Monday, April 18, 2011

Learn to Appreciate Technology

I don't often post video, but this one is so very true and funny!


  1. well thanks for sharing Pat, its a great start to a monday morning!! laughing

  2. That was great! "The world owes him for something he only knew existed ten minutes ago." I need to blog about the new scan bars in magazines that allow one's iPad or phone to pull up additional information on the internet. That will blow someone's mind - for about a minute!

  3. Hah, LOL!
    I appreciate technology...I just don't appreciate it when it doesn't work!

  4. I had to laugh. My kids do think the rotary dial and the "going into the bank" thing is archaic!!!

  5. I've watched that a few times, even posted it on my blog. And no matter how many times I watch it I laugh. It's so true, and so hilarious!!

  6. I agree, that's very funny!!!

  7. Thanks for the laugh this morning, I needed it.

  8. Really funny Patrick.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ha Ha! Saw this a bit ago and it is so funny.

  10. Gotta ♥ that Louis CK...

    A friend of mine posted this video on facebook the other day and I laughed my ass off then, much like now. It's all funny, 'cause it's all true.

  11. ROFL!!!! I remember dialing on a rotary dial best friend had TWO zeroes in her phone number - it used to drive me nuts waiting for the dial to come all the way around....LOL!! My parents REFUSED to get touch tone service until they were FORCED to because rotary dial was no longer available! Thanks for the giggles!!!

  12. baygirl - I thought it was too funny not to share! It's so true!

    Alex - I loved that line also! It's all moving so fast. We're up the creek without a paddle if the power goes out.

    Tracy - I'm right there with you! Just like cars...

    Bossy Betty - I'm sure that some of them will never actually walk into a bank.

    Baby Sister - As usual, I'm always the last to see anything! It was still funny though!

    Brian - Yep, funny and true!

    Oilfield Trash - My pleasure! I needed it also!

    Costas - Thanks Costas! Have a good week.

    Cheeseboy - It sure is. Again, I'm always out of the loop.

    Goofy Girl - He is so funny! Things are changing so fast! (too fast for me)

    Marlene - Me too! It wasn't all that long ago either (or so it seems). Have a great week!

  13. yeah. sometimes I wonder what generations whatever, x, y, and z would think and do if they were forced to go back a century. or even 50 years. there's something to be said for being in a state of awe and wonder about even the things we do daily and just don't even ponder anymore. such as flying on an airplane! but I gotta tell ya, when I'm driving close to the airport here and I see a plane taking off or landing, I pull over and watch. each and every time. it still amazes me. my friends think I'm nuts. thanks for the chuckles Pat.

  14. Thanks for the laughs. Life is all about perspective, isn't it?

    I'm pretty old s I have an old story . . . I do remember trying to explain to my kids about the "party line" phone at home. When the phone rang at our house when I was a kid, you had to know what your code was . . . I think ours was two short rings and a long one, so that we knew whether to pick it up or if it rang another code it would be for someone at another house.
    And if you wanted to talk on the phone you had to pick it up and ask them to get off the line so you could use it.

  15. Thanks for the laughs. This video really took me back . . . I'd share some stories but they are too long to post here and you'd have to be old like me to appreciate them. LOL.

  16. Your right, Pat.. it's true and that's what makes it so funny.

    be well and happy,

  17. Funny one Pat. Isn't technology great!

  18. I do ..I do appreciate technology.
    In awe of it and can't wait for the
    next new gadget.

  19. Ven - Thanks so much! I'll be to your place directly!

    Ms Becky - There isn't a day that I'm not impressed by tech things. I remember when we got our first TV as kid. Just imagine what will be in here in another 50 years!

    OWT - This puts me in the same boat, because we used to have a party line also. I remember talking on the phone and someone in the area would pick their phone up and just start dialing, without first listening!

    becca - thanks becca! Have a good week!

    Pam - The truth is always funny when it's at someones expense (usually mine)! Thanks Pam...

    Ms A - Thanks so much my friend!

    Chuck - It sure is! Right up until the time it stops working or the power goes out! Thanks!

    faye - I'm right there with you! Now that I no longer work, I have to buy it all myself...

  20. He is hilarious. Do you know who he is, Pat? I've never seen him before.

  21. That is funny, thanks for sharing Pat.

    Hubby and I were talking the other day about technology. We were wondering what kids twenty years from now will think about our technology. Will they say to their parents, "oh wow Mom, you had one of those iPads? How did you get anything done? You're old."

  22. LOL! And I hadn't heard about the thing J. Cavanaugh mentioned.

  23. Oops, I mean Alex J. Cavanaugh. Multitasking. . . .

  24. I'm certainly old enough to remember all that "old" technology... That was funny, Pat, worth the share, and my favorite line was about the world owing something the guy had learned about ten seconds earlier. There really is way too much of that around.

  25. so funny - I can go back further than him - love new tecnology and I get cross when internet is slow!! but i remind myself frequently at what I didn't have 60 yrs agp - great clip


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