Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Walk Around the Lake

Earlier today I tried to create this post and nothing would work. Then a message from blogger informed me that they were no longer supporting MS Internet Explorer. I couldn't even make a blog post unless I downloaded and used Google Chrome! Wow! Is there going to be a war between and Google someday to see which one will control the world?
Okay, enough of that. Today, my wife and I took a walk around our local lake. It's only a few minutes (walking) from our house, but every time I go there, I'm amazed by how much wildlife we see. All of these photos were taken today.

Although we live close to the ocean, it's nice having this little bit of freshwater paradise in our neighborhood. This view shows about half of it. Although there are some huge rainbow trout in the lake, motorized boats of any kind are not allowed.

I believe these guys are "Coots."  There are some here all year, but many more come each winter. They are pretty comical to watch.

Heron of some sort

A closer shot of a coot.

Although this is strictly a fresh water lake, pelicans make the short hop here from the ocean to do some fishing.

There are probably a couple hundred Canadian Geese wintering here. They are really big and loud birds. Love the colors.

Red-Tailed Hawk looking for something to kill I suppose.

Not at all a good photo of a woodpecker.

I have no idea, but he/she liked me

A grumpy Egret maybe?

We also saw a turkey vulture, many squirrels and rabbits. There are rattlesnakes, mountain lions, coyotes, and deer around also, but we didn't see any.

For reflections by other photographers go to Weekend Reflections by James.



  1. what a lovely place to take a walk you're very lucky

  2. I love the big orange goose bird but that close to me would terrify me.
    The rest of your bird photos are gorgeous. We have coots and egrets and pelicans here too

  3. Google Chrome?! But I don't know HOW to use Google Chrome!!!


    A war, indeed.

    Lovely pics of the birdies. Except for the woodpecker, of course. :-)


  4. Lovely! I love the birds against the brilliant blue sky. Sigh. It's pouring rain right now in London.

  5. Fascinated by the close-up of the bird's head. He's looking at you so intently. And what beautiful orange details around his beak and a round rim around his eyes!

  6. snowy egret on the last one. :)

    another blogger pal got 'locked out' of her blog last night. she tried google chrome - even that didn't work. had to download firefox and that allowed her back in. weird.

    i switched from internet explorer to google chrome a few weeks ago as i was having issues getting some blogs to load and being able to comment (the 'embed below post' setting). fingers crossed for all of us!

  7. I wanted to comment with a deep and inspired thought but all I want to say is "hee hee your lake has cooties!" and yes, my geese are very LOUD! And we LOVE them in the Spring time when they come barking and honking back home...

  8. what a nice spot you live in! I'm envious and very tired of winter.

  9. Oh, you do live in such a beautiful area! And what a great place to be able to walk! Love all your birds and your photos are terrific, Pat, they're the next best thing to being there in person! Hope your week is going well!


  10. what a wonderful assortment of wild life, Pat! you captured some great moments of their natural moves! beautiful day to be out and about in the O.C...hope you can do the same today!

  11. I thought I recognized the coot. I looked them up and we do have them in Canada. What a wonderful assortment of birds you saw! Fantastic.

  12. That sure is one beautiful lake and all the critters are great!

  13. Oh Pat--thanks for the journey! I love Coots. They dive really cool don't they...and stay down for a while! Love the Flirty Swan, Goose, Bird!!!

    You haven't lost your touch you ol Coot you!


  14. You watch birds like I do -- just enjoying them and not worrying a whole heck of a lot if I get all their names just right. Some I've learned in spite of myself -- those coots being one -- we have rafts of them on "our" Oregon Lake.

    I am in awe that you could have that computer glitch (as the two mega giants fight) and get it fixed and still get this pretty post up! (I'd still be lying on the floor with my thumb in my mouth.)

