Monday, January 30, 2012

Not Something You See Everyday

...but, in the desert, you should never be surprised at what you see! (which is why I love it so much)

feel free to embiggen any of these
How about a 400 foot long Sea Serpent in the middle of nowhere?

The metal work in this thing was amazing

My wife is standing by the head to give it some scale.  It's big!

I didn't know that Sea Serpents had rattle snake tails.

Wife not needed for scale, she's just photo bombing...

You can't touch this thing during the summer, when it gets up to about 115 degrees on a regular basis.

Just gotta love the textures and colors.

The artist created statues all over this section of the Anza-Borrego desert. They are near the little desert town of Borrego Springs. There is one stop light in town, but no others for about 50 miles. We're camped about 40 miles from here and regularly come down the mountain to explore. Most of the art in desert areas falls into the "folk art" category, but these are big time sculptures. The same artist has done many other pieces in the area, I'll post some of them in a future post.



  1. Wow! Amazing stuff! The way the different shades of the metal seems to glow really makes it look like real scales! Glad you put your wife in for perspective too (and so we could see your beautiful wife!)

  2. That is fantastic!! So cool! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. But how many people are able to find them in the desert?

  4. Now that would grab your attention while you were flying down the highway.

  5. That would be such a surprise to come upon! It's HUGE!

  6. Yes, you're right, beautiful sculpture, I love that dragon.

  7. What an amazing piece of art and workmanship.
    I can't imagine the fortitude it took to building this huge master piece out of medal in the heat of the desert.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome sight, Pat.
    Be well n happy,
    Pam :)

  8. That is amazing. I usually don't love sculpture. But that fits the environment perfectly. Hopefully I'll wander by it someday. Your travels are pretty darn cool.

  9. That is so amazing. I think my son would love to go see that.

  10. that is GORGEOUS!!! love it! i'd be happy with a much smaller model to erect here at Run*A*Round!

  11. I still have not gotten down that way to take photos. I've always wanted to go in the spring when the wild flowers are blooming but don't think they will be very good this year since we have not had much rain. My late husband would never drive me down there because he said it was too far from home. Over 100 miles one way.

  12. That's beautiful!!! I've seen dinosaurs in the desert and funky buildings, but never a sea serpent!!! One of these days I need to head to the Anza Borrego desert!!

  13. Awesome! Do you think this incredible dragon sans water had it's start as a koi fish? Pretty lucky if it did!

  14. That is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while!

  15. incredibly amazing!
    i could have never thought of that!
    great find!

    wonderful photos, pat!

    have a great week ahead!

  16. That is fantastic! Wouldn't it have been something if one of the loops was high enough to pass over the road (I guess that might be a problem for trucks, though).

  17. That is SO AWESOME!!! It shows up so great with the dessert backdrop! Impressive!

    I can only imagine how hot it gets in the summer. The radiant heat might make getting close to it quite toasty, and touching it impossible.

  18. Reminds me of the movie Tremors! Only prettier...=-)

  19. you miss cool movies becuase you are out seeing really cool real life things. You can catch the movies later.

    great pics and awesome statue guy that builds random statues in the desert.

  20. That sea serpent is an awesome sight. Wish the artist would come build one in our desert. :)

  21. Great find, Pat. I especially like the first photo where the humps mirror the mountains in a different color and material.

  22. Wow! That is one incredible sculpture!

  23. That is AWESOME!

    I have an old blog template and I'm not sure if it's still available.

    Here's s cut and paste of it.
    "Blogger Template Style
    Name: Minima
    Designer: Douglas Bowman
    Date: 26 Feb 2004
    Updated by: Blogger Team"

    I just remembered that I customized the HTML settings to allow larger photos and to center them. However I'm not 100% sure how I did it. Let me know you are able to get the Minima template and if you need help customizing it. :)

  24. That's wild. Kind of a cross between Bettlejuice(?) and Tremors. Pretty cool actually. Great pics.

  25. oh wow!! That's truly gorgeous. I wonder if I could fit one in my backyard... ;)

  26. Wow. That thing is amazing. Very appropriate for the Year of the Dragon. What are sea serpents anyway?? Underwater dragons.

