Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Beach at Tunnels Reef -- Kauai

Although Kauai isn't the biggest of the Hawaiian Islands, it has by far, the most sand beaches. What makes it very nice is that there aren't very many people on those beaches.  We didn't have time to see them all, but the beach at Tunnels Reef was one of the nicest. There was no where to park except on the side of the road.
feel free to embiggen, the photos are large
The beach at Tunnels Reef is the last area you can get to before the road ends. This portion of the road (on the way there) is called the "Tree Tunnel." No relation to Tunnels Reef, but just as beautiful.

This is an indication of how few people there are on this island. This one lane bridge is part of the main road of the island.  We only had to wait about a minute.

It doesn't matter if you are at the edge of a town in the desert or on the most remote island in the world, your vehicle breaks down, you just leave it in the yard.

We drove past some Taro fields. Taro is a very valuable plant. Most people only associate it with "poi" and think it's pretty nasty. If you've ever had it, you know why.  I didn't think it was bad at all, but I've been known to eat just about anything.

The view to the left

The view to the right. One of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. Just amazing!

There's a house under those palm trees. I'm thinking I could live there. Only one issue, for the last twenty years all the houses have to be built on 18 foot high stilts. Yep, tsunamis...

A few more posts from Kauai and I'll be done. Thanks for hanging in there!



  1. The beach photos are the ones I've been particularly excited for. Beautiful!

  2. So that's what 40 inches of rain a year will get you.

  3. at first I thought the car came in and ruined your shot of the tree tunnel, but I think it adds something to the shot. Kind of makes it more real.

    So, when do we get pictures of babes on the beach in bikinis?

  4. I've never had poi but I have had things made from taro flour.

  5. These are so beautiful! We didn't get to Kauai but I loved the island of Hawaii. It looked very similar. Gorgeous beaches and then horse ranches. And great coffee! Too bad everything is so expensive!

  6. Sarah - Yeah, they do it for me also! thanks Sarah.

    altadenahiker - Yep! If I'm not mistaken, the rainiest spot on earth is in the interior of the island.

    Budd - I was thinking that the car gave the photo some scale. It was a pretty cool road.

    Tim - It's pretty nasty looking, but it's good to dip things into.

    Lolamouse - Oh yeah! All the islands are beautiful. I like Kauai the best because there isn't much there. It's all pretty expensive though. Thanks Lola!

  7. Great photos! Yeah, we see a lot of dead cars in yards here in the south.

  8. Tunnels! One of my favorite places on earth. Also one of my favorite snorkeling places. I got my best sea turtle photo here and I actually saw a monk seal before it high-tailed it away not to be seen again. And of course, the beauty of the spot is incredible. I also got my worst coral scrape scars here, but who cares :) Like an idiot, I didn't think I needed antibiotics for the scratches.

  9. Fantastic trip and photographs Patrick.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. No way around it, that place is just beautiful!!!!

  11. I could live in that house too. What a gorgeous beach. I envy people who live in Hawaii.

  12. I've LOVED these posts from your Kauai trip, Pat. Such a beautiful place and I'll probably never get to go. Thank you for all of these gorgeous photos! :)

  13. I think that vehicle in the yard thing might apply to Utah too. At least my neighborhood.

  14. I just love how the beaches you explored seem to be so NOT CROWDED!

  15. these are remarkable. I'm wondering about those stilt homes though. wouldn't any tsunami just tumble them down? that is a long ways up for a house. the clouds are so gorgeous too, never mind the water and the sand. that third photo reminds me of Lost for some reason. and I love the bridge photo...

  16. Just stunning. So lush and green against such a great shade of blue.

  17. View to the left looks like that girl is sitting in the bag! (One wouldn't enlarge) I really like the "not crowded" part! Especially in such a beautiful location.

  18. Thank you for posting so many magnificent photos of Kauai.. it is an amazing island. I hope they keep it undeveloped forever.
    The shot looking east on the beach reminds me of Marco island, Florida 1953 before the developers completely destroyed it.

    Yes Pat, my header photo is Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Ca.

  19. As a kid I lived on a street that was an oak tree tunnel...not quite as tall as the one you shot. Love the beach shots. And those damn tsunamis, always invading paradise.

  20. That must be a bitch when you forget your house is on stilts when you go to get the paper. ouch.

  21. i want to go live here someday and write novels.

  22. Breath-taking. Honest. And, an uncrowded beach! No wonder it was your favorite. Plus, looking out over the fields and valleys is amazing.

  23. Simply stunning. And that truck cracked me up.

  24. Oh, this place is SO beautiful. The year my first husband and 4 children lived in Laie we got to Kauai only once, so these fantastic photographs took me back. Seeing these scenes, I feel a nostalgic ache. I'd love to see the islands again. I liked taro, too. And the breadfruit and bananas and kiwi and and and....

    But yes, tsunamis. One night at about 11 p.m. we were jarred awake by a tidal wave warning, which went off right behind our house. Not for real. Just testing. But it was unnerving.

    Glad you're still busy reading my book!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  25. Oh, the lushness of it all.

    Lucky, lucky you.

  26. I wouldn't turn that house down though! :-D

  27. Now that is a beach I would dearly love to sink my toes into. Even though that will never happen.. at least I had a chance to see kauai through your eyes. Thanks Pat.. the price was right too!

    be happy and well,

  28. Alex - I guess it's an economical decision. Either pay to have it towed, or just park it!

    tapirgal - Yep! We did some snorkling there also. I saw a sea turtle but I didn't have an underwater camera. We did a couple of monk seals park themselves on the beach by where we were staying. When I was there many years ago, I got a couple of infections on knee scrapes.

