Monday, September 19, 2011

Worst Movies EVER

Welcome to another one of Alex Cavanaugh's blog fests.  I don't usually participate in this these, but the ones that Alex hosts, always have an interesting subject and are fun. If you don't follow his blog, you might want to check it out. It's good and he's a good guy. If you want to see the stinkers that others picked, just click on the word Alex.

Here are my top ten WORST movies in no particular order.

Battlefield Earth
Just for the record, I think this is the most stupid movie I've ever seen. There wasn't a single thing good about it. I can't even understand why it was released. It should have gone directly to the DVD bin at Big Lots and the 99 cent store.

Amityville II: The Possession
The first movie in this series was pretty scary and is said to have been groundbreaking.  This stinker, was only groundbreaking in how much it sucked. It's the first movie that I ever walked out on. I gave it a good long chance, when it never got any better, I left.

 Road House
Sorry ladies, there wasn't ANY part of this movie that I liked. If ever there was a person miscast in a role, it was this one. The plot was bad, the acting was bad, and this guy (rip) could NEVER be a bouncer.

Batman & Robin
I can sum this one up in two words "MAJOR LETDOWN!"

Zombies of Mora Tau
I admit to loving Zombie movies and there are a lot of them out there. This one is just plain stupid. Worst "zombie" acting ever.

Plan 9 From Outer Space
Maybe the most idiotic "special effects" ever! Add to that, the fact that is was so darn cheesy and it's on my list.

Mad Max (any of them)
Take it from me. ANYTIME a movie involves jet skis or dirt bikes, don't see it. To me, the only thing this movie (and those like it) does, is to keep stunt men gainfully employed. The fact that a major whack job was the star didn't help.

Water World
Ditto what I said about Mad Max. It's too bad, because I really do like Kevin Costner.

I have many more that might have made my list, but you probably already stopped reading. It's okay....



  1. Fortunately, I've not seen any of them.

  2. Great choices. I agree that many were so stupid and without plot.

  3. I remember Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye watching a movie at Radio City, which he thought was so bad that he couldn't take his eyes off it. This probably applies to a movie that I saw in a matinee showing at my local cinema when I was growing up. The title? Earth Versus the Flying Saucers.

  4. Batman and Robin is a repressed memory that you have just drudged to the surface.

  5. I saw Roadhouse and didn't think it was that bad, but certainly not good and I really only liked the Road Warrior, the others were bleh. Waterworld, again, ok, but Kevin Costner is really better than that and it seems his career kinda went downhill after that. Sad cuz I like him, too. The rest I have not seen and it sounds like I don't want to!

  6. Battlefield Earth is leading the pack!
    Watch MST3K's version of Plan 9 - it's hysterical.
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  7. I'm feeling quite relieved that I had only seen two of them!

  8. You have some great picks. I'd totally forgotten about Waterworld. Yeah, just awful.

  9. Oh, post another list, your second 10 worse movies! I did not stop reading, so I'm anxious to know more movies to stay FAR away from (I haven't seen any of these you listed, and you can't BET big dollars I'm not going to now!).
    Good fun, Pat

  10. Roadhouse and Water World were awful. I could only watch small parts at a time. I don't think I like any of Costners films.

  11. Apparently I'm a lucky movie goer because I haven't seen most of these either. Waterworld didn't even start out good, so I think I stopped watching it after about five minutes.

  12. DAHHH!!! i loved waterworld!!!! and mad max to a lesser degree... maybe i have a subconscious affinity for perpetuating stunt-man careers...

  13. Road House? How can you hate a movie that has the line "Pain don't hurt."

  14. They sound horrible. We don't go to nearly as many movies as we used to back when we spent the Winters here in gray rainy Oregon. Florida winters just don't beckon us to the movies in the same way.

  15. I've only seen the Batman and Waterworld. I loved Waterworld, I'm afraid. Batman, not so much.

  16. I've only seen a few of them, and I agree with you!

  17. okay i grew up on mad max movies, my father took me to see the second in the show without knowing what to expect... my eyes got covered a bunch of times. beyond thunderdome is one of those i quote from time to time... i just bought the dvd like last week and the expanded score, which is one of my favorites.... okay you get it i liked thunderdome.
    i love bad/worst movies, these lists are tough!

