Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birds we met in Kauai

Most of the birds you see in Kauai are not native. Where I live we are used to seeing crows, seagulls, hawks and sparrows.  Hawaii has no crows and very surprisingly (as a chain of islands), they have ZERO sea gulls. 

Red Crested Cardinal
We saw a lot of them, but this one and his mate, were always around our patio begging for food.

Juvenile Red Crested Cardinal
 The head and crest start out orange and turn red as they mature. We call this guy "Rusty." By the time we left he was landing on our legs and would eat out of our hands.  He was VERY cute!

Yellow-Masked Myna Bird
They were originally brought to Kauai as pets, but are now part of the landscape. This guy was one of about 10 we regularly saw around our patio. Like most Mynas, they are very good mimics and in captivity some of them can talk.

Zebra Dove
They are EVERYWHERE and always underfoot. Cute and friendly, they mate for life and always show up in pairs. They will also eat out of your hand.

Hawaiian Black Swan
Although, these aren't everywhere, when you do seen them, it's a treat. Their feathers are beautiful!
Two major hurricanes in the last twenty years resulted in a lot of loose poultry. Roosters, hens and chicks are EVERYWHERE! This friendly guy hung out under a chair on our patio. Whenever the urge hit him, he'd walk up to our screen door and crow. His signal to us, that he wanted a snack.

Group shot

Now that I have your attention...
Does anybody know why I (and others) can't comment on all blog posts? I can comment on blogs with pop-up comment boxes and those that have the "everyone" box checked in their comment settings. Other blogs won't let me comment at all.  So, if some of you are wondering where the heck I am and why I haven't been commenting, that is the reason...
Something has changed. Some blogs that I could freely comment on before, now require me to fill out a name and URl box. Some of you may notice that there is no profile photo of me in my comments to you. So, I have no idea what's going on, but I'm not liking it.
Chuck (Apocalypse Now) your blog is a good example, no matter what I do, I can't comment.


  1. what a great start to the day.
    such beautiful and refreshing photos!

    thanks so much for sharing, Pat!!

    betty :)

  2. First of all, I love these birds. Great colors. I've heard others complaining about the commenting situation. Most importantly, can you get to my blog? If so, your life is complete. Have a Coke and relax.

  3. The 'known issues' page for Blogger has this

    'We're investigating an issue which is preventing login and comment posting for some users, and hope to have a fix released shortly.

    Thanks for your patience in the meantime.'

    It's dated May 24th but is still in 'Outstanding issues'.

    Maybe that's relevant. (Though not necessarily!)

    Black swans! Zebra doves - never even heard of them . . . and there's nothing so soothing as the sound of hens going about their daily routine nothing so musical as a cockrel about five in the morning when you are fast asleep.


  4. Great photos! Not sure what's going on with the commenting... you were able to comment on mine last week, I know that.

  5. Now that's my kind of vacation!!!

    Hey, while you were gone Blogger had a major meltdown and wasn't available for a couple of days. You need to clear your cache and cookies, then go to and sign-in again. That should solve the problem, but some folks using Internet Explorer are still having problems.

  6. Great pictures Pat. I love the Zebra Dove. Very cute. Geez, my uncle lives there and he's never sent me pictures this cool.

    I haven't really been around the blogging world lately so I haven't noticed any problems.

  7. AWesome picutres!!!

    I think the problem has something to do with your browser. Or at least that is what I have heard. I am using Firefox and have not had any problems.

  8. The comment problem can be fixed if you use Google Chrome as your browser for blogging. I don't know why this has happened.
    Thanks so much for the photos of the birds. I like taking pics of them too. That cracks me up about the hurricane blowing the poultry all over the island! What lovely birds in Hawaii.

  9. meh. it's just the blogapalypse.

  10. I love all your bird photos and especially the group shot..Ha! Love that rooster!

  11. They're all cute tho' the rooster is my fave cuz I like chickens.

    Re: blogger, I have nothing but trouble with it from time to time. It has NEVER posted an uploaded image on the Dashboard page section "Blogs I'm Following". I've never been able to figure out what I do wrong.

