Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Santa Ynez Mountains - Rancho Oso 2

At the end of the trail was a beautiful waterfall and pool.  This canyon was at east 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the trail. We liked it so much that we also hiked up there the next day.
feel free to enlarge
I figured I'd get the obligatory blurred background photo out of the way early.

The water tumbling down towards the top of the photo is probably about 100 feet up.

One of my favorites. The water, ferns and rocks all at the same angle.

It was hard to show the scale of this because the canyon was so narrow at this point, that I couldn't get very far away.

Cat tails along the Santa Ynez river. I didn't post any photos of it, because it would spoil Friday's post.

Jimson Weed (Datura)

The southern California version of the blue jay. It's called a Scrub Jay.

They don't make airplanes out of empty beer and soda cans, but they still have a very interesting story.  This is James and Nikki. We met them at the campground. They are from New Zealand and have been living in England for several years.  They quit their jobs in England and are on their way back home to New Zealand, via the U.S. They've been here for about 4 months driving around in a rented RV. They've driven it thousands of miles and have had a bunch of experiences. Some good and some bad.  I was going to make this a much better post, but I'm too tired...



  1. gorgeous photos as always. I loved the blurred background one.

  2. the post is a great one, even if you're tired. lovely scenery, interesting people, and a little bit of mystery. ^_^

  3. Those photos are so tranquil, Pat... very beautiful place! Would love to hear more about James and Nikki...

  4. I love that you get to know people along your way! Great pictures. Cattails! They are my favorites!!!

  5. I love that you get to know people along your way! Great pictures. Cattails! They are my favorites!!!

  6. Great post. I love the first photo. Greetings.

  7. oh my, love the waterfall shots. that's White Datura - Georgia O'Keeffe immortalized it in a painting. it blooms at night usually, and all parts of the plant are toxic. but the flowers are lovely! farmers pull them out and destroy if they see them. the Scrub Jay is my fave. have a great day Pat.

  8. love the waterfall pictures. If you ever get a chance, you should visit Fall Creek Falls in TN.

  9. A very nice post with fabulous pics!
    I hiked to a waterfall 2 weeks ago and will share my pics soon;o)
    Thanks for sharing yours;o)

    ¤ Hope you are having a happy week ¤

  10. I love the colors in the first photo - the blur brings out amazing colors next to the rock.

  11. You... tired? I can't imagine how you keep up with yourself. Tired is absolutely allowed. Take a nap, friend.

  12. That Scrub Jay looks quite magical!

  13. Gorgeous shots once again, my friend. James and Nikki sound like they have quite a story. How wonderful that they've gotten to travel and had some good experiences. (The bad experiences, I'm sure, they could have done without.)

  14. Excellent waterfall photos. And can you imagine all the places that family has seen in four months?

  15. The waterfall is nature at its best. Gorgeous photos, Pat.

  16. Looks like a lovely place. It's funny--not too long ago I sat beside a Aussie on a plane to Memphis. He was traveling with his wife and children and had a similar story to the couple you met. They had traveled the U.S. in a camper they bought and then sold it when they were done. Those folks from that part of the world seem to travel a lot.

    Tossing It Out

  17. Mynx - Thanks so much! I have a ton of photos with blurred backgrounds.

    Ven - Thanks Ven! My wife is always amazed how when we meet people that it turns into an interview. With me doing the interviewing... I can't help myself.

    Nat - Thanks so much Nat. I think they are worthy of their own post. they've had quite an adventure here.

    Bossy Betty - Thanks Betty! I just can't help myself. I already have another guy in my sights. He's a retired Deputy Marshall muckity. He's old and walks around the camp ground in his uniform or a suit! He's a full timer, so....
    I'm sure there'a an interesting story there!

    Japy - thanks Japy! Me too! Hope you are doing well.

    Ms. Becky - I love them also. Oh wow! I've heard of Datura. Thanks for helping me out on that.

    Budd - Me too Budd! I've seen photos of that place, REALLY awesome.

    Mildred - Looking forward to your post. I was just at your blog and saw that you have 4! Which one do you post at most often.

    diane rene - That's one of the reasons I like that type of photo. thanks diane!

    Ms A - Yep, that 5 or 6 hours sleep a day catches up to me once in a while!

    Brian - Thanks Brian! They are cute and very smart!

    Marlene - thanks my friend! Although they did have some bad times, they didn't seem to fret about it at all.

    Alex - Thanks Alex! I know what you mean. Nikki said she has been keeping a journal. I'll bet it's very interesting...

    Ricky - thanks so much! I appreciate it.

    Robyn - I agree Robyn. Not much is better than a waterfall.

    Arlee - They do seem to travel a great deal, but I also think it has to do with most Americans being very friendly...

  18. I agree with Ms Becky, Datura aka Jimpson Weed. I think the native Americans and hippies used it to get high if it didn't kill them.
    I've never camped in the Santa Inez Mountains, I guess it seemed to much like the San Fernando Valley.

  19. Stunning pictures, as always. I love waterfalls. They're like a comfort place for me. :)

  20. Martha Z - There more I think about it, I seem to remember smoking datura seeds back in the day (way back in the day).

    Baby Sister - thanks so much! I also love waterfalls and moving water in general.

  21. Hey! Get back here and tell us more about James and Nikki!!


    OK. You can sleep first. :-)


  22. love these pics! you really are talented. I love love love the waterfall ones the most though :-)

  23. Ok Tillet--Spillet! You can't do that with a Point and shoot- what do you usually use?! LOL!

    Awesome Pics my friend!

    You CAN'T do that with a point and shoot can you?


  24. I still dream of one day driving the blue highways of the USA. Not sure about the RV... but neither tents nor hotels are great options (but I'll cross that bridge later.) This family may have had less-than-stellar experiences, but they sure look like a happy family. Lovely shots; my fave too is the scrub jay.

  25. my husband is trying to talk me into buying a renovated camper. every week he sends me the latest on ebay. reading your posts makes me want to say "yes" but I wonder if I'd really like it? Of course, we live in northern New England so it would definitely be of use primarily in decent weather. that leaves out about 5 mos unless the heater worked well.

    would like to hear a few stories; yours or the NZ couple, good & bad stories, that is.

  26. Wonderful shots ...the first one so picture perfect really impressed me...

  27. Pat, I for one can't imagine this post could get any better than your views of beautiful waterfalls, flowers, Scrub jays(Fl. has them too) and new quintessence.

    be well, be happy

  28. That is a gorgeous waterfalls, I really like your first photo.

    Ms. Becky is right, that is a variety of Datura. Probably Jimison weed.


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