Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Reflections -- Tay

enlarge to see my reflection in her eyes

Weekend Reflections by other photographers at Newtown Area Photo.


  1. you could drown in those beautiful eyes. Gorgeous

  2. What a little beauty and the reflection in the eyes thing is sooo cool.

  3. I think I have mentioned that I like the black and whites before. Great shot.

  4. that is a great shot! she looks so intent just staring at you

  5. Oh she is adorable!! Her eyes just draw you in!!

  6. That's a cool reflection. And a heck of an adorable picture.

  7. Cool reflection in the cute eyes.

  8. I think you've captured all our hearts with this one, Pat! Fantastic! And what a little beauty she is!! Hope all of you have a lovely weekend!


  9. What a sweetie, and a great reflection shot!

  10. How ADORABLE!
    Fantastic idea, congratulations!

  11. That is amazing! I've never seen this before, but then, I don't get out much!
    Wonderful reflection photo.

  12. oh..I am so in love with those expressive eyes and clever use of it to get your reflection picture. :)

  13. Reflecting in some one eye... that is the best of the self portrait ! Excellent choice for the week !

  14. She had a seriously intent, thoughtful look, even as a very young child. Love this!

  15. Pat,I enlarged your photo. She became more lovely!! Her parents must be the happiest. All what I want to say is what they said before me!! Have a great weekend!

  16. you know how to do it. I love the innocent intensity of her gaze. the enlargement is wonderful. this is a fave. have a great weekend Pat.

  17. Enlarged..."Oh yeah, there you are." Such a cutie!

  18. Wow! That is awesome and what a cutie!

  19. ..Yes Patrick. I can see you in those beautiful eyes.
    Great photograph.
    Have a great weekend.

  20. SO precious! Those beautiful eyes... and how you get these shots is amazing! The reflection in the eyes is so cool! :)

  21. wow! stunning shot!
    what beautiful eyes!

    happy weekend!

  22. She is precious!Wonderful shot!

  23. That is literally "looking into someones eyes deeply":) she is a cutie!

  24. Tay....a nickname I suppose, but I love it.
    How wonderful to see yourself reflected in her eyes. As if you're seeing what she's seeing. Very sweet.

  25. You have a great skill in capturing those quiet moments. Just beautiful. Hope you are doing well.

  26. Great shot Pat. You are an artist of many talents. She is just too cute.

  27. Those are the biggest eyes I have ever seen.

  28. This child is so beautiful. I have never captured reelections in eyes so have found this post to be absolutely fascinating. Wonderful capture this week.

  29. Oh, she is so adorable! And you, being the awesome photographer that you are, capture those glorious eyes so perfectly!!
    Ann Carbine Best’s Long Journey Home

  30. Gorgeous! (She AND the photo.)

    Have a fabulous weekend, Pat!

  31. Such expressive eyes.. a cutie !!

  32. Neat! She looks saaaaaaaad about something...

  33. Such a sweet little face . . . .

    I guess you could say that you're the twinkle in her eye. Smiles.

  34. Wow - your reflection in her eyes. What a photo!

  35. There is no better photograph than of a child's eyes - or this is a self portrait of the best proportions.

  36. What a wonderful expression and soft focus exceptfor the reflection in her eyes.

  37. She is so darn cute! I think I saw me in her eyes! That is a super photo!

  38. What communication in our ability to move facial parts! Beautiful shot--and what is going on in that Beautiful Mind???


  39. For a moment I thought you were just luring us to enlarge the photo, but it's really awesome seeing the reflection!

  40. Salarsen - thanks so much!

    Mynx - She's got some nice ones! Just like her mom.

    Ally - Hi Ally! I didn't notice the reflection until the day before I posted it.

    Budd - I do remember that! I agree with you also...

    baygirl - thank so much! She can be intense, that's for sure!

    Baby Sister - thanks for saying that! Hope you are having a good weekend!

    Oilfield Trash - Thanks bud!

    Tim - thanks Tim! She's a cutie!

    Rajesh - Thanks so much!

    Japy - Hi Japy! thanks so much! Hope you are doing well.

    Sylvia - thanks Sylvia! She's the first grandkid, so I have a ton of photos of her.

    diane - thanks so much!

    Karen - A cutie she is! She loves to pose...

    C&L - thanks so much! Hope you are doing well!

    Belle - I don't either! Thanks!

    Rekha - thanks! I wish I was that smart! It was an accident....

  41. Interesting reflection posting but it would have been great without because is incredibly cute.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  42. Tsuki - Thanks so much! she has a great complexion for B&W photos.

    Ms A - Yes she did! She stil does also. Thanks Ms A!

    snowwhite - thanks so much! I hope you are also having a great weekend.

    jennyfreckles - They sure are huge! Active eyebrows also!

    Rajlakshmi - Thanks so much!

    Ms Becky - It's much easier when you have a good subject! she's used to me taking photos of her. Thanks!

    BJ - Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    James - Thanks so much James! She is indeed...

    Costas - Thanks Costas! I hope you had a great weekend also.

    Pam - thank so much Pam! I really do appreciate the nice words.

    Brenda - thanks Brenda!

    Betty - BIG brown eyes make for great photos! Thanks Betty.

    Alex - Thanks Alex. I'll tell her you said so!

    Dimple - thanks so much!

    jeannette - Thanks! She's my little buddy!

    Dorian - It is a nickname. What she was seeing wasn't nearly as cute as what I was seeing...

    Kal - Thanks so much Kal. I am doing well, thanks for the thought. I'm busier than any retired person should be, but doing well...

    texwisgirl - thanks!

  43. Chuck - thanks so much my friend! Master of none though...

    Cheeseboy - They are pretty darn big.

    becca - thanks becca!

    Genie - thanks! It was a happy surprise to find it.

    Ann - Thanks Ann, so nice of you to say so! Hope you had a great weekend.

    Mama Zen - thanks so much!

    Marlene - Thanks for both then! I am having a great weekend and I hope you are doing the same!

    faye - Thanks Faye! Love that girl!

    Kristy - I think she was pondering man's existence or something... Thanks!

    OWT - That's a good one! I'll h ave to tell her.

    Robyn - Thanks so much Robyn!

    Jhon - I totally agree! As to the self portrait, that part was an accident. thanks Jhon!

    tapirgal - thanks so much! It did come out pretty good. Luck no doubt!

    Brian - I think I saw you there also!

    John - You are so right! Eyes and eyebrows speak volumes. I'm sure what was in her mind, was somthing to do with food!

    Arjan - Hi there! I wish I'd thought of that. You click the photo and somthing scary pops up!

  44. This is one of my favorite pictures!

  45. Oh my God, this is so beautiful, Pat.

  46. A picture is worth a thousand words is an understatement in this situation.

    ツ my cyber house rules dot com

  47. I love this picture, how interesting is the look of innocence.

  48. What a GORGEOUS portrait of her! And of course a GORGEOUS subject for the portrait as well. But really - this is amazing. Frame it and hang it on the wall, I say!

  49. Just contemplating the meaning of life. Anyone out there got a good answer?


  50. That face! Utterly adorable!

  51. Eyes only for you, Pat! She's a doll.

  52. Those big eyes are absolutely adorable. Love the reflection!

  53. I love this. It's almost like a photo entitled 'immortality'. She is precious.


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