Monday, February 21, 2011

Yesterday's News

Rose petals
Baby's breath
Fallen from the trash
Lead crystal vase
Worthless treasure 
Laying on top of
Yesterday's news

My love lies in the alley
Ground into the pavement
By a trashman's boot


I first posted this poem about 18 months ago when I had just a few followers. It received only two comments  (thanks Tim and Sarah)



  1. I was just telling a friend yesterday how just last summer I only had 4 followers (You, Rabbit, Jhon and Anthony) and how I missed my posse. Now we both have way more followers and the train keeps rolling..

    This poem is so sad.. I can see the broken vase, and feel the broken dream.

    Nicely done Pat!!!

  2. Sadly, all flower arrangements must end up there ... nice black & white shot!

  3. Good morning, Mr. Pat!
    I have not forgotten about you, just being lazy. I wanted to try to get in here and let you know I am still reading you, and praying that you are well and happy.
    Keep up with the great pics, and you are still on my radar!

  4. What a lovely way to start my day. Thank you, Pat!


  5. Lovely words, a wonderful poem filled with imagery. You have quite a few talents Pat!

  6. You're clever Patrick, and this is a beautiful poem.
    Wishing you a warm and nice week.
    Greetings and a hug:)

  7. I love it. And I love the picture to go with it!! You are incredibly talented. :)

  8. Lynne - Things do change, that's for sure! Thanks Lynne! Casey Jones, you better watch your speed...

    Blue Wave - Yes, and sadly, sometimes when they are still fresh.

    Joe - Hey buddy! It's nice to see you here! I'm doing well and hope you are doing the same!

    Nevine - thanks so much Nevine!

    Dawn - And master of none of them! thanks Dawn.

    Berit - thanks so much! I hope your week is also a good one.

    Baby Sister - You are too kind! thanks so much!

  9. So Pat, which came first -- the photo or the poem?

  10. What a great poem, Patrick! You are fab, my friend. Glad I have gotten to know you a little through the blogosphere.

  11. Very nice! The memories remain in the heart and mind!!!

  12. I always enjoy reading your poems Pat.

  13. You have a lot more now! That's powerful writing.

  14. A sadness here and a story hinted at but untold.

  15. That picture is so dramatic. That's the kind of shot I'd hang on a wall in a nice frame. Perfectly compliments such a fantastic poem.

  16. I felt such an aching sense of sorrow and rejection just reading it. Nicely written, Pat.

  17. Oh I love this! Great poem and excellent photo too.

  18. what a great poem Pat! and pic I might add

  19. Photo and poem together are awesome, and kind of sad.

  20. Karin - The photo came first. It was the total (almost) inspiration for the poem.

    Bossy Betty - Thanks so much! The feeling is mutual!

    Brian - Yes, they sure do! Thanks!

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks so much! I appreciate that...

    Alex - Yep, it almost bankrupt me to pay them all!

    Martha - Thanks! So true! That particular story will probably never see the light of day (on my blog).

    Tess - Thanks so much Tess!

    Tim - thanks so much! (for the comments both times!)

    Sally - Thanks! It always kinda gets to me also.

    Talei - Thanks so much for the nice words Talei!

    Edie - Thanks Edie! I appreciate it.

    baygirl - Thank you my friend!!!

    Belle - Thanks so much!

    Ree - Thanks Ree, I appreciate it.

  21. That's very intriguing with wonderful imagery, Pat. I love the photo, too. It's a good match for the poem.

  22. Very depressing poem, but beautiful.

  23. Why? Why does your love lie there? Or am I taking the poem too seriously?

  24. you paint a vivid scene with your words, like a paintbrush on a canvas only better. I like this a whole lot Patrick. and the photo too.
    and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me encouragement and support. It means a lot, especially coming from one with so much talent. have a beautiful evening!

  25. Another great shot and poem Pat. It must have been a while ago you posted it as I don't remember seeing in the last year...yup it's been that long already!

  26. Well, not only are you one photographer with my kind of sense of humor, but you are also a post. Just think, three talents for the price of one. You are just too good. I agree with Sally in that this shot belongs in a nice frame on your wall. Your composition is excellent and the picture is gorgeous. The poem say so much and is perfect as an accompaniment for the picture. Kudos!

  27. Oh man. This is so poignant...and so often true.

    Glad you got more then two readers this time. It deserves thousands? Millions? Billions? Gajillions?

  28. sad but beautiful then again love is beautiful but sad when forgotten

  29. Was I one of those 2? This word jam gave me the chills.

  30. You never fail to make me think. I'm so glad I've become one of your followers along the way. The world needs more thoughtfulness, and you provide so much of it.

  31. Oh, I love your poem, Pat. And the photo is perfect for it.

  32. I LOVE everything I've seen so far that you've written. This was a powerful visual!!!

    Good job Bro!


  33. Some big changes in 18 months Pat! So many people have discovered your creative talents and distinctive voice. I'm glad to be one of them. Great poem. But kind of sad following Valentine's Day, so glad I know that's not autobiographical.