    Costas - Thanks Costas! My pleasure.

    Brian - It sure was and still is!

    Belle - I could live there also. the older houses don't have to be on the stilts. I could live there also, I'd just have to get used to the humidity.

    Pam - Thanks so much Pam! Never say never! Maybe someday...

    Cheeseboy - I'll have to check that out. We have another road trip coming up in Sept. that will take us through part of Utah.

    Marlene - It's never "too" crowded there. That's the way they like it.

    Ms Becky - Thanks! You might be right, but the "stilts" are very thick and sturdy looking. The bridge was pretty cool. We ran across a few of them that were one lane only. Right on the main road!

    M Pax - Yep! The colors are amazing. As long as the sun was out, the colors all just popped.

    Ms. A - Ha! I hadn't noticed that! Maybe it's one of those change your clothes in bags. that's all I can think of anyway!

    Pam - That sucks! On Kauai they have very strict laws passed to limit development.

    Chuck - It was really nice and shady in that tunnel. I'd be a little leary of Tsunamis I lived on that beach.

    PTM - Oh yeah! You'd have to walk around with a parachute on!

    Ven - Sounds like a great idea to me. I'd love to do it there also.

    Mary - thanks Mary! It wasn't crowded anywhere at all.

    Baby Sister - Thanks! Yeah, there were a lot of old vehicles sitting around.

    Ann - I think the beauty is what I'm most left with also. Oh man, I'd hate to be roused out of bed by one of those sirens.

    Blue Wave - Thanks so much! You have amazingly beautiful state there.

    The Empress - Oh yeah! you can almost see and hear things growing.

    Tara - I wouldn't either! What a great spot.

    Pam - I'm with you! I'm happy to be of service!

  29. Gorgeous scenery and pics! What a great trip that was! Incredible!

  30. Left and right had cool views, but the view above looked amazing.

  31. The photos are fantastic. I love the first one most especially. I call them kissing trees. I have tons of similar :) I can tell you had a fantastic vacation!

  32. Marguerite - It sure was a great trip! We just might go back next year.

    Jesse - I agree! I don't spend too much time on the actual beach anyway.

    mice - Thanks so much! Yes, we did have a great vacation. We don't really call these things vacations, because neithter of us works (I'm happy to say).

  33. Very cool. Some of these shots look like Thailand or other parts of Asia. Similiar tropical climate perhaps.

    Good work yet again.


  34. What a beautiful beach, I am amazed at the lack of people. That would be my choice for a place to get sand between my toes.

    I love your first photo Pat, it almost looks like a painting.

  35. Nice pictures. I love this magnificent place, I want to go there on holidays ... they envy. But it is too far for me.

  36. I'm loving all these photos, Pat. I'll be sad when you don't post about your trip! But I'm sure you'll have plenty of other great ones for us.

  37. I love the trees in the top photo and the beaches look amazing!

  38. Anthony - Except for this almost totally volcanic, I think you are right. It does look very much alike.

    SQ - It sure was! I doubt if it ever gets much more crowded that this, because there was NO place to park...

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi! That is what I say about your part of the word. It's so very far away!

    Tess - Thanks! I hope you do someday.

    Talli - thanks so much! I could post many more. I took about 1100 of them! LOL...

    James - Thanks James! You're half way there, when compared to where you were a few weeks ago!

  39. Wishing you and yours a very safe and Happy Fourth of July!

  40. wow I think I would LOVE living there, this place is a dream!Great set of pictures.I love that mountain and it's all lovely green!
    Happy weekend and Holiday!

  41. Hi Pat.. wishing you and yours a safe and sane 4th of July also.
    It was nice of you to stop by and add your B-day wishes to RJ.. Thanks

    Happy is as happy does :D

  42. I appreciate your gentle commentary accompanying each wonderful picture. This is a travelogue I appreciate.

  43. ahhhh...beaches. It's only been two months and I am really missing them already. Happy July 4th to you and yours, Patrick.

  44. Thanks for bringing a vacation into our homes. I can see myself plopping down on the beach and catching up on sleep and reading. Keep 'em coming!

  45. I'm impressed with how lush and green it looks.
    Be well, Pat.

  46. wow... i guess I really do need to figure out how to get myself over to HI.

    ... *plotting plotting*

  47. In Bucharest they left dead cars on the road... and then they complain about lack of parking... . I so like stretches of road with trees arching over to kiss each other... this was a beauty. More lovely beach shots too, Pat.

  48. I still have a photo up on my wall of the Taro feilds. And tunnels was so beautiful. They shot scenes from the movie South Pacific there.

  49. SQ - Thanks so much Judy! Same to you and your family!

    Cezar and Leia - I agree with you! Thanks, I hope you are having a great week as well.

    Pam - Thanks Pam! Same to you!

    Jerry - Thanks so much for the nice words Jerry. More to come...

    Rosemary - I understand that! Although you did get more than your share earlier! Hope you had a good holiday.

    Robyn - It's an amazing place. I sure hope I can get back there some day.

    Nariane - I'm thinking the same thing. I really loved it.

    Francisca - wow! they just leave them on the street? thanks so much for the nice words Francisca!

    Sharon - I can understand why. I wish I'd taken the time to go down to those fields. There must be a small road down there! I guess several movies have been shot there. Hope you are having a good week.

  50. I LOVE this beach...have spent many days here! must return...thank you!

  51. it looks such a fascinating place to visit.
    what a beautiful beach!

    impressive set of photos!


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