Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Reflections - Gulls

Ever notice how birds almost always face the same way?

For reflections by other photographers go to Weekend Reflections by James.



  1. Makes you wonder what they're watching!

  2. Like cows, or people waiting for the bus.

  3. I think they are making sure that a rogue wave doesn't swamp them!

  4. haaaa la mer ! j en reve ;o)

    bon w end !

  5. Terrific capture! I, too, have often noticed how they all face the same way and wondered why??? Wonderful reflections for the day, Pat! Have a great weekend!


  6. I hadn't actually noticed... but now that you mention it I agree :-)

  7. If they were smart, they would have someone watch their back!

  8. Very nice reflections of the birds.

  9. Always facing the sun! i like seagulls, and I spend hours looking at them!The reflection is very beautyful here.

  10. Yes. And where I live, they sometimes gather in large numbers on grass. Then, the different kinds of gull (Herring and Black Headed) stand in ranks of their own kind - and the younger birds stand separately from the older ones. Clear distinctions within a regiment.

  11. I have noticed that Patrick -- let me know if you find out why! The gulls look intent on... something.

  12. I guess birds aren't rugged individualists like you and me! Love your shot today.

  13. I love the light and the reflection you've captured in these delicious gulls on the beach, beautiful photos, I love them. Greetings and good weekend.

  14. I never thought of it before but now that you mention it. :)

    Great reflection!

  15. They are checking out what's out there to eat!

  16. looks like a bunch of old men/ladies standing around gossiping

  17. That's a great shot of the seagulls! Beautiful reflections!

  18. Wonderful shot - they are just standing watching the world go by.

  19. Great photo Pat! The must be waiting for the lunch wagon!

  20. Little tweetiepies have their motives: birds face the same way according to the direction of the wind. It's easier to take off or land if they're not going against it. But, shhhh! because I'm about to let you in on an itty bitty orinthological secret: the main reason birds go with the wind is because they are vain. Yeah, pointing one's beak in the right wind-direction makes for less ruffled feathers!

  21. really beautiful. like the green tint to the foreground.

  22. Wow so cute!
    Happy weekend reflections.

  23. I notice this all the time at the beach. I think I posted a picture of a bunch of gulls (hundred or so) doing just that. It's amazing.

  24. That is interesting. I noticed yesterday that when my dog saw the cat look someplace, she did it too. I think they are wondering what the other guy is seeing.

  25. Great photo...with a wonderful reflection...

  26. Yes---they do seem to all be facing the same direction... Interesting!!!!

    Fabulous reflection picture, Pat...

    Have you been out RVing lately???? We are headed out on Monday on a hiking/waterfall trip... Should be fun!!!!

    Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day.

  27. Ha, I'd never thought about that. It's true. They don't face back to back. Hmmm...

  28. like people on an elevator except they have a much better view

    beautiful light

  29. my son loves taking pictures of birds. He got some great ones recently of Gulls in St. Pete's. Now that he's home he's trying to get a woodpecker of some sort.

    Really love all your pics!

  30. Have you posted this photo before, or just one similar? Either way, I LOVE IT!

  31. Wonderful capture and great reflections!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a fabulous weekend****

  32. Great picture! and no I have never thought about it before but they do that alot!

  33. that looks so trippy. all the birds follow each other

  34. Funny, I always notice the odd ones that face opposite the group. I guess I always root for the rebels...even in birds.

  35. They probably love a good sunset too..

    Nice work.


  36. Alex - They sure weren't watching me...

    Rosemary - Only these guys were just waiting for a fish I guess.

    laughingmom - Maybe! Rouge waves, or the slight possibility of them, is why my wife won't go on a cruise!

    Nefertiti - That's right!

    Sylvia - Thanks Sylvia! I'm going to google it!

    Nat - I ALWAYS notice it and it drives me nuts!

  37. Martha - I think the jury is still out on the smartness of them. High on instict and low on brains?

    Rajesh - thanks so much!

    Malyss - I also love to watch them. Can do so for a long time!

    Lucy - Avian segregation I think!

    Sallie - I will find out and I will let you know! Maybe it's all about fish!

    Rebecca - I'm stealthy like that!

  38. Jack - Not a chance that they are! Thanks Jack!

    Leovi - Thanks! I also love them! Thanks Leovi.

    James - I always notice it and wonder why. I wonder why I neve tried to find out...Hmmm!

    Ebie - Probably looking for a sardine!

    becca - They were probably talking about me!

    Sivinden - Thanks! There were so many of them on the beach that day.