  27. I love this Pat! I'm going to google and find out more about these sculptures. I'd love to see them one day. It looks fantastic out there in the desert and I love the photos you took.

  28. Stunning. I love art in surprising places and that is so gorgeous

  29. Who could have expected this dragon in the middle of the desert? That is the coolest thing! I was in Anza Borrego once but didn't see the dragon. I wish I had. Thanks for the photos, Pat.

  30. Vague reminiscence of 'Dune'. Cool.

  31. those shots and that serpent is amazing..

  32. Too cool! Thank you for sharing photos of a new place that hubby and I now need to visit! ;-)

  33. On a SCALE of 1-10 I'd hate to be DRAGGIN that thing out to the Desert!
    Your wife is so lovely beside it!

    Great post Pat!



    And I so meant to tell you how much I covet the Word EMBIGGEN!!!! I want it to be mine! I Love it!

  34. That is HUGE! Is it made of iron, and rusted?

  35. Lola - I'm not sure how he got all the different colors, but it sure did look amazing! I told my wife what you said. She said thanks!

    SA Larsen - Thank you! It was my pleasure...

    Alex - It takes a little bit of doing, but it's fairly easy to find the general area.

    M.D. - It sure did! Especially because it appears to be under the road as you pass.

    EG Wow - There are many more sculptures in the general area. I'll show some next week.

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi! I loved it also.

  36. Pam - It's a big surprise to see things this intricate in the middle of the desert, that's for sure. My pleasure Pam!

    Matthew - It sure blew my mind! This is why I love the desert. You just never know!

    Sharon - Thanks Sharon! We are pretty lucky to have some freedom to roam. We do have to do it on the cheap though. No fancy restaurants or resorts though.

    Clarissa - It sure was amazing. It's very close to the border. Have you been to the area?

    TexWisGirl - Oh yeah! Maybe part of it sticking out of your pond!

    Kay - The spring is amazing! They never have much rain in Anza-Borrego, so no worry! It's about 100 miles from where we live also.

  37. TBFKA - It's easy to love! Not so much in the summer though...

    TheChieftess - Thanks! I hope you do get to go. There is so much to do and see in this area. Interesting people also.

    Sparkle - It might have been a koi! I'm thinking maybe more likely an old water tank or scrap metal!

    Brian - I agree! It's even more amazing in real life! It's so darn big!

    Betty M - Thanks Betty! Art is just about everywhere in one form or another. You have a great week also.

    SKIZO - Thank so much! I appreciate it.

  38. This is absolutely amazing. You are my hero!

  39. Wow, Pat. That is awesome... Iaughed at your comment about touching that thing in the middle of summer... Ouch!!!!!

    Isn't it amazing how talented some people are???? I really like that art work.. Thanks for sharing..

  40. Al Penwasser - I thought the same thing Al. That would have been amazing! I don't think there are many trucks on that road, so it may have worked...

    Ms. A - Thanks! I wish there would have been a bright blue sky with some nice clouds also. In the state park it says hiking can be deadly, so I imagine touching this thing would be painful!

    KaLynn - That's funny! I thought about that when I first saw it.

    Budd - Thanks Budd! I'm thinking of getting Netflix so I can see movies while on the road. I'd like to do both.

    Ricky - It sure was!

    M Pax - It sure was! I'm sure he'd come there for a price!

  41. Tapirgal - Thanks! I like the first one also! But every part of it is amazing in it's detail.

    Nat - It sure was Nat!

    James - Thanks James! Thanks for info also. I really need to do something to allow larger photos in the posts.

    Mary - Hi Mary! Thanks so much! it was an amazing place.

    Barb - That's too funny! It was indeed a cool thing.

    becca - Very Cool! We were the only people there also. that was nice.

  42. Lynda - You could fit one in your back yard if you have a big mother of a yard!

    Random Thinker - I hadn't thought about the year of the dragon at all. I'm not sure what sea serpents are. This one had a tail like a rattlesnake though.

    Belle - I'm going to post some more of the guys sculptures next week and I'll include the background info also! thanks Belle!

