Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kauai Kowabunga

The first time I went to Kauai, I did some scuba diving and surfing. This time, thirty years, two knee surgeries and various other orthopedic injuries later, I didn't do either.  However, the patio of the condo we rented was just yards from one of the best surf spots on the island.  So I watched and took photos instead. I took MANY pics of folks surfing, but I will only bore you with a few. (I promise there will be scenery pics very soon).

This guy was probably the best surfer we saw. He was great on big or small waves, but obviously he could handle pretty much anything.

Where I live, you don't see ANYONE surfing without a wetsuit on.

This guy was lucky enough to spend a few seconds of this ride "in the tube." The photo came out kind of blurry, so I didn't post it. Too bad...

There was even people surfing on stand-up paddle boards. This guy was pretty good at it.

Of course, I had to take a few pics in black and white, into the sun.  The kind of shot that most photography teachers would give you an "F" grade on (but I love anyway).



  1. amazing photos, Pat!!all of them.

    great blue and those big waves look awesome.

    surfers always fascinate me. :)
    thanks for sharing.

    have a great day!

  2. Those are some awesome pictures Pat. Especially the black and white one. I love taking pictures like that.

  3. I have always wanted to visit Hawaii.

  4. Hey, there is a sillouette surfing. Great pics.

  5. Are you SURE that's not you? I am just going to pretend it is.

  6. I love these photos, Pat! Thanks for posting them. Those surfers are amazing! :)

  7. Bosh on photography teachers, that last shot is absolutely killer. Great pictures Pat.

  8. Those are great pictures! I just get to wave at the waves, no beach for me!

  9. Surfing looks like so much fun. I tried it when I was 16, but my arms and legs were too weak! Embarassing.

  10. Have always wanted to see Hawaii for myself. Looks too good to be true.


  11. Photos are awesome! And I like that last one. Heck with the photo teacher!

  12. I did see a girl in a string bikini surfing off Long Beach once but your right, the California coast is too cold to surf without a wet suit.

  13. Superb action shots, Pat! Looking forward to the scenery pics :-)

  14. You big tease! You're just going to give these to us, a few at a time. Always leave us wanting more. Oh, the anticipation!

  15. It's nice with the sun beind. I love thise photos - I can feel the water! Yes! Have boards gotten way smaller since I watched surfers as a teen? We have a few die-hard surfers here, too, but I don't remember the boards looking as short as they look here.

  16. Great photos, Pat. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I have not been stopping by, I know. Anyway, I didn't know you SCUBA dive...I do, too. Anyway, I tried to stand up on a lesson surf board...and I was able to do it the first time :) It was baby waves and none of these wonderful photos that you have. I most especially like the black and white one.

  18. wetsuits in Laguna? You mean in Winter don't you? My goodness, we were hitting the beach during Spring break and that was never later than April. Of course, we froze our butts off but we went body surfing anyway. Pacific is colder, no doubt about it. But so refreshing and the waves are good sized. East Coast sucks. Looks like you're having or had an unbelievable time.

  19. Those are some really great shots Pat. That B&W shot is an A+...just looking at it for a minute and you can see an alien walking out of the surf...pretty creepy.

    Hope you had a really great time and look forward to reading some of it before I leave on my trip next week.

  20. Ahhh....I could sit ocean front and watch surfers all day! Fantastic pics!

  21. Impressive, and I like the last one best.

  22. You DEFINE Photography! Shots teach--teachers don't! A Plus Plus!


  23. Great shots Pat .. I also love
    the into the sun B&W shots..

  24. Sweet pics! Surfing has always been something I've thought is very cool, and I'm highly impressed by those who can do it. So excited for more photos and stories!

  25. Great shots, Pat! I've always been intrigued by surfing. Loved all the pics on your previous post, too! Welcome back!

  26. Betty M - Thanks Betty! I can watch them all day!

    Baby Sister - Thanks! I agree, they are really my favorites also.

    Oilfield Trash - If you ever have a chance to, you'll be glad you did.

    Budd - Thanks Budd! I appreciate it.

    Bossy Betty - Okay, okay...It really is me. I had a total body sculpt done...

    Pam - thanks Pam! They were pretty good, that's for sure.

    Tim - Thanks so much Tim. In my HS photog class that a teacher trashed a pic of mine that came out much like that one. He told me it is NEVER done. I dropped the class.

    Brian - Thanks Brian! I like the beach, but I'm not laying on it getting a tan, that's for sure.

    Belle - It's fun when it goes well, and a real chore when it isn't. Of course, I wasn't that good so...

    Pearl - I hope you get to go there sometime! It's awesome.

    Alex - Yeah! That's what I say...

    Martha - that's funny! She was just showing off!