    From time to time, more so of late, it throws my images all over the place. My latest "Empty Nest Evolution" post on the artist John Brack was an exercise in frustration due to to Blogger's continually moving my images about in the template. aaarrgggh!

    Many say to switch to Wordpress but I'm too busy, too lazy, too everthing.

  12. Great photos! Didn't know they didn't have native birds. Like the idea of no seagulls.
    Several people have reported that problem. Have you tried switching browsers, maybe to Firefox?
    And glad I use a popup box!

  13. I just loved those cardinals when we were in Maui. The red is so amazing, and I'm not used to colorful songbirds! What a treat!

  14. I love the look and name of that zebra dove.

    In addition to the commenting problems, my posts are not feeding into google reader. No one at blogger has responded to my 3+ requests for help. This is so frustrating. Apparently, blogger is not even compatible with IE9.


  15. Very cool black swan! Apparently we have them {or at least one} close to where we live in northern CA, but I have never seen one in real life yet:) Welcome back to town!

  16. Your photos always make me envious! Always!

    You aren't the only one having issues with commenting. Several have mentioned it! Hope they figure it out, soon.

  17. Betty M - Thanks Betty! glad you like 'em.

    Bossy Betty - You are right! After that, I'd better get over to your blog.

    Esther - thanks for the info on my problem! I'd never heard of those birds either.

    Sarah - Thanks Sara! Most I can still comment on, but not all. I hope it gets fixed soon.

    Brian - Well, that makes me more happy that I was gone. I did those things you suggested and it still didn't work.

    Tim - thanks Tim. If your uncle is there, you could save a TON of money on a trip, by not paying for a hotel or condo!

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks so much! I hope it's not my browser.

    Phillip - Thank you Sir!

    Belle - Hmm... Maybe I'll download Chrome and check it out. I'm glad you like the pics.

    Ven - Your blog is one of them that I can't comment on. I'm still looking though...

    Ginnymo - Hi Ginny! Thanks so much. I hope you are doing well. I need to get over and check out your wildlife...

    California Girl - We really liked that rooster! I'm gonna stick with blogger, but I sure wish they'd get it squared away.

    Alex - Thanks Alex. They do have some native birds, but over 90% of the birds there were introduced later. Thanks for using the pop-up box.

    tapirgal - you are so right, it's just about the brightest red I've ever seen. Like you, we don't have colorful songbirds at all where I live.

    Robyn - They were pretty darn cute. I have IE8, and it is having problems...Maybe Chrome or Firefox.

    Nancy - It sure was! It was the first I'd ever seen live. thanks!

  18. Great shots of the birds and your vacation.

    We, too, have been plagued with the inability to comment on many blogs. It sucks.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  19. It'd be a hoot to have free roaming roosters begging for snacks! LOL! Love that red headed bird. ;)

    As for blogger, many I know are having the same issues as you are. Most are running Internet Explorer, and IE9 is apparently the worst as far as "not playing nicely" with blogger. I use Firefox and haven't had any of those issues.

  20. Pat, I am glad you made some bird friends on your vacay. Very cool shots!

    About the raise some points that I thought were only happening to me! I can't even re-comment to people who comment on my blog. Some can comment and others like you, apparently can't.

    Several blogs I follow I can't commnet on either and seems to depend on the format for commenting. Blogger keeps asking me to sign in multiple times. It is driving me crazy!

    Fortunately I can comment on your blog.

    They better have this fixed by the time I get back from my vacay.

  21. Wow - such amazing birds in your part of the world! Great photos as well - love that top pic, such a brilliant red.

    A lot of people have said there is a problem with commenting on blogger. I haven't noticed it myself, so I hope it gets fixed for you soon.

  22. What no ostriches?

    I had a problem commenting the other day at work. It wouldn't load my profile. It kept coming up anonymous. Very annoying.

  23. can't answer the commenting question but have to say what beautiful pictures absolutely gorgeous

    Everyday Life

  24. What's with all the birds on a LAWN! :-D Kidding aside, cool birds, Pat. All got enlarged. Saw a herd of black swans here too this week, but it was late in the day and my shots suck. My favorite among yours is the zebra dove...