  15. Love the lake photos. What a great place to walk.

  16. HeeHeeHee!!! Cooties!!! Love it!!!

    As for blogger...dayam!!! Glad I've got a Mac!!! But even so, ever since I upgraded to Lion, my safari is working a bit wanky...Google Chrome and Firefox were both recommended, but I don't like the tabs...I find them annoying...geeze...why can't they just leave well enough alone?!!!

  17. Great photos! Think I'd be fine not seeing a rattlesnake.
    I ended up switching to Firefox when Blogger became difficult. And if Google and Amazon want to fight, they'll have to take on Microsoft as well since they are the biggest company in the world now.

  18. becca - Right on both counts. Lot's of hard work to get here. Lots!

    Mynx - I still don't know exactly what it is. Thanks so much!

    Pearl - I don't know either, but I can already say that it's a lot faster than Internet Explorer. Thanks! Yeah, I think I'll take that WP off...

    Talli - Hi Talli! Rain? What's that? It was about 75F here today.

    Margaret - Yep, he was really checking me out. I was starting to think I needed a model release for the photo.

    Wong - Thanks Wong! Yes, it is very nice and we are very fortunate.

  19. TexWisGirl - Thanks! I thought it was some kind of egret. I need to get a book! Google chrome seems okay, but I'd sure like to know how to put shortcuts on my desktop.

    Nikki - Ha! that's funny! They are really cool and don't seem to be very afraid of people.

    mshatch - Thanks! I understand about the winter. It's so nice and warm here lately.

    Sylvia K - thanks so much Sylvia, I really appreciate it. My week is going pretty darn well, hope yours is the same.

    Carolyn - Hi Carolyn! Thanks for the nice words. I did manage to get out again today, but mostly doing stuff that needed to get done. Oh well!

    Belle - There were some others that I didn't photos of. I also saw a turkey vulture and some huge ravens, but they were on the opposite bank when I saw them. I was surprised to see them together, because I thought they were rivals.

  20. Can't imagine how far I'd have to go to see that many different things.

    Whatever that thing is that likes you... has a strange neck!!! What is that???

  21. Brian - Thanks Brian! We are so lucky to have it that close to us.

    John - Oh yeah! Those coots travel a long ways underwater. I also loved the swan/goose/birdy thing. Whatever it was...

    Sallie - That is so right! I love them and was surprised to learn that they have personalities. I really do need to learn more about them though. I was close to having the thumb in my mouth also.

    Kay - Thanks Kay! I can walk to the lake in about 10 minutes, very lucky!

    TheChieftess - Yep, it's a cute name alright. I wonder where it came from. Why can't they leave well enough alone? I sometimes wonder what they are thinking!

    Alex - Thanks Alex! I haven't seen one there, but I know they are close. If the performance of IE versus Chrome is any indication. Google is winning that specific little battle.

  22. I would love to have a lake of that size so close to my house, to walk around and photograph so many different birds.
    Your shots are fantastic, Pat..
    especially your new found friend.

  23. Wow, what an abundance of wildlife to have right on your doorstep! You lead a charmed life, my friend. Great pic's!

    As to the Google v Amazon thingie - yikes, I would just DIE if either decided to tamper with my blog access, the very thought! Wish they would just leave things well alone, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

  24. Wow Pat... What a great walk!!!! With all that is there to see, I'd be walking around that lake all of the time... Great set of photos!!!!!!

    If you don't want to use 'their' Chrome, try Firefox.. We use it and it's great... Good Luck!!!!

  25. Interesting orange beak on that mystery bird. We have coots up north, too. When I lived on a lake, a whole giant flock of them rested on the lake. A little guy got separated from the rest and a couple of Eagles tried to carry them away. If it wasn't for them fighting over the Coot, and dropping it, and a protective Mother Goose, he'd be lunch.

  26. that is one crazy looking bird.

  27. I use Firefox and so far haven't had any problems. I'm wondering if readers can still view your blog from IE...surely they can...hopefully. Yikes.

    Wow, your photos, as always, are gorgeous.

