Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Southern Utah Jeep Trek

As you know, a few weeks ago we took a roadie to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah.  During our stay we took a few back road/no road treks. In my last jeep based blog post I referred to this trip and said it was a bit scarier.  So, I'll just start this post with the scary part.   (the best pic of this post is the last one, but I hope you look at the entire post)

The other side of the jeep is very close to a sheer cliff. You can see for yourself how far this side is from the a drop off that was at least 100 feet straight down.

This is before the road got really narrow. Same drop off here, but the road was a bit wider.  My wife was afraid to ride in the jeep while we passed through here, so I had her take a photo. Just kidding. She was driving. We usually split up our RV and/or jeep driving.  I wasn't afraid, honest!  As far as the road goes, this was actually the smoothest part.  After this portion...

We got to use this "road?" next. I'm not sure I'd call it a road, but at least we didn't have to worry about falling off a cliff. We were on this one for a long time. The rough ride was worth it because it took us to a BLM (bureau of land management) road that was pretty nice.
Our goal was an awesome grove of Oak trees at the base of those mountains. Once we were almost there, we found a barricade across the road. We weren't too happy that we came all that way for nothing. Oh well, we had a good time getting there.

Okay, enough of that, now for some photos, not taken through a window...

When we got to the barricade, we were at the base of the large grayish mountains in the far background.  For those of you in the Utah area, we started our trek from the small town of Hurricane.

This was my favorite photo of the day



  1. You two are adventurous soles at heart. That is the scariest road I ever saw.

    Well you were right (as always:) Pat, the last photo
    is awesome.

    Thanks for the rough ride. I'm actually glad I wasn't there!

    be well, be happy
    Pam i am :D

  2. I think I would be too scared of those narrow roads! I love all the photos but gosh, the colors in that last one are stunning. Great shot! I can feel the warmth...

  3. the range of natural color in that last one is awesome. that and four tiers of rock formations.

  4. At least the view was nice when you got there!

  5. I couldn't have stayed in the car so close to the edge. Am stunned by the scenery.

    Did enlarge the photo . . . but why not have a bigger page too so we can see the pictures larger even before clicking on them?


  6. Beautiful photos and thanks for telling us to enlarge the last one. Awesome! I use to travel a bit out West. Would love to some time again should time and fortunes allow. :)

  7. Those all are great photos Pat, but yes, that last one is a smile maker!

  8. Hi Pat, you can't make me drive these roads, I am too chicken!

    Although the reward awaits there at the end, it is worth the adventure.

    The last shot is just gorgeous. The bricks look like they are part of the ruins....

  9. Isn't jeeping awesome? I wonder what that building in the last picture was.

  10. Wow, what beauty. The colors are incredible. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos.

  11. Oooooh, no, no, no... not me. I'd be the one in the "car that broke down" and I'd be dead inside the car, because I wouldn't be able to hike to civilization. I'm more than happy to view it in your photos. The last one look like an old chimney? Other braves souls, I assume?

  12. I love my Utah/AZ mountains. :) Beautiful pictures!!

  13. Thanks for the vicarious vacation Pat. You're right , that last pic is fantastic. The color, the detail, the majesty of the whole scene is just awesome. Looks like a great time...and peaceful.

  14. Pam - The only thing that was really scary was the fact that we were alone and also that we didn't have a winch. Thanks Pam!

    Sarah - Thanks Sarah! Maybe the best thing about the jeep is how nimble it is. It can turn around on a dime (as they say).

    TexWixGirl - It sure was. Beautiful for sure.

    Budd - What was really cool, was that the different rock formations were made up of different materials.

    Alex - It sure was, but it would have been nicer if we actually got to the end.

    Lucy - It's pretty stunning alright. I haven't really found a template that lends itself to both photos and text. It didn't matter when I used to have seperate blogs. You're right, I need to look around for a good one.

    Tim - Thanks for the nice words and for commenting. I hope you do make it back there.

    Brian - Thanks Brian! The sunlight was perfect...

    Ebie - With all the potholes, some of the streets these days are almost as rough! Thanks! The bricks are part of some ruins; an old town.

