Monday, January 10, 2011

World on Fire

High atop the ridge line
Of hills to the east
We gaze anxiously westward
Waiting for the sun
To bend a knee
And take it's evening bow

On the far side of the hill
The ocean lies shimmering
Low clouds linger passively
Both awaiting their cue
To perform feats
Of reflective magic

Another minute or two
Before late afternoon
Jilts the day for evening
And sets the world on fire


  1. You're up early and I see why.

    When I saw this in miniature, on my blog, it looked like fire and I thought, "Oh crap, they aren't having more fires in the West after all that rain, are they?"

  2. Beautiful poem and picture, Pat :-)

  3. Wow, wow, wow...that's all I am going to say.... ;)

  4. Brilliant photo. What a beautiful flaming sky. Greetings.

  5. Beautiful words and beautiful photo, Pat.

  6. Wonderful poem, perfect picture! ;)

  7. Beautiful words to accompany an amazing sunset, Patrick. I saw it bend its knees. :)

    Happy New Year!

  8. Such an amazing photographic!

  9. That is an amazing shot together with perfect prose. Wonderful post.

  10. Amazing picture Patrick.
    Have a nice week.

    Greetings, Berit.

  11. California Girl - thanks! It really does look like fire. I have some closeups of the same thing and it's even more so.

    Nat - Thanks Nat!

    Rek - thanks thanks thanks!

    Japy - Thanks so much! When the conditions are right, it's a great thing to see.

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks! It's one of my favorites also.

    Talli - Thanks so much Talli! I appreciate it.

    Talei - Thanks Talei!

    Diana - It's gonna get bad knees if it keeps it up! Thanks!

    Brian - Thanks Brian!

    James - Thanks James! Major compliment coming from you...

    Berit - Thanks so much! You have a great week also.

  12. Great poem and photo! I had to do a double take on the sunset! Cheers!

  13. WHAT an incredible photo to go with your words!

  14. what an amazing visaul you created beautiful

  15. Fantastic poem made awesome by such wicked picture. Looks like gold lining the clouds.

    I really love that line "Waiting for the sun to bend a knee and take its evening bow"

    That's one heck of an image.

  16. That is an amazing photo....and even though I'm not big on poetry - it was that much more powerful with that photo!

  17. a twofer! great words and great image.
    My first thought on seeing the photo was from a Jim Morrison poem . "a world on fire, a taxi from Africa, the grand hotel, he was drunk."
    and then a song by Cat Stevens - "O Caritas"

  18. Alex - Thanks so much Alex!

    Marguerite - Thank you! Same for me!

    Dawn - Thanks for the nice words! I appreciate it.

    Pam - Thanks Pam! Inspiration is a great thing when it comes along. That sunset did it to me!

    becca - Thanks so much!

    Tim - Thanks Tim. I've never framed one of my own photos, but this one might be the first!

    Marlene - Thanks! Hey, if half the post was good for you, then I'm happy!

    Jhon - Thanks Jhon. I remember when this came out on their last album. Of course Morrison was long gone by then. It was odd they way they did it, but very cool and moving to hear his voice.

  19. "to bend a knee and take an evening bow" lovely imagery. Great one, Pat, one of your best.

  20. That's an amazing capture, Pat.

  21. Oh, my goodness! What an awesome combination of words and image. Simply magic, this one... or rather... this duo, Pat!


  22. simply beautiful ... the poem and the
    photo. Great capture.

  23. Wonderful poem, Pat. I love the way you personify nature, with the sun bending a knee, the clouds lingering passively, etc. Combined with the photo, this is very powerful.

  24. Kato - thanks so much!

    Rosemary - Thanks for the kind words Rosemary!

    Martha - Thanks so much! I felt humbled to see it.

    Nevine - Thanks Nevine! I appreciate your nice words.

    faye - thanks so much faye!

    Robyn - thanks Robyn! Wow! I really appreciate that...

  25. You stole my poem and the picture I took, you bastard!!

  26. PTM - Oh no! I can't believe you found me out!

  27. your sunset pictures are amazing Pat! I'm looking forward to more childhood stories too =) Those are my favorite.

  28. I truly thought it was a wildfire when I first saw it. Incredible poem and picture, Patrick!

  29. After the fires last year, we'd get very jumpy seeing something like this.

  30. I knew there was a pic and reading the poem I could wait to see the pic based on the writing. great job.

  31. I knew there was a pic and reading the poem I could wait to see the pic based on the writing. great job.

  32. Oh wonderful! Great use of imagery within your poem, and then that wonderful photograph tops it off. Bravo!

  33. Wonderful poem and great picture you paired with.
    I love especially the last line.

    Hope all is going well for you today.


  34. Minoccio - Thanks so much! I'll be post some more stories very soon!

    Bossy Betty - Thanks! I know what you mean. The orange and yellow are so intense that it looks like fire.

    altadenahiker - I know what you mean. We were very close to them also. Everything has been so green this year, that there were no fires this year (down here anyway)

    Budd - Thanks! Sometimes I have a lot of trouble getting inspired to write, but now when I see things like this!

    Jayne - Thanks so much Jayne!

    Betty - Thanks! I'm pretty critical of my own writing and I somehow pulled this one together!

  35. great imagery. I particularly like the sun bending its knee.

  36. Another great shot and a really great piece of poetry. You are multi-talented my friend.

  37. Lynda - Thanks Lynda! I guess it actually had to bend both to bow!

    Chuck - thanks so much my friend!
    Multi-talented but master of none...

  38. Love the powerful ending. Makes me want to go stand out on my porch in the evening.

  39. Cheeseboy - thanks! make sure you take your camera out there with you!

  40. A nice song to the sun. This is the picture that won the contest, right?

  41. Leovi - thanks Leovi! No, it isn't the photo that one. But I did take it on the same day!

  42. Great shot. What brilliant color.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  43. D&R - thanks so much! I'm lucky to be in a great shot for sunsets...

  44. Tess - Thanks so much for the nice words!

  45. A very nice picture!

  46. The poem and photo blend perfectly!

    Another reason to add your blog to my favorites! :)

  47. the elder - Thanks so much! I truly appreciate it!


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