  18. Battlefield Earth was done by Scientologists, for Scientologists. How could it not suck huge?

  19. Luckily for me - I've never subjected myself to any of these horrors! YAY! Score a point for Marlooney!

  20. Battlefield Earth has made a lot of the lists I've seen.

  21. Road House is the only one I've watched and that's because it had Patrick AND Sam Elliot in it.

  22. Oh, wait, that's not true. I did see the Amityville movies, but only the first one was memorable.

  23. Too bad Battlefield Earth can't get an award for how many times it was listed today. Glad I never watched it.

  24. I don't think I saw the second Amityville Horror. First one scared me to death when I was a kid, and then I saw it again a few years ago and laughed. (Didn't laugh at Jodie the pig though.)

  25. It is ABSOLUTELY STATISTICALLY impossible-- that you picked my TOP 10 BEST of all time- in reverse order!

    UNREAL!!! LOL ;-)

    Love it Pat!


  26. Now I know why I couldn't participate in this blogfest...I am a sucker for cheesey movies. I have watched Mad Max and RoadHouse more times than I can count. I apparently have been born with limited (if any) "critic" genes. I can usually find something even in stupid movies that make me watch til the end. Which reminds me, I gotta add Mad Max to my movie queue...

  27. Oh, NO! Say it isn't SO!


    Come on, man, that is one of the FUNNIEST movies ever made. I mean that truly; few movies make me laugh more or louder.

    Now granted "Plan 9" wasn't SUPPOSED to be a comedy, but it's one of those very, very few movies that are SO BAD they're actually funny, and you (or, in this case, "I") can't help loving them for their many flaws.

    I mean, if you want a movie that's just BAD, and not funny at all, there are plenty to choose from. I could go on and on with them, but to keep this brief, I'll mention only "Summer Lovers". What's it about? A Summer's worth of menage a trois in Greece. What ELSE is it about? Nothing else. That's all it's about.

    With so many truly awful movies out there - like "Summer Lovers" - with no redeeming qualities whatsoever (like unintended comedy), you gotta have a little pity on poor old Ed Wood and his "Plan 9" filmmaking monsterpiece.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  28. for the number of times I've seen Battlefield listed today, I might just have to go rent it

  29. Another good list of bad movies!! I listed some of those and thought about most of the others. When I really got started, I ran out of room. Hollywood has apparently made more bad movies than good ones.

  30. I'm seeing Battlefield Earth on a lot of lists today. It earned its place there, though ;)

  31. Any movie with Kevin Costner is a bad movie, in my opinion. And I can only do Mel in the Lethal Weapon movies. I need Danny Glover to water him down.

  32. I'm with you on Waterworld...those webbed feet really grossed me out!

  33. It's really hard to argue with your list Pat, these are some really, really bad ones. I too think Plan 9 is hysterically funny. And I did like Road Warrior but Thunderdome was seriously bad even with Tina Turner's over the top acting.

  34. Hi Pat,

    Since you are pre-moderating comments, you can delete this after reading. I haven't been around much lately (long story), but I believe that you will be old enough to remember the music of the 1950s. If so, you might enjoy Don't Talk Back, which is my tribute to Jerry Leiber, who died recently. Hope you are well.


  35. These are only 8 of them as far as i can see. ;( I have the misfortune of seeing 4, (minus zombies which don't count) all in DVD or cable TV of course...after Dances With Wolves decided KC was not watchable material ditto Bruce Willis. I don't like horror/zombie, so glad I escaped more crappy stuff that way...Somehow I feel Travolta again is over hyped. Good list.

  36. I'll try this again to less people each time.

    Lucy - Then you are lucky!

    Clarissa - They sure were and there were many many more!

    dennis - I saw the Earth Versus the Flying Saucers when I was a kid. Special effects has sure come a long way.

    Budd - Sorry about that! It was pretty darn bad!

    mshatch - My main problem with Roadhouse was Swayze himself. He was such a little guy and in my opinon, totally mis-cast in that role. I really liked Kevin Costner and always gave his movies a chance. I have to admit, that I REALLY liked a few of them.

  37. OOPSY! I actually kinda like some of these. MadMax the first? Waterworld? They're ok.

    But you know where you can get the best education on the worst movies and laugh hysterically about it?

    Mystery Science Theater 3000. Love the sarcasm...

