Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Reflections - All Attitude

click to embiggen.

My granddaughter letting us know exactly how she feels about something. You can see mom's reflection in her sunglasses.

Reflections by other photographers at Weekend Reflections.



  1. sooo cute!
    thanks for sharing, Pat. :)

    have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, great shot, with the reflection and all. She's adorable!

  3. "Whatchoo talking about, Willis!"

  4. That's a fantastic picture, Pat!

  5. That's priceless, Pat!! Love that attitude! And what a great shot for the day! Enjoy your weekend! And I wouldn't mess with that young lady if I were you!!!


  6. Fun shot....she does have a little sass right down. Cute at this age, not so much as a teen. Happy weekend.

  7. Betty M - thanks Betty! She sure is.

    California Girl - Yep! No mistakiing that...

    Sarah - Thanks Sarah! She's a cutie.

    Budd - A classic attitude.

    M.D. - thanks so much! I just happened to have my camera in hand.

    Nancy - Oh yeah...

    Sylvia - Even at that age, she could dish it out and she could also take it.

    Dorian - Thanks! Your so right! We have 5 kids, 4 girls. We know all about it. LOL!

    Sally - She had it down at an early age.

  8. "Oh Mo-o-om-mm..." Most kids have a face and body pose that says this! Good capture.

  9. I remember this shot from February. I still love this it. I'm glad that you caught my hint about the reflections. :)

  10. I recognize that look! I see it quite often. I haven't heard much from her Mommy lately? Hope all is well.

  11. Look at all that attitude! Doesn't get much cuter than this, and with reflections included. Great shot.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  12. All I can say is , “You have THE talent!” Be it pictures or stories, you never cease to entertain me, teach me, and just make my days a bit happier. These granddaughters are something is a corker...a mind of her own, precocious, cute, too smart for 6, talks like a 40 year old woman, and can take control of any situation. I think yours looks to have some of those qualities, too. Love that refection in the sunglasses. You are just too clever. I would definitely have missed that one. Happy Weekend to you and all.....genie

  13. also, this picture has inspired a completely unrelated blog post from my corner:
    so, thanks. ^_^

  14. Wouldn't want to deal with that attitude!

  15. so sweet...she's beautiful Pat.

  16. Ha! I just love a little gal with sass! She's awesome.

  17. Just check out that 'tude!! CUTENESS!

  18. Love the body posture! Mom will see this again when she's a teen!

  19. awww. look at her. we call that swag. okay, i learned that from writing articles on justin bieber - don't hate.

    enjoy your weekend, pat!

  20. LOVE love love that captured her "attitude" perfectly--having had two daughters and now a granddaughter, it was particularly funny, as I have seen this "look" many times. LOL

  21. jennyfreckles - You are right and some of them say it better than others!

    Ven - She is adorable! My little buddy...

    James - wow! I did this one before? I'm losing it...

    Ms A - Yeah, I also see it often. Ash has doesn't get on her blog much these days. Too much going on. Her little guy is keeping her very busy. He's a handful.

    Kay - Thanks so much Kay!

    Genie - You are too nice! Seriously, I appreciate your nice words. They sure do seem a lot "wiser" these days. At one time it was 6 females in our house and only myself and son on the other side. It wasn't even fair...

    Ven - I checked it out. VERY interesting thoughts...

    Dawn - In that case, I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

    Alex - Overall, she's a sweetie, but she has her moments.

    Laura X - Thanks so much!

    Robyn - Well, sass is one thing she has plenty of.

    Marlene - It's cute now, but when it surfaces again in the teen years, it's not so cute!

    Lola - I know! the posture is classic.

    Ally - she's got plent of "swag" then. I'm not hating of justin bieber. Can't hate on someone who doesn't exist in my world...LOL!

    Joan - Hey there! Oh yeah, it's cute as long as it doesn't surface too often. Boy, do I have catching up to do at your blog...

  22. Bonjour!
    Your granddaughter is adorable and she has personality!Love this shot!
    Have a nice weekend,

  23. Thats some serious attitude! lol

    I see some troublesome teen years ahead. haha


  24. You have a very beautiful granddaughter, beautiful reflections in B / W

  25. Cute ... I have been there and done that many times while being coerced into traveling with my parents... okay..
    I still do it sometimes when going places.

    Hope you are having a good weekend !!

  26. isn't it amazing how they let us know exactly what they think with body language
    she's adorable

  27. If she were about 15 years older, that could easily be one of my students during critique not liking what's being said.

  28. IS she a reflection of her mother>

  29. With the way she is feeling at this very moment, she'd take great offense at being dismissed as being cute, 'tude and all. But yeah, she is. Normally I'm not keen on photos with sunglasses, but you made your point, Pat, reflection of mom and all.

