Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Angela Davis

I just went through a pretty long period without a hair cut. It got so bushy that I wouldn't leave the house without a hat on.  There is no telling what I'd do to my hair if I was a woman.

It's like steel wool and if I don't have gel in it, I look kinda like Angela Davis. If you don't know who she is, maybe you remember the free Angela poster people used to hang in their houses, or maybe this button. This was way back in the day, so most of you probably don't know who she was. I'm not black, or even a woman, but ungelled and grown out, I do sport a wickedly awesome natural Afro...

Love her or hate her, nobody can deny that this brave and brilliant woman made an impact on America. She was an outspoken political activist in the 60's and 70's and most definitely an agent of change.  I didn't agree with everything she said or did, but she was willing to pay whatever price needed, to get her message out. And she did pay a heavy price. Angela Davis turns 67 this month.

If you have no idea who I'm talking about, a quick trip to google would be well worth your time.
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  1. Seeing this button sure took me back! I tried to ignore all the political stuff of that era. Not too difficult since I was just starting married life and had two babies in two years.

  2. Really? As big an afro as all that??? I did google AD and had a good read. It is interesting that she went on to be so successful and influential for all these years. I had no true knowledge of this woman, just recognize her picture from the 70's. She got lumped into the black panther/hippie movement in my subconscious all those years ago. LIve and learn.
    ps. I got a hair cut too last week. I had to have a professional even out the hack job I did on myself after Christmas and in between travelling to the boat. "Look good, feel better" is a motto that the Canadian Cancer Society promotes for women with breast cancer. It works for me every time and I don't even have cancer. :)

  3. I read it and my mind wonders how can the world's greatest democracy targets some one for just being communist...(I never liked Reagan dislike him all the more now) its just an ideology like any other, and the criminal case is remnant of some cases framed on the poor here.
    I can never dream of such hair.

  4. I had heard of her back in those days Patrick.
    A really courageous woman.

  5. i've heard of her. will have to do some reading. :)

  6. Hi Pat, Thanks for the trip through memory lane and the totally necessary information about your hair :-) Love the post. My opinion? Don't cut it! I certainly remember Angela, but I'm amazed at how little I actually knew about the politics. She was radical and hip, and that was enough to make me like her. Also, I think I secretly always wished I could grow an Afro. Enjoy your hair-itage!

  7. i've heard of her. what a courageous woman!
    thanks for sharing.

  8. Great post. I wanted to share that I'm working on a documentary about Angela Davis that being released in 2012. There's Free Angela Facebook page where the filmmaker is posting info about the creative process, and we've put up a holding page at freeangelafilm dot com. Feel free to sign up for email alerts and release information.

  9. My Dad says he remembers...when he had hair!

  10. If I could find an appropriate hat, I'd be more than happy to wear one and cover up my mop. Guys are lucky regarding hat wearing! (and not having to worry about makeup, or bras, etc...)

    Be glad you have hair! Hubby would love still have hair to stress over.

  11. I do know who she is! Crap I'm getting old...

  12. Seriously, I remember that. She stomped on the terra...Lord Buckley say that.

  13. I do remember Angela Davis, afros
    and even bell bottom jeans...
    thanks for the trek down memory lane...

  14. I do remember Angela, in fact I think I may have had one of those buttons. She was one very brave woman and one of my heroes of the era.

  15. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.. you are right, Pat.. like her or not, she was an instrument of change.

  16. I had no idea we were FRO Bro's too! My College ID--my hair didn't fit in the little picture box!


  17. I remember hearing the name Angela Davis back in the day, and I do remember the posters, but I wasn't really up on what she was all about.. in the '70's I was too busy with typical teenage girl stuff, lol! I will google her middle son has hair that grows out sideways, instead of down..he keeps it short now, but when he was little I loved to let his hair grow out, it was so wavy and bushy! I remember back then when someone, black or white, had a big afro, we used to say that they had 'a big effed up Michael Jackson afro'...I guess that's dating me..remembering when Michael Jackson had an afro! Have a fantastic day Pat! Looking forward to seeing more of your pics! :)

  18. KarenG - To me, that era changed EVERYTHING! Mostly for the better.

    Rosemary - Well, maybe not as big as that. I was mostly in a haze during that period, but I alway thought she was amazing. My wife cuts her own hair sometimes. She always cuts mine!

    Rek - During that time period, it wasn't just about the communist thing. There was a major racial component to it as well. America was starting to see that african-americans were no longer willing to stay in the background.

    Costas - She was very courageous and brilliant also.

    TexWisGirl - It's good reading because she was very interesting.

    tapirgal - it started out to be just about my hair, but then it hit me that what a better way to lead into Ms Davis.

    Betty - You are welcome Betty. She is one of the reasons, that we progressed.

    dglexprt - Thanks so much for the information. I'll be sure to check it out. Also, thanks for finding my post and commenting.

  19. Brian - That is funny Brian. I almost wish I had less of it!

    Ms. A - Oh yeah! I agree that my gender got the better end of the deal. I am happy to have hair, but if it were up to me, I'd probably buzz it.

    Alex - Aren't we all my friend!

    becca - It sure is. Young folks should know who she is. No doubt, she was one of the most influental american women, ever...