  28. Green grass and warmth. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Have I mentioned that I live in Pennsylvania?
    By the way, was that coyote you saw dragging around an anvil with "Acme" on it?

  29. Ms. A - I didn't even get photos of all the birds. There is an osprey and a couple of large owls who I haven't seen in a while. Oh yeah, I have no idea what that thing was, and it did have an odd neck, like suede or something.

    Lucy - Yeah! It was pretty darn cute.

    Pam - Sometimes there are more sea birds hanging around also. Thanks so much Pam! My new friend thanks you as well.

    Shrinky - Thanks Shrinky! You know about the first half of my life, and how hard it was to get here. Now that I've had it for a couple of days, I kinda like Chrome.

    Come At Me Bro - Thanks for the nice comment.

    Betsy - It sure was! I've walked around that lake too many times to count. Thanks Betsy!

  30. Mary - Very interesting! I would have liked to have seen that happen. A mad mother goose isn't backing down from anything or anybody.

    Budd - Oh yeah! A mutant of some sort!

    Mama Zen - thanks so much! Not too hard at a place like that.

    Sergio - I agree with you!

    Lynda - It looks like there are no problems seeing it with any browser. I hope it stays that way. Thanks for the nice words Lynda.

    Al - We see coyotes all over the place here. If they are carrying anything, it's usually somebody's pet. They patrol our fence lines like it's a buffet!

  31. I don't use IE, only firefox, and my blog is better viewed with the latter.

    You are so lucky to live close to the waters. Lake Balboa is just 5 miles from me.

    LOL on the cooties!

  32. Great photos!
    It is much wildlife, indeed!

  33. What a wonderful place to have in walking distance that supports so much wildlife. I have a reservoir close to home and when I visit the ducks there, they always sound like they are laughing to me. Or maybe at me! Glad you only ran into the gentler critters. Have a lovely weekend.

  34. So happy to hear you missed out on the rattlesnakes and bigger wild things. Nature is wonderful in smaller packages :)

  35. Thank you to share this lovely stroll with us! It was very pleasant to discover this beautiful place with you!

  36. tres jolie endroit,c est du petrole sur le bec de l oie ?

    bon w end

  37. tres jolie endroit,c est du petrole sur le bec de l oie ?

    bon w end

  38. What a beautiful place to live nearby and go for walks.
    Great reflections.

  39. Lovely to have such an abundance of wild life around, even if the coots seem to be in cahoots about something there... I'd keep an eye on them. Just wanted to say thanks for your visits in recent days, weeks, really appreciate your company on the blogging trail...

  40. What a face on the "I don't know" shot!
    Around here we have two species of coots - the birds and the snowbirds. When people mention coots, you kind of have to stop and think - are they discussion birds or the winter (human) residents?

  41. Thanks for allowing us to tag along on this walk! What a beautiful place! We live right next to the Newport Back Bay and I see the signs that warn about rattlesnakes and mountain lions but I've never seen any either here. However I saw a mountain lion in Laguna Hills and a coyote in Irvine.

  42. lots of nice birds. The unknown one looks so cool. :)

  43. How fortunate you are to live so close to so much wildlife!

  44. I would love to live where you are, ocean and lake nearby. What a heaven it would be.

    Gorgeous photos, Pat!

  45. Hello to you too :))
    That looks like a lovely peaceful wee spot. Your bird pictures are lovely.
    Many thanks for your visit and comment I appreciate it.

  46. Love the coots (saw one in a nest in a river last year) - good shot of the heron in flight too. I ditched IE years ago in favour of Firefox - that was fine and then I switched to Chrome but recently I had some problems with it and have gone back to Firefox.

  47. Nice pictures, great shots, so much beauty in this series ... Greetings.

  48. Hey, Pat, thanks for coming by! Your unknown admirer is definitely a goose, it probably was looking for a handout!

    I have used Chrome for quite a while now...I only keep IE around so I can update my OS!