  30. looks like she is saying...when will I actually get paid for posing. Lovely shot of a cute girl.

  31. She is so sweet:)
    Have a nice weekend Patrick:)
    Warm hugs:)

  32. That is one cute little girl. Almost as cute as my 20 month old grandson LOL! I "hear" you're reading my memoir. I hope you like it--well, maybe not the subject matter. Life was DIFFICULT. But I think I wrote it well (might as well admit it, eh?!).

    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  33. You could plan that picture any better.

  34. This image is priceless Patrick! Granddaughters are great subjects. I never tire of photographing ours (we have six -- no boys).

  35. Love it! I've seen that look a few times myself.

  36. Cezar & Leia - Bonjour! That's my little buddy!

    Anthony - That's for sure! She's personality plus...
    You have a nice weekend yourself!

    Lucy - Oh yeah...

    Leovi - Thanks so much!

    faye - I'm sure glad that I'm so even tempered...(most of the time)

    Dianne - Yes it is! They learn it at an early age also.

    pitchertaker - I bet you see a bunch of attitude in your job.

    Meri - LOL! She certainly is! But her mom grew out of it...

    Francisca - You are so right. She would have bristled at the idea of being cute at that moment.

    Rek - We were at a big flea market. If I remember correctly, she was complaining about it being so hot.

    Berit - Thanks! I'll tell her you said so.

    PTM - You are right! That's why I always have a camera on me.

    awarewriter - Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

  37. Whoa... wait a minute. What? You know when you rarely watch a show, then you look at the time and realize "My favorite show is on TV, better turn it on so I can watch it!" Then 2-3 minutes into the show you realize you've seen it before?

    Has that ever happened to you? Well it's happening to me right now. Haven't I seen this picture before? Hunh Pat? Haven't I?

    It's ok. It's a bitchin picture! She's a cutie with an attitude, I sense a future roller derby chick here!!!

    ツ my cyber house rules dot com

  38. Whoa... wait a minute. What? You know when you rarely watch a show, then you look at the time and realize "My favorite show is on TV, better turn it on so I can watch it!" Then 2-3 minutes into the show you realize you've seen it before?

    Has that ever happened to you? Well it's happening to me right now. Haven't I seen this picture before? Hunh Pat? Haven't I?

    It's ok. It's a bitchin picture! She's a cutie with an attitude, I sense a future roller derby chick here!!!

    ツ my cyber house rules dot com

  39. Awww! She's so cute! Great picture!

  40. Oh my gosh, the combination of facial expression and body language says I am not a happy camper. That is a priceless photo Pat.

  41. Very effective! She's my kind of girl!

  42. She looks a bit impatient with the adults in her world. She reminds me of my sons when I would stop to talk with friends in the grocery.

  43. Aw, soooo sweet! :) Thanks, Pat.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  44. This is an absolutely classic shot, a perfect capture that she'll carry with her well into adulthood.

    I'm totally in line with others here: You have a gift of being able to trip the shutter at the perfect moment of human emotion.

  45. a picture is worth a thousand words...her look says it all!

  46. oh my all that attitude how adorable no one is messing with that little diva any time soon

    Everyday Life

  47. Adorable and soooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Adorable and soooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  49. What a doll! How can you disagree with a face like that?

  50. Embiggen? Lol.
    She's super cute. What a pouty face.

  51. Lovin the TUDE!!! Is she a CAT by any chance-LOL!


  52. Attitude with such a cute expression, though!

  53. Ree - Yup! With all the females in my family, I've seen quite a few times myself!

    Nikki - I don't know! You are the second person to say this. I'll have to do some searching.

    JayLeigh - thanks so much!

    SquirrelQueen - She certainly was not! Thanks!

    Bossy Betty - Yep! Mine too...

    Martha Z - I hear that! They don't tend to have much tolerance for that.

    Talli - Thanks Talli! I sure did.

    Carmi - Thanks Carmi! I appreciate the kind words. I know I have some catching up to do at your place. I'll be over soon and spend some time there.

    altadenahiker - Sure is! Thanks.

    Rosemary - It sure does. I just saw that look yesterday also.

    becca - You are right, she pretty much holds her own.

    Nas Dean - Thanks so much!

    Nita - It's hard to deny her! Thanks for commenting.

    Tara - Yep, "embigggen." It's a real word (sort of). Thanks!

    John - she sure likes cats, so maybe...

    Icy BC - Yep! Combine together, it's acceptable...

  54. What a perfect caption for an adorably sweet photo!

  55. She does "attitude" so well!

    Somehow I think this photo might pop up again sometime when she's an adult.

  56. She is cute and probably has grandpa's number behind those shades.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  57. HAHAH!! I've seen that look! NOT happy. . .

    Too cute!


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