Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snow Canyon Utah - Jenny's Overlook

I'm not really clear on exactly who Jenny was, but they named this overlook after her. While not a long trail, it was pretty steep and rough. There was apparently an easier path to the top, but of course we missed that one! Some of these pics are on the way up and some on the way down. The last photo is the "view" from the overlook. I'd enlarge that one, because it looks much better that way.

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  1. So I'm time I find myself in Utah- will you come be my tour guide?? These places are stunning!

  2. wasn't sure if I was supposed to enlarge above or below, so I enlarged both. Did you see my pics at My Alternate Reality

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I wonder if it is "Jenny" as in "donkey?"

  4. Jenny had a lot to look over! So pretty!

  5. Beautiful Snow Canyon! I love those red rocks.

  6. i thought the same thing - thought Jenny was a burro that had to carry someone on this trail!

  7. These pictures are excellent!I imagine a feeling of peace for the opportunity to explore and walk in so beautiful place!
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. whoa, what beauty. I've always wanted to go to Utah - most of my favorite westerns were filmed there. or at least it looks that way. I want to ride a horse there! great shots Pat. happy day to you.

  9. Wonder how long it would take to be rescued from a place like that? I'd have to know things like that, before I would even attempt it!

  10. utah is fabulous!

    great views and shots.
    i did enlarge some of them...and i was literally wowed!

  11. The red rock-blue sky combo makes for great pictures.

  12. I wonder how far this is from SLC? My daughter is moving there after Christmas, and I'm sure I'll be visiting at some point. This looks beautiful.

  13. Difficult or not, looks like it was worth the hike!

  14. So beautiful!! Makes me want to go visit Snow Canyon. :)

  15. Gorgeous! We were to Snow Canyon in June 2008. See if any of these images look familiar. =) We didn't do much hiking because it was pretty darn hot at that time of year.

  16. Great place to walk! I hope I can walk in the desert again.

  17. Looks like a great place for a hike.


  18. Oh, I'd like it if an overlook were named for me. Lovely, Pat.

  19. Wow, Jenny had some spectacular views to overlook, didn't she?

  20. A beautiful place to visit and explore Patrick.

  21. You found some stunning places to hike!

  22. Dawn - I'm not from there, so I need a guide myself. We ususually find the off the beaten path places (and paths) on the internet or by talking to locals. But even if you just went to the national parks, you'd be busy for a month. We even heard about an old jeep road that goes all the way to Canada from southern utah.

    Budd - Thanks Budd. I didn't even know you had another blog. I'll be sure to check it out!

    laughingmom - You know, I never even thought of that (female donkey is a Jenny). I figured somebody named it after a girl or woman. So how hard could the trail be? Now I get it...

    Bossy Betty - Hey Betty! There's way to much to see around that area.

    KarenG - I can't wait to get back there. Maybe next time we'll camp right in the place.

    TexWisGirl - I guess I was just a little (like forever) slow on the uptake on the Jenny angle.

    Leia - Thanks so much! It is a beautiful place. Not very many other people around there also.

    Brian - It's a doozy!

    Ms. Becky - Yep, many movies filmed there. Before we were in Utah on this trip we were in Sedona Az. A ton of movies filmed there as well. Thanks Becky!

    Ms. A - We're not always smart about where we go. For instance, we REALLY need to get a winch on our jeep, because we are usually the only people around where we go. I do always worry abit about rattle snakes though, and there are plenty of them in this area.

  23. Betty M - It sure is! Thanks Betty!

    Robyn - Hi Robyn! I agree! Add a few white clouds to the mix and it's all there.

    Marlene - I think Salt Lake City is about 270 miles from this place. Seriously, there is just too much to see in this part of the country.

    Alex - It was very nice. There's another place close to there called Jenny's canyon that we went to also. It's a slot canyon and pretty cool.

    Baby Sister - You are probably the closest one here to it. go go go...

    Lindy MacDuff - I went to your old blog post and you have some great photos! These photos were taken in September and it was warm and very nice.

    Belle - Although I don't really like the heat, I love the desert and the people who live there.

    Kay - It sure is. I can't wait to get back.

    altadena - Maybe there is an overlook named for you and you just "overlooked" it....yeehaw!

    Shrinky - She sure did! Now I have to find out the real story about "Jenny." Was she a female donkey or a person?

  24. Costas - Hello! It was indeed a beautiful place. I'll be over to catch up on your fantastic photos and travels.

    missingmoments - Yes, much fun (and exercise).

    Mama Zen - thanks so much!

  25. Love that place! That awesome red rock. Awesome southern Utah scenery. Jen and I lived for over four (very hot) years in St. George so we've seen this, but I don't have any such gorgeous photographs (I think I didn't have a camera back then :o( There are some amazing overlooks, and very long, steep trails.

    Jenny's Overlook. Have to say my daughter Jen turns up her nose at the name. She hates Jenny. Anyone slips and calls her this, she glares at them. :o) (She'll tolerate Jennifer, her real name, but that's it...)
    Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

  26. The contrast of the red rocks against the blue of the sky is beautiful. Utah has amazing places to explore.
    Great shots, Pat.

  27. ♡°
    º° ♥✿
    Olá, amigo!
    Lugar lindo e diferente, com todos esses tons avermelhados, bom para uma caminhada tranquila respirando ar puro.
    Suas imagens estão muito lindas.
    Bom fim de semana!


  28. Ann - Me too! Yes, it gets pretty hot in St. George. If you like the outdoors, there is plenty to do and see. We have some friends who live in Dammeron Valley which is about twenty miles from St. George and about 2000 feet in elevation. So it's about 15 degrees cooler than St. George.

    Pam - It sure does! I think we're going to go there a couple times a year until we at least see most of it.

    Magia - Hello to you my friend! Yes, it is very serene and RED! Thank you very much...

  29. Looks like you two had perfect weather for your wonderful hike, Pat. Gorgeous. It won't surprise you that I like it like this, solitary and remote (but with a partner). How far did you two walk/hike? And how far off the beaten trail is this? Think I might want to learn some anti-rattler tactics... ;-)

    [Thanks much for your kind and encouraging words, too, Pat! I agree that subject and composition trumps technical perfection.]

  30. gorgeous images of a gorgeous place, which is a must-see!

    great views!

  31. Francisca - It was pretty hot on this particular day, but we still loved it. The distance wasn't too far, like you, I'm always very aware of snakes. My pleasure on the last part.

    Betty M - Thanks Betty! Nature did about 90% of the work for me.


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