cute lil' critter. I like how he is surrounded by those wavy lines. Thanks for rescuing him, too. Have a great weekend!

  31. Okay, my best guess is chinchilla, but even if it was a field mouse, I'm glad you rescued it.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  32. Whoa, what a surreal photograph! Very cool! You've got some talent there, Pat.

  33. Not sure what the critter is, but the reflections are awesome!

  34. Awesome photo! He's cute whatever he is. Glad you rescued him.

  35. He's kind of cute and kind of ugly. You're so kind hearted, Pat.
    I love the lines in the water.

  36. Is that a chinchilla?!

    The water looks like certain burled woods...


  37. It's from Canada and is called "A HOSER- EYY!" aka: GroundBunnySquirrelRat.

    Great Photo...but I'm calling I think he would make an awesome Sandwich on that bread!


  38. Ooh, I'm so glad you rescued him, too. I have no idea what he is. He's breaking my heart, though... and I wouldn't care if he WAS a rat. Another awesome photo, as always, Pat.

  39. It's my guinea pig!!! i'm sure if it!!!

  40. He surely will be for ever grateful. Thank you. Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  41. Great shot Pat. Thanks for commenting on my blog and leaving the link. James told me about your blog last week. I visited and tried to leave a comment but blogger was being nasty to Wordpress bloggers again.

    I'd like to read through your entire series when I have the time. Thanks again for stopping by and keep up the great B&W photos.

  42. Depending on the size I was going to say nutria...but they are huge here in Texas!

  43. dear Pat.. you are one brave soul.. That little rat looking creture would have been out of luck if Lynnie had to resuce him..

  44. Looks like a baby woolly booger to me.

  45. Aww. The poor little thing. It looks like a little field mouse. So glad he got rescued.

  46. I feel sorry for the little guy. glad you rescued him. He was probably made dizzy by all those wavy lines in the water.

  47. yikes! I knew I should have started responding to these earlier!

    Cali Girl - Nope! If it had been, the ending would have been a bit difference. That swimming pool he is stuck in, is in my back yard which is on the ridge of a steep hill. Gophers are the enemy...

    SparkleFarkle - No way! If he purred, I'm sure my wife would already have him tames and in the house.

    Jayne - Nope! Never did. I was thinking maybe a "vole."

    Alex - Maybe I should have made him telling me, a condition of his rescue.

    Esther - LOL! That's it! It's a rug

    Brian - I thought for sure you'd know.

    Baby Sister - thanks on both counts! We live in a semi-rural area and I've pulled all manner of creatures out of that pool.

    Cotton - thanks! Please dig away! LOL, yeah the drawings Cake Betch did we're pretty darn good.

    Jhon - It really didn't matter what it was, I wasn't going to let it stay in there. Thanks!

  48. Oilfield Trash - thanks so much!

    Bossy Betty - Nah! In my family, we go to the grave with a full head of hair! Nothing in the head, but lots on top of it.

    'Tsuki - Thanks! Yeah, he was shivering like crazy! I did make him wait a few seconds. I was thinking chinchilla.

    jeff - No nutria out out here! I live in southern Orange County. Lot's of critters, but no nutria.

    becca - Thanks! It was my pleasure. the cold water was only one of his threats. The longer he stayed on that hose, the better chance he had of being plucked up by a hawk or owl.

    James - He was pretty big for field mouse, but maybe! thanks James!

    Japy - Hi there! thanks so much. nice seeing you here!

    Tim - thanks so much! I really still don't know.

    Genie - thanks! the only thing I can rule out is the nutria.

    Ebie - thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  49. Carletta - Yes he did! Thanks for stopping by!

    Malyss - Thanks so much! I really felt bad for the little guy.

    m. - Thanks! He just might be one or the other! And he was pretty cute!

    Random Thinker - It just might be a gerbil. I hadn't thought of that.

    Clytie - Thanks so much! I would have just plucked him out until I saw the water...He had to wait a few seconds...

    Cezar and Leia - Thanks! i was shocked when I saw it. You have a great weekend also.

