Monday, May 30, 2011

Before I Get Started...

Before I start posting the good stuff from our trip to Kauai, I have some comments and questions.

Although we live in southern California, the only truly "major" airport is in Los Angeles. LAX is about 60 miles (and three traffic jams) from our house. Every time I have to go there, I'm reminded of how much of a zoo it is. They also have the surliest and most rude TSA employees I've seen. It's like they are prohibited from EVER cracking a smile. How about shoes? If you must take them off (which I understand,) why don't they at least carpet the floor? Also, how about giving you a place to sit down, to put them back on?

If Hawaiian Airlines is ever an option in your travels, you won't be sorry if you choose them. Well, you may be sorry if you are taking any luggage. A single suitcase will cost you $25. A second one is $30. I guess this is pretty much standard these days.

Okay, the airline is great, but why does airline food suck?  I guess that question can be expanded to "why does airline, airport and hospital food suck? So seriously, what the heck is this thing? They said it was a ham and egg sandwich! Yeah right! It looked like a souffle gone bad, served on a soggy roll. Of course, if you want better food, you can always upgrade to first class. They have much better food. I know they do, because since the FAA made the airlines take down all the curtains between first class and cattle class, you can clearly see what they are eating!

The service was good and the flights were great, the plane even had a wing. It might even have had two, but I'm not sure because I could only see this one.  I guess the crappy food was a good trade-off for having such great and smooth flights.

We had to change planes on Oahu. The main city, Honolulu is just like a big city. I guess that's because it IS a big city. To me it seems like a more tropical San Diego (complete with suburbs). I've spent some time here and it's a great place, but I wonder why the airport has very little air conditioning? Maybe the local folks are acclimated to the humidity, but many of the people just passing through looked they were going to pass out.  Still, Oahu is a fantastic vacation destination in it's own right. We wanted something smaller and more remote, so it was on to a smaller plane, destined to a smaller and more remote island. An island that has legislated against development, crowds, and in some cases progress. A place with more wild chickens than people.  Just our kind of place!

I promise you, this was the main road that took us away from the airport.

and led us to this road,

and finally to this spot...

Although we did spent quite a bit of time relaxing on this very spot (the chair is off of our patio), we did some exploring and had some adventures. Photos (better ones) and stories relating to them, will follow...



  1. Welcome back, Pat! We missed you. I can't wait to see more wonderful photos of your trip -- and less of the airplane food! :)

  2. Photo of the "Theme Bldg" caught my eye. We always called it "the revolving restaurant @ Los Angeles International." My mother took us there the year it opened. Her aunt was visiting from Indpls and we picked her up then had lunch in the new space age restaurant.

    I still remember the old LA airport which I think was called a "jet port". My dad flew in and out of there and we'd go get him.

    For the money, I'll take Burbank any day. Oh, btw, I know what you mean about the TSA jerks @ LAX. I brought my father, then 92, back to N.H. in Feb after 9-11. He re'c d a "random" search, head to toe. They found his Swiss Army knife I'd brought back to him from Switzerland when I was 19 yrs old. He's had it over 30 yrs & loved it. They took it away, threw it in a box. He offered them money to mail it back and they refused. He was fucking 92 for God's sake! He cried.

    Can't wait to see Kauai pix. I haven't visited that island. It will be the place I go next trip to Hi.

  3. I thought maybe you would decide to stay in Hawaii, nah, just kidding. It sure looks like a pretty place from that first spot and I can't wait to see more as well. Welcome back!!!

  4. One Woman's Thoughts - Thanks! It's good to be back (although I loved it).

    Talli - Thanks Talli! After reviewing and deleting quite a few, I think I have about 750 keepers from there! Don't worry, I won't post them all!

    California Girl - I like Burbank also, but it's just too far. Long Beach is also really good. But like Burbank, they just don't go to enough places. Sorry to hear about your Dad's experience with TSA, that really does suck!

  5. Glad your plane had at least one wing. You never see the other one, so you just have to take their word that there is another one on the other side.

  6. I hate the LA airport! I've very glad your plane had at least one wing. Thanks for the tour, the place you went to looks fantastic!

  7. Airlines have to have bad food. Comedians rely on it for material.

    Love the shot of the wing. Great angle. You two look so peaceful in that last shot.

