Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cuyamaca Mountains 2

One of our fellow campers.

This dirt road is part of a trail that connects with the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT is over 2700 miles long and goes from Mexico to Canada, through California, Oregon and Washington. It takes 5 to 6 months to walk it.

Good fishing at this small lake in the middle of the campground.

What can I say, some things just look better in black and white.

Just one of the interesting things I saw

And again

And yet again... If that little band of clouds wasn't on the horizon, I'm pretty sure we'd be seeing the ocean in this photo.

Out of sequence, but this is an example of one of the beautiful little valleys we traveled through on our way there.

Just because

I just can't get enough of those woodpecker holes stuffed with acorns

It almost looks like a pattern

Lot's of interesting folks travel around and live full time in their RVs. This is Jim. He lives in various campgrounds two weeks at a time. Jim makes bi-planes out of aluminum cans to supplement his income. They are pretty cool and very detailed.

He told us he needs more doctor pepper cans so he can make red planes. I'm not sure if others will find what this guy does interesting, but I sure do. My wife just shakes her head at me, as what would ordinarily just be a "hello, how are you doing?" turns into a major interview. I can't help it, that's what I do...


  1. Great expedition and camping experience.
    I d love to spend myself sometime camping.
    I have never been.

  2. Nice photos. It looks like a great place to visit. Greetings.

  3. Some fabulous places to camp! Wow. I love love the black and white tree shot and those acorns stuffed in the holes??? Some pileated woodpecker followed by an ambitious squirrel?? Hilarious!

  4. are they really for sale. I wouldn't have thought it.

    great B&W.

  5. Patrick--I know exactly what you mean by striking up conversations and it turning into an interview. This past week I have met a blue singer, son of a movie star and a very cool fireman who is soon to be featured with his dog in a calendar. (No, that last one was NOT code!)

  6. That's pretty cool. I'd want to watch him make a plane, see how he does it. I also think the picture you captioned 'just because' is really pretty. Has a great contrast of color.

  7. Cool planes! And those holes in the trees are still amazing. They do look like a pattern. LOVE the photos! The B&W is awesome. :)

  8. I'm still amazed by the woodpecker holes and acorns! The planes are very cool, too!

  9. I love the woodpecker holes!

    Awesome pics!

  10. Photos are amazing, Patrick. And one man's junk is another man's model plane!

  11. Do those beer can planes actually fly?

  12. so how do the woodpeckers keep other critters from raiding their pantry over the winter? that is so intriguing, what they do. I love the photos Pat. thanks for letting me tag along.

  13. Your photos are amazing, as always - but I really love the B&W photo the best! And wow...a model plane made from beer cans - that really flies?! that's amazing!

  14. Did you buy one of the planes ??

  15. Oh wait - maybe those planes DON'T see the fishing line. ;) STILL, pretty amazing just the same!

  16. Pat this looks like it was a great trip. Since I never knew that woodpeckers did that to store nuts I think it is a very cool nature thing. Scenery is awesome.

    You know what, if I could travel around like that making planes out of aluminum cans for a living, I'd be on the road tomorrow. I'll bet it was a hoot spending time with Jim.

    PS. Your B&W photo won't enlarge for some reason. Pity.

  17. Huh. I've never heard of that road. That's pretty cool!!

  18. The colors are so vibrant and I love the perspective of the trees.

  19. Costas - I love it, as long as I'm not sleeping on the ground. My back just can't take it anymore!

    Japy - Thanks Japy! It is indeed a nice place.

    Joan - People say it's the woodpeckers themselves who put the acorns in the holes. I haven't seen either put them in there yet.

    Budd - I guess he sells quite a few. I bought one!

    Bossy Betty - You are so darn funny! When we were in Hawaii, I must have "interviewed" 10 different people about how and why they got to that island.

    Tim - I watched him for a while. I believe he said it takes 3-4 hours each. thanks Tim!

    Pam - thanks so much Pam! I prefer B&W for most shots, but I know a lot of folks prefer color.

    Ms A - Me too! I think it's evolution and instinct run wild.

    Kato - Thanks! Me too! They're pretty cool.

    Alex - Thanks so much Alex. That's so true!

    Warren - Nah! The props spin like crazy in the wind though. I'll be over to catch up on the progress!

    Ms. Becky - I have no idea what goes on during the winter. There might be a bird versus rodent war!

    Marlene - thanks Marlene! I agree! They planes are cool, but they don't fly. LOL! I'm glad you caught on!

    Chuck - It sure was. Very relaxing with some pretty good hiking mixed in. I know what you mean about his way of life. Pretty simple I'm thinking.

    Baby Sister - It's pretty famous among hikers, but it's really a trail, not a road. Just this little bit hooks up to it.

    faye - I sure did. Bud light!

    Robyn - thanks Robyn! Me too...

  20. Such an interesting post. I love the tree with the acorns. I've never seen that before. The old man who makes airplanes is so interesting.

  21. Great pic Pat! Jim's planes are really cool, hope he gets some red cans soon!

  22. Cool shots!

    Too bad you didn't get a woodpecker/squirrel confrontation ...

  23. i love the picture of the dirt road i could see myself walking down that road for a couple of miles.

  24. Belle - Thanks Belle! Up to a few months ago, I'd never seen it either. Since then, I've seen it in two different places.

    Brian - Thanks Brian! We have a bag full of Dr. Pepper and coke cans to give him.

    Blue Wave - Thanks so much! Maybe next time, I'll see them go at it!

    becca - Me too! We've walked that road a few times now.

  25. That man is my hero! I want to live in an RV damn it. And if I ever met him on my travels I'd for sure buy one of those kick-ass bi-planes! I love stuff like that. Good for you JIM!

