Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Reflections - Just Ducky

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.


  1. That is a great picture, I think I know their family!

  2. They are SUCH beautiful birds! I have vivid memories from childhood of going to the duck pond near my aunt's house. We'd bring all our stale bread and spend hours feeding them. It never got old, and it was always tough to leave.

    We don't have a duck pond in our town, but there is a beautiful park beside the river, and as soon as we realized the ducks congregated there, we took the kids. It's now a favorite of theirs, too.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely vision!

  3. Yes, the reflection is a whole nother view of the photo!
    (Chinese lilac is the answer to your ? on the bloom).

  4. Nice one. So still and colourful too.
    Have a great weekend, Patrick.

  5. Nice photo, Mr. Pat. Those ducks sure have it lucky. We got nearly 5" of snow overnight. ICK.

  6. So sweet and beautiful, I like it:)
    Wishing you a lovely weekend Patrick.
    Greetings and a hug,
    from Berit.

  7. Oh...just "ducky" is so cute! Sweet reflections!

  8. That's a sweet picture. I was wishing I had my camera with me yesterday. I got stuck on the road at a goose crossing.

  9. I love it! And they are just ducky! Terrific, fun reflections! Isn't it fun to catch shots like these, sometimes when you least expect it! Have a great weekend, Patrick!


  10. excellent photo - looks like a hot debate between the two with the one in the middle just thinking "not again, guys, really?'

  11. Great picture....the reflection seems perfect...

  12. They are adorable and your picture really beautiful!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  13. no day of photography is complete without ducks ^_^

  14. Nice shot.
    I bet they are basking in the warm sun,reflecting and waiting for the female ducks.

  15. pretty ducks and a beautiful shot

  16. Very cool shot of the ducks with the unexpected branch. Love it!

  17. Brian - thanks Brian!

    Carmi - That's how I am. Loved them as a kid and love them now! My kids and grandkids feel the same.

    Brenda - Thanks for comment and for the plant info!

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks so much!

    Rosemary - thanks! I'll be going to your place next to see how they journey is going...

    Berit - Thanks so much! you have a nice weekend also. And stay warm!

    Carolyn - thanks Carolyn! gotta love 'em...

    Tim - thanks! Let that be a lesson for you. ALWAYS have a camera with you.

    Sylvia - You are right. Usually, there are turtles on this branch, so it was a surprise.

    Jhon - Thanks Jhon! They were getting loud about it too...

    Rek - thanks so much!

    Cezar and Leia - thanks so much for the nice words and for stopping by!

    Alex - thanks Alex!

    Lovkyne - that is so true! I love them except when they land in my pool. If they make a nest and take up residence, it's against the law here to disturb them!

    James - I think they were drinking shots of Jägermeister, to bolster their courage.

    becca - Thanks becca!

    tapirgal - Thanks! I was hoping to see about 10 turtles on that branch.

    Karen - thanks so much!

  18. I may be partial to this picture over all others that you've posted ;) Not sure why though...

  19. I Love duks. My eldest brother had a pet duck.. She was very gentle, but loud.. Whew!!!

    Great picture Pat!!

  20. MeredithDuck - Hey There! It's been a while! thanks!

    Lynne - Was it housebroken? thanks Lynne!

    Kato - thanks kato!

  21. Pat-

    AWESOME--either you are one QUIET Ninja type dude--or have a great telephoto lens!



  22. What the Duck?


    Nice work again patty.


  23. Great shot Pat!
    I love the reflections.

  24. John - thanks John! Actually I was pretty close. I was disguised as a goose.

    Anthony - thank you my friend!

    SQ - Thank you so much! I'm running out of shots with reflections. I better get busy!

  25. Hello,

    I've just come to thank your visit to my blog =)

    I like your blog very much, i will come more often =)

    Best regards

  26. A beautiful mirror image, Pat. The males are so colorful with their green and white markings.

    be well, be happy :)

  27. Hi Pat and thanks for stopping by. I love your ducks! We have a lot of ducks out here at Puddingstone Reservoir for the winter and I never noticed before that when they really get quacking, they sound like they are laughing! So now whenever I see ducks, I smile.

  28. Those ducks are absolutely beautiful and so is the picture! I love those, because the green of their head is never just green, there's always a lot of colours blended in the green. It's cool to see the reflection in the water too..the picture is so clear!

  29. I like ducks. I like you photo of ducks.

    I need to go to the park.

  30. Amazing shot... I love the colors on it, with this shade of grey and blue so soft...

  31. Sergio - thanks! I appreciate your comment and for signing on here.

    Pam - Thanks Pam! I would still like ducks very much, but the males really make them photogenic

    Stickup Artist - My pleasure! I can't check everyone out everyday, so I when I do come by, I have to catch up! I didn't know you were over there. I haven't been to Puddingstone for years! I also love ducks...

    Sarah - I know! The green is kind of iridescent! thanks so much!

    Johnny - Love 'em! thanks...

    Jerry - The park is good. pack a lunch and go today...

    'Tsuki - Thanks so much! I was looking for turtles!

  32. They are very cute! Lovely clear reflections.

  33. That's a beautiful, smooth as glass reflection.

  34. Turtles! Hopefully next time. It's wonderful to see them sunning. Wonder if they are the pet store releases or the native variety.

  35. Very nice reflections and photo title ("Just Ducky"). They look so at ease, as if they're used to being photographed.

  36. Serendipity - thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Martha Z - thanks! Hard to believe that the place was such a mess just a couple of weeks ago from some big storms.

    tapirgal - I'm pretty sure they are natural, this body of water and creek have been here for a long time and many generations. they sit there until they see that you see them, then they dive.

    Warren - Thanks Warren! that's one thing I can't do!

    Robyn - They let me get pretty close to them. The are not as bold as the Canadian Geese. There are at least a hundred of them wintering here. You can walk right up to them!

  37. Gorgeous photo, and fantastic reflection!

  38. they're so colourful (hope they're friendly)

  39. Those Mallards are beautiful birds, Great photo Pat.

  40. Icy BC - Thanks so much! I appreciate it...

    baygirl - They let me get pretty close, but then again there was about five feet of water between us.

    Jimmy - They sure took nice photos...

  41. Fantastic photo. Great clarity and reflection. Cute ducks too.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  42. that's a crisp reflection. I love the pic

  43. Lynda - Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it...

  44. This great and beautiful photo of ducks has a nice color and beautiful reflections, very clear.

  45. Don't know why....but this is one of my favorite shots of yours. Love the colors and reflections...and the just "hanging around" feeling:)

  46. I would say this post "quacked me up", but it was too lovely to make me laugh.

    Instead, I just said, "Awww, that Pat Tillett. He can take a danged fine picture!"

  47. Leovi - thank so much!

    Dawn - I don't know why either! LOL! I'm glad you like it!

    Jenny - Thanks so much Jenny! I appreciate it.

    smalldot - Yep, relaxing by the lake!

  48. Lovely. I took photos of ducks this weekend - I will probably use them for next weeks Weekend Reflections. I love your marina scene above as well.

  49. Margaret - There are a lot ducks around here this time of year. So there are a lot of photo ops with the. Thanks for commenting!


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