Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Reflections - Monterey Bay 2

For reflections by other photographers go to Weekend Reflections by James.



  1. Nice! Wish our coastline looked more like that.

  2. Oh, what a wonderful thing to reflect on. Sigh!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love these reflection photos - they are so fun. I take quite a few myself but never get around to posting them. Sometime soon here I will :)

  4., beach, ocean...

  5. Blue watery reflections in a marina. Makes me think of a lazy Sunday on the water. Not a lot of blue here... just gray.

  6. beautiful shades of blue- have a great weekend Pat.

  7. Gorgeous picture, Pat, of Monterey Bay.. Love the coloring in that photo.

  8. Such a bright blue. Love it. Another great picture Pat.

  9. an exceptional photo!
    love it. :)

    nicely done, pat!

    have a great weekend!

  10. Wow... That the perfect spot to catch a reflection of that harbour... Nice shot, Patrick !

  11. Initially it looks peaceful - then it seems as if the rocks are rising from the water like a crocodile.

  12. I do love Monterey Bay! And what a delightful capture/reflections! Beautiful colors! Hope you have a very Happy Labor Day weekend, Pat! Enjoy!


  13. Monterey is one of my most favorite places in the world (that I've been to - I haven't been to many though!).

    Thanks for sharing this one!

  14. That's pretty. I think I could spend a whole day perched in that spot, doing nothing but gazing.

  15. My parents wanted to send me off to a school in Monterey Calif. I know it was by the ocean. Anway, they wouldn't take me! I was too bad of a girl. Oh well. I turned out okay.

    Lovely photo!

  16. A great place to sit and unwind so wonderfully captured.

  17. Monterey is such a wonderful place
    beautiful shot

  18. I think I could hang around there ll day and be perfectly happy. Great photo!

  19. Great shot! The water is so beautifully blue!

  20. Beautiful photo and the blue is ever so pretty!

  21. That's my favorite area in CA. I love the dimension to this picture. Makes me want to head for Big Sur right now.
    Have a great weekend, Pat.

  22. Alex - One thing about California, I love is the 800 or so miles of coastline.

    Talli - I agree Talli!

    Matthew - thanks Matthew!

    Siddartha - Thanks!

    Sarah - Thanks Sarah! I rarely ever posted any myself until I found James' blog. I hope you do start posting them.

    Rosemary - I'm with you! Hard to beat those things.

    Francisca - Sounds like a nice relaxing day!

    Ren - thanks Ren! I intend to. Heading back out of town afterwards.

    Betsy - thanks Betsy! Love that place.

    Tim - Thanks Tim! Easy to take good photos with all that just sitting there.

  23. Betty M - Thanks Betty! Have a nice weekend.

    Kay - Thanks! It's not that god really...Okay, I guess.

    Ms A - I agree! I wish I was there.

    Laura X - thanks Laura!

    'Tsuki - It's a very nice place to visit.

    Leckeres - Thanks for commenting!

    Rajesh - thanks! It is indeed a scenic area.

    Nariane - Thanks Narine! I always appreciate your kind words.

    Lucy - Yep! Those rocks do some damage to a boat!

    Henrietta - It sure is. One of the most beautiful around.

    Sylvia - Me too! I intend to! It's going to be busy, and then out of town next week.

    Megan - It's also one of my favorites! There are also many other nice places around that area.

  24. Marlene - I'm with you! In fact, I think we were sitting there for quite a while.

    Belle - They would have been doing you a favor. There aren't many area more beautiful that that part of the state. When California was part of Mexico, this was the capital.

    Rek - It's a very relaxing place. It also has a world class aquarium.

    Dianne - It sure is! Thanks!

    Brian - Oh yeah! It's a good place to hang around.

    James - thanks James. Nothing epic, but nice enough.

    Dianne - Thanks so much! It's so beautiful there.

    Robyn - I'm sure you know it well. Pretty close to where you used to live. I LOVE Big Sur also. Not too many places in the world more scenic that Big Sur.

  25. How nice ... certainly an excellent marina.

  26. That's where I want to spend my weekend! So cool and refreshing!

    P.S. Pat, when you go to LV, please also stop by the Valley of Fire, the rock formations are more beautiful. I posted a few pictures (just do a search on my blog).

  27. A photo like this is worth a thousand ideas. "Where shall we sail to today, honey?"

  28. Beautiful place. The Old Monterey Inn is a wonderful place to stay.

  29. What a beautiful picture and place Patrick.
    Wish you a nice weekend:)
    Greetings and a hug from,

  30. Anthony - Thanks my friend!

    Leovi - It truly is a nice place.

    Ebie - Me too! One of my favorite places. Thanks for the Valley of Fire tip. I just went to your post on it. We will try.

  31. That look reminds me of how low the lake levels are around. Exposing shoreline and all. But your picture looks cooler.

  32. the light, and the color of the water/sky is very very beautiful. our harbor scenes such as this will be changing very soon here in the midwest, but I imagine people can keep their boats in the water indefinitely there, right? this is a stunning capture Pat. happy day to you.

  33. Oh gosh. I love a rocky beach! This is glorious.

  34. Brenda - Now that's a good problem to have!

    California Girl - I agree! We've stayed several places there, but settled on the Victorian Inn. These days, it's a fairly close by RV park. We can then drive into town and it's so much cheaper.

    Berit - Thanks so much! I hope you are having a good weekend also.

    Chuck - I'm sure any water at all, looks good to folks in Texas right now. Hope it cools for you soon.

    Ms. Becky - Thanks Becky! Yep, this is the ocean, but the lakes here are pretty full.

    Jenny - Me too! I'm not a big sandy beach person anyway.

  35. Hi Pat,

    This is the right pic for a day like today. Even up here on the temperate-beyond-all-reason End of the Earth promontory that is Astoria, we are having a warm day. It's nice to see all that blue under the boats!

  36. That does look refreshing as I sit enduring inland heat. We got a chance to brave the low clouds and wind that accompanied the high surf at Zuma Beach. Amazing what a change a few miles can make.

  37. Very nice composition! Love the sea and visiting harbors!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  38. My knees go week with the beach and the water...beautiful. just beautiful. reminded me of Marmaris a bit :)

  39. Lovely contrast of the blue ans tan. ;)

  40. that water is so blue and clear, how is it possible?

  41. The blue sky and water are beautiful but my favorite part is the rocks. Great reflections Pat.

  42. Beautiful pic!Am VERY late -I heard that the Montery area is very beautiful -still on my lits to go there:)

  43. What an AWESOME contrast from the rocks to the Masts!!!!

    Dirt Poor--to Filthy Rich- ;-)

    Blessings my Friend,


  44. I love Monterey Bay when I visited five years ago..

    Beautiful photo, and I am glad you came to visit..I was looking for your blog the other day, but got to one that warns me about adult content, and know that it wasn't yours..


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