Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekend Reflections - On The Lake

Cruising Solo on Laguna Niguel Lake

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.



  1. He seems to look rather pleased with himself having all of that watry layground to himself:-)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous, Pat!


  3. That sounds like a great way to spend a weekend.

  4. That looks just ducky to me!!!

  5. So beautiful. It's funny, I don't think of that image as a Laguna type image -- looks more like the country.

  6. Gliding like a ballerina....I know that sounds cheesy but that the first thought That popped out of my head....Tranquil ripples....better???

  7. Weekend reflections....I see what you did there...

  8. Ahhh.....cruising solo! The way to go!!!
    Love reflections.

  9. Yes, I think that in our busy lives we can all relate to the quiet solitude of the lake and I think that the duck is not unhappy about it either!

  10. Love the beautiful, watery reflections! Terrific capture! Hope you have a great weekend!


  11. I want to cruise like that.

    (I also want to take pictures like that!)

  12. Very nice! I like the V shaped trail that he left. Great reflection too.

  13. What a happy duck, and a great photo.

  14. I love not only the reflection, but also the arrow in the water!

  15. It's now official, Pat: we have a mutual admiration club going. :-D This is a duck with 'TUDE... with that striking red beak, just glidin' on down the lake. Nice catch!

  16. Beautiful reflections and the wake it leaves in the water.

  17. Very pretty. Makes me feel like going outside, if it weren't for the fact that it's drizzling.

  18. Alex - Thanks!

    Lynne - Yup, there was nobody even close...

    Nevine - Thanks Nevine! I appreciate it.

    Oilfield Trash - It's a nice place, I'm VERY lucky to be able to walk to it in about 10 minutes.

    baygirl - It is a very serene place, never very crowded. right now, it's a mess though. Lot's of mud slides next to it. We got pretty muddy making our way around it yesterday.

    Brian - Corny!

    Ally - Actually Laguna is pretty much surrounded by country. They were pretty good about keeping huge open spaces whenever they build around here.

    Rek - Nah, it's not cheesy at all!

    soft nonsense - I don't even know what I did....tell me!

    Dawn - Yep, It was surprising because there are so many other migratory birds around right now.

    Genie - He was really liking it. so were we, because of the bad weather and mud everywhere, we were pretty much alone also. Thanks for commenting!

    Sylvia - Thanks so much! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Bossy Betty - Your photos are already great! Thanks!

    James - Thanks James! did you ever fish, or go to this lake when you lived here?

    Karen - Thanks so much! also, thanks for stopping by.

    Malyss - It worked our pretty well. He was making a bee line to somewhere!

    Francisca - When I first saw it I took the photo because I thought it looked like the Loch Ness monster photo we always see. then I saw the ripples! thanks so much! I do admire what you do over there...

    Jhon - Thanks Jhon, that place always helps me unwind. I should probably start fishing there. BIG fish in that lake.

    Leovi - Thank you so much sir!

    Tim - I understand that! It's supposed to be raining here also.

  19. Beautiful picture:)

    Wishing you a nice weekend Patrick.



  20. Beautiful! What a far cry from the snow we had this morning. Ok, so we only got 2" - but still.

  21. Beautiful, rippling reflections round the duck and love the defined white trail too!

  22. Nice shot and good panoramic choice. Greetings.

  23. Nice capture! I like seeing only one in this shot.

  24. May I share a little story?

    Back when I lived in the country, I looked out my window to the pond that was shared with a neighbor of mine (I'd just moved there) and noticed a loon quietly floating there. I quickly grabbed my camera and ran out, as I got closer to the pond, I slowed my steps as I fumbled with the lens, adjustment, etc. (this was the 35mm prior to dig, remember all the adjustments we needed???) so as I got closer I kept snapping away with my zoom. Then it dawned on me. The lovely loon was a decoy. The only live loon to be seen was the looney chick capturing the site of a plastic duck floating in a mucky pond!

    my cyber house rules

  25. Berit - Thanks so much! Same to you!

    Marlene - Even 2 inches would kill us. It would be chaos and anarchy!

    Greyscale Territory - Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it.

    japy - Thanks so much Japy!

    Sally in Wa - Thanks! I agree, it's not often that I see only one! Thanks for commenting!

