Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Odd Sights

Just a few odd things I've seen in the past couple of weeks. I've had a lot going on recently and I promise, I'll get back to "real" posts very soon...

I was trying to take a photo of the two deer in the photo. They were heading up that hill and I had to shoot from the hip (not very well).  I thought the yellow thing was just some kind of farm machinery, or plumbing thing.  It's a small submarine!  Submarines aren't all that rare, but submarines sitting on top of a mountain at over 5000 feet above sea level, is very rare...

Everybody knows what rabbits are because they are pretty much everywhere. BUT, this is not a cute little cottontail. It's also not very good to eat.  It's a jack rabbit. They are more wild animal than bunny. I bet this guy was twenty pounds.

It's strange enough that these woodpeckers are making holes in this cabin. It's even more strange that they seem to be doing it in the shape of a square.

Of course there are always abandoned and/or junk cars in the desert. This one just happens to be a Plymouth Barracuda and pretty valuable.

Sorry, I just couldn't help snapping this one. Just one more reason not to smoke! The stub of a finger, was a real bonus.
This post was just for fun, real stuff coming up next...



  1. I think the yellow thing was a 'Photographer Catcher'. Better watch out.

  2. But these are fun to see and read, Pat! Well, at least until the last photo :-) that's a die hard habit!

  3. Don't know about 'just fun' - it's fascinating. I expect you left graffiti on the submarine, saying 'Noah woz here.'?

  4. Love the submarine one! Very odd indeed...

  5. Woodpeckers must be practicing their geometry or something. And a submarine in the high desert! Noah's Sub?

  6. Amazing photos. Love the submarine...that's a story ready to be written.

  7. loved all this randomness! the yellow submarine has GOT to belong to a Beatles fan, don't you think? :)

  8. As odd as some of these sights seem, they also are flavored with inspiration. The first one and the one with the bird pecking just gave me a scene idea.


  9. You can never go wrong on urban decay. The desert is always a best place to stop for photo opportunities.

    We will be going there next weekend, hope it does not rain cause LA as that fforecast.

  10. A great funny post again Patrick. Great photographs once more.

  11. ha! these are great! i just can't help but wonder what happened to that jackalope's antlers, though.

  12. Looks like the jack rabbit is taking a dump. And that ain't good eatin', either.

  13. Those we fun, especially the rabbit!

  14. I love this kind of post. When I pay attention to what's around me, I'm amazed at the random and interesting things I see. Things that had been there all along that I never had noticed. I love the yellow submarine. Wish I knew the story behind that one!

  15. Great collection of oddities, thanks Pat :-)

  16. Those woodpeckers pecking on that cabin, is distressing.

    I'll be the owner of that barracuda didn't think it was very valuable, given the circumstances. Guess it depends on how far they had to walk, or if they caught a ride!

  17. Jerry - I think you are right Jerry! It sure caught me.

    Icy BC - I think what I like best about small towns (especially in the desert) is all the odd things you see. I agree, that last one was pretty harsh.

    Esther - Very fascinating. No, I didn't leave any graffiti. It's on private property.

    Talli - Me too! I just saw it a while ago also. I think I'll be able to find out where it came from.

    Alex - This is much higher than the high desert, which makes it even more strange. Maybe Noah...

    baygirl - Me too! I've been here many times and never realized what I was looking at in the distance.

  18. Clarissa - I fully intend to find out exactly what the story is on that thing!

    TexWisGirl - Oh yeah, pretty random for sure. I agree with you. If it wasn't yellow when they got it, I'm sure they'd paint it.

    SA Larsen - Inspiration is everywhere! I'm glad that something here inspired you...

    Ebie - I'm with you! I hate to see it happen, but it's always very interesting. We are here today and it is raining! None scheduled for next week though.

    Costas - Thanks Costas! Hope you are doing well!

    Ven - That is so funny! Whenever I see a Jack rabbit, I think of a "Jackalope!"

  19. Al - Nothing about these are good eating. Our cats used to love them though.

    Brian - Thanks Brian! I'm easily amused...

    #1Nana - Thanks! I love them also. As soon as I find out the story, I'll let you know!

    Nat - My pleasure Nat. Another odd thing is that the property is owned by the California Wolf Center. That makes the deer being there just as odd as the submarine!

    Ms A - There is one that is much worse than that. It has hundreds of holes in it. I'm surprised somebody has taken it away with a trailer.

  20. Great pics Pat. Except for the Barracuda. Seeing a classic car rotting away seriously makes me want to cry. Hope all is well!

  21. The ears on a jackrabbit are so huge, they always surprise me. A submarine? What a funny thing to find out there in the sticks! I used to date a guy who owned a Barracuda. They were very cool cars back in the day.

  22. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Good eye, Patrick.

  23. Just goes to show ya what a crazy world we live in.
    Fantastic captures, Pat. I especially liked the yellow submarine.. whats that tune playing in my head?

    ps, there is a link to the RV park at the end of my post.

  24. I wonder if there are bugs that the woodpeckers are getting that are along the lines they have pecked. The square is strange.

  25. Groovy! Up here we're inundated by Jack rabbits. I bet if you were to tear away that siding you'd probably find bees.