  26. What the heck kind of animal is that first thing?!

    Great photos. Gets me in the mood to hit the road.

  27. acorns in holes...looks like the squirles have a bank there. In our boating realm, there are old fogies that live aboard all year and try their hands at odd jobs. One lady we met gathers "sea beans" and makes necklaces and bracelettes out of them. She gets a good price for them too.

  28. Someday I'm going to walk that trail, even if it takes me 5-6 months. Beautiful pics, I especially like the black and white.

  29. i remember a lot of people having planes like that when i was younger. i wonder how many people make them.

  30. That fellow camper is the cutest :)

  31. I would do the same thing. Those planes are cool, and the fact that he gets excited about them is even cooler. I don't know why, but that photo of him sitting in front of his camper cracked me up.

  32. Awesome. I really need to get back to the Pacific Northwest.

    And the acorn-stuffed woodpecker holes? Hilarious! I'd never seen that before...


  33. Pat, having been in the handicraft business for decades, I've seen a lot of cool things made by hand, including things made from recycled aluminum cans, and I say these bi-planes out of aluminum cans are TOPS! He needs a sales manager!

  34. Sounds like a great time and very relaxing too! I love those can bi-planes! Really nice shots! It's funny that I never saw a woodpecker until I moved to Pennsylvania. :)

    p.s. The other week without giving it much forethought I changed my URL from newtowndailyphoto to weekendreflection. I turned the old URL into a link to the new one for people who had the old URL bookmarked.
    After reading your comment I changed the title of the link. I hope it's not more confusing now. :)

  35. I think the planes are neat. Dr. Pepper red. Who would have thought? First time I ever tasted Dr. Pepper was in Texas when I was going through basic.

    Nice series Pat. I especially like your B&W tree.

    Thanks for dropping by my place. I've been going through (and scanning) old family photos. You're right. As long as we remember they never go away. Photos only help.

  36. RVA - I think I would really like having the limited amount of stuff I could own in an RV. I'm going to be back there in two weeks, I hope he's there. I want to find out more about him.

    Cheeseboy - It's a ground squirrel! Thanks! On the road again...

    Rosemary - I haven't seen it yet, but they tell me it's the woodpeckers putting the acorns in there. I'm just odd enough to live a gypsy life...

    Clarissa - I've walked parts of it, but never a really long trek. Thanks Clarissa!

    Ven - Wow! I've never seen them before. I'm sure I'd gut the heck out of myself if I did it.

    Marina - He's was pretty cool. Very interesting.

    Mary - That chair in front of his RV, is where he always seems to be.

    Pearl - Hey! It's the Pacific Southwest!

    Francisca - I was thinking about just that. I have a couple of bags of colorful cans to give him in a couple of weeks. I wonder if it would be too much work for him if I sold some for him (and me).

    James - Very relaxing! Evertime I hear a woodpecker pecking, it makes my teeth ache! I'll go back and try the link again.

    awarewriter - I think they are also. I think the memory associated with photos is the best thing about them.

  37. I'm so stuck on that road from Mexico to Canada now. I want to RUN that thing!!!!! (It would probably still take me the full 5 months running....)

  38. Dawn - By far, most of it is just a trail. Deserts, mountains and the coast. I'd like to do it. Well, maybe about 30 years ago...

  39. Wow, I'm in love with that second photo. I want to be there right now.

    I heard Julian has gotten all touristy, is that true? I have been there since the 90's.

  40. I'm itching to get on the road with our RV. We have lots of woodpeckers, but I've never seen the holes filled with I'm going to be searching for them!

  41. altadenahiker - I don't think Julian has changed very much at all. On the weekends it gets kinda crowded, but most days it's not.

    #1Nana - Me too! Every big tree I see, I'm examining it for acorn holes. I hope you get to hit the road and get that itch scratched...

  42. Fantastic! Looks like a great trip, and, as always, some beautiful photos.

  43. Nothing in nature is wasted on you. Your pictures notice everything. I love them for that.

  44. I like the black and white very much! It is probably the most simple photo of all, but I really like it the most!

  45. Oh, the joys of hitting the open road in southern California. I'm so jealous! Look at all the wonderful places you are visiting. Good on you. I am awestruck over the acorn stuffed woodpecker holes, and the aluminum can plane sounded goofy until I saw the picture of it! That's really cool. Happy Trails Pat!!

  46. Well first I must say I am very impressed by your fellow campers, they are cute.

    I've been on a couple of short sections of the PCT and it is gorgeous. The scenery around your campground has some great views and interesting finds. I love the biplane, Jim must have had some great stories.

  47. Erika - Hey! Good to see you here. Thanks! it seems like one trip after another these days for us.

    Margaret - I think you are right. I'm not that interested in taking photos of everyday things. Thanks Margaret!

    Nikki - Mine did too, and now it's hanging on my patio! Nice to see your comment. I'll be over!

    Sophia - Thanks Sophia. I think most things look better in B&W.

    Stickup Artist - You are so right! There is much to see here. We will be back at this place in two weeks for a long relaxing week. This time we're towing our jeep so lot's more exploring. Thanks!

    SQ - Oh yeah! I took about 20 photos of that little guy. We love that place. It's pretty big but really spread out. Have a good week!

  48. When I was in elementary school in San Diego the 6th classes went to Camp Cuyamaca for a week. It was my first time away from home and I loved it. I guess that was close to where you were. Looks like you had a nice trip.

    Tossing It Out

  49. I am loving all of these vacation photos! So many interesting people and places to see and explore. I wanna pack up and hit the road!


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