Friday, August 19, 2011

Double Reflection

looks much better enlarged
The reflection in our patio door is not only of the sunset, but also of the reflection of the sunset off of the water in our swimming pool.

We'll be on the road for a week starting on Sunday. Our Internet connection is sure to be hit and miss, but I'll be checking in for sure! Have a great weekend everyone!

For reflections by other photographers go to Weekend Reflections by James.



  1. ooh I'm first for once.

    Great work Patty.
    A keen eye is half the work.


  2. Great shot... love the shot within.

    Have a great road trip.. be safe !!

  3. You sure go alot of places Patrick. Are you retired or do you just have a great vacation plan?

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  5. Good eye to see the double reflection. (Wonder if that's like a double rainbow?)
    Safe travels, Pat!

  6. Very very cool! And I love the red flowers - this photo is elegant.

  7. Amazing Pat! Hey, have a wonderful and safe trip...don't forget the camera!

  8. What an absolutely amazing picture! Kudos to you for catching it!

  9. What a fantastic reflection for the day, Pat! And you're right, enlarging it makes a big difference! Terrific! Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip! Enjoy!


  10. Beautiful and amazing sight. Love the reflection and the color. ^_^

    Weekend Reflection

  11. You're right, it needs to be embiggened to appreciate the scale of this stunning view reflected. Quite the place you have there, Pat! Have a terrific time on this next adventure.

  12. That is a great one... The reflection is so neat... Well done !

  13. This us an outstanding photo! My wife thinks it's great too!

    ps thanks for the doctor link!

  14. With the orange glow it looks so warm and inviting!

  15. Beautiful evening sky that reflected in the glass. regards

  16. I love this picture and yes, it looks even better when enlarged. This is such a pretty picture all captured in the window with those bright flowers framing it. Plus, I'm a sucker for sunsets and the ocean.

  17. That shot is wonderful, two shots in one. Love the flowers.

    Be safe and have fun!

  18. The golden look in the reflection combines well with the roses... a great capture and composition here!


  19. Brilliant capture, Pat :-)
    Have a great road trip....

  20. I enlarged and said "oh WOW!"
    what a spectacular photo Pat Tillett!!! it was pretty darn nice even before enlarging but oh my, what a great photo. it's a marvelous reflection. and you're taking your lovely wife on another getaway? what a blessed woman she is. and you too. I hope you have the time of your life.

  21. Very nice Pat. The rich golden color of the sunset comes through very well, yet I still pick up the red roses. Nice.

  22. You weren't kidding, it really was a lot better enlarged. That is one amazing shot.

  23. Anthony - thanks so much! You are so right about the "eye." Granny always said that it doesn't matter how technical you are with a camera if you don't the "eye" for it.

    faye - Thanks faye! We will!

    California Girl - I am very happy to say that we are retired. We do take a lot of trips, but usually don't stay in hotels, so it doesn't cost much.

    Anon - I got a point for ya!

    Alex - I couldn't help but see it, I was being blinded! Thanks Alex!

    Sarah - Thanks so much! Say, I keep getting messages from your school email server, saying my comments aren't being accepted.

  24. That's a very vivid and serene reflection.
    Have a great trip, Pat.

  25. baygirl - We sure will! Getting ready now...

    Brian - thanks Brian! I'll take two or three of 'em!

    Mary Aalgaard - thanks so much Mary!

    Lolamouse - Thanks! I will.

    KaLynn - thanks so much! It was just sitting there glaring at me.

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! I appreciate it!

    Jack - thanks!

    Kim - thanks so much. It's always nice to find something like this.

    Francisca - Thanks for embiggening Francisca! We'll on the road bright and early Monday morning.

    'Tsuki - Thank you very much!

    James - Thanks my friend! I'm glad she liked it. My pleasure for the link.

    Laura X - Thanks so much!

    KarenG - I would live in a tent as long as it had our back yard and it's view.

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi!

    Lucy the Cat - I'm right there with you! Even if I don't get to see it everyday, I love knowing that I'm not that far from the ocean.

    Brenda - Thanks Brenda! Kind of hard to miss this one, it was glaring into my "eye!"

    Clarissa - Thanks so much Clarissa!

    Ms A - Two for the price of one! Thanks Ms A!

    Genie - Thanks! I was so happy it was all there together!

  26. Great reflecton! Have a great trip!

  27. A beautiful sunset. Have a wonderful time!

  28. Nat - Thanks so much Nat! I'm sure we will!

    Ms. Becky - Why thank you! I guess you could say we're taking each other. Simple trips, we use our RV instead of hotels and have a ball.
    thanks again...

    awarewriter - thanks! The roses really finishes it up.

    Mama Zen - thanks so much!

    Tim - Thanks Tim. I think I may need a new template. One that allows the photos to be bigger.

    Robyn - thanks Robyn! I'm sure we will.

    missing moments - thanks so much! Ca't wait!

    Belle - Thanks Belle! We will.

  29. if I have a house with a swimming pool, I will noi go away. I was reading this children's book, mum had to do everything when they went on holidays.

    When she came home, Ah!!! that's holidays for me.

  30. If you have a swimming pool, why do you need to get away from home?? (just kiddin')

  31. Fab picture...a magical reflection of brightness.

  32. Have a great trip. Bud will have his foot on the Canadian border Monday...hoop de doo! Your shot this week is something else. These do not grace our eyes and camera lens very offer. Not only is it unusual, it is so pretty. Great capture. Genie

  33. i am so jealous of that photograph. it's exactly the type of thing i would take a picture of and in some of my favorite colors. i might make it my desktop background, actually. ^_^

  34. a sunset by any other name is still as sweet. Good eye, Pat. Have a great trip.

  35. Megan - that's why we live here! thanks!

    Ann - I understand that. We really do enjoy our back yard, but we also like to get out of town.

    jeannette - We love our pool, but it's really nothing more than a hole in the ground that we shovel money into!

    Rek - Thanks so much Rek!

    Genie - Thanks Genie! I'd like to have my foot on (and over) the border. Maybe next spring...

    Ven - Please do make it your background. I was very lucky to spot it.

    Rosemary - So it is! We're planning on it! Thanks!

  36. I love the pool epsecially in this hot weather. Enjoy your road trip.

    When you get a chance, and when the weather cools off, the Satwiwa is really a nice place for a simple hike.

  37. Wow. That is just an amazing picture!! Well done Pat. :)

  38. Very cool, Pat! Love the flowers too!

  39. Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time and have a camera in your hand.

  40. awesome pic as usual. That picture is worth about 879 words.

  41. Ebie - Thanks! We will indeed enjoy it. I certainly do want to see and hike the Satwiwa. thanks for that!

    Baby Sister - Thanks so much! It was a great find.

    Ally - Hey Ally! Thanks so much!

    One Woman's thoughts - That is exactly right! Also, that is exactly why I try to ALWAYS have a camera with me.

    PTM - Thanks! I was thinking it was worth at least 913 or so...

  42. I completely missed that at first.

  43. Maybe that's an angel you saw. Or some being entering our world from a wormhole. All I'm saying is be careful when you see something like this and be prepared to run!

  44. Have fun on your latest adventure. What a life!

  45. Chris - I almost missed it also!

    Stephen - l'm thinking wormhole!

    EG wow - Thanks so much!

    Sharon - Thanks! This one may be mostly relaxing. We were thinking about driving down the mountain to some fwd roads, but it is blazing hot there. Not today...

  46. A reflection in a reflection, gorgeous shot Pat.

    Hope you are enjoying your time on the road.

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