    Google seems to screwing around with Blogger... probably working hard to figure out a way to force us to advertise. I won't download Chrome - don't like to put all my software in one giant's basket. Long ago left IE; am still on Firefox, and other than a day or so of downtime, I've been okay... but the entire blogosphere went ballistic for a while. Bad.

  25. 1. Love the birdies. I've been known to burst out laughing if I watch one hop from spot to spot for longer than, oh, 30 seconds.

    2. Blogger is on my bad side. I cannot tell you how many times I've been unable to comment on blogs I regularly visit. It's something they're working on...


  26. Beautiful birds!! A lot of people have been having issues with blogger. I can comment no problem, but my feeder is having issues. Awesome, isn't it? :p

  27. Yes. I was just fixed. Sign out of your blog then sign back in and uncheck the 'keep me signed in' box. That worked for me. For others, cleaning their cache worked.

    Love all the bird photos.

  28. Fun pics . . . I really loved the group shot of all the birds . . . er . . did you say you opened a birdhouse bar and grill???? I always like to travel and have fun with the animals that have gotten used to visitors.

    I have been having quite a few problems such as yourself on blogger, and I sometimes get the "blogger no longer available". I have gottne that message on yours before too. It can be frustrating and there's no one to talk to about the probs.

  29. Hi Pat,
    So nice to see your posts again, and I like these photos, and especially the zebradove:)
    Great that you can write comments again:) It's been problems with blog for a long time now, and I hope it will get back to normal again for all having these problems.
    In the middle of Norway we have warm summerweather now, and I really enjoy these days.
    Have a nice weekend dear blogfriend:)
    Greetings from,

  30. Bonjour dear Patrick
    First of all thanks so much for your gentle comments in my kitty blog ( WE LOVE LUNA ) and also in my "Bonjour Luxembourg", you are always so kind!I'm so happy for your visit!
    Now about this amazing set of birds, I'm enchanted by your words and your pictures. I need to confess the red cardinal ( first shot ) is my favorite one. Anyway I love them all!
    wow a trip to Hawaii! It's a dream!
    I hope to have this opportunity to visit there some day.

    About Google and blog, I also had some problems to write comments, and several people said the same as you.Now it seems working well.LEt's see.Anyway I was out last week and these days I'm not blogging so much as I'm also studying for my French exams here.

    Have a nice weekend,

  31. very cool birds!
    I might already have mentioned the cuckoo bird behind my flat. It's been here since about a month and I think it's the first time I heard it in real life. First reaction was to check my watch...

    As for the commenting problem..
    I've had problems with some blogger blogs that it took me forever to get a comment posted (clicking, logging in (even when already logged in), commenting, 'am I human' tests etc and sometimes it started the whole process all over again) or I gave up after 5 minutes of trying and re-typing my comment.

  32. Great shots Pat...
    Loved the Rooster.. lol

    Another friend of mine is having the same problem.. I'm not, but I know they did the 'migration' recently.. did you get the emails about that? I just let it happen without doing anything...

    But no answers for you... check their help forums?

    Good luck.

  33. I did not know that there weren't any seagulls in Hawaii! I love the shot of the motley crew hanging out on the lawn. Can't wait to see more of your Hawaii photos! - G

  34. Hi- I"M BACK!!! Great pics as always.. (The only problem I'm having is none of my followers show up..grrrr)

    Glad to see you still here!!!
    You are my very first follower!!

  35. Excellent bird photos, Pat! They are tricky subjects to capture ;-)
    Not sure why you're having problems with commenting on some blogs...I've read other folks are struggling too- seems to be a hangover from the Great Blogger Crash a few weeks back (?)

  36. Wow, great pics and so many different species. Love them all!

    Yeah, there have been a lot of issues on Blogger, lately. Definitely switch to Firefox or Chrome. That seems to fix that problem, for most.