    Mynx - I'm with you and the desert is a great place to find unexpected art of all kinds.

    Robyn - Not me, that's for sure. I don't think this thing has been there for very long. My pleasure my friend.

    Jerry - It sure was! A little bit eerie...

    faye - Thanks faye! It was truly amazing!

  43. Linda - You are welcome! I hope you go. If you do, make time for a great meal at Carlee's. It's just down the road.

    John - You may use Embiggen at your leisure sir! I'm sure I stole it from someone anyway...

    Carly - Huge indeed! It looked to be rested scrap iron!

    Stickup Artist - Why thank you! I could use a little hero worship! LOL!

    Betsy - thanks Betsy! I loved it also. It looks like an amazing project...

  44. wow thats amazing work, i have never seen a metal sculpture like that
    i want to visit there someday

  45. Hi Pat, I do not think I have explored this part of Borrego Springs. We went there last year, and we were at the Galleta Meadows with the elephants sculpture.

    We hope to come back in the Spring for wildflower photography.

    You captured the details very well.

  46. Wow, the detail on the sculptures is incredible! I can only imagine all the fanfare when the pieces were trucked out to the desert and set up.

  47. WOW. That is just too cool.

    Come to think of it, you know they have giant metal bugs somewhere in North Dakota, I believe it is. Wonder how those stack up against your dessert dragon?


  48. Mighty artwork that will hopefully last long after the artist has departed ...I think its a hybrid of Noch less, dragons and giant rattlesnakes. Thanks for showcasing stuff I may never get to see otherwise.

  49. That is! Speechless.

  50. That is SOOO awesome!! I want one for my yard! Wouldn't that make us popular with the neighbors!!!

  51. Wow! That is definitely cool! I love the textures.. and the color it's become from being in the sun. Amazing! :)

  52. dopdavid - Thanks David! It's not the easiest place to get to, but well worth it. Thanks for the comment and for following.

    Ebie - The wildflower season is also amazing! Next time you come to Borrego Springs and need a place to eat, try Carlee's. It's right on the main street (if you want to call it that). Thanks Ebie!

    Ann - Thanks Ann! My pleasure!

    Ketherine - I agree about the detail. I'm not thinking there was too much fanfare. It sounds like the locals (and there aren't many) aren't that excited about the sculptures. In fact, I think there are only a few thousand people in the entire valley. I think the sculptures are mostly for the snowbirds who come during the winter. Gives them something to do and see. This place is SCORCHING hot during the summer. Still, it's a place unlike any other. I love it.

    Pearl - It sure is! I'm not sure how the battle would go, but this thing is HUGE!

  53. REK - Looking at it closeup, I think it will last a really long time. It just might be a hybrid. I wonder what kind of mileage it gets. LOL! I'm really glad you got to see it here.

    Jesse - Thanks Jesse! It's not something you see everyday, thats for sure!

    laughingmom - Oh yeah! The neighbors would like that...NOT!

    Pam - I guess it will oneday rust away, but in the meantime, you are right, the oxidation is awesome.

  54. Holy Cow!!
    my sons loved this.

    This is amazing!!

    I can't wait to see the other ones...

  55. Wow, that statue is awesome. I do love the colors and the details. An amazing piece of art, and your photos rock!

  56. That is GREAT, thanks for sharing the photos!!

  57. Cool! Any idea when these were done?

  58. O wow that is a fantastic piece of artwork.

  59. Great post,I really like your article

  60. Beautiful and amazing sculpture. Greetings.

  61. What an awesome piece of artwork and in the middle of no where! Huge!

  62. Pat! That is one enormous, scary dragon! Amazing workmanship, hanging out where few will find it. Yes, please post more works by this artist.

  63. Oh my gush! I am so amazed of this one. Thanks for sharing.

    Watery Wednesday

  64. i must and will see that. this year. it's my new goal.

  65. Wow, that's fantastic.. I love that type of art... stiucking up out of the sand.. Brilliant! And great to see it not vandalized!

    Good shots too Patty.

    Thanks so much also for commenting on my story. I really appreciate it. Its one of the best comments there..! Thanks mate!