    Miss Nikki - Please do! Oh man! that's a funny story! You should tell this story on your blog! Hilarious...

  26. What a serene picture to look at after a rough day on the job. Thanks Pat!

  27. becca - It sure was. Thanks!

    Chuck - I'm happy to have been of service! Thanks Chuck...

  28. Nice capture Pat.!
    I didn't know moorhens were
    in your area.. lots of them here
    in the marshes..

  29. Beautiful--is that an Oregon "Quack Attack" Duck?

    MMMMMM--Orange sauce.....


  30. Ah, I wish I could look that calm these days. ;)

  31. You're so gifted! Beyond beautiful!!

    Have a great weekend!

  32. The Mississippi is frozen over. :-)

    Thanks for the view of summer!


  33. faye - I didn't moorhens were in our area either! I don't know much about birds! Thanks for the info...

    D&R - Thanks so much!

    John - It could be! As to the sauce... I've never been that fond of duck! Thanks John!

    altadenahiker - Hey there!

    Talei - It sure calms me down to walk around there.

    Betty - You are too kind! All I did was take the picture! Thanks, you have a great weekend also.

    Pearl - I took it a couple of days ago. We are in the dead of winter and it's about 60...pretty mild!
    I didn't know the Mississippi froze over! Brrrrr....

  34. I'm with Ally, and was surprised to read your reply back to her.

    Great shot! I must need to take a photography class or something.

  35. The common moorhen looks peacful but let him open his bill to call and the peace of all will be shattered.
    I'm glad you enjoyed my blog.

  36. Pat--as much as I've hunted all my life, and love new tastes--I have NEVER had Duck! I just doesn't appeal to me!

    I don't like Dove- so I'm guessing Dark Meat?? But I will devour Dark meat on chicken and Turkey!

    I'll go back to my therapist!


  37. Wow..that is just beautiful and serene!

  38. Cotton - Thanks! I never really had a class. To me, it's about having an eye for what will look good in a photo. Just lot's of practice!

    Martha - Moorhen! I really must get a book! thanks for coming by!

    John - I agree! I'm a dark meat type myself... Oh yeah, I know all about therapy!

    Icy BC - Thanks so much! It's a very nice spot.

    Cheeseboy - Thanks my friend!

  39. Hey, look a duck! Do you see it? It's right there.

  40. In addition to this being a nice photo, I like how it depicts such purpose. The duck knows exactly what it needs to do and does it well, without the complications that we humans bring to everything. Maybe it's just my mood today...

  41. The wake makes it look a very determined swimmer.


  42. Those subtle reflections are wonderful - like when you don't see the reflection because it takes up most of the photo. Love it!

  43. There's such a sense of peace in this capture, Pat. I've always loved the serenity of hanging out beside the water, just taking in the quiet.

    Coincidentally, my photo for today is taken from a similar place.

    Thank you for sharing yet another lovely slice of your world. You truly are a gifted photographer.

  44. Hi Pat. I really like this photo, and the lovely shots in the last post - especially the sunset photo with Catalina Island in the background. That's a gorgeous area.
    PS Thanks for your comments. It's good to be back in blog land. xo

  45. PTM - Silly boy! That's no duck!

    Pagan Sphinx - thanks! Oh yeah, he was motoring right along! I understand, but then the bird has little to worry about. Except for being eaten, or shot, or eating poison...

    Esther - And I was determined to get a photo from him. thanks!

    tapirgal - Yep! I think your eye is mostly drawn to the reflection of the bird, but the entire water surface is a reflection also.

    Carmi - Thanks Carmi! I saw your post today, it's a beautiful photo!

    Robyn - Thanks so much! I hope you had a nice trip! Welcome home...

  46. The soft lines.
    She is peaceful.

    Thank you.

  47. Hi Pat, I love this shot, especially the trails made.

    I am from SoCal too, and we love the beach, but its quite a drive for us, so, we just settle for a closer beach, Santa Monica and Venice.

  48. Ruma - thank you very much Ruma!

    Ebie - thanks! Lot's of beautiful beach to go around in California! Thanks for commenting!

  49. Nope. I barely registered the bird, but was drawn to the big water reflection. I also read the bottom of the newspaper first and miss the headlines :)

  50. Betty - thanks so much!

    tapirgal - That's funny! I'm like with the sports page.


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