Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Reflections - Too Many Taylors

Tay at Z Gallerie

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.


  1. That is one cool photo...Funny, you call your grandaughter Tay and one (of about 12) nicknames for my only boy is Tay-Boy..

    She is a cutie and your photographers eye is magical!!

  2. THAT is an award winning shot! I love it! - G

  3. That's really cool - draws the eye at once to the center of the circle.

  4. I love this. What cool imagery. Next time you should have her hold a hand mirror and then her image will go on into infinity. Or something like that.

    It made more sense inside my head. Now that I wrote it, it's dumb, but my delete key is broken again...sigh....

  5. What a COOL mirror! And that girl looks eerily like my daughter. Thanks for sharing, and have a fantastic weekend!

  6. That is one awesome photo! Have a great weekend Pat!!!

  7. Love this photo, Pat! A great take on something, as always.

  8. Awesome shot!!! very creative!!

    cheers from Uruguay :)

  9. Oh, what a cool shot indeed! I love it, Pat! Lovely young one in the mirror!! Enjoy a great weekend!


  10. Pat,
    What a cool cool photo...I was trying to take it apart visually and it's difficult. Very CLEVER!!!

  11. This is the kind of picture that she will hold onto well into adulthood, one that will cement how she always sees you and your relationship.

    It isn't just great photography - Lord knows I could spend the entire day writing about what makes this particular picture frameworthy. Rather, it's about using photography as a catalyst for a better life. And on that front, gifted as you are behind the lens, you are truly unique.

    I'm just going to watch and learn, if that's OK with you!

  12. Very cool shot and it looks great in black and white. I forgot about ZGallery it's been about 10 or 15yrs since I went in one and at least 5yrs since I've seen one.

  13. What fun! Circles catch one's attention anyway, and this has so much to enjoy :)

  14. Le soleil, ou la roue de la vie ... Réussi !

  15. yeah, now just imagine if they all talked like she did!!!! oh man!

  16. Lynne - that's funny! She also has a lot of nicknames. Just "T" is the most heard...Thanks Lynne!

    Georgina - Why thank you! I would have liked to get her centered and in all the little mirrors, but I couldn't find a way to stay out of the shot!

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

    Alex - Yeah, and it almost looks like the middle is just a hole and not a mirror! thanks Alex.

    Jenny - No, you made perfect sense, OR...if there was a mirror behind me and I could have used the timer. Thanks Jenny!

    Nicole - It sure was, I wish I owned it! You have a great weekend also...

    Brian - Thanks Brian! You too!

    Talli - Why thank you! I appreciate it...

    Gabriel - thanks for stopping by!

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! She's my buddy!

    Tracy - I know! there's too much in it!

    Carmi - Thanks Carmi! Yes, she loves it! I really appreciate your kind and nice words!

    James - I agree, it had to be in B&W! This one was in Mission Viejo. Isn't that where you were?

    becca - Thanks becca!

    tapirgal - so much, maybe too much! Thanks!

    baygirl - thank you so much!

    Gine - Merci ! Il a l'air du soleil à moi.

    Ashley - You are so right! The apple didn't fall far from the tree! (you being the tree)...

  17. Great eye - what a cool photo. one for the framers, eh?

  18. Fabulous! I love the composition!

  19. I just found myself lost in that photo. I had to remember where I was and what I was doing. That's the sign of an awesome photo!
    Happy weekend, Pat.

  20. That is one fantastic shot! I love this!

  21. What a great photo-op! Just simply a fantastic picture...of your grandaughter and the surroundings. Nice one Pat.

  22. Wow, Pat. You really have a good eye for what works. Great shot!

  23. In itself more like a painting than a photograph.

    I usually find such multiple-image-by-mirrors disconcerting but the circle and the angles make this friendly.

    I too like it that the only human is to the side.


  24. Jhon - thanks Jhon! It would be the first! I need to get with the program.

    Serendipity - Thank you! Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Robyn - Wow! That's how I feel most of the time! thanks so much Robyn...

    Sally - Thanks so much! I appreciate your comment!

    Chuck - Thanks buddy! She really likes it!

    Steadfast - Thanks so much Rosemary!

    Lucy - I wish I could paint like that. Heck, I wish I could paint at all... Thanks Lucy!

  25. That's a really great shot Pat.. very well framed and the black and white is an excellent addition..really suits it..

    (ps. sorry if i dont get to all yr posts..only drop by once a week to post & catch up on what others are doing & once more if lucky..little bubba + work is keeping me busy!)


  26. Anthony - Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I understand about the catching up, that is exactly what I have to do. cheers to you my friend!

  27. Wow Pat, that is one awesome reflection. But can you have too many Taylors? She is adorable.

  28. Its beautiful and the B/W makes it more have a keen photographer's eye.....liked the mirror reflection..almost like the circle of life..

  29. I just wanted to tell you that I liked the quote you put on Betty's blog that talked of how you are never really gone unless no one remembers you...or something to that affect, but very powerful! I like it!

  30. Excellent picture Pat! Really very cool.

  31. What a great shot! Beautiful composition.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  32. SQ - Thanks! Well, she does talk a lot, so more of her might kill us...

    lani - thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Rek - Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

    altadenahiker - thanks so much! I wish I had the chance to do it over though...

    Tracy - thanks Tracy! That little phrase is one of the best things I've ever heard...

    Talei - Thanks Talei! I like it also...

  33. Frameworthy! Love the composition and the playful, carnival quality. Great shot.

  34. MyMaracas - thanks so much for the nice words! Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Ree - Thanks Ree! I appreciate it!

  35. Fantastic and interesting shot!
    Love it!! :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  36. She is so cute and what a beautiful nickname! I see a lot of her reflections too.

    Pat,this is a very well composed shot, and looks great in b/w!

  37. Your photos always have such depth to them! Kudos to you!

  38. ew. hahahaha. i am NOT a tree. i'd like to think of myself as a beautiful flower.... hahahahahahaha.

  39. A lovely smile. . .

    Thank you.

  40. Betty - thanks so much Betty!

    Ebie - thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment!

    Marlene - Thank you my friend!

    Ashley - Or a pretty little butterfly!

    Ruma - She sure does have one! Thanks Ruma!

  41. Wonderful and creative photo, great.

  42. Fantastic shot, and the monochrome is just perfect.

  43. Icy BC - Thanks so much! I couldn't even see this pic in color.

  44. Very cool reflections in monochrome! Never too many Taylors. ;-D

  45. Francisca - Thanks so much! There can be too many when she's on Chatty Cathy mode...


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