Friday, April 22, 2011

Dogs Are Sociopaths -- Part 2 -- Theft

We all know about a dog’s need to bury things in the back yard. It could be a bone, a toy, or even a small dead animal it has found. I’m sure it has something to do with their instincts. A genetic skill passed on from hundreds or thousands of past generations, when they had to protect food from other animals in the wild. But what the heck does that have to do with taking your socks or other personal items and hiding them? I guess from a dog’s point of view if it’s worth chewing on, it’s worth saving for later. Dogs are thieves…



  1. I mean at least they DO bury them. Cats, they like to bring 'em in and give them to YOU. :)

  2. As a child, I lost many shoes to the dogs...

  3. so that's where the missing sock goes

  4. I'm telling you Patrick, you gotta' read, "Inside of a Dog" by Horowitz. Me thinks there will be a few surprises in there for you.

  5. lol! cats are thieves, too.

    Enjoyed reading this, Pat.

    Have a great Friday!

  6. My dog is not much of a theif, her idea of burrying something is to drag it under the dining room table, whenever something is missing its the 1st place i look

  7. Lol. Oh so true!! Items are never safe around a dog.

  8. Oh! Like you've never stolen anything or buried it in the yard! Me thinks the man doth protests too much....

  9. It is not just dogs that do that, my cats do it as well.

  10. My dog used to take things and put them under the dining room table. Like no one could see it there. LOL.

    Oh yeah . . . I said he was cute, not smart.

  11. i've known cats to hide things, too, but more out of wanting to watch you look for them for hours than actually wanting those things for themselves. that's why with cats it's stuff like your cellphone. ^_^

  12. We used to have a dog that would steal the kids Lincoln logs and hide them behind the couch. (and I think they ALL love socks and underwear!)

  13. Dogs are the original hoarders. One of my neighbors up in Canada used to have a dog, that didn't bury things but it would take them and hide them in the hedge that separated our properties.

  14. Well,me thinks they seem to pick this up from their hoarding owners in the distant man's best friend they think ,are doing a favour by hiding things safely for you. ;)

  15. My dogs lose toys in the house. One day they are just gone. I think they try and combat that problem by continully moving ALL their toys from one room to the next as my wife and I go from computer room to kitchen to living room. I trip over that stuff all the time!

  16. LOL!!! I know, eh?!! Just ask my daughter how many of her "eye patch" underwear have been stolen from off her bedroom floor in the past two years, only to be obliterated into pieces small enough to inhale. YUCK.

  17. TVA - That is true, but it just proves that cats more caring...

    Alex - I've been there, always my favorite shoes!

    becca - Dogs have been known to eat them also! It's true!

    pitchertaker - I think I've got dogs pretty much figured out, but I promise that I'll read it. Besides, just like with kids, it's mostly about the parents...

    Betty M - Yes they are! We have one cat that can often be found dragging around clothing. Thanks!

    baygirl - he's just playing games with you then. You gotta admit, that's pretty cute.

    Baby Sister - NEVER! The same is true with little kids.

    Mama Zen - Thanks so much! More to come....

    Bossy Betty - Nah! I never buried it, I usally sold it...

    Oilfield Trash - Cat's are much more likely to steal shiny or valuable things. Like my daughters wedding ring...

    OWT - Hey, at least he's got cute going for him! That means a lot.

    Ven - That's a funny one! You are right!

    Ms A - We had a dog that used to chew the lincoln logs like they were bones...

    Tim - In the hedge? that's one I've not heard of before. Maybe he couldn't dig through the perma-frost...

    Rekha - I think you may be right. That may be where the "hunter-gather" phrase came from.

    Chuck - Never a dull moment! you dogs can get away with it cause they are so darn cute!

    Marlene - Yuck!!! This brings us to another issue...Why do girls use their bedroom floor as a closet/dirty clothes hamper? Why?

  18. My half-feral kittens have brought me a nylon glove and a small toy doll they lifted from somewhere in the neighborhood. Fortunately the mice they have left on the welcome mat for me are the toy ones I have given them to play far!

  19. How does your dog explain why you sit still for hours waggling your fingers over a flat tray?


  20. yes, and some things are never to be seen again!

  21. is always wise to remember that whatever they just chewed on? He comes and licks you next. LOL

  22. You are so right, Pat! I love reading these. My brother's dog stole my keys last time I visited. I looked forever for those things! I've learned to lock everything up when I visit now. ;)

  23. Our labrador keeps going next door and stealing the neighbor dogs bones..... at least I think they belonged to the neighbor dog. Maybe he found some old dinosaur bones. I'll have to keep my eye out for a giant femur.

  24. No Pat--it actually came from Snoop Dog--who's pets had to bury things in the "Hood" to keep them safe! Just fyi--Can't touch this--dun dun dun dunt......! Generations...LOL--you can tell he likes Cats!

    Happy Easter my Friend!!!!!


  25. SQ - I really wish we could let our cats outside for even a while, but there are so many coyotes around here, that they usually don't last too long. We adopted a feral young cat several years ago. It took her almost two years to purr or sit on our lap.

    Lucy - No dog here anymore! I can tell you what the cats think of it though. They like step in front of us and sit on your kepboards!

    Tracy - So true! They must have a giant secret hoard somewhere!

    N4M3L3SS - Thanks for both!

    Joan - Oh yeah, there is almost that! Although, we don't have a dog now, I NEVER let it lick around my mouth!

    Pam - I wonder if his dog took your car for a joy ride? thanks Pam!

    Lucy - Thanks Lucy! Same to you!

    Random Thinker - Maybe your dog will discover an unamed species! Your dog sounds like Dino from the Flintsones.

    John - You are so funny John! Have a great day buddy!

  26. At least the cats bring shit to me - There was ever only one dog I loved - I had her killed after nineteen years of loyal service which included biting my father several times and chasing away siblings when required. I miss her more than I can bear and have been unable to look at another dog with too much affection. This is why I have cats. Unfortunately my cats like to cuddle and act like dogs.

  27. It’s that or lose them in the washer. A sock’s life is not a happy one…..

    Have a good week, Boonie

  28. These are so funny! I'm loving the psycho dog posts, Pat.~

  29. Jhon - Cats will cuddle and do everything we want, BUT it's gonna be on their terms, or not at all.
    That's what I like about 'em..

    Boonie - You are so right! A socks is destined to live life alone!

    Katsidhe - thanks so much! I have several more!


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