    Nat - Thanks Nat! They'll be coming soon.

    Ms A - That's how I roll...
    I never give it up all up too soon!

    Tapirgal - Yep, boards have gotten much smaller. They can do so much more on a wave with a small board. Plus, now they always wear a leash from their ankle to the board so they don't have to swim after it all the time.

    laughingmom - My pleasure! I'm glad you liked them.

    Mice - I haven't done either in quite a while. I sold all my scuba equipment at a yard sale. Somebody gave me an offer I couldn't refuse.

    California Girl - When you are young you can take the water a lot better. Surfers wear wetsuits here pretty much all year. Swimmers, not so much. I did have a good time!

    Chuck - thanks Chuck! It does look pretty odd, that's for sure. We did have a good time and I'm sure you will too, in Fiji!!!

    Marlene - I'm with you! I spent quite a bit of time doing just that.

    becca - It was awesome! I can't wait to go back. This time I won't wait for 30 years.

    robyn - thanks so much! I agree!

    John - Thanks so much John! If only it were true!

    faye - Thanks faye! I'm with you.

    Sarah - I'm happy to say that I used to do it. I'm sad to say that I wasn't as good as most of the folks I was watching...

    Marguerite - thanks so much! It's good to be home, but it was so nice not having to think about anything relating to "real" life for a while.

  27. Oh what lovely photos! I have only ever been surfing with a wet-suit, in Cornwall in the UK, and I loved it! Must admit I was singing the Beach Boys tunes as I tried to catch those waves.

    And I love that last photo. I kind of like being a rebel and shooting into the sun, despite what they say, the end result can be rather stunning - as here. :)

  28. Surgeries aside I'm still jealous of where you sitting at that moment. No feelings towards the surfer. haha

  29. these are great action shots. I love the third one - the curve of the guy's body doing the wave is fantastic. the thing about Hawaii is everyone looked so healthy when I was there years ago. and why wouldn't they be - the food, the climate, etc. etc. great shots Pat. and I love the black and white shot too.

  30. You're reminding me I have a surfer pic from nearby Seaside. I don't think any of the pics are that great, but I might have one that's usable. The setting is unusual.

  31. Fabulous really a talent to surf like that....

  32. awesome stuff mmmm

  33. Watching someone having a lot of fun and being good at it, makes you feel so much a part of the experience. Without the aches and pains afterwards!

    Fun fotos!
    And thanks so much for always stoping by and taking the time to comment.

  34. Yeah, well, I am a photo teacher, and I'll say what I like and don't like. What I'm saying is I'm calling the fun police on you. You're just having too much of it, not leaving enough for the rest of us. So there!

  35. god, i love the color of that water

  36. Great photos! Where I live, you don't see anyone surfing without a wetsuit or a board. Pretty much you don't see anyone surfing.

  37. Hey you're back! Hope you can adjust back to COOL California, lol!

  38. I loved these shots, Pat, and enlarged each one to get all the details of that wonderful water movement! I haven't yet made it to Hawaii, but would also have to watch surfers, rather than join them. That's okay by camera and I are old friends who love spending time together wherever we are...:)

  39. Jayne - Thanks so much Jayne! The water is usually pretty cold where I live also. I think they aren't enforcing all the photography taboos now, like they did "back in the day."

    Jesse - Now that I'm home, I'm jealous of myself. It was a great spot.

    Ms. Becky - Thanks Becky. there is something very appealing about watching somebody surf. If the water is pretty, it's a bonus!

    tapirgal - Post that thing!

    Rek - Thanks Rek! Yes, it's a real talent and there were some very good people there doing it.

    Zertuzzi - Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    One Woman's Thoughts - I agree, some of them elevate it to an art form. I'm fine just watching!

    pitchertaker - guilty as charged! I confess to having too much fun!

    jeannette - thanks! California was probably more cool when I was out of it.

    Lynette - Thanks Lynette! I'm with you, I'm more than happy just to watch these days.

  40. I think I saw Keanu Reeves on one of those boards.

  41. The action you captured in these shots is awesome.He is definitely one great surfer. The best I can do is a boogie board.

  42. Not nice, Pat... now you've made me miss the blue sea of home. But for me it's snorkeling, no surfing, and my scuba diving days are over too.

  43. Hi, Pat. Nice to see you back.

    These pictures take me back to the year I lived with my first husband and our 4 children in Laie (1975-76). I loved the ocean! We also got to Kauai once when my parents flew out for a visit. However, it was a day when the grand canyon of the Kauai was fogged over. But the place was gorgeous.

    Thanks for posting the pics!

  44. Very pretty with lovely colors. Full of action.

  45. Great shots Pat. It is weird to see surfers without wetsuits though.


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