  8. We haven't been to Kauai yet. I hope to go to Hawaii in October or November. Maybe this time we'll try Kauai for a change.

  9. Traveling is great, except for the flying part! Welcome back, I hope you feel rested and refreshed.

  10. I grew up a mile from LAX. I know that scene all too well.

    Great, vivid shots. I especially like the photo of the wing.

    Welcome home.

  11. I'm frowning. See that frown? That's a frown of jealousy. Good god, it looks about perfect right now, Hawaii. Do you have a suitcase next time big enough for a five foot six person? Huh?

  12. Welcome back! I loved Hawaii when I was there (I visited Maui and Kaui). That airline "food" looks like it's been used once already! As for Blogger, my theory is Gremlins. Everyone is having some sort of issue. Consider yourself lucky if you can post at all. Have your followers disappeared? Mine have.

  13. I'm really looking forward to more pix of Kauai, because it's my favorite island for the reasons you've already given. I love certain snorkeling areas of the big island, but for general ambiance, I'd take Kauai, plus the sorkeling can be totally amazing.

    As someone with built-in heat intolerance (it's physical, not attitude), I was surprised to find that not only most of the airport was unairconditioned, but also many hotels, even nice ones. Seems there is a whole class of people who think 85 degrees with 99% humidity is "nice." I do like being in the water, though, and I loved the chickens and the rustic areas. Glad you had a fantastic time.

  14. Oh yes - LAX. For the first 40+ years of my life, it was the "real" airport, which usually meant lots of traffic and/or a very long drive and THEN lots of traffic. I lived in various places in So. Cal. You would think the L.A. area could do better. I prefer flying in/out of Ontario, but just try getting a direct flight that is affordable - that's rare. Someone mentioned Burbank, which I haven't tried.

  15. Hey, that main road looks just like ours! Bless our airport, it's too small to accomodate a Jumbo jet, a hundred seater is all it can manage.. on the up-side, if hubby's bi-weekly flight to the mainland is ever delayed, they call us up and tell him not to bother setting off until they call back again. Oh, and we don't much bother with shoes (unless some big-wig security VIP and his entourage happen to be coming through) - wink!

    Looks like you've landed in a perfect spot, anyway. Hope you remember to take lots of photo's for us!

  16. Glad to have you back Pat. Sounds like your trip was relaxing and enjoyable...despite the airline food! I look forward to reading and seeing photos of your trip...might give me some ideas of my upcoming vacation.

    I will be in LAX on the 9th of June before launching off on the 10 1/2 hour flight to Fiji! like you, we are staying at a remote island 15 to 20 miles off the coast of Fiji. Can't wait.

  17. I can hardly wait to live vicariously, through your photography! Welcome home, friend.

  18. Flying is always an adventure, isn't it? Looking forward to your photos. And could you see what the first class passengers were eating?

  19. Beautiful Shots! Airline food sucks because the Cabin pressure does not allow--OK that is crap--but so is the food.

    But the Post is awesome per usual!


  20. Hawaii is not on my "bucket list" but Hubby is interested in going there to ride his bike down (not up) the volcano road. Travel of any kind is a trial. When will they perfect the "Beam Me Up Scotty" methody? I'd be all for that mode of transport.

  21. Missed you, Pat! Glad to see you're back...and still have your wonderful sense of humor, despite having to deal with LAX!

    Can't wait to see more Hawaii photos. I've never been there! I'd love to travel there vicariously through you.

  22. These photos and stories are already great--I'm so excited to see and read more!

  23. Having a hard time feeling bad for you and your awful airplane food since you were on a plane going to freakin HAWAII!!! Can't wait to live vicariously through more pics!

  24. At last you are back in the
    blogosphere. It all looks appealing
    except of course for that box
    plane lunch....gag ...

  25. That looks so awesome. Hope you guys had a good time :-)

  26. welcome back Pat!

    egg and ham sandwich turned my stomach just looking at it

  27. First of all, I thought that egg and ham sandwich thing was some kind of fatty breaded chicken breast. Ewww. The rest of the trip sounds awesome! Great pics!