  39. Karen - Thanks Karen!

    Ellie - I guess they don't have much else to do! Poop on my car everyonce in a while also.

    Brian - Thanks Brian! An anchovie sandwich probably.

    Sparkle - That makes a lot of sense to me! I believe it! Thanks!

    TexWisGirl - Thanks! they were on a little sand bar. That green tint is a little lagoon.

    Regina - They are cute! You have a nice weekend also.

  40. Bouncin Barb - Maybe they are playing Simon says!

    John - Buoys and gulls! LOL! No, YOU are the master...

    Belle - I can't speak for the dog, but the cat was probably peering into another dimension...

    Carol - Thanks Carol!

    Betsy - Thanks Betsy! Yep, we just got back from a five weeks up in the mountains. Not a lick of snow though! Enjoy your trip and hope to see some of your photos!

    Laura - Hmmm! That's what I'm saying!

  41. Catherine - Thanks Catherine!

    Dianne - That's true! I hate being in elevators with a bunch of people. It's not really the people, it's their GERMS!

    mshatch - Thanks so much! I always appreciate your nice words.
    I also LOVE birds.

    Ms. A - It does look like one I posted a few months ago, but this it it's debut!

    Mildred - Thanks Mildred! The comment was my pleasure. Thanks for doing the same here.

    KaLynn - I always thought about it, but was never smart enough to try and find out!

  42. Oakland DP - It's nice that nature provides these things for us.

    dopdavid - birdbrains! I still like them though...

    Chuck - Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I presume! Do you remember that?

  43. Beautiful reflection and your photo, too.

    Regards and best wishes

  44. I like it when gulls bunch together.

  45. Foto muito bonita.
    Bom fim de semana!


  46. I'm suffering from a bit of sleep deprivation so you will please to excuse, but all I could think of when I saw this post was "Hmmmm, people in church do the same thing...." Yuh I know.....

  47. Bonjour dear friend!
    How adorable, this picture brings good feelings to my heart, thanks! :)

  48. I love this reflection shot! Gulls are great for this.
    Excellent image.

  49. What great reflection of the were there at just that right moment. Love the colors. They are so pretty. genie

  50. Yes! And I'm always amazed by how flocks operate--hundreds zooming through the sky and never colliding, veering all over the compass with split-secon changes...sometimes I think they're more impressive and mysterious than, say, a herd of elephants!

  51. Never thought about it..but you're absolutely right!!! Is this from the Central Coast again??? The pier by San Simeon??? Nice capture Pat!!!

  52. I love the colors on this shot and the "glassy" reflection. I guess there is a lot of truth to the saying about birds flocking together. I think they appreciate an ocean view just as much, if not more, than we do. Looks like we might be getting some snow finally!

  53. Super shot, Pat! It made me smile. :)

  54. I like how the one in back (closest to the water) seems focused on the ocean. There others appear to be looking elsewhere. Very nice.

  55. this photo is simply WOW!
    love it!!

    happy weekend!

  56. Hmmmmm. And your point is....??
    The point is, you noticed it and we didn't until you told us!

  57. Anthony - I'm sure they do! They also like to poop on my car!

    Tatjana - Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

    Ann - I do also. I can watch them for a long time!

    Magia - Thank you so much Magia!

    Entre Nous - That's so funny! Now get some sleep!

    Leia - Bonjour to you as well! It was a nice scene! We'll be going back there fairly soon.

  58. Liz - That's true! Most sea birds around water! Thanks Liz!

    Genie - Thanks Genie! It is a HUGE beach with much to see. It's also the only beach on the north coast of America, that you can drive on.

    Margaret - I know! Just like schools of fish! You are right about the elephants, just a bit less coordinated...

    TheChieftess - It was on the central coast. Two towns down from Pismo though, in Oceano. Pretty close... Thanks!

    Stickup Artist - Thanks so much! It's not crystal clear, but I agree, there is a feel to it that I like. Some snow in the mountains would be nice. We just got home after 5 weeks up there with not a single snow flake. We may be going back at the end of the week. We'll see...

    EG Wow - Thank so much! They are kind of amusing.

  59. Robyn - Ha! He might have been checking out the sunbathers (except there wasn't any!). Thanks Robyn!

    Betty M - Thanks Betty! Have a good week!

    Brenda - What I really don't understand is why I never noticed it before!

    Tito Eric - Thanks so much for the nice comment!

  60. Icy BC - Thanks! Gotta love those gulls.

    Blue Wave - Thanks so much!

  61. Warren - I agree! Rust never sleeps...

  62. I had never noticed that either, but you're right. Maybe they're just trying to catch a few more rays of sun!!


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