  34. Robyn - Thanks so much! Hope you're enjoying Paradise!

    M Pax - thanks so much! I appreciate it.

    Clarissa - The rose petals and baby's breath represent "love." They fell out of the trash onto the ground and were ground in by the trashman! I guess it could have been my ex-wife...LOL!

    Miss Becky - Thanks so much for the nice words! I truly do appreciate it.

    Chuck - Thanks my friend! It was about 18 months. Where did this last year go anyway?

    Genie - Wow! Thanks so much Genie! That really makes me feel good! Also, thanks to you for commenting and signing up here! I really appreciate it.

    Jenny - Yep, it was true in that case. Long time ago, I'm happy to say! Thanks so much!

    Teresa - Thanks so much!

    becca - That is so true! Penthouse to outhouse!

    Jesse - Nah, you were ignoring me at that point...(JK) It was Tim (the non review) and Sarah (don't think you know her). thanks!!!

    Carmi - Thanks for the nice words. Also, for stopping by! Nice to see you!

    Pam - Thanks so much Pam!

    John - Thanks buddy! I appreciate that! I think I like about 75% of it.

    KarenG - Oh yeah! Many changes. I appreciate the nice words! It is a bit biographical, but from a long time ago. Thanks Karen!

  35. *sigh* Roses are so pretty. I hate to see them in the trash can. What a powerful photo...and poem.

  36. Love this. It's definitely worth re-sharing.

  37. Like the photo and the poem..
    you must have posted this before
    moi ... I know you would have had
    3 comments for sure !! Now I
    am like number 40..

  38. Marlene - I sure hated to see those roses in the trash. It was a long time ago though... Thanks!

    Nancy - Thanks so much!

    Sarah - Thanks Sarah! of course you were one of the two first time comments. thanks for then and for now.

    faye - thanks so much faye! It was early on that's for sure. Thanks and have a good week.

  39. So beautiful but so sad, sometimes a love just isn't meant to be.

  40. hi, new to the site, thanks.

  41. SQ - That is so true! Thanks!

    Anon - welcome aboard! Now, who are you?

  42. 47 comments now, Pat! How far you've come.

    What a wonderful poem.

  43. A sad poem of rejection and a broken heart. But sad also to see that gorgeous rose being trashed!

  44. softly handled this with a delicacy that belies the possibilities of pain

    FINALLY I are a good guy to visit...I'm trying to be a good guy

    Peace, hp

    at the risk of appearing solicitous, I was trying something new

  45. Talli - Thanks Talli! I appreciate it!

    Francisca - All is well, that ends well...

    hpicasso - thanks for stopping by and commenting (and for the nice words)

  46. A beautiful poem that nicely complements the picture.

  47. I remember once GIVING AWAY a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses an old boy friend sent for my 25th birthday. My love was long gone and so was he. Your poem screams of a heartless woman spurning your love and brought that memory all clearly back to mind. hmmm.

    Great job, as always, Pat.

  48. That's awesome about the bump in comments/followers - glad you are reposting some of your favorites.

    the phrase 'sad smile' comes to mind with this poem. sweet but sad.

  49. Guess you've added a few friends since then.

    I felt the sadness from the words of your poem. I hope that you've had many better times of remembering love since then.

  50. Very Good Words Pat, just goes to show how someones feelings can be taken so lightly and thrown out like they were never there.

  51. Leovi - thanks so much Leovi!

    Rosemary - You hit it right on the head! I'm happy to say that it was a long time ago...

    Brad - thanks! it was a struggle in the beginning. I couldn't even get my family to look at my blog!

    OWT - Just a few! Oh yeah! Things couldn't be better than they are now!

    Jimmyu - Thanks Jimmy! Yup, and then ground into the pavement!

  52. Such a sad poem, but such a lovely photo too. I love receiving flowers but it always makes me sad to see them eventually wither. - G

  53. Pity that seems to be the fate...loved the last three lines ...picture perfect....

  54. What a powerful poem for a week after Valentines Day. :) I guess love can be like an ocean tide.

  55. Georgina - Thanks! My wife used to always hang them upside down to dry out. They keep their shape that way but kinda creeped me out.

    Rekha - thanks so much! I appreciate it.

    James - You got that right! It goes both ways! thanks James!

  56. Just beautiful. And so true. And now look how many people commented.

    Keep them coming!

  57. Great photo and poem. That's the downside to cut flowers.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  58. thanks for this tips

  59. Kato - Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

    D&R - Yep, cut flowers and some relationships! thanks!

    Anon - Say What?

  60. A good poem always makes you want to know more. And now I'm dying of curiosity! Off to read the other comments to see if you left any clues...

  61. Come a long way in 18 months.. well done... and nice lil poem...

  62. Anna - thanks so much! I don't think you'll find too many clues!

    Anthony - Thanks Anthony! It seems longer!

  63. Awesome photo and poem! I just lOVE hummingbirds!

  64. Robin - this is on the wrong post, but thanks! Me too!

  65. Yes, I do remember when you first posted this - a very vivid image that stuck in my mind, obviously.


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