Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend Reflections - Dana Point

Taken directly into the bright sun, but I loved the harsh conrast.
Enlarge for best viewing.

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.



  1. Strong contrast in black and white is always awesome!

  2. Very nice, I'm always surprised at how reflective wet sand is.

  3. Excellent shot! The line of seagulls and their shadows is a wonderful contrast!

  4. Nice one - looks like a queue waiting for a bus.

  5. I love it, Pat! Looks like they are marching into battle! You're right the harsh contrast is perfect! Terrific capture for the day! Enjoy your weekend!


  6. I love the way the line splits across the picture. Beautiful piece.

  7. Such a great scene for the weekend!

  8. I love those stark contrasts too. These little sea birds are delightful to watch.

  9. Lovely! Makes me wish I was at the shore!

  10. I've enlarged this picture, and wow, gorgeous reflections indeed, you are an artist! :)
    *** by the way, I like a lot your profile pic!

  11. Looks like diamonds in front of a silver sea. Nice.

  12. Yes, I like the contrast and the reflections!

  13. I really like this shot! It's perfect for black and white.

  14. So awesome. Almost invites you to join the birds on the beach.

  15. The ground feels so oily... And those birds sa so cute... It is really better in big, in fact... I would like to know : do you agree if I download it for myself ? I would like to have it as wallpaper on my computer, if you don't mind.

  16. Sometimes shooting into the sun this photo does!

  17. That IS a nice contrast. The water looks like sand.

  18. You have an artist's eye, Patrick!
    Great capture:)

  19. Yes, I love the contrast too; and the little glittering "diamonds"! Great reflections!

  20. Those shadows make it look like there are twice as many!

  21. It does seem to me they are facing the wrong way.


  22. Only you could pull that off! Any photos I take in direct sunlight look like...well....seagull crap.

  23. Nice backlight with excellent reflexes, very poetic.

  24. I like it at lot. Great contrast!

  25. I love the contrast as well, Pat! The silhouettes run seamlessly into the shadows..a wonderful capture...:)

  26. That is a great photo!! Have a nice weekend Pat.

  27. Excellent shot! The black and white suits the subject so well!

  28. I like the shine of the water and the dots of shine on the sand. Very interesting shot.

  29. gorgeous. perfect in black and white

  30. It's that dark contrast that really makes the shadowy reflections stand out. My favorite part of the photo however is the way the sun creates sparkles in the sand.

  31. Quite a unique capture, Pat, with all those birds walking "out" of the water towards you. Yes, works well in high contrast B&W - and the reflections are great.

  32. Great effect. (Rules are made to be... etc.)

  33. I love it in B/W. Their formation looks like the Rockets dancing on Broadway!

  34. I hope my comment went through.

  35. oh oh oh. I'm in love with this photo. and yes, enlarged all the way it's even better!!! excellent shot Pat.

  36. Pat, you have a gift for bird photos...these guys look like they are picking up diamonds off the sand.

  37. Pat,
    That is a really cool photo! I too love the contrast!

  38. WOW!!! When I enlarged it, I would see the little footprints in the sand and the light bouncing off of them. This is one wonderful shot. I think it is really neat that you shot directly into the sun. I have not tried that, but will do it now. Super photo, Pat.

  39. Alex - Thanks Alex! Some photos just gotta be that way!

    Martha Z - Me too! thanks Martha!

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks buddy!

    Hooked on Memes - Thanks! It turned out pretty well.

    jennyfreckles - Waiting on a bus or a morsel of food!

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! You have a good weekend also!

    Tim - I agree with you! Thanks!

    Brian - Sure is! Too bad it's raining here...

    Dorian - I agree! I love them!

    texwisgirl - Thanks so much!

    laughingmom - I'm with you! always a good place to go!

    Cezar and Leia - thanks for taking the time to enlarge it and thanks so much for the nice words!

    Frank - thanks Frank! I'm pretty happy with it.

    Oakland DP - Thanks so much!

    Woody - Thanks! I appreciate it.

    James - Thanks James, I agree with you!

    Cheeseboy - I'm always willing to go to the beach.

    becca - thanks!

    Tsuki - You may download it! No problem. Thanks!

    EG - My first photo class in HS, I failed an assignment with a photo like this. They teacher said "Don't EVER shoot into the sun!" I dropped the class...

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn!

    Emille - Thanks so much! I'll admit to having a pretty good eye, but that's about it...

    Inger - Thanks! It all came out pretty well.

    Ms A - There were so many of them on the beach that day (even without the shadows)!

    Lucy - They were running away from the water that was coming in.

    Dyche - thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Clarissa - Thanks Clarissa!

    Marlene - Yup! they ususally do!

    Leovi - thanks Leovi!

    Karen - Thanks so much!

    Lynette - thanks Lynette! Much to look at in it.

    Ginnymo - Thanks Ginny! I'll be over soon...

    Mama Zen - Thanks so much!

    Aut - Thanks! I agree with you!

    KaLynn - Thanks! Also, thanks for stopping by. I'll be over to catch up!

    Belle - Thanks so much Belle!

    Mynx - thanks! B&W is my favorite.

    SQ - Thanks so much! Good words from you are a treat!

    Francisca - Why thank you! It all came together!

    altadenahiker - I'm with you! I seriously think almost everything I learned in the two photo classes I took (before quitting them) was totally wrong!

    Ebie - thanks! They do look like dancers.

    Ms Becky - thanks for the nice words Becky!

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck! I'm for the birds alright...

    Tracy - thanks so much!

    Genie - thanks for the nice comment Genie! I'm glad I didn't listen in school...

  40. Today is Mother's Day. I thought you would post another horror story.

  41. Really superb image!

    can't stop looking at it!!

    Hope you're having a great Sunday.

  42. Black and white photos are my favorite. The contrasts here are awesome. Glad I came over to see what you've been doing lately. Always something interesting...!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  43. The birds are having a fun day at the beach and so is the photographer, it seems....lovely one.

  44. Beautiful contrasted photo. Greetings.

  45. I like the contrast too.. the backlighting really makes it.


    There are plenty of dog people in the world! so leave those poor puppy's alone.. lol..

  46. That is such a breathtaking picture!! I love it.


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