    AllenTesch - It sure is! I know what the building was, but I'm gonna have to find the info!

  15. M Pax - Thanks so much Mary! It was just sitting there waiting for me to snap a pic (or 20).

    Ms. A - I thought about that while we were there. It might have been a while before anybody found us. The chimney is part of the few ruins of an old town that I can't remember the name of.

    Baby Sister - You sure do live in a beautiful place! Thanks!

    Chuck - My pleasure Chuck! It was a great time. The only uncalm thing about was the wind. We had our RV parked near a town called Hurricane. We found out in a hurry why they named it that...

  16. Pat....What a great series. I enlarged all of the photos...just could;t resist seeing them full blown. The one of the jeep at the edge of the dirt really is scary. I think I would have had to get on the floor of the jeep to survive that section. I agree with you that the last photo is the pick of the crop. It is gorgeous. Like I said earlier...what a fabulous series. genie

  17. beautiful pics - but that is WAY too close to the edge for me. Yikes!

  18. I can see why you like that last one the best. Wow, it is amazing. I love the desert, my husband and I stayed the night in Hurricane when we were sight-seeing.

  19. Love the photos and your voice throughout. The journey looks amazing. I would have been worried, driving so close to the edge.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you now as well.

  20. That is a long way down. I don't mind roads like that if I'm driving, it keeps my mind off what would happen if the road gave way!!

    That is some really beautiful country. We have been close but never got into southern Utah. Maybe soon. Your last photo is my favorite too!

  21. Beautiful series, a fantastic place.

  22. Okay, Pat, no need to yell; I always enlarge ALL your photos. LOL! But Lucy has a point. If I can learn how to reformat my blog to accommodate larger images, you can too; you're a smart guy. ;-) Alternately, that lightbox Blogger put in for a while would be brilliant for your (and my) blog. So back to your trip... I WANT TO GO THERE!!! Yes, now I'm yelling. Deep breath. Gorgeous. The non-road, the colors, the blue sky, the red rock, the yellow broom. Don't think I'd like to live in the town that used to be there, though; just a tad too remote. Finally, I got a good laugh out of your donut story you left for Squirrel Queen. Can't you get a hint? LOL!

  23. Those are gorgeous! That road reminds me of some of the ones in Hawaii and one we went up in Italy. I seriously thought we were going over the edge in our tour bus on that one! Sometimes the best views take some guts, though! That last photo is breathtaking!

  24. I enlarged it. Wow. Layers of beautiful color.

  25. Awesome Pat! The best part of our days is usually the "getting there"!
    Those are some amazing captures. My stomach is still lurching looking over the edge.

  26. Genie - Thanks! We had a great trip in a beautiful area. Very rugged, but so beautiful.

    mshatch - Thanks so much! It was pretty darn close! The road was pretty solid though.

    Belle - I thought it was funny that the locals pronounced the name of the town as "Hurricun." It sure was windy there.

    Draven - Thanks so much! I appreciate it. That narrow part was a bit unnerving, but the second time, I walked behind the jeep taking pics.

    SQ - I'm with you. I'm much better on scary roads or in the mountains if I'm driving. My wife also tends to drive a bit too fast for my liking in the mountains.

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi! It was fantastic!

    Francisca - LOL! I did spend some time yesterday looking for a new template. I need something that looks good with, or without photos. My blog was totally a "word" blog until I combined it with my photo blog a couple of years ago. How am I supposed to follow that ladies act! Give out freshly baked bread or something? Oh yeah, a lot of people complained to me about the lightbox, saying that the photos wouldn't enlarge very much.

    Lolamouse - Thanks Lola! I agree with you. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to see some really great things.

    Sharon W - Thanks Sharon! Nature really knows how to set up a great scene.

    Dawn - Thanks so much Dawn! I'm with you! The trip and exploring new things is always my favorite part of travel.