  37. Didn't know that about the zebra dove!

  38. Funny! Especially the chickens :-D

  39. So many different critters to see, and they all fantastic. The black swan is something new to me.

  40. We always laugh that in Kauai, there are two 'island' birds. One is the rooster. The other is the helicopters, constantly flying tourists over the island, sightseeing.

    Great photos, Pat!

  41. That posting problem was the bane of the A to Z'ers and was what we were talking about so much. I haven't had a problem not commenting, but it sure is a hassle on some blogs.

    Tossing It Out

  42. Oh my gosh, that group shot is so funny. The rooster looks huge compared to those other birds. I love the black swan.

    Good old Blogger. The main problem seem to be with the embedded comments, the pop up and full page seem to be okay. Several bloggers have done posts urging their reader to get rid of the embedded comments.

    I was having problems until I updated Firefox. I can even comment on the embedded ones now. IE has never played nice with blogger.

  43. Ms A - thanks so much! I think I sort of have it fixed. It's not perfect though...

    D&R - Thanks so much! I'll be over in a day or two to catch up at your place.

    Marlene - they are petty cute, that's for sure. Quite a few of them get hit by cars though...

    Chuck - I think they like me because the see me as intellectually inferior. I can comment now! I had to log out, log back in, uncheck the stay connect box. You are in Fiji at this moment!

    Jayne - It's actually a few thousand miles to the west of my part of the world. I'd like it to be though...

    PTM - None that I saw anyway!

    becca - Thanks so much becca! I appreciate it.

    Francisca - They are looking for food. worms, bugs, or handouts... The little doves were very cute.

    Pearl - yep, they are pretty cute and amusing. I hope they stop working on it and start fixing it!

    Baby Sister - Thanks so much! I'm thinking my problems might be over.

    M Pax - You get the credit for helping me. thanks! It works, but I'm getting tired of signing in all the time, but it's better than before. Thanks again!

    OWT - I think I took more photos of birds and surfers than the actual scenery.

    Pranavam - Thanks so much!

    Berit - Thanks! It's nice to be seen. I'm glad that you are getting some good weather. I guess you get used to the long cold winters there. thanks!

    C&L - Bonjour! It's my pleasure! I loved the looks of the red head, but the juvinile with the orange head was very friendly. if you ever have the chance, I hope you do go.

    Arjan - Thanks! No cuckoos here (or in hawaii). I wish there were!

    Anthony - Thanks Anthony! Yep, the rooster adopted us. We hated to leave them, but I'm sure they've been adopted by someone else by now.

    Georgina - I didn't know that either! I'm starting to feel guilty about the scenery pics. I'll get 'em posted soon.

    Lynne - I'm so glad you are back. I missed your posts. I'd forgotten about being your first follower. I'm like a pioneer, sort of.

    Nat - Thanks Nat! I think blogger is starting to work them all out.

    Marguerite - Thanks so much! I love them also.

    jeanette - I didn't either, but now I love 'em!

    Blue Wave - Thanks! I just gave up taking photos of them, there are too many. Do you ever take the hop over to Kauai?

    Icy BC - So manny critters, so little time. I loved that black swan.

    Brenda - At three hundred dollars (minimum) a pop for a helicopter ride, it's too rich for my blood.

    Lee - I'll bet it drove everyone crazy. It's been driving me nuts...

  44. me too..can't comment when it asks me to choose a profile... weird!

    I love that zebra Dove!!

  45. That zebra dove is SO CUTE!! I want one!!

  46. loving your photos as always, pat. hope you figured out the blog comment issue. i'm using chrome and haven't had a problem yet.

  47. Came over from Saturday's Critters and glad I did - you are FUNNY! Thanks for giving me some giggles today!

    1. Hi Angie! Thanks so much for taking the time to both visit and comment. I'm glad you liked it.

  48. Hello, I love all the birds. Gorgeous variety and wonderful photos. I have trouble with some blogs and comments, not all. I am sorry to be so late commenting. I just got home from our road trip and I am now trying to catch up on my commenting. Thanks so much for linking up your post. Have a happy day and weekend ahead.

    1. Hi Eileen! Don't worry at all about "late" commenting. I hope you had a great trip. Happy Mother's Day!


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