  26. Barb - thanks! It really bothered me also. There are awesome old cars, mostly trucks actually, rotting away around houses in the desert. All is well with me, I hope the same is true with you.

    Belle - On the big ones, their ears a foot long! I'm going to look up Barracudas and see how much they are worth now.

    Rosemary - It sure is! I found beauty in all of these pics, except for the stubbed finger... Enjoy your trip!

    Pak - It sure is! I've had the same tune in my head all day. Thanks for the link!

    Carly - it's not bugs! They are making holes to store acorns in! I don't know if woodpeckers everywhere do this, but these guys do it.

  27. We are going on Saturday, I hope to see you there! Hehehehe, like we have met face to face (????)

  28. Hey maybe it's noahs. Oh wait, that'd be an ark.

  29. We couldn't ALL live in a Yellow Submarine as evidenced in your phenomenal pic--Hear, Hear, said the Rabbit, Little Wood--or Vinyl Pekkers? I'll bet he was a Carpenter and it was an Oxymoron to say he used a SKILL saw, BUTT He knuckled under the pressure!

    You are a treasure!


  30. Hi Patrick! I love that last photo! So great in black and white! Real stuff? Can we handle it?

  31. Lol. I loved these pictures. Especially the submarine. Hilarious!! I'm glad I don't smoke, I like all of my fingers where they are. :)

  32. hope to see a picture of a jackalope coming up.

  33. Warren - There may be bees, but it seems the only intent of the woodpeckers is to store an acorn in each and every hole. They go back later and punch a hole in the end of the acorn to get inside of it. Then they sometimes put another acorn in it. Pretty odd...

    Ebie - We'll be going during the week. I can't wait to get down there, it is VERY cold up here...

    Jesse - A couple other people said Noah also! That's pretty funny! I'm thinking it might belong to the Jacque Cousteau.

    John - You are indeed the Punmaster General! I'm going to get to the bottom of it! There has to be a story there somewhere.

    Bossy Betty - HEY there! My family thought it was pretty gross that I was taking pics of the guys hand, but I just had no choice in the matter. We CAN handle it... At least some of us can.

    Baby Sister - Thanks! If the guy let that cigarette get any shorter, it's going to burn off another finger.

    Budd - Everytime I see one of these big boys, I think of jackalope...

  34. Hey Pat! I'm so glad you're feeling the pics! Maybe we DO all live in a yellow submarine..with the deer! These are such good and interesting photos, as usual!

  35. If the rabbit was white I'd have another song stuck in my head along with Yellow Submarine, oooo Barracuda and The Woody Woodpecker Song.:) Cool finds!
    The bottom photo is excellent!

  36. great finds! great selection of oddities.

    how strange that one with the two woodpeckers.

    the last photo is really brilliant!

  37. Always fun to capture something unique, but I'm wondering how that submarine got there.

  38. Eve - Thanks! I'm doing very well! More unusual than good, I had to shoot that first one from the hip with no time for adjustments at all. Ergo, the blur!

    James - Thanks James! And now I have all four songs fighting for airtime in my head!

    Sallie - Then it must be true!

    Betty M - Thanks Betty! I'm betting there are hundreds of thousands of these holes in the trees around here. They are everywhere. Thanks about the last pic. It's my favorite of the group also.

  39. Pat, I lost the end of one finger, too, but I bet my story is better than his. No, I don't smoke. It was bitter off by a... You got it :---

  40. This was a very fun and fascinating post, Pat. I especially like the submarine at 5000 feet.
    Be well.

  41. Eeek, that should be "bitten" off, but it may have been bitter, because he spit it out. He was not one of mine. He belonged to the San Diego Zoo.

  42. Cool shot of the jackrabbit, I haven't seen one of those in quite awhile. The sub is a mystery, I would love to hear the story of how it got there.

  43. These are just wonderful. I love the car one and the smokers hand. Despite the habit, it is a stunning photo

  44. Hi Pat! When I inbiggened that last photo I was kinda/sorta grossed out by the finger stub!

    hee hee.

  45. A yellow submarine? What the hell? lol... Great shots pat.. i love a good decay... im working on a video poem right now using an abandoned building...

    Love it!

  46. Ok, you saw a yellow submarine in the mountains, a barracuda in the desert and a guy who appears to have dismembered himself to create a better flow for his cigarette ash. You live in an interesting world my friend.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Lindy - I think somebody took it up there just to mess with my mind.

    tapirgal - A tapir? Oh man! Really?

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! It looks pretty odd up there, that's for sure.

    tapirgal - I'd like to know more about that story!

    SQ - We saw a couple of them the other day, that were huge! I'm not sure who owns the land that it's on, but I'll try to find out.

    Mynx - Thanks so much! That is my favorite of the group also.

  49. missing moments - He sure was! No mistaking that guy for a bunny!

    Jenny - Hey Jenny! It is a little gross looking, but to me, the most gross thing about the photo is how short the cigarette is that he's smoking.

    Anthony - That's what I said! The best thing about decay, is that it means that there is some old stuff still around.

    Darryl and Ruth - Ha! That is so funny! If I had a comment of the day, this would probably be it!

    Blue Wave - Thanks so much!

  50. Wonderful photos with delicious colors and nice details. I love them. Greetings and good weekend.


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