  28. Welcome back! LOVE these photos. Keep 'em coming. I can't wait to see/read more! :)

  29. yay, i love airplane wing photos! ^_^ and that road through the forest is gorgeous.
    when i saw the food in the picture, i assumed it was some kind of colorful pastry. i wouldn't have guessed "sandwich" in a million years.

  30. Brian - Believe me, we thought about it, and allergies felt really good there...

    Phillip - I'm sure you are right, but to cut costs, they may have hacked one off!

    Belle - Thanks Belle! Better photos to come.

    Tim - It was hard not to be peaceful there. It also helps that I don't have to hate the part about going back to work (cause I don't). Thnaks Tim!

    #1Nana - It's my favorite island by far. Although there are a few fantastic resorts there, it is truly like stepping back in time.

    KarenG - I used to also enjoy the flying part of trips, but you are right, the airport part sucks.

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! Better photos to come...

    Lola - I have indeed had some followers disappear. I was thinking it was because I'm had so little time to comment on other blogs lately. Thanks!

    tapirgal - My two biggest surprisess were how little it's changed in the last 30 years and how many chickens there are running around wild now. Somebody told the humidity is why people have a slower pace there. I think it just might work! My favorite of the socal airports is Long Beach. It's fairly close and so darn easy to get into and out of.

    Shrinky - Hey there! Yup, smaller airports are better. The security folks don't act like Nazis there! Thanks and I did take plenty of pics.

    Chuck - Thanks Chuck! It was a lot of fun and very relaxing. Flying into LAX isn't too bad, it's driving, parking and security that suck. wow! Ten and a half hours is a long haul. You are going to have a great time in Fiji. Everyone tells me the people are amazingly friendly and the scenery (in and out of the water) is fantastic!

    Ms A - Thanks Ms A! I'll be posting them over the next couple of weeks.

    Alex - Thanks Alex. Yep, since they took the curtains down, if you get out of your seat to go the bathroom or to just walk around you can easily see in there. Wide seats, good food (at least better) and, wine!

    John - I can honestly say that that sandwich is the worst food I've ever seen on a plane. Air pressure! That's a good one.

    Rosemary - I can understand that, it's a LONG haul from where you live to Hawaii. It's an awesome and beautiful place though.

    Marlene - Thanks! Well, tag along then, I'll have some stuff up tomorrow.

    Sarah - Thanks Sarah! I just have whittle down how many pics to post..

    laughingmom - I hear you! That's the only real complain for the whole trip. The flights themselves were great. The food on the rest of the trip was great. We were there almost 2 weeks and only ate out 3 times (all lunches). We cooked every other meal.

    faye - yep! I have to admit that I've missed my blog and those that I follow. I gotta find more time for them.

    Cake Betch - Thanks! We had a great time!

    baygirl - Thanks so much! Yep, it turned mine also. I actually ate a bit of it. gag...

    Melanie - Thanks! The eggs were actually in little square shaped pieces! Nasty stuff...

    Pam - Hey Pam! Thanks so much! I hope you like them.

    Budd - It will be so noted!

  31. Ven - Thanks! I was totally surprised when I touched and then opened up the sandwich! Yuck!
    It was a great place to visit though...

  32. I'm usually just stoked when I GET food on an airplane- that is so unusual these days-

  33. Lovely pictures, minor blips and then peace...a perfect vacation story told....

  34. I would have taken that food to the stewardess and said, "Would you eat this?" That thing looked nasty.

    Still jealous of your trip. I have only ever been to Honolulu and while nice, I would have preferred a less populated island.

  35. welcome back and i am so jealous after seeing those pictures you took i want to go

    Everyday Life

  36. Welcome back!! Looks like an awesome trip. I love vacations. :)

  37. wow, 60 miles from the nearest airport seems rather far, but all worth it when you hit that last photo. p.s. how is that an egg sandwich?

  38. looks like an amazing trip!

    thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

  39. Ven- Your blog format is one that blogger won't let me comment on. I'm already logged in, but it keeps telling me I'm not, there's no option to just use my name and URL and there no anonymous. Could you switch to pop-ups for comments?

  40. If I can choose between crappy food and crappy flight, I'll take the former, hands down. In any event, the destination was clearly worth the journey - which I remind myself every time I have to even start thinking about going to an airport! Welcome back home.

  41. That darling ... give me envy.


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