  49. Nice reflections on the lake, I'm looking forward to some warm, Summer days!

  50. I'm not only impressed with the photos but also with your knowledge of birds. Very good, Pat!

  51. That's an awful lot of wildlife.. what a great location you must live in.. inspiring.

    Great shots too.. you must be very patient with the lens...


  52. Ebie - I agree that we are pretty lucky! Living close to Lake Balboa is very nice also. I think I'm going to like Chrome when I get it totally figured out. I already know that it is much faster than IE.

    Doru - Thanks Doru! I appreciate it.

    Stickup Artist - I agree and feel pretty fortunate I'm sure it's not too far from you either! I'll take the gentle creatures any day. The coyotes run around our neighborhood like they own a house there. You also have a nice weekend!

    Rosemary - Hi Rosemary! I'll be over to catch up at your place! I agree with what you said.

    Tina - thanks so much!

    Malyss - It was my pleasure! Thanks for the nice comment.

  53. Nefertiti - thank you so much!

    Riet - We are very fortunate to have it close by! Thanks!

    Owen - It's very nice! I do keep my eye on the coots. They are very fun to watch! You are welcome and it's my pleasure...

    Brenda - Oh yeah! A very interesting face! We see a lot of snowbirds out here also. Coots! That is funny...

    James - My pleasure James. You've been to this lake, right? My sister in law lives across the street from the NB back bay. They live on Irvine. They've seen mountain lions out there a few times. There are also some nesting raptors down at the inland part of the bay by the parking lot. We see those things, but not on a regular basis. Except for the coyotes. They are everywhere. Smart, strong, and very athletic...

    NatureFootstep - Because this lake is so close to the ocean, there are many different types of birds there.

  54. EG Wow - I couldn't agree with you more. We are very fortunate.

    Icy BC - It's just down the coast aways. Aways being about 1500 miles or so! Thanks so much.

    Kim - Thanks Kim! I appreciate it.

    Ellie - It sure is a nice place. The comments are my pleasure.

    Gerald - Coots are crackup! I hope Chrome works out. I'm not happy about them forcing me to switch though.

    Leovi - Thanks Leovi! I apprecite it!

  55. So many lovely birds around - the first reflection shot is very beautiful.......

  56. Bonjour Pat, how are you?
    First of all, thanks so much for your comment in Luná's facebook, you are such a good friend and I'm always happy with your words and kind visits in our blog.
    Cezar had also problems to use internet explorer, finally he got google crome and now he can use blog tools.I confess that I prefer google crome, I had several problems with my old internet explorer :(
    I love Egrets, they are so gorgeous and your picture is awesome.
    Thanks for sharing!

  57. Belas fotografias.
    Amei a ave da última foto, muito original.
    Tenha um belíssimo dia!
    Bom fim de semana!


  58. Looks like a lovely spot with plenty of wildlife to capture. Great shots!
    I am still using Blogger with Internet Explorer...

  59. Very nice shots.

    Regards and best wishes

  60. You can't use internet explored with blogger? Crazy! Looks like a very peaceful walk!

  61. The best of both worlds..ocean and fresh water...the heron is a great blue of my favs here on the pond..Michelle

  62. Beautiful shots, love all of them!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great Sunday.
    Greetings Mette

  63. So serene and peaceful, I lost myself in the tranquillity and magic...Wonderful, artistic snaps.

  64. your walk around the lake sure paid off!

    fantastic shots, pat, i really enjoyed them!

    hope your weekend is going well.

  65. Google Chrome is scary....... and I cannot believe you were that close to that goose, my daughter was attacked by a rooster recently. She was afraid, very afraid... !

  66. Dude, that one that you "have no idea, but he/she" liked you, is freaky cool! It's like it has two faces.

    Great pictures. You are by far my favorite photographer in the blogging world.