  38. Smaller batches seems to be working...

    Alex - I'm not surprised about Battlefield Earth. It was so stupid. Plan 9 was best watched in an altered state of reality

    #1Nana - You are very lucky then! I've sat through many more bad ones than these.

    salarsen - Yep, I'd forgotten about it also. Too bad I remembered!

    Brenda - You are lucky to escape them! Me, not so much.

    Stephen - I love to admit that I loved the sailing portion of Waterworld. I like nothing about Roadhouse.

    Patricia S - Me too, but I sat throgh the whole thing a couple of times.

    vic - I knew it was going to be a bad one when I saw the first Jet Ski.

    Allen - I'm not sure if that line was genius, or just plain old dumb!

    Sallie - Not that we have much of a winter here, but I tend to see more movies when it is.

    Belle - If you only saw a couple, consider yourself lucky!

  39. I didn't know people didn't like Road House. Poor Swayze can't either defend himself. Damn, I should of put Batman and Robin on my list. No one likes Water

  40. Batman and Robin is right up there with X-men 3 and hulk, awful awful movies, waterworld I liked a bit, but the rest blah.

  41. I dunno Patrick. There are SO MANY MOVIES that SUCK.

    I don't believe I've seen any of these because of bad advance publicity. On the other hand, I've seen so many mmovies award Best Picture or similar that sucked.

    Case in point:

    Critics loved "American Beauty" and I HATED IT. Did not and still do not understand the point of this piece of shit.

    Another movie, Annette Benning to boot (coincidentally): "The Kids Are Alright". What an egregious, stupid, unbelievable story.

    "Blue Velvet", I hated this move as much as I've ever hated any movie. Dennis Hopper has always given me the creeps. Isabella Rosellini and her "award winning short films about the reproductive habits of..." various critters is just fucking WEIRD. "Blue Velvet" is even more weird. Ugh ugh ugh.

    Okay. I have so many more but I've just regurgitated way too much after two large glasses of wine. Enjoy!

  42. I haven't seen any of those movies, so I guess I should consider myself lucky. :)

  43. Wow, you did a great job of picking stinkers. The worst part is that all the people who wrote, directed and starred in them got to keep their jobs and inflict themselves on us again and again.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  44. I haven't seen most of these so I can't really say if I agree or not. I can't stand Kevin Costner, (but I did like Dances With Wolves)...I loved Patrick Swayze, but have never seen Roadhouse...btw, your photography is absolutley breathtaking!

  45. I remember the bad reviews of Road House and how it was such a flop for Patrick Swayze. I am hearing about Battlefield Earth on this blogfest, I have not heard of the movie before and surprised that it had John Travolta in it.

  46. Pat, I agree that Patrick Swayze was pitiful as the bouncer in ROAD HOUSE--like, what was he going to do with the bad guys, waltz them out to the parking lot? But I can't believe you didn't like Jeff Healey's music! Such excellent guitar work.

  47. Even though it was slow and, well, stupid in spots, I still liked Waterworld.

  48. My husband reminded me today of another popular movie I hate, "Forrest Gump". I thought it one of the most over-rated, dumb, playing to the lowest common denominator films I've ever seen. I mean, come on! "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get." This movie was like that. You never knew what you were getting and it just kept getting worse.

  49. Ugh, Kevin Costner is a terrible actor if you ask me. He's been good in maybe one or two films. Waterworld was a travesty and I almost listed it on mine. And what'd it cost like a million a day or something? Sheesh!

  50. In defence of Waterworld this bit is great, but it's downhill from there on out...

    Dave Wrote This

  51. Very late returning your comment....we have the Battlefield Earth movie in common in our lists :)

    Hope you have a good vacation! (I read your next post)


    Join me at the Rule of Three Writers' Blogfest!

  52. Well, Pat, we obviously don't see the same movies. Haven't seen a single one of these... No interest, none, nada, zilch... LOL!

  53. The amazing part is . . . you actually watched them????????

  54. I love the Mad Max series. Road Warriors is one of my favorite films. I couldn't bring myself to put any Ed Wood films on my list. Plan 9 is one of those films that I consider so bad that it's good.

    Tossing It Out

  55. you mean you haven't seen the star wars holiday special?

    me, neither. i've just heard it was undeniably the worst movie ever made and after seeing it all other terrible movies seem like candy.


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