Monday, June 13, 2011

Spouting Horn - Kauai

On day two we drove down this nice little road

I had to pull over when I saw this little guy hitch hiking

I also saw some idiots. Note the sitting water on those rocks. It got there because there were big waves breaking on them. I was wondering if we were going to witness something tragic, or at least newsworthy.

Here is the famous spouting horn...meh! As usual I'm distracted from the task at hand. In this instance, the distraction is the idiots standing to left of the "spout." People have been swept off of those rocks. That's why we're standing behind a fence. 

My lovely and wind blown wife.

Pretty clearly a volcanic island

The only graffiti I saw on the island was on these tree leaves.  Pretty odd, yeah?

And of course the ubiquitous chickens...

I promise that I'll get to the "real" scenery soon...



  1. beautiful photos and I esp love the chickens. For some reason chicken photos always make me smile

  2. Love these. Especially the volcanic island. I really really really want to go on vacation...

  3. wow, your wife looks gorgeous!

    amazing shots, too, especially i like that one of the big wave!!
    oh my gosh!

    hope you have a great week ahead!


  4. Oh, I love Kauai! Thanks for the pics--it was like taking a mini-vacation for me scrolling through them. :-)

  5. great pics. that was one cool looking bird. It looked like it was a pretty windy day in the first pic.

  6. These were great! You make me want to go to Hawaii. If only for the colorful chickens....

  7. I loved how the chickens would come right into the restaurants when we were there. And no we didn't stand by the spout!

  8. I love that island! It would be perfect if not for the heat :) Thanks for the wonderful reminders. I don't think I saw the blow-hole, so that was news. Idiots and big waves. There are a few fewer of the idiots each year in Oregon, and a few more of them in the water . . . permanently. We have what they call "sneaker waves" here.

  9. Hawaii is going to have to name their state bird the chicken instead of that goose called the nene.

    Those people were stupid for sure. Your wife is beautiful even when windblown.

  10. Isn't there always a couple of idiots spoiling a good view / photo? Fab pics Pat.

  11. Mynx - Thanks! I'm with you, something about them is very cute.

    Sarah - Thanks Sarah! Most of the place is lava. In some places it is very sharp.

    Betty M - I shall tell her you said so. thanks! you have a good week also.

    Liz - I love it also. I'm glad you like them, more to come. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

    Budd - Thanks Budd! It's always breezy there (on the coast anyway).

    Bossy Betty - The chickens are reason enough. thanks Betty!

    Sharon - Oh yeah! They are like the sparrows here. When I was there many years ago, I remember being able to walk right up to it. Not a good idea!

    tapirgal - The weather was perfect when we were there. About 80F with a breeze. You guys do have some pretty wild seascapes in Oregon.

  12. Too bad a big wave didn't reduce the population of idiots in the world! And who on earth puts graffiti on leaves?

  13. Lovely! Love the vibrant colours on that first little bird.

  14. With so many chickens about, I'm surprised fried chicken is not a common meal in those parts.

  15. now, you know damn well that i would be out there on those rocks, probably stupid enough to be standing ON the spout of water when it came up. i might bash my skull on rocks and then drown, but at least the last photo of me ever taken alive would be by whoever i asked to take a photo behind from behind the fence (preferably by a sign telling people not to cross it).
    also, i love leaf graffiti. never seen anything quite like that before. an non permanent way of saying "i was here." i like it.

  16. If I close my eyes I can feel the warm breeze and smell the flowers...wait, is that a chicken I hear clucking? Thanks for the brief vacation from reality.

  17. the graffiti-ed leaves are a puzzle. someone must have been mighty bored. good notice on that one. and I think this scenery is pretty darn awesome. especially that blue water. that volcanic rock is not easy to walk on either.
    I look forward to more!

  18. That is some spouting horn. BTW...the first bird looked like a baby rooster. Is there such a thing?

  19. I think I might actually like that graffiti!

  20. Belle - I heard jokes about the chicken being the new state bird while we were there. Thanks for nice comments!

    Ricky - There sure is! If something did happen to them, I'd have gotten a photo of it!

    Alex - Mother natures way of thinning the heard. I saw this stuff on the leaves in a few places. weird!

    Talli - Thanks Talli! He was so darn cute!

    pitchertaker - I meant to ask someone if people could just snatch 'em off the street for a meal, but I forgot to.

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks so much!

    Ven - That's funny! I heard a story about a guy who was too close and got knocked down into the hole and was sucked through the lava tube to the ocean. He got some cuts and bruises, but was okay.

    #1Nana - You got me on that one! I can smell plumeria everytime I think about the place.

    Ms Becky - They are a puzzle! I'm trying to get some more posts together with better pics.

    Jesse - It does kind of look like one. I never thought about it...

    baygirl32 - I thought it was pretty creative and it looked better.