    Woody - Thanks! I appreciate it.

    Jerry - I agree with that! especially me...

    Jo - Nope! No nutrias where I live. And yes, he was kind of cute.

    Sylvia - It's still a mystery! thanks so much Sylvia!

  50. Miss Becky - I've gotten a lot of laughs at her place also. The thing the little critter is on, is a pool hose (for the vacuum)

    Rek - Thanks Rek! We have all kinds here, that's for sure.

    Blue Wave - thanks so much!

    Rek - a marmot! that is so funny!

    Sally - thanks so much! you have a great weekend also.

    Kay - I'm amazed that nobody can clealy I.d. him. thanks for commenting!

    Sarah - thanks so much! I appreciate the nice words.

    Serendipty - I'm not sure either, but thanks!

    M Pax - thanks so much. Even if I didn't want to, my wife would have MADE me do it.

    Robyn - Nah! He's not ugly at all! thanks my friend!

    Pearl - It could be, I have no idea! thanks so much Pearl.

    John - It could be any one of those things! Hold the mayo!

  51. Pam - Thanks! he was so pathetic looking. Shivering and no way to get out of the water. thanks for the nice words!

    Jesse - Maybe it is! He might still be around here somewhere (if there is a finder's fee)

    daily athens - thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

    awarewriter - thanks for stopping by and thanks to James also. those stories are slated to be chapters at some point of a non-fiction. So they are a little rough. thanks again!

    baygirl - Now that's funny! Nope, no beaver tail...

    Chuck - Nope! I don't know what it is, but I know it's not a nutria.

    Lynne - Just call! Pat's pest control service to the rescue!

    Tess - that might be exactly what it is! By the way, just what exactly is a "baby wooly booger" anyway?

  52. Ginny - hey! Nice seeing you here!
    Yeah, he was a real cutie. I'll be over soon to catch up at your place.

    Oakland DP - I felt sorry for him also. thanks!

    Johnny - Nope! Non of them out here either!

  53. Definitely a cute little guy, that's for sure!!!

    I am glad you saved him :) xo

  54. Well I'm glad we ruled out Tribbles. He reminds me of a Bushy-tailed Woodrat but it's hard to say without seeing the tail...if he had a tail that is. Great reflection Pat.

  55. Kato - that he was! I just had to do it. But not until I'd taken a photo of that cool looking water first.

    SQ - Tribbles! I hadn't thought of that. He had a small short tail. He defies discription...

  56. even with a short tail still looks a bit mousey

    not sure on this one either other than what a great photo

  57. It looks like a drowned rat to me.

  58. Jimmy - I'm still not sure! thanks Jimmy!

    Martha - Maybe an almost drowned rat!

    RuneE - Thanks so much!

    Anthony - Thanks so much!

  59. You collected some good karma with this, Pat... rescuing whatever the critter is. Looks like we both had the surreal on the brain this weekend; that is an awesome shot, so fractal! With that shivering ball of fur so clear! And one more thing: that man SparkleFarkle links to once stuck his tongue down my throat... no sh*t! (Long story, and no I am not an ex-happy-hooker.) :-D

  60. Une jolie photo, un peu surréaliste. Et un petit animal sauvé :-)

  61. Poor animal ! Happy it was rescued !
    Great capture

  62. Great shot Patrick, and I'm happy to hear you rescued him:))
    Have a nice saturday:)

  63. I don't know that little guy-but I'm glad you helped him out, :) and you also got a neat picture out of the deal!

    Thanks for visiting one of my blogs recently.(I have 7)

    I discovered you poetry blog here today and enjoyed exploring and reading some of your poems. I also have a poetry blog.


  64. Wonderful capture!
    I love beautiful patterns on the water!
    I'm so relieved to hear the tiny creature was rescued.
    Have a nice weekend!

  65. Wow, I almost forget about weekend reflections!
    Mamma mia, a animal in need!
    It is now your pet? ha ha
    Wonderful image Patrick!
    I wish you a great weekend!
    My best regards!