  66. Wow! Crazy good photos, Pat!

    PS - I thought you hated the word 'embiggen'? :)

  67. Wow, this is so cool! I'd love to see this. Another place to add to the travel list...

  68. What an incredible piece of art. Great shots too. Hate to happen upon this in the dark.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  69. The Empress - They are pretty cool! I liked them, but I'm not so sure the locals do. (I may have sait that already.

    LynNerdKelley - Thanks so much for the nice words! It was pretty cool.

    Wayne - Thanks so much Woody! I appreciate it.

    Warren - I have no idea! But I'm gonna find out!

    Gerald - It sure was and I was happy to see it.

  70. busana - Thanks so much!

    Japy - Yes, it was beautiful!

    Reena - Yep! What a sight to see. Not only in the middle of somewhere, it's too hot to go there during the "normal" tourist season!

    Rosemary - Yes, the level of detail was amazing. I will be posting more very soon!

    Kim - My pleasure Kim! I was amazed also!

  71. Ven - I hope you do! We hope to make it back to that area in a couple of weeks.

    Anthony - I love it also! Only in the desert do you see such things! Thanks so much my friend. My pleasure on the comment.

    Blue Wave - Thanks so much!

    Talli - Thanks Talli! Oh no, I LOVE that word.

    Sarah - I hope you do get to see it. There are MANY other amazing things to see in that area. I'll be posting on those things soon.

    Darryl and Ruth - I hadn't thought about that! It would be kind of scary.

  72. Wow, I haven't been here in years! Obviously time to go back. Thanks, Pat, for showing us all what we could not see otherwise! Great shots.

  73. I photographed the farm worker installation last time we were down that way. I missed this one, it's amazing.

  74. An amazing thing. Who is the artist?

  75. Wow! These are amazing. I hope to get out to Joshua Tree soon; I'll have to add these to the trip.

  76. I am always so jealous of your travelling life! :) One day it will be ME! Also, I love this sculpture and I want to see it in person some day. Truly magnificent!

  77. Brenda - For the most part it looks the same. Some decay, some new places, and always the desert! Thanks!

    Martha - I think the farm worker, might be the only one I couldn't find. I'm not sure how long the serpent has been there.

    GW Bill Miller - I believe the artist's name is Ricardo Breceda (or something like that). He was paid to do a bunch of them around the desert in that area. It's really out in the sticks...

    Susan - They sure are! I haven't been to Joshua Tree in quite a while, so I want to go there again!

    The VA - Thanks! It's a no frills traveling life, that's for sure. I really hope you do get to see this. Your take on things, would make for some interesting blog posts.

  78. I love this! The texture and colors are great.

  79. Oh wow. This is absolutely amazing, Pat. And I always 'imbiggen' your pictures...and I use that word the confusion of almost everyone.

    Love it!

  80. I love this! At some point I will make a list of strange places I'd like to visit, and the Anza-Borrego desert just made it into the top twenty!

  81. Wow! We missed that -- or maybe it's new since it's been wayyy too long since we've been out there on the desert. But you are definitely SO right that you never know what you might see out there "in the middle of nowhere."

  82. Ree - It's an awesome thing, that's for sure!

    Jenny - I love that word! I've confused a few folks with it also! Many of them bloggers!

    Cruella - Hi there! It's one of my favorite places! I hope you do get to see it...

    Sallie - It is pretty new, so it probably wasn't there yet. The desert has a lot of interesting things AND interesting people.

  83. Awesome series of images!
    Glad I found your blog.

  84. And I thought it was something leftover from Burning Man Festival. Are they shot full of holes yet? Sad to contemplate, but it's bound to happen.

  85. Liz - thanks so much Liz! Right back at ya!

    Snowbrush - You know, I didn't see any bullet holes at all in them. That is really rare in the desert! I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

  86. Must be fantastic to see these sculptures!

  87. Patrick, when were these created? My husband and I used to go to Idyllwild occasionally & to Anza Borrego too. I don't remember the art. They are incredible!

    Is La Casa del Zorro still in Borrego Springs?

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  90. Ha!! Those are so cool!! Such a random thing. :)

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