Monday, June 27, 2011

Kilauea Point -- Kauai

Not only is Kilauea Point a beautiful place for a lighthouse, it's also a National Wildlife Refuge. The point is the northernmost piece of land in the Hawaiian Islands.

These are all large photos, so enlarge for optimum viewing
When I saw this, it was another one of those catch your breath moments.

The lighthouse was closed for repairs, but it was well worth the two bucks just to take in the views.

Red Tailed Tropic Bird (to see the tail, enlarge)

Great Frigate Birds (you gotta enlarge this one)

Hawaiian Goose

Wedge Tailed Shearwater nestlings

The view to the right.


The view to the left (Princeville). Awesome coastline.

A little islet is just off the point.

I don't know why. I just had to. This place is so green that you can almost hear everything growing.

We ate at his fish market in the little town of Kilauea. I had Ono tacos. Oh man, they were so good. That's my wife in the white (with hat on). She's sitting with her sister and BIL.

Just me, thinking that a few wisps of grass are as awesome as the scenery.



  1. Everything is so beautiful there. Would love to visit someday.

  2. Beautiful as always. God just when I think blue can't be any more beautiful, I see Hawaii. Grrrr. :)

  3. I've been enjoying all your photos of Hawaii. Gorgeous.

  4. Oh. Timing. It's SO hot here right now, I could easily dive into these pictures!! Lovely!

    Hope you are well Pat! ;)

  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I'm jealous! Love the photos of the coast. So gorgeous!

  6. It all looks like awesome scenery to me, I can almost feel that ocean breeze!

  7. Have I told you that 1) I am jealous of your trip and 2) you take some great pictures!!!

  8. Beautiful!! But so unfair to post these on a Monday morning!

  9. love the pic of the coastline with the clouds rolling in. Also like the littl island.

  10. Thank you so much for the trip to the island this Monday morning. I totally get the last picture.

  11. Pat, that last shot is fantastic. I see why you saved it for the end of the post. the perspective is amazing.

  12. check your email. It will be from amazon and not from me.

  13. I can't imagine living in a place like that, surrounded by so much beauty! (or even visiting, for that matter)

  14. I love coastal scenes... some amazing photos there, Pat!

  15. Clarissa - I hope you get the chance to. It's worth the trip.

    Alex - Thanks Alex! I just push the shutter...

    TVA - Thanks so much! The shade of blue changes as the sun changes.

    Mary - Thanks! I enjoyed taking them.

    Talei - Hey there! I agree! I'm ready to do the same!

    Talli - Ah, don't be jealous!

    Brian - It looks that way, because it is! I can feel it also.

    Oilfield Trash - I'm sorry for #1 and thanks for #2!

    laughingmom - Sorry! They sure perked me up.

    Budd - The coastline pic was an awesome view.

    Nancy - They were REALLY good!

    Bossy Betty - You are quite welcome. I'll be over to get my flowers in few minutes.

    Tim - Thanks so much Tim. I loved it also.

    Budd - I just checked my email and it's there. I'll be picking up the book in a minute or two. Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

    Ms A - I can image it, but I'm not sure I could slow my life style down enough to thrive there. Nevermind, I could...

    Nat - Thanks so much Nat! I appreciate it.

  16. This is one of the places that my wife and I both want to go. The views you shot were so cool. The one thing I hoped to get a shot of in Fiji was a high vantage looking down on waves crashing into the cliffs, not to captured it perfectly. I would have shot dozens of pictures of the lighthouse as they are one of my favorite icons.

    I recently watched a Peter Lik show on the Weather Channel. He does some fabulous photography on Thursday nights. He did one show on some areas of Kauai that were breathtaking.

    Looks like you had a good time in some beautiful scenery. Keep 'em coming Pat!

  17. Gorgeous photos! I love the sea so much. I wish I could live on a boat.

  18. Ono tacos must've tasted so fresh! Save some for me next time.

  19. no matter how many times I look at these photos I'm still in awe at the color of that water. it's unbelievable. I was there many years ago, and I recall my amazement then too, but it's being refreshed by your splendid photos. and now I'm jonzing for some fish tacos, but I'm certain the ones you had were to die for.