  66. I like the 'All Creatures great and small" comment.
    I love the essays that can be written from this photo!

  67. Francisca - thanks so much! It was certainly a surreal scene. I probably should have just rescued him straight away, instead of running for my camera.

    Anne-Ma - Thank you! I felt so bad for the little guy...

    Sar@h - thank so much! I'm glad that he warmed up and was able to go back to wherever he came from.

    Berit - Thanks! You have a nice weekend also!

    Sharon - A muskrat! hadn't heard that one yet.

    JunieRose - Thanks! I don't know how you keep seven. I had 3 active blogs and it just about drove me crazy. Now everything is here. It still drives me crazy, but a little less so.

    snowwhite - thank! you have yourself a nice weekend as well.

    Wind - Mamma Mia! thanks for the nice words. You have a good weekend also.

    Brenda - thanks Breanda! I think you are right. I know it inspires me.

  68. Looks like a cross between Star Wars and Smurfs.

  69. Hi Pat, what a unique image! It it is nice to hear you saved him from his watery plight. He doesn't look to comfortable where he is, so tiny and lost. The reflections on the water are intriguing and most beautiful especially when enlarged.

  70. Great reflections in the water. I have been a nice picture of that mouse swimmer ....

  71. Whatever it is, it's cute and the water makes this a fabulous shot.

  72. Wow, you're a popular dude -I'm the 78th comment! reflections of the water are great. But I guess it's your instincts to save the little animal that made everyone comment:):)

  73. Meri - I never thought of star wars. maybe he's an Ewok.

    Stickup Artist - thanks! I should have put a note on it to enlarge, because you are right about that. Thanks!

    Leovi - Thanks so much! Even if he could swim, there was no way for him to get out.

    cieldquimper - I agree! Thanks for commenting...

    jeanette - Nah, I'm not popular, I pay a fee for these comments. LOL.. thanks!

    Laura - sigh... Thanks Laura!

  74. What a nice human you are to have rescued it. AH! But I see you took the photo first. :))

  75. Awww it's so cute!! Glad you saved it!

  76. Not sure what he is. I think his ears are too big to be a gopher...or at least they are larger than the ears of the gopher that my dog likes to bring in the house.

    Who cares, the ripples and patterns you captured on the water are stunning.

  77. I have no idea, either, especially with a short tail...

    Your photo is awesome, however; I would have made it, whatever it is, wait a little while before being rescued, also!

    Thanks for the visit, and I do say so! It was a shed deer antler on a coffee table at my brother-in-law's house.

  78. I didn't read all the 84 preceeding comments, so I don't know if someone suggested it might be a Tribble, as in the Trouble with Tribbles, but I'm sure that's what it is...

  79. Fantastic reflections. Nice to know you rescued that little guy. I have no idea what it is.

  80. EG Wow - Yes I did! I'm only nice to a point!

    the elder - thanks! I am too. He was not in good shape.

    Gwen - Thanks for stopping by Gwen. You are right! The photo is really about the effect on the water, not the critter! Thanks!

    Dimple - We have our priorities, right? thanks for clearing that up for me!

    Owen - Whew! I understand, it's a lot! There was one tribble comment! Maybe it's a "flat cat" from Heinlein's "stranger in a strange land."

    Eden - thanks so much Eden. Also thanks for stopping by.

  81. wonderful picture!
    I am so glad you could rescue him!!!!

  82. I think you're playing mind tricks with us! It's a rat!

  83. He's so cute! I'm glad you rescued him. That's a great photo, the ripples in the water have created fantastic patterns.

  84. milepebbles - Thanks so much! He was pretty happy about it...

    Rambling Round - Nah! He was to round to be a rat. Maybe, what the heck do I know...

  85. Glad you rescued it! Great shot of whatever it is!:)

  86. If you could take the little fellow up without problems, he must be tame. Great photo, indeed :)
    As for your comment, I too still feel funny with my hands free to this day, like I'm going to break something in shops full of glass and chinas :-D

  87. True photographer. Document, then rescue!

    Love reading your blog! I think your vehicle vanity tag chould be, "POLKANOT"

    I will definitely be back to visit this fun blog!