    Chuck - "...and left the terrain so much more beautiful for having done so!"

    faye - My pleasure! I'm glad I was alive and old enough to remember that period.

    SquirrelQueen - Mine also! I'm happy you are familiar with her.

    Pam - She sure was! Sometimes, unpopular means have to be used.

  20. John - if mine is short or long it doesn't tend to look like that, but mid-range, wow!

    Eve - My favorite afro of all time, was worn by my favorite basketball player of all time. Julius Erving. I have a lot more pics to post, but also a ton of text posts that are stacking up! I gotta get busy...

  21. I don't know anything about this woman but I do love her hair. Which reminds me, I need a haircut.

  22. Cherish that hair, Pat. Maybe you should even grow it out more! Tell your wife to cut exotic shapes in it, like topiary. (I'm not kidding--it would definitely be an interesting sight, maybe even a beautiful one.)

  23. Takes me back ! I know the history and what she did back then, but I will Google to learn the rest of her story (besides just turning 67...not that that isn't an accomplishment in itself, of course (or at least I think it was if I remember ;>)

  24. I'm disappointed there's no photo of you in your 'fro. I remember Angela Davis. this post makes me a bit nostalgic for those times. I am going to Google her though! happy day to you Pat.

  25. Lovin that 'fro!

    yes I have heard of her.. amazing woman..

    Wow the baby boomers are getting up there huh.. 67... guess that's not good news for us either.. We're next!


  26. She turns 67 as will I latter this year. I'm afraid I was too busy with small children to pay much attention to politics. Except for the war. I can remember looking at my infant son and thinking of all the other sons being sacrificed and never voted Republican.
    I do admire those that have the courage of their convictions as long as it does not include violence.
    Along those lines, we visited Locke, California recently and I will have a post Monday. Another case of racial discrimination, and the treatment of the Chinese reminds me of our current treatment of Hispanics.

  27. º°❤
    Bom fim de semana!
    º° ✿ ✿⊱╮

  28. Clarissa - You don't see hair like that much anymore!

    Margaret - Belive me, I do! Topiary! That's too funny!

    Sallie - Oh yeah! that's an accomplishment for sure!

    Ms. Becky - I guess it's just big, not really a good afro though. I'm nostalgic for those times also. I just wish I'd been a bit different then myself.

    Anthony - She sure was (and is). Yep, we're getting there. Me a lot closer than you though!

    Martha Z - Congrats on that! I've never been to Locke myself, but I do know the story. Lot's of tragedies in our history...

    Magia - Thanks so much!

  29. Wow, I'm imagining you with hair like that now... stylish, I'm sure! :)

    Happy weekend, Pat.

  30. I thought it was an old Jackson 5 photo. Ok, I'll google.

  31. I recognized her picture, but I had to do a little bit of reading to see who she was. The image of you with a fro is priceless. I've always thought it'd be kinda fun to have one. But the grass is always greener on the other side, so it probably drives you crazy.

  32. YaY to women and men who step outside the box and make the world a better place! Just questioning the status quo is good already. Angela Davis is one of those, even if not everything she said and did sits well with me. I'm not as left as she is, and never was as radical, but I did once write a paper on prisoners' human rights in Canada and had to read a lot of American jurisprudence for reference (ugly reading!). I don't know why I know of her (being in Europe then), but I do; yet more the then than now.

    My hair is too soft to be really afro, but when my hair was thicker I sure did have big curly hair! My honey says, "then you had a big fuzzy ball; now it's a small fuzzy ball"... He doesn't notice when I get my hair cut and he doesn't see the difference between a good hair and bad hair day. LOL!

    See you again when I get out of China.

  33. I like your descrip of your hair. I think my youngest son's would resemble fact, he has a photo somewhere of his wiry hair brushed out and sticking out all over. He looks like a white Sly Stone.

  34. Cal - Well, she sure was radical in her day! Pretty interesting still... Hope you are doing well!

    Talli - Truth be told, mine never looked exactly like that. Still pretty big though!

    altadenahiker - That's funny! Same hair though!

    Baby Sister - Hey there! I always wanted to have thin hair, so I think you are right. The grass is always greener over the septic tank...

    Francisca - I'm pretty sure she got some ink overseas also. I also, didn't always agree with her, but I sure did admire who she was and what she did. Have a good trip home!

    California Girl - I might have overstated it a bit... That's what I have to do, to make it really big. Although, when I wake up, it's pretty big!

  35. In the 70's my hair seemed like it had a mind of it's own,sometimes it looked like an afro and other times not but it was always a mess. These days I keep it short or wear hat. Other than being black (half in my case) I doubt I have anything in common with Angela or the other black panthers. Interesting history though. :)

  36. I actually read her book "Women, Race and Class" a few years back. I have the same feelings about her-- don't agree with everything she says, but she's brilliant.

    Also, I'm always shocked how little my hair needs to grow out in order to look really, really bad.

  37. they're doing a thing on Independent Lens (PBS) during Black History Month. She's interviewed. You wouldn't recognize her. Man, was she controversial in L.A. My dad thought she was out to overthrow the govt. It's easy to forget how high emotions and anger ran in the late 60s/early 70s. Kinda puts today's anger in perspective. Unfortunately, we still have too many people disenfranchised, under the poverty line, without a voice.


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