  21. Those idiots get around...I'm sure I saw them hanging on the edge of the crumbling, chalky cliffs around Beachy Head on the English south coast ;-)

  22. Such beautiful pictures. Makes me want to go on a trip somewhere exotic. Thanks for letting me vicariously through you. :)

  23. Love Kauai. Spent more summers snorkeling along the south and north shores and off the Napali coast than I can count! Can't wait for your 'real scenery'.

  24. What stunning scenery. Beautiful photos.

  25. Love the blue...everywhere!

  26. Even the chickens are pretty! LOL!! Love your photos and the little peek into your adventures in Hawaii. You couldn't PAY ME to stand where those idiots are standing.

  27. The colors are so vibrant in all of these. I like how that bird in the second photo appears to be looking right up at the camera.
    Great shots, Pat.

  28. YOu truly are an amazing photographer.. I love your photo-journeys and thanks for sharing with us..

  29. That bird is so adorable! And the chickens are just goofy! When we were in Hawaii, there were signs by the volcanos warning people that they were active and that the ground was hot and not to cross over a certain line. Of course, there were the idiots that had to cross the line and take photos of themselves being stupid!

  30. Nat - It's a proven fact..."Earthlings are stupid!"

    Baby Sister - thanks so much! I always like photo-tours from other people also.

    Brenda - I wish I could say the same! Real scenery coming up soon.

    M Pax - Thanks so much! I apreciate it.

    Brian - I'm with you! Love that blue water.

    Marlene - Yep! Pretty darn cute. You could pay me, but it would take quite a bit.

    Robyn - Thanks Robyn! The bird was looking at the camera. He was wondering why I stopped.

    Lynne - Thanks so much! You are much too kind. Sharing this stuff is my pleasure.

    Lolamouse - Yep, he's a cutie alright. What the heck is wrong with people?

  31. Hubby has always and continues to want to go to Hawaii. For me there seems to be no attraction.
    Well, maybe you will convince me. Love the bird photos.

  32. I've known people that weren't having fun, if there wasn't an element of risk or danger. Love that blue water!

  33. BEAUTIFUL-----



  34. Great photos... the first one looks
    like a postcard.

    Maybe one day we will get over to Hawaii... dang that is a long flight from Florida.

  35. There's always somebody who thinks the rules don't apply to them, their usually the ones that get swept out to sea.

    Great shots Pat, gotta love those chickens.

  36. LOVED these photos, Pat! Awesome scenery. The leaf graffiti was so strange but kinda cool. Gotta love those chickens! ;)

  37. That picture of the beach is SO GORGEOUS Pat. I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am. Take me with you next time, mkay?

  38. Great pictures Patrick, and you have a beautiful wife:)
    Warm hugs:)

  39. That is one beautiful place!

  40. The bird does look as if it's hitch-hiking!

    The rocks and waves reminded me of where I live - including the 'idiots' - some of whom do get washed out to sea from time to time. Some who get washed away are not so much idiots perhaps as careless. Do they do 'tombstone-ing' there? Another silly temptation - to fall (not dive I think) off the rocks on purpose.

    Compliments to your wife - who does, indeed, looks lovely.


  41. Beautiful pics. Glad you're having a great time and still finding time to blog. And your wife look lovely. Have fun!

  42. wow, i love these! wait, that graffiti on the leaves is crazy. love the bird and of course your lovely wife :)

  43. Rosemary - The smaller islands are amazing Rosemary. It's well worth the trip (a long one for you).

    Ms A - I suppose some folks might have said that about me at one point in my life. Thanks!

    John - Thanks John! You are funny!

    faye - It's a long flight from anywhere! Thanks faye!

    SQ - Thanks so much! Some people deserve to be swept out to sea.

    Pam - Why thank you! I agree about the chickens!

    Tara - mkay! Thanks Tara!

    Berit - Thanks so much for both!

    James - It sure is. I'd forgotten how beautiful it is.

    Lucy - See? We have idiots everywhere. There are a couple of spots where people dive off of high rocks. Not me...

    Stephen - Thanks so much Stephen. I only made one post from there. It was a nice break.

    Ally - Thanks Ally! There was too much to look at. It was hard to catch it all.

  44. I'm one of the stupid people, right there with Lovkyně! :-D Except I might look and listen for a while first... what they call the calculated risk. I went swimming in 10-foot high waves in Hawaii, loved it and despite being trashed onto the sand a few times, lived to tell about it. But oddly perhaps, I would have NO inclination to carve into a leaf! And Pat, there's already some "real" scenery here.

  45. Graffiti leaves?

    That is wicked cool. Are there signs telling you not to deface the shrubs.

    Your wife is so lovely. She looks like she would be fun to be around.

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