  88. Pat, you could do a take off on the poem, "An Ode to a Mouse on ... rescuing him from drowning."
    ps. My dog and my cat, and even my hair look totally alien when they are wet. We all look better dry and coiffed. :)

  89. Oh man! He looks sort of like a...or maybe a...well, whatever he is, he was terrified and freezing and close to drowning, and you saved him. It's kind of a miracle that the person with the heart to do that happened to be close when he needed it.

  90. Nature Rambles - Thanks much! We'll never know!

    anjoe - I think he was closer to death than to biting me. thanks! As to china shops, just keep your hands in your pockets, at all times.

    GDP - "POLKANOT" that's a good one!
    We'll keep a light on for you! Thanks for commenting

    Rosemary - I know what you mean about the hair. Mine looks that way every morning!

    Margaret - thanks so much Margaret! I'm really surprised that rabbits or squirrels haven't fallen into the pool.

  91. Wow! Fabulous and amazing capture!
    Love your shot! A perfect one!

    Have a happy week****

  92. Cildemer - thanks so much! I was lucky to see it...

  93. Oh my gosh Patrick! You can't leave us like that. Puhleeze do a follow-up post to let us know what it was and where you put it. Good grief! (I like most crawly critters, but probably would draw the line at rescuing a rat ;>)

  94. Did you just save Gizmo? You know you aren't supposed to get them wet or feed them after midnight....

    Wonderful photo. The way you captured the water so clearly is amazing.

  95. ...yes, you say you rescued it. But the real question is - did you trow it in to begin with for the "perfect" photo? Which it is an amazing capture!

  96. I love a man with a gentle heart! xoxox

  97. i'm glad you rescued this little guy (not entirely sure what he is) ...and he's adorable. and great photo!

  98. Sallie - I set him in the sun in my back yard. He say there shaking for about 20 minutes and then scurried away! I'm pretty sure it wasn't a rat.

    Erika - I might have! thanks so much! Nice to see you out and about! I appreciate it!

    Margaret - I didn't, but maybe I would have! Nah... Thanks!

    Marlene - thanks so much Marlene!

    Johnny - Thanks! He was pretty cute, in a rodent kind of way...

  99. You are a very nice man Pat;)
    I don't know if I would have done that....sorry.
    But yay for you for rescuing the unknown:))

  100. Such a great reflection.
    Your blog is the first which I visit with more then 100 comments, wow.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  101. Dawn - Thanks Dawn! I've been known to pull spiders and bees out of it.

    Carola - thanks so much! I appreciate it!

  102. I was going to ask what it was. O_O

    Good on ya for saving the little...whatever it is.~

    (This is Calen from Rabbit's Den BTW)

  103. Hi Calen - Thanks so much! Isn't it funny that even after all this I have no idea what it was?

  104. Oh can I have him! I just love cute fuzzy little lovey animals that need to be rescued *sigh*
    Ask my one-footed sparrow, But don't tell my kids!

  105. Entre Vous - If I could find him, he'd be yours! I'm pretty much a sucker for animals now also. thanks!

  106. Hmm. The ears are way too big for any gerbil species I know. I'm thinking chinchilla (although I have never seen a wet chinchilla and it would have to have escaped somewhere), how big was he? Mouse, chipmunk, squirrel or muskrat-sized?
    Was the tail furry or naked? Very long legs (like a kangaroo rat) or shorter, like a normal mouse? And do you remember the colour?
    Sorry about all those question, but I'm curious now and I love rodents :)

  107. Jedediah - Too funny! you know, it just hit me that I took another photo of him when he was out of the water! I'm going to dig it up and report back!

  108. It looks like a 'water loven something or other' to me, Pat
    Nice reflection shot!

  109. Cinthia - don't be scared (or repulsed)

    Pam - the water was very cold and there wasn't any way out, so he wasn't loving it at the moment! LOL...

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