  27. Gorgeous photos, Pat! Big EEP on thta cliff shot - I'd be terrified. I remember some equally dodgy roads in Italy.

  28. The photos are beautiful but I think I would find the cliff a bit scary for me.

  29. Dang! What a name? Bet tourism ain't so great in the rainy months. As usual majestic photo-beauts.

  30. Okay, if I'm to be honest here, I would have seriously crapped my pants if I had been in that jeep (first photo). Seriously. Your photography is impressive, as always. Beautiful scenery, and you know how to capture it just right....but please, be careful on those skinny non-roads. :)

  31. We were in that area last spring but we sure didn't travel any roads like that!

  32. This is some beautiful country, but you are right about the scary aspect.

    Tossing It Out

  33. Stunning views! No way could I drive on that road in the first pic. Yikes!

  34. Talli - Thanks Talli! It really wasn't too bad. I guess that's because we were in control and not a bus driver!

    Clarissa - Thanks Clarissa. It was a bit scary, but worth every inch!

    Jesse - I'm pretty sure you are right. There weren't even many people around when we were there. Thanks!

    Marlene - Nah! It wasn't THAT bad. It was worth it just, just to see all the scenery. ! We are always careful, but we really need to get a winch.

    Martha Z - Even without hitting the backroads, I'm sure you found it to be beautiful.

    Arlee - It sure was! We're getting more confident with round spots every time we go out.

    missing moments - They sure were! If you wanted to get from a to be, you'd have to!

  35. what an adventurous life you lead. the road would have un-nerved me a bit, but that wouldn't have stopped me. the photos are spectacular. well worth enlarging I say. happy weekend to you Pat.

  36. And I thought our mountain road was scary! What gorgeous photographs Pat, you sure look to be living the dream - I would love to visit some of the places you've taken us to, you are so fortunate to have the opportunity to explore them!

  37. The trek sounds absolutely fantastic and I want to do it too :)

    And I did enlarge the last picture, looks even more amazing when bigger in size!

  38. I would love to follow your footsteps/tire tracks someday. This looks like a wonderful trip. I love the pictures and the bottom one is my favorite too!

  39. Ms. Becky - Yep! I'm happy to report that at least now the adventures are legal and not dysfunctional in any way! Thanks so much! We are having a lot of fun.

    Shrinky - Thanks so much! My whole life has been a dream. Too bad the dream in the first half was mostly nightmare... We are very fortunate and worked hard to get here. You would be surprised at how little money we spend on our roadtrips.

    Siddhartha - thanks so much! I truly appreciate it.

  40. °º♪♫
    º° ✿♫ ♪♫°
    Olá, amigo!
    Passei para uma visitinha.
    É impressionante o colorido da paisagem... é diferente e bonito.
    º° ✿♫ ♪♫°

  41. I love landscape photos. There's something haunting about the emptiness inside them... the only presence being everything that is absent of us... until we snap that photo and become part of it.

    Very nice photos, Pat. It seems you've been enjoying quite the traveling time! I hope you're enjoying it all.


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  43. Talk about "a road less traveled." I would have been sooo scared, but sometimes, you just gotta push thru the fear. And you did. And boy was it worth it. The views are amazing!

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  45. wow, those views are terrific!
    thanks for sharing your fantastic shots!
    love those rough territories.:)

  46. Jeep trails aren't fun until you have to make turns that lift one wheel off the ground, and the fall-off is 1000 feet.

  47. Love your extreme photography treks. Excellent photos.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  48. This are amazing pictures...the last two stand out for me. The red of the hills and yellow of the plains make an awesome picture.

  49. Love all these photos, but especially the final one. So many beautiful colors! Amazing!

  50. I think we were on that road with you. I hate those sheer drops offs. Whenever my husband says 'look at that view' I scream, 'Quit looking and watch the road!!!!!!'

    Gorgeous country.

    Next time head slightly south and we'll have you guys for coffee.

  51. Pat, I love this post! I lived for 8 years in Palisade, which is just a few miles east of Grand Junction. One of our favorite roads took us southwest into Utah. Someday when I get it together I'll post pix from that road. Your photos bring it back, although your area here is more colorful and more scary :)

  52. you guys must have had one hell of an adventure. the terrain looks amazing and the fact that you had such a capable car must have added to the fun

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