Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Reflections -- Roman Pool

I'm not going to say where this "Roman" pool is, but I'm sure that many of you already know. In fact, I'm sure some of you have been there. Where is it?

The composition of this photo is terrible, but it's a good reflection and it looks interesting upside down.

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.



  1. Great shot....
    The colours and light are good.

    Nice looking pool too..

  2. those reflections are absolutely magnificent!

    very well done!

    have a great weekend, Pat.

  3. William Randolph had a lot of money but very little taste.

    That's a good picture. Interesting choice to flip it upside down.

  4. Is it upside down? haha, been that kind of month for me

  5. it is upside down, isn't it? that is neat.

  6. Except for the shimmering spot, can't even tell it's upside down.

  7. You are right, this is a very interesting reflection. Greetings.

  8. Pas très intimes, comme bains, mais superbes reflets !

  9. Reminds me of Hearst's Castle but it's been a long time since my last vist. Amazing pool and a great reflection!

  10. Rome?
    Fascinating photo!

    All the best, Boonie

  11. This picture is brilliant, I love the colours , the perfection in the reflections, the sculptures, the atmosphere...and I'm so curious about the place.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Upside down is a lot of fun. I wondered what the blue mysterious clouds were. Patrick, have a nice weekend!

  13. I really have no idea where this is but it reminds me of Lara's mansion home pool in Croft Tomb Raider :-D
    Very cool!

  14. What an incredible capture for the day, Pat!! The colors, the water, the reflections -- superb! Wherever it is, I wish I was there!! Have a great weekend!


  15. Nope, never been there, but it sure is a beautiful picture!!!

  16. That was some mighty still water! Awesome!

  17. i'm all for posting reflection photos upside down. and i don't know where this is, but i kinda wanna go there.

  18. My guess is it's the Hearst mansion. You captured a perfect reflection in the pool!

  19. I didn't read the previous comments before leaving mine...just so you know I didn't cheat!

  20. NNNNoooo, I haven't been there -love the decadent colors, even more emphasized by the perfect reflections!

  21. Like James, I'm reminded of Hearst castle. But that's not it, is it Pat? I'll be back to find out where.

  22. BTW Pat I left you an award on my blog. Feel free to just enjoy or post it, won't hurt my feelings either way :-)

  23. Beautiful shot!! Wow!! Don't beat me with a wet noodle, but I was going to ask if this was in Vegas. ;)

  24. Excellent photo. No idea where it is though.

  25. That is a killer reflection. But where is it from?

  26. it's fabulous turned upside down!!

  27. great reflection, I don't care about the composition.

  28. Don't sell yourself short, this is a very interesting and amazing shot. It's kind of disconcerting to look at after a few minutes. Where is it at?

  29. Beautiful my Friend.

    Is it the same place they make Roman Noodles???


  30. Awesome, the scene, the colours, the reflection...looks like you've been to Bath and back.

  31. Reflections are a favorite of mine and down side up is even better. Great shot Pat.

  32. The composition is not terrible, at all, I like it very much in fact ; it is not always easy to take inside pictures, and you did well here... The colors are gorgeous, and I like the orientation you chose to present it : it take a while to get that the picture is upside down... This pool is really perfect : I love to have a swim in it... But I have no idea where was taken...

  33. I've been "roaming" around this beautiful place!!! Hearst Castle, right?

  34. Okay....enough drama on this one. Some of you knew where it was and some didn't. It's a place called known as "The Heast Castle." It's located in San Simeon, California.
    More info later, I'll be doing a post on the place.

    Anthony - Thanks Anthony! I'll post some photos of the outdoor pool, it puts this one to shame.

    Betty - Thanks Betty! You too!

    MD - you are so right, more money than taste. What I like best about the place is where it's located. Beautiful... thanks!

    baygirl - Oh yeah! Me too!

    becca - thanks becca!

    Budd - It sure is, the water so still that it's hard to tell.

    Alex - Yep! That's what gave it away.

    Japy - thanks Japy! Nice seeing you here!

    Gine - Thank you very much!

    James - You are right sir! I went again recently and have now taken all of the various tours. Heast didn't have much taste, but he sure had a ton of money!

    Boonie S - Nope! Not Rome, California. thanks!

    Cezar and Leia - Hello! Thanks so much! It's a beautiful rich man's castle built on a hill overlooking the central california coastline. The structures were given to the state of California.

    snowwhite - thanks! I belive the shimmering was the reflection of an overhead light.

    Cake Betch - California! I hadn't thought about that pool. I wonder... Thanks!

    Sylvia - Hi Sylvia! Thanks so much! Just jump on the 5 or PCH and turn left at San Simeon. It's only about a thousand miles due south from you! Hearst Castle...

    Sally - Thanks Sally!

    Brian - thanks! It's a beautiful place.

