Monday, February 13, 2012

More Desert Art From Anza-Borrego

Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately. Lots to post, just not a lot of time to do so.  We've spent so much time in our RV this year, that when we get home, there is too much stuff piled up for us to do. I just don't seem to get things posted.  I'm working on it though.  These sculptures are in the general area of the sea serpent I posted last week. Still, they are all in the middle of nowhere. In this case, nowhere is an awesome place to be.

Wasn't expecting to see this.

From later in the day. I liked how moody it looked.

Another old dinosaur. The mastodon, is pretty old also.

Lot's of steel plating in these things. Lot's of rust also.

All of the hair in their manes and tails is steel also.

A little different view of the one above.  As you can see, there isn't a lot out here.

Even steel babies gotta eat.

I totally forgot what these are. Something prehistoric.

This thing was HUGE! I thought I took another shot that better showed the scale.

Wart hog, I'm thinking...



  1. I really love it when people place their sculptures in open spaces rather than inside some museum and private grounds. Next time I'm out that way, I'll made an effort to see these.

  2. What a prolific artist. I love the horses, but all the pieces are amazing. What intrigues me most is that they are out there in Nowheresville, where Nobody sees them and No agents get payback--cool. Glad you haven't given up on the blog, Pat. Keep Calm and Blog On.

  3. I love those photos, Pat, especially the Jeep driving up the rocks!

  4. Pretty fascinating. Especially out in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for the pics.

  5. You didn't finish that last sentence to me, darling! Yes? I am listening!

    Loved these pictures, Patrick! Hope you are doing well.

  6. These structures have to be amazing to see in person. ha ha.. your not old, Pat.. not sure about the dinosaur part. ~:)

  7. wow! these are SO COOL!!! more, more!!! :)

  8. Love the sculptures but so do I love the background!!

  9. Those are great! Thanks for sharing. This week, I've had the opposite problem from you -- lots of time, not so much to post!)

  10. OMG--Thanks for taking me there? Did you have a Mastodon as a child?? ar ar!

    Beautiful trip with ya Pat! This is my kinda journey!!


    Their greatest fear-- WD-40!!!!!! The tar pit of the 21st century!

  11. What fantastic captures, Pat, and what a fascinating and unusual place! Terrific post for the day -- glad you found time to share these! Have a great week!


  12. That sure is some crew you ran into Pat!

  13. Those prehistoric whatchamacallits, look soft and furry. It's amazing how the artist can do that with metal! Golden man's feathers look soft, too!

  14. wow, i love the jeep. In a million years, someone is going to find fossils of these things and be real confused.

  15. Great shots. I think I mentioned once that I always wanted to go to Anza Borrego during the spring when the wild flowers were blooming to take photo but my husband always said it was too far to drive just to take pictures.

  16. Great sculptures! I especially like the one of the old dinosaur ;-)

  17. Fantastic sculptures! It is wonderful there are no buildings around to spoil the look and feel of these creatures in the desert.

  18. That stuff is so cool! It looks like it was worth heading out to nowhere! I was driving by an office building in Dallas the other day and there were shiny dinosaurs in similar style to these right out in front. Just three of them but new to the site. I thought, I need to got back there soon and take a few shots of them...won't compare to yours for total style points though!

  19. Those are just totally amazing!
    After living in Arizona when I was a kid, I really miss the desert sometimes.

  20. Art for the sake of art -- no commissions, publicity, auctions or galleries.

  21. Those sculptures are simply amazing. The prehistoric thing reminds me of a Diprotodon (showing my geek here)

    Whatever it is, it is all wonderful.
    I wish I could have the opportunity to actually see these

    “Lizard Happy”

  22. Great series of images. I love the jeep most!
    Thanks for tagging along... I hope you enjoy the ride :)

  23. This is the same journey, right, with that metallic dragon something. A real cool air gallery of sorts...and good pictures especially the rundown jeep.

  24. these sculptures are all great!
    i love the jeep, great pictures btw.

  25. Great sculptures.

    Regards and best wishes

  26. Whoa, how cool is that to see so many art work pieces in the dessert like this. Great photos, Pat!

  27. Which one is the mastodon? Just kidding, Pat. You know I love you, right? I do, your photos too. These are fun.


  28. These sculptures are amazing. If I ever go back to Anza Borrego I'll have to do more exploring.

  29. Those dino-things are probably giant sloths - look at those claws! Great post! I love that gold face with the rusted headdress. And you know what I think of the tapirs.

  30. It's amazing people go out there and do things like that. Beautiful.

  31. Those sculptures are amazing! I can't imagine what it took to get them there with nothing else around! The hair on those horses was incredible! Keep the photos coming!

  32. Neat sculptures! It looks sooo Southwestern to my eyes. :))

  33. Love the horses and the sun god!!! How fascinating! So glad they've not been defaced...are they well off the main highway???

  34. Precious works of art in the desert, I like these sculptures, great pictures.

  35. Precious works of art in the desert, I like these sculptures, great pictures.

  36. Hi Pat, I'm so impressed with this place. Cannot believe that the art work is so good... Awesome!!! I hope to see it myself someday...

    Have a great Friday.

  37. So interesting sculptures, very modern art,
    Thanks for sharing your pictures!
    This place is fantastic!

  38. Absolutely incredible...

    Love love love...