    That's really weird about chrome though. I use chrome so I didn't know they'd done that. Seems like that could backfire against them.

  67. Dude, that one that you "have no idea, but he/she" liked you, is freaky cool! It's like it has two faces.

    Great pictures. You are by far my favorite photographer in the blogging world.

    That's really weird about chrome though. I use chrome so I didn't know they'd done that. Seems like that could backfire against them.

    Course that said it just screwed up when I tried to comment... Take 2. haha

  68. That must be marvelous to have so much wildlife near your home!

    I see a surprising amount near my home on the north side of Chicago. A few years ago, I spotted a red-tailed hawk near my nursing school here in Chicago. Apparently, it was using the nearby cemetery as a hunting ground. I've also see coyotes on two separate occasions and a deer walking across a railroad bridge. And I saw an enormous raccoon a couple of weeks ago.

  69. Dimple - Right back ya! I think I'm going to like Chrome. It's so much faster than IE (at least on my computer)

    Woody - Thanks so much! The summer is just as mild as the winter here. Sometimes, it's almost too mild.

    Laura - Thanks so much Laura!

    Robyn - Ha! Thanks Robyn. We don't have that many different types of birds down here, so it's not too hard.

    Anthony - We are very fortunate to live in such a nice part of the world. Very fortunate...

    Catherine - Thanks Catherine! I appreciate it.

  70. Leia - Bonjour Leia! I am doing just fine, hope you are the same. It's my pleasure to visit your blog. I like it! I'm starting to like Chrome better as well. Thanks so much for all the kind words and for supporting my blog!

    Magia - Thanks Magia! I appreciate it!

    Liz - Thanks Liz, it is a nice place. I really should go there everyday that I'm in town. I should post the message that blogger sent me about IE, to see if anybody else has got it.

    Benita - Thanks Benita!

    Tatjana - Thanks! Best wishes to you as well.

    Carly - Nope! It won't work at all. In fact, it won't even open!

  71. Rambling Woods - I didn't realize there were several different types of herons. Thanks for that!

    CameraCruise - Thanks so much! Here's to a good week!

    Rek - I sure is! one of my favorite places. Thanks Rek, I'll be over to catch up very soon!

    Betty M - I can always count on seeing a lot of nice sights there. It's also an awesome fishing lake. BIG rainbow trout in it. Thanks Betty!

    Entre Nous - It's getting less scary the more I use it. The goose was very interested in either me, or my camera. Like your daughter, I remember being afraid of roosters as a kid. We had them around and they could be very mean.

    Tim - I agree! I was very cool looking. In person it looked almost day-glo. I REALLY appreciate your very nice compliment Tim. I'm almost liking Chrome so far.

    Johnny Yen - hey there! It seems like some wild things are better at adapting than others. I do know that there are tons of raccoons in Chicago and almost all cities. They are really smart and with feet that are very close to hands, they can do just about anything. It is nice to live in an area with so much "never to be developed" open land around.

  72. Look at all the bird life. What a joy. You'll have to stop by my blog to see bird life in my neck of the woods!

  73. Had the same a while ago with Internet Explorer!
    Yeah, "she" likes you!

  74. Great shots. Love that last goose's face.

  75. Wong - Thanks Wong! It sure is.

    Sharon - Thanks Sharon! I have and I will!

    Emille - I think she does! The more I'm learning about Chrome, the more I like it. It's so much faster than IE. Much faster!

    Reena - Thank you! I loved his face also. I'm going to go back to the lake in a day or two and see if it is still around.

  76. Pat, what gorgeous scenery you have around you. Beautiful photos of the birds! Your admirer is one strange looking thing with all of that orange. Great post! It's always like a mini-vacation when I visit your blog! I love it! :-)

  77. I would be in heaven having all that wildlife around me to photograph!

    Thanks for your visit and comments.

  78. My word there are a lot of animals there!! I could be entertained for hours. Very beautiful pictures. :)


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