    Ms. A - It sure was. I'm not sure if anybody has actually swam in it for many years.

    Ven - This place is VERY close to you (compared to most of us). I'm pretty sure that it's less than 150miles from you, in San Simeon.

    Pat - thanks so much! You were correct!

    Emille - You haven't been? It's not that far from here and some beautiful spots to photograph or paint are waiting for you there!

    Robyn - You are reminded correctly!
    I'm surprised you haven't been there being a "left" coaster...

    Cake Betch - Why thank you! I truly appreciate it! I'm writing this from the future, so I'll go back to the past and visit your blog.

    Marlene - Vegas! That's a pretty good guess actually. Lot's of overboard things there also. But no...

    Ricky - Hearst Castle in California. Now you do know! thanks!

    Tim - See above...thanks Tim!

    Dianne - Thanks! Is it upside down, or did I take it while standing on my head.

    Ann - Thanks Ann!

    Chuck - Thanks for saying that, I almost didn't post it! Hearst Castle, central cali coast!

    John - Thanks! No, they make Roman Numerals there.... NOT!

    Rekha - thanks so much Rekha! I haven't been to Bath, but I did take one once....

    SQ - Thanks Judy! Congras on the "red" win!

    Tsuki - Thanks for saying that, it looks very "boxy" to me. The place is Hearst Castle in California. It's an amazing place and so are the surroundings.

    Bossy Betty - Oh yeah! I figured that you've visited the place at least once or twice.

    pitchertaker - Sure I am! See above!
    Rekha -

  35. The color is what drew me in the first place, and then I saw the detail. Love the arched windows...beautiful details around the pool! Fabulous!

  36. The indoor pool at Hearst Castle.

  37. It's an edifice to some man's ego. Don't mind me that the pool really does not appeal to me. But it's a super choice for a reflection shot... hadn't even noticed it was upside down at first.

  38. Evelyn - It's an amazing piece of work. The ENTIRE room including the pool is tiled with one inch square tiles. All of the gold looking tiles are made of gold.

    Anon - you are correct! Whoever you are...

    Francisca - I agree with you. One of the richest men in the world, built a tribute to himself. Much money and very little taste...
    BUT, it's in an amazing place!

  39. Soooo.....did you hop in?

  40. I came back to see that I (and several others) was/were right. I was there once, Pat, probably over 30 years ago. I immediately thought of Hearst Castle when I saw this picture. I think that room left an impression.

  41. That IS an amazing photograph.

    I have absolutely no idea where the pool is, but I'm very glad I'm dropped by to see it. There are so many incredible things in the world to see and do. I try to focus on such things when I'm feeling gray.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  42. Dawn - Not a chance! I'm sure it hadn't been heated for many years.

    Robyn - Although the house castle hasn't changed since then, more of it has been worked into the various tours. I figured you'd been there at least once!

    N4ML3SS - thanks!

    Ann - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Too much to see! I'm trying to make it a point to get out more. I can't wait to read your book!

  43. I don't know where the pool is located, but it is sure beautiful. I'd love to swim in it.

  44. Neat shot Pat. I have no clue where this was taken.

  45. I've been there. It's a lovely place.

  46. It has been a long time, but I think we all went to the “Roman Baths,” if that was the name. Whether or not this is where we all went it is still beautiful and the blue is out of this world. I hate it that my memory is not what it used to be...I do not like aging one little bit.

  47. Belle - It was a great piece of work, but the room was a little bit scary to me. If there was a lot of other people in it, I'd take a dip also! Oh yeah, it's Hearst Castle in San Simeon California.

    awarewriter - Thanks so much! For the answer....see above!

    Clarissa - Weren't you up there last year?

    Genie - The blue and gold tiles were amazing! I don't like aging much either! BUT, I'm more than happy to have made it this far.

  48. Excessive comes to mind. As in Hearst Castle... quite a place.

  49. Brenda - Excessive may even be an understatement. I'd like to live in one of the guest houses and bulldoze the rest of it. The hill top view is amazing...

  50. Probably the most or one of the most famous indoor pools in the world. I've always liked it better than the outdoor pool which is magnificent. Really nice shot.

  51. When I saw your link on the A to Z Reflections post I was somewhat puzzled since I didn't think you were blogging the alphabet with us.

    Uh, Pat, this is not the type of Reflections post to which we were referring. Nice try!

    Tossing It Out

  52. California Girl - They are both pretty neat, but amazingly excessive!

    Lee - I promise you, I wasn't "trying" anything, I'm just stupid! I thought I was signing up for the "fun and games" BH (that i thought I'd already signed up for, but couldn't find my name). How they both ended up being about "reflections" is just plain old weird...

  53. Great reflection and love the tease about the location.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  54. I had no idea where this was, but now I want to visit it. It is beautiful!!


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