  20. These are so gorgeous! How I would love to be there!

  21. it's been forever since i've seen a lighthouse. which sounds strange, since i live in california now. still, in michigan you couldn't go for a walk without tripping over one.

  22. More great photos, most suitable for framing. Someday I'll make it there.

    Tossing It Out

  23. WOW... excellent captures...
    I would frame the first one
    for sure !

  24. Chuck - I hope you can get there someday. You can go there and we'll try Fiji for a change! I'm glad I could get your cliff shots for you! We did have fun. you keep your pics coming as well.

    Belle - I have had friends who live on boats. They really had to downsize and simplify their lives.
    Thanks Belle!

    Jesse - They were so darn good!

    Ms Becky - I agree with you! The water is amazing. The only thing you will be surprised about if you return is the Costco, Home Depot, Walmart and a few more resorts. The rest of it including the roads are still exactly the same. I'd like to have some good tacos right now also.

    Mama Zen - thanks so much! I'd like to be there right now also.

    Ven - I'm thinking there are couple right around your town. I could be wrong...

    Arlee - thanks so much! I hope you do make it there.

  25. Beautiful views, I love that rocky coastline. I really like the shots you got of all the different birds Pat. The Frigate Birds are very cool.

    We have Nene geese at our aviary but it not the same as seeing them in the wild, great shot.

  26. You captured the awesome beauty perfectly, simply breath taking views. Thanks for sharing your journey, Pat.

    be well, be happy,

  27. stunning photos, Pat!
    well done. :)

    oh, it seems such a fascinating place to visit!

    have a great day!

  28. Wow, what spectacular views! It truly looks a piece of paradise - I am sooo envious, I would love to visit there!

  29. The clouds, the wind and the water....heaven exists on Earth....beautiful, inspiring shots.
    Hope you are rejuvenated by the trip

  30. Your photos are so clear and stunningly beautiful. Just breathtaking. Thankyou for sharing.
    I just want to be there now

  31. Thanks for sharing! These are so awesome! So beautiful!

  32. faye - Thanks so much! frame

    SQ - Thanks! Heck, I took shots of just about everything I saw. Only a thousand or so..."Nene" geese, that's it!

    Pam - Thanks Pam, it was my pleasure.

    Betty M - Thanks so much Betty!

    Shrinky - Paradise, it is! If you ever have the chance...

    Rek - I am very rejuvenated. Now I'd like to do it again.

    Mynx - Thanks so much! It's my pleasure.

    KaLynn - Thanks so much! It's a beautiful place.

  33. Such stunning pictures of the seabirds...and how did you get that photo of the nestlings? Amazing! These belong in an art exhibit.

  34. Wow..this is such a beautiful place. The water is so blue, and the sky is gorgeous, Pat.

  35. Nice pictures, I love those landscapes. Saludos.

  36. I'm blown away by the beauty! What an amazing place. I spent a few days on Waikiki about 25 years ago when I was in the navy but this looks way nicer!

  37. Have I told you lately, how jealous I am of your trip?! LOL!! Love your photos, though...even if they aren't QUITE as good as actually being there in person. ;)

  38. Oh, these are gorgeous! I'm in heaven... :)

  39. Wow I really need to go there. The lighthouse is just amazing!!

  40. Great shots! Gotta persuade my wife to go to Kaua‘i for one of our Neighbor Island getaways.

    I've only been to Kaua‘i once, but for only 20 minutes on an airline media flight.

  41. Fantastic work there Patty. And I agree re the juxtaposition of the last shot. Very cool.

  42. These shots are great. The frigate birds over the surf was perfect.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  43. Okay, Pat, I've enlarged each one... and now I have no time to comment because I am diving right in with those Great Frigates... man, oh, man I miss the sea... maybe one of the coming weekends, now that I'm back home...


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