    Good shots too...
    ..and great that they haven't been vandalized in any way...

  39. These are fantastic works of art.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  40. Man those are cool. That really is my kind of art. The weathering they've taken just adds so much to them.

  41. Amazing sculptures. Outdoor art is my favorite!

  42. I agree! Nowhere is pretty awesome. Those sculptors have great talent.

  43. pitchertaker - I agree! These are out in the open and easily touchable. Very surprising that there are not bullet holes in them!

    Rosemary - He sure is. Not only that, but the owner of the land will allow you to camp on his property for up to three days. Just clean up your mess. It's hard to post regularly these days, but I'm hanging in there! Thanks!

    Talli - Thanks Talli! I loved that one also.

    Bouncin Barb - My pleasure! Thanks Barb!

    Bossy Betty - thanks Betty! I'm hanging in there and hope you are doing the same!

  44. Pam - Yes they are! Partly because some of them are so large. I may not be "that" old, but I'm up there!

    TexWisGirl - Oh yeah! I might have some more clogging up my hard drive!

    laughingmom - Me too! They are in a pretty nice place (if you like desert, that is).

    KaLynn - Thanks so much!

    Sallie - My pleasure! I don't understand it. Since I retired, I seem to have MUCH less time to do what I want. I'm not really complaining though...

    John - Yep, but I really wanted a pony! thanks John! Hope to have at several more in the next few months.

  45. Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! You honestly never know what you are going to see in the desert. You have a nice week also.

    Brian - It sure was! Glad it wasn't night time!

    Jeremy - thank so much!

    Ms. A. - Yet another art form that I suck at!

    Budd - Ancient aliens????

    becca - Thanks becca! I guess I should stop being lazy and find out exactly what animals they all are.

  46. Kay - thanks Kay! Well then, I will do my best to be down there taking some snaps during the wildflower season this year! No promises, but I'll try!

    Nat - There's some statues of migrant workers around there somewhere, but I've yet to see (or find) them.

    Belle - Thanks Belle! There is NOTHING around most of these things. That's why I'm surprised that they haven't been shot all to hell. Just like every road sign around there...

    Chuck - That sounds pretty cool also. They'll be sure to get plenty of style points for being in the middle of Dallas!

    Alex - Yes they are! I miss it also, but not ususally the summer time!

    Jerry - I agree Jerry! I guess that's why I really like the "folkd art" that seems to be all over the deserts.

  47. Mynx - They sure are! Thanks showing your geek. I had no idea! I hope you get the chance someday...

    Liz - Thanks! I really like that one also. My pleasure about the second part!

    Rek - Actually, it wasn't the same trip. We've made four trips down to this desert area in the past several months. Hope to be back there in March as well. Thanks Rek!

    SKIZO - Thanks so much!

    Betty M - Thanks Betty! I loved that one also. Especially because our jeep (very similar) was parked in the background.

    Tatjana - Thanks, they were fantastic! Same to you!

  48. Icy BC - It was pretty darn cool! But I'm never surprised at what I find in the desert where people are.

    Robyn - Yuck Yuck! I know it! Thanks my friend! We always have a blast in the desert.

    Martha - They sure are! Well, make sure you do get back there.

    tapirgal - I actually have a chart that says what they all are, but I can't find it! It's funny, when I saw the tapirs, I thought of you that same second.

    Clarissa - Many folks who live in these places are part of an odd lot. They do some crazy and amazing things...

    Lolamouse - Hey there! I don't know if they were created somewhere else and transported, or if they were made on the spot. Research! I need to do more research...

  49. EG Wow - Oh yeah! I agree...

    TheChieftess - They really isn't a "highway" around there, but they are off of a road and people apparently haven't been shooting at them very much. Next time I'm there, I'm going to do a better job on that sun god, or whatever it was. It was really awesome looking and I don't think my photos came out very well.

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi! I appreciate it.

    mshatch - Thanks! They sure are!

    Betsy - Thanks Betsy! It is quite impressive. I hope you do get to see it. You make a lot of trips, so maybe someday...

    Leia - It is fantastic and I love it there. Have a great week Leia.

  50. Blue Wave - Trippy! Haven't heard that one if a while! Too bad also! Thanks!

    Anthony - I'm with you! Thanks Anthony! I'm truly surprised that there aren't a bunch of bullet holes in them.

    Darryl and Ruth - Yes they are! Even more impressive in person.

    Tim - I agree! Until they actually rust away, they'll continue to be amazing!

    Sallie - Mine too! Especially without any restrictions on walking right up to them.

    Laura - Nowhere is my kind of place! I'm pretty sure one guy did all the work.

  51. These sculptures are awesome, Pat, and as for that Jeep - WOW!! What wonderful places you and BuyMeBarbies get to visit.. I want an RV, and a country big enough to tour it in!

  52. Shrinky - They sure are awesome! RV's are a lot of fun and we love having one, gotta be ready for issues. All that shaking and bouncing...

  53. I love the rusted look! I wonder how long it took to create that color?

  54. Carly - Me too! They've been out there for several years now, but I'm not sure...

  55. Still. Crazy. They look really cool!! I never would have thought you could go in